Roger & Steven

By Onyx

Roger and Steve were brothers who always had a fascination with muscle and power. The two were also quite bright and since they were so close, they helped each other with their school work that they skipped two grades and left home early. Taking courses over the Internet, they shared a rented home where they lived by themselves. Because of their fascination with bodybuilding, they purchased loads of gym equipment which they worked out with for several hours a day. They pushed each other hard for hours on end, day after day. Their bodies became packed with rock solid muscle from head to toe and still they lifted. Roger bought large mirrors that surrounded their home gym, allowing them to watch their muscles strain as they hoisted their massive weights up and down. As they became stronger and stronger, their bodies became tougher and more resiliant. Mere months later, they had become the two strongest human beings in the entire world. Both Steven and Roger were forced to limit themselves to the weights they could fit onto their barbells, a mere 1500 pounds in the squat and the bench press. Another thing they noticed, both boy's penises had grown. A full 12 inches when erect and seemingly impervious to any type of injury. After their grueling workouts were over, Roger and Steven would strip completely naked in front of their gym mirrors and masturbate furiously with both hands for up to an hour. They were in love with themselves and their awesomely muscled physiques and would ejaculate copious amounts of cum all over their reflections. Every day , they would torture themselves in their home made gym, and then, dripping in sweat and exhausted, they would gaze into the mirror at their reflections, in love with themselves and the bodies they had crafted. Pulling off their tight shorts, their huge cocks lying like salamis over their steel hard quadraceps, they roughly grabbed them in hand and began to apply their crushing strength to wack off. Their cocks were more than up to the challenge, rising majestically to foot long towers of power, completely uninjured by their own hands rubbing and stroking them with the force of ten men. They would stand side by side, stark naked in the cold dark room, and jerk off nonstop for 15 to 20 minutes , their strong hands and striated cast iron buttocks pumping wildly, until finally they would shoot , splattering hot cum on the mirror. Then they would apply oil to their enormous dicks and begin again, not even becoming the tiniest bit soft although they had shot more cum than imaginable. An hour later, both their bulging muscles and giant cocks were thoughly exercised and they sat down to dinner. Getting energy to do it all over again tomorrow.

One day the boys were in their gym, halfway through their 4 hour workout , their bodies glistening with a thin layer of sweat, when Roger had an idea. In between sets of 400 pound barbell curls, he picked up an empty barbell, playing with the large 40 pound object as if it weighed a tiny fraction of what it did. He placed it behind his neck and began to pull it forward with his arms. The thick iron bar succombed to his incredible strength and slowly bent itself around his traps, groaning as it twisted itself against it's owners young body. Steve looked up at the noise and watched Roger continue to apply pressure until the bar was in an C shape. "That looks like fun, let me try." He picked up an ez-curl bar, useless now that it couldn't support the enormous weights the brothers used. He put his hands close together in the middle and began to exert himself , twisting the metal against the curve of the bar. The barbell was hopelessly outmatched, Steven pushed until both ends touched each other, the metal emitting a muffled squeak of protest as he mangled it. He put his finger on the U curve he had created on the bar. "Its hot," Steve said. Roger, took the bar he had originally bent and began to bend it further. He gritted his teeth as he poured all of his frightening strength into it. The inch thick iron bar shrieked in pain as he powered the two ends together until the 10 foot bar was forced into a crude circle. "Whew, thats a good exercise. We should bend steel in every workout." Steve was really turned on by the thought that he was so strong that he could bend steel. He yanked his tight shorts down to just below his butt, exposing his awakening penis. "Hey ez-curl bar, let me show you what real steel is." With that he gripped his cock and began to rub it up and down with amazing speed , quickly bringing it to its full 12 inch length. Then the muscle kid placed the u-shaped bar on the top of the base of his enormous shaft and began to push down mightily. Roger eyed him as his buck naked brother bent the bar yet again, twsiting the bar around his cock, the head of his huge penis standing proudly into the air, while his thick shaft proved to be harder than metal , not giving an inch as Steve's arms bent the bar around his huge member.

Roger quickly joined his brother in arousal, he tore off his shorts, his naked body bulging with powerful muscles. He picked up a 45 pound plate and began to bend it over his quadracep muscle, the iron disc wrapping itself around his leg. He lifted it up to eye level and admired his handiwork. The formerly cold metal now hot from his efforts. He then grabbed the opposite lips of the curled plate and began to squeeze them together, the groaning sound it made turned both boys on even more. Roger's strong pecs collapsed the plate easily until it the edges were touching each, but he still wasn't done. He laid his hands flat on the sides and pushed them together, his upper body bulging from the workout. Slowly the folded plate came together, and still he pushed. Finally he held it up, the squashed metal showing 10 grooves left by his hands as he crushed the hard metal into putty.

Steve wasnt about to let his brother one up him. He picked up an identical 45 pound plate and placed it on his dick. The vast head of penis was far too large to fit through the hole in the middle of the plate, but Steve didn't care. He began to push and push with all his might, every muscle on his perfect body straining to stretch the thick iron plate to his dimensions. Shoulders bulging and steel hard buttocks tightly flexed, his erect penis began to force the iron plate's hole to widen a little at a time. His brother, pumped up from crushing the other plate, picked up another one and joined him. Both boys pushed and pushed with all their strength. The plates deforming under the incredible pressure they applied. Their giant cocks pushed hard metal aside until slowly the holes began to widen enough to let the plates slide down over their beautifully hung bodies. Sweat was dripping off them, until finally, minutes later , both of the young studs had badly mangled 45 pound iron plates hanging off their cocks. The very hard metal defeated by immense muscles and 17 year old penis heads. Both boys stood up tall and admired each other. Their skin gleamed with copious amounts of sweat and despite that there were huge heavy plates hanging from them, their cocks stood up as straight and proud as ever.

The brothers began swinging their foot long dicks left and right, the plates attached to their cock heads looking like wrecking balls and the friction of the hot metal against hard skin was feeling quite pleasurable. Roger grasped the base of his huge penis and began to masturbate, applying steel crushing force against his dick to jerk off. A very horny Steve followed his lead, both boys used their superhuman muscles to stroke and rub themselves while their dick heads began to grow even larger, forcing the tortured metal to expand even further. Finally , both boys ejaculated simultaneously, blasting hot white cum all the way across the room and smashing into the ceiling. They came and came , coating a section of ceiling and floor 15 feet away.

Performing an hours work of masturbation and ejaculation in a few minutes spent both of the young hunk's energy. Their broad shoulders sagged and their mighty dicks became limp. "That really did it for me," Steve said. "Yeah," said Roger, "I wonder what else there is we can crush?" "How about the woods out back? We could tear apart some trees." "Yeah! Let's go!"

The brothers lept up and ran out back into the forest stark naked. After running for about a minute, they stopped in a clearing, sunlight shone down though the trees and made intricate patterns on their superbly muscled bodies. Steve reached out and stroked a hardwood tree. "Lets see how long this tree can last," and began squeezing the trunk with his palms. Roger watched Steve's upper body muscles bulging. The tree couldn't resist Steve and the trunk compressed inward from both directions. "Heh, not very hard." Roger grabbed his flacid penis, a mere 8 inches long now, and began rubbing the very tip of it against the tree. Steve did likewise and both boys began moaning as their most intimate and sensitive area was being stimulated by the rough bark. "Let's rape this tree, " said Roger, and both teenagers wrapped there arms and legs around the trunk, their feet no longer on the ground. They began to squeeze with all their strength. The hardwood trunk crushed together under their combined super human strength, and the sounds of wood collapsing under muscles echoed through the clearing. Both boys were getting hornier and hornier as they destroyed the tree, their cocks growing thicker and thicker as they grew more and more excited. Roger and Steve grabbed their dicks and shifted them off to the right side of them. They began to hump the tree even as they demolished it, two of the biggest cocks in the world rubbed against the bark, tearing of chunks of it and leaving visible grooves along the sides of the tree. The brothers were on opposide sides and were moaning and groaning with pleasure, the tightest, hardest, most perfect butts in the world being used to pump their giant dicks and crush hardwood into matchsticks.

The brothers were seriously aroused now. Their gigantic cocks had carved half inch deep grooves on either side of the tree, and their four huge thighs were squeezing the trunk with phenomenal strength, the base of the tree simply collapsed, and the whole tree fell over. Smashing into the ground together, the boys picked themselves up, muscles bulging , and their penises standing tall and proud. "Yeah, that felt nice, the rough bark really feels good against my skin," said Roger. The horny bodybuilders mounted the crushed tree, their mighty legs straddling the trunk, and their thick pecs rubbing against the bark, they rested their chins on the tree, facing each other. The boys resumed their rape of the destroyed tree. Staring intently into each other's eyes, silently communicating and sharing their raging horniness. Their fully engorged cocks were sandwiched between the hardwood and the much, much harder abdominal plates of their powerful torsos. It was no contest, the hardwood yielded easily against their thick members, each mighty thrust of their steel hard butts tore pieces of bark off of the fallen trunk. Roger and Steve continued to hump the tree. Minute after minute they grew steadily more aroused, never tiring as their dicks compressed the wood underneath them. Finally, Roger couldn't take it anymore. He lifted his head up and gasped as he orgasmed violently, shooting cum underneath him, his climax caused the whole tree and both boys to shake from side to side. Steve, staring right at his pumped up brother, soon reached orgasm as well, both boys shot their load together, groaning and moaning with extreme pleasure. The tree was vibrating furiously as the super-strength of the horny teenager's was poured into it. The boys contracted their legs together as they shot, crushing the the trunk between their thighs together until it was a mere half the width before the kids starting fucking it. Roger sighed and laid his head sideways on the ruined trunk. "Awesome," said Steve, "but we really need to take a shower."

The boys reentered the house and headed straight for the bathroom. Already buck naked, they climbed into the shower together, their heavily muscled, incredibly well hung bodies covered in dirt and cum. Soon steaming hot water was spraying over the buffed up teenagers, washing away all the gunk that covered their bodies. Roger and Steve stood side by side , enjoying the hot water splashing over their boyish faces and powerful pecs. The boys grabbed some soap and began to wash themselves, the boys loved the feeling of massaging their muscles, soap bubbles trickled down their chests , flowing into the deep grooves of their steel hard abs, and finally running down their penises, which, throughly exercised from the metal and tree fucking, hung eight inches down between their legs. "AHHH, " sighed Steve, and he slapped his buttock. Nothing like a little tree humping to finish a workout. "Oh yeah," replied Roger, "the tree just compressed underneath us, and it was so EASY. Man, we must be the two strongest humans in the world." "Yeah, and I like it that way," said Steve, feeling up his own hard buttocks. Steve looked over his shoulder into the shower's rear mirror. "I love having hard glutes." Roger looked behind him, and gave his own buttocks a hard spank with both hands, then began feeling himself up. "This feels gooood, mega thrusting power."

A playfull Steve, backed up against the wet shower wall and began rubbing his butt against it while simultaneously playing with his dick, a happy smile decorating his gorgeous face. Roger also began to casually masturbate alongside his muscular brother, their breath quickening as they slowly became excited. Roger clenched his cock tightly and brought it up to his chisled midsection, forcefully running it along his thick abdominal slabs. •

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