By waynoh

As my orgasm subsided, I steadied myself and slowly rinsed the soap from my quivering body. I knew Robert wanted to talk when he came into my room, but his last comment was traced with a seriousness in his tone. A fear crept through me as I replayed what had just happened, trying to figure out if Robert had seen my erection, or realized that it was more than just water that had splashed on his ass. I began cursing myself for falling prey to the events surrounding Robertís intoxication, manipulating the circumstances that allowed me to strip his shirt off, lead him into the shower with me, roam my soapy hands over the smooth contours of his expansive back, and ejaculate onto his milky white butt-cheek. I began to form excuses in my mind to explain away the guilt as I imagined Robert accusing me of taking advantage of his drunkenness. "I, too, was drunk," I would explain. And, that I had spilled a pina collada all over myself, which is why he found me in my room with that white stuff all over my chest and stomach. And, when I get drunk, it sometimes makes me really horny so that even a lamppost will turn me on. And, that when I came on his ass, it had nothing to do with him. Iím not the least bit interested in him. It was an accident. I like girls. The lies went on and on.

I turned off the shower, opened the stall door and reached for a towel. I resigned myself to the fact that I would have to face Robert and suffer the consequences. As I ran the warm towel over my body, I briefly thought that I would just retreat to my room, shut the door and crawl under the covers, hiding from the events of this evening Ė the shower with Robert, the sex with JoeÖ

"@#%$!" I screamed inside my head.

Panic shot through me, a queasy feeling kicking me in the gut. I completely forgot about Joe. My mind was racing, trying to figure out what to do. The clothes! I would have to retrieve the clothes out of the living room first. Hopefully, Robert went straight to his room without having been in the living room. I wrapped the towel around my waist and exited the bathroom, water still dripping from my shaking body. Tiptoeing down the hallway, I stole a glance towards Robertís room to see if he was moving around. I moved quickly into the living room, hoping he hadnít noticed me from down the hall, and headed for the sofa. I stopped suddenly in my tracks. Joeís clothes were gone. My shorts were still on the floor where he had dropped them. The bottle of baby oil was on the end table. I grabbed the bottle, snatched up the shorts and headed back to the hallway. I slowly peered around the corner to get a better look towards Robertís room to see where he was. A dim light was glowing softly and I could see the corner of his double bed. There was his right foot, the bottom of which was in full view. It appeared that he was laying face down on his bed, so I was sure he hadnít seen me yet. I moved quickly down the hall to my room and silently shut the door behind me.

I leapt towards the closet and pulled the door open. Joe was not there. He must have managed to sneak out, get his clothes and head back to his apartment. I tossed my shorts into the hamper, only slightly relieved that that was one problem out of the way. I placed the baby oil on my dresser, removed the towel from around my waist and finished drying off. I hung the towel over a chair and pulled a pair of boxers out of a drawer and slipped them on. I paused for a moment and looked into my full-length mirror.

"What am I doing to myself?" I wondered. "Look at me. Iím twenty-nine years old, pretty good-looking, nice body, somewhat successful career, and Iím running around like a maniac in love with an eighteen-year-old.

"Who are you?"

I stood there for quite a while, asking myself that question, over and over again. I couldnít come up with an answer. But, somewhere deep inside my soul, a little voice was whispering, "Tell the truth." I stepped closer to my reflection and looked into my blue eyes, which began to water. A single tear ran down my cheek.

"Tell the truth," I said.

I wiped the tear from my face, turned and headed to Robertís room.

The short walk through the hallway seemed to take forever, I took a deep breath and entered Robertís room. He was, indeed, laying face down on his bed, sound asleep and totally naked. His face was turned to the side at the edge of his pillow, his breathing was slow and deep. The alcohol pretty much had gotten the best of him by now, and he never stirred a muscle nor broke the steady rhythm of his faint snoring as I called out his name a couple of times. I moved closer to the right side of the bed and my heart began to speed up as my eyes roved over his exposed, smooth muscles, his satiny skin glowing in sharp contrast to the white sheets in the warm light. I placed my hand lightly on his beefy shoulder.


I gripped the hard muscle firmly and rocked him back and forth a few times.

"Robert, wake up."

Nothing. Only his steady breaths, his light snoring and the pounding of my heart could be heard, the expanding and contracting of his upper body being the only noticeable movement as he breathed. I stood upright again and looked down at Robertís handsome face, his full lips slightly parted, his straight nose subtly flaring with each breath, his long lashes resting above his chiseled cheek bones, his short brown hair disheveled and still slightly damp. My heart ached to be with him, for us to share our bodies with each other, for me to be in his bed like so many recent women, underneath him as he @#%$ me, the springs of his mattress wailing under the force of his powerful body. But this time it would be me crying out in ecstasy instead of the numerous female voices I would hear through his closed door. I would be the one to receive his final lunge into my hole, his thick sperm shooting inside me as I am squirting loads of my hot cum all over the heaving muscles of his chest and stomach. It would be me who would wake up in the morning with his strong arms wrapped around me, followed by a gentle kiss, leading to even more intense lovemaking.

I moved to the foot of Robertís bed, noticing that my dick was very close to raging again. I collected up the covers at the foot of his bed and began to draw them up over Robertís legs, knowing that he probably wasnít going to wake up feeling so good in the morning. The hangover was bound to be a whopper since he was obviously completely @#%$-up tonight. As the blankets reached his ass, I paused for moment. I peered between his legs and could see his large, smooth scrotum churning, the nuts rolling around in the fleshy sack.

"Oh, Christ," I whispered. "Thatís something I didnít need to see."

I gathered a bit more of the blankets and made a move to finish what I had started when I was stopped again by an ever-so-slight grinding of Robertís hips into the bed. I was thinking that I had imagined it at first, but then noticed that his @#%$ root looked swollen as it traveled from his balls to the bottom of his hidden butt-hole. This was certain to mean only one thing, but I tried to deny it. I was frozen for a moment, an intense debate going through my mind, trying to determine if Robert really might be hard, even though it was none of my goddam business.

"Robert, wake up man."

I was louder this time and decided that if he even slightly stirred, I would cover him up, return to my room and jack-offÖ again. The only visible movement was the slight rise and fall of his upper body, and the intense rolling of his testicles. I pulled the covers back down returning the rest of his nakedness to the soft light. I thought I had already hit rock bottom. But now, any guilt that I imagined I might feel after what I was just thinking was completely buried by my unbridled lust for this muscle boy.

I placed my left hand gently on Robertís right calf muscle. His flesh was warm and the ball was firm in a semi-flexed state, as his foot was pointed downward while laying on his stomach. I gently moved my hand upward to the back of his knee, the light dusting of brown hair giving way to soft, smooth skin. My eyes would dart up to Robertís face to make sure that his expression hadnít changed or that he had awoken. His breathing remained steady. My right hand found its way to the front of my boxers, gripping my steel-hard boner through the material, and began to slowly stroke it. My other hand continued to glide up and down his lower leg, feeling the hard ridge outlining the lower part of the calf in its half-flexed state.

Moving to the foot of the bed, I knelt down bringing my face close to his right foot, both my hands joining the view as I traced the deep indentations on either side of his Achilles tendon. The bottom of his foot had thick pads at the ball and heel, narrowly connected around a deep arch. I pressed my lips into the arch, kissing and licking the tight flesh. I felt Robertís leg jerk slightly in my grip around his ankle. Apparently he was a bit ticklish around his feet. I became more confident that he would not be waking up anytime soon, and grew bolder as I lifted his foot up a few inches and sucked his big toe into my mouth. His toes seemed to be in a constant state of flexing, pulled tight by thick tendons. The front half of his feet were wider than most Iíd seen, adding stability to his grace, agility to his power. I circled each toe with my tongue, individually worshipping each digit, leaving them wet with my saliva. I honored his left foot with the same attention, exploring every detail.

I rose up slightly and looked up between Robertís powerful legs to the dark crevice separating his beautiful bubble butt, his heavy nuts rolling, manufacturing new sperm to jettison into some later conquest. I chose this area to be my next target. I slipped out of my boxers and with a little pressure, I spread Robertís strong legs wider allowing me to crawl up onto his bed and kneel before his beefy ass. I placed a hand on each leg and slowly ran them up over his chiseled calves, dipping through the soft valley behind his knees, and up over his tightly stretched hamstrings, their hardness, even in his relaxed state, made me quiver to think of their power. My @#%$ was flexing between my legs, precum beginning to drip onto Robertís sheets. I moved my palms between his muscular legs, squeezing and testing the firmness of his inner thighs, my fingers coming within millimeters of his smooth balls, the intense heat of his crotch washing over my trembling hands. I quickly looked up at Robertís face, unchanged and peaceful in his deep sleep.

I could resist the temptation no longer and maneuvered my hands back up to Robertís hamstrings and ever so slowly slid them up over the smooth, silky flesh of his buns, my palms cupping the firm globes, my fingers kneading the resilient beefy cheeks. As I squeezed and massaged his perfectly round melons, the crack would separate to expose the almost hairless bud of his inviting @#%$. I shot one more look up at Robertís beautiful face and tightly gripped his meaty buns, gently pulling them apart as I bent over and pressed my impatient mouth into the deep recesses of his muscle butt. My tongue searched for and found Robertís tight little ring and licked and poked at the resistant hole that led to his heated insides. My hands continued to slide over, grip and squeeze the fleshy mounds of his delicious ass as I ground my mouth deeper into the hot valley, his solid cheeks caving in against my face as I sucked and ate out my favorite straight boyís butt. More than a few times, I felt Robertís hips buck as he involuntarily responded to my eager rim job, at once driving back against my head, then alternately grinding into the mattress. I could have kept up with what is one of my all-time favorite things to do, rimming a hot muscle ass, all night. But, I knew my time was limited and that I wanted to take-in as much of Robertís incredible body, as I was sure this would be my last and only chance. I ran my tongue and sucked along the entire length of Robertís deep crack a few more times before I reluctantly decided it was time to change tacks.

I chose to ignore Robertís sweeping back as I had already had the opportunity to soap it up in the shower earlier. It was time for the main event, and I figured I should move quickly lest he wake up suddenly and beat the living @#%$ out of me. I stealthily moved up to the left side of the bed and maneuvered Roberts thick left arm up along his head on top of the pillow. I next moved down and brought his right leg up and over his left one, crossing them at the ankles. Although he was just five-foot-nine, he was much more muscular than my six-foot-one frame, and weighed considerably more. I was beginning to break out into a sweat. I crawled off the bed and walked back over to the right side where I, once again, checked to make sure Robert was still in a deep slumber. I place my right palm underneath his meaty right shoulder and my left hand under his solid hip and strained to lift and roll Robert onto his back. With one last grunt and using the strength in my legs for leverage, I heaved him over. I ducked quickly down on the floor and paused, hoping that, if he woke up, he wouldnít see anyone, and would simply fall back asleep. A few seconds passed, but it seemed longer, before Robert began his deep breathing again, the faint sound of snoring escaping his partially opened mouth. I figured it was safe to look.

I poked my head up and gazed at Robertís face. He still had the same peaceful look of a deep, dreamless sleep. I stood up and took in the amazing beauty of his spectacular body.

"Holy @#%$."

I spoke out in amazement as my eyes locked onto Robertís erect penis. When I had seen it in the bathroom in itís softened state, I thought it was impressive. Now, it was a marvel as it lightly throbbed against Roberts hard stomach, his huge balls rising and falling in their never-ending production of male testosterone. I was sure he would never tell me Ė hell, he may not even know Ė how large this beast was, so I quickly ran down to the bathroom, grabbed the measuring tape and returned to answer this very important question. Of course, it looked huge laying between his tiny waist, his balls hanging low in his heated groin. But, curiosity was getting the better of me. I delicately pressed the end of the cloth tape at the root with my left hand, tucking it in between the shaft and his hard lower belly, ran the tape along the length of his hard-on to the spongy tip with my right hand, and used the tape to lift his boner up from his flat stomach and pointed it to the ceiling. Confident that the tape was positioned properly, with the end of it at the base, running along the topside of the thick shaft, and rounding over the firm helmet, I focused in on the numbers at the very most tip of the @#%$ head.

"Eight and three-quarter inches," I whispered. "Jesus! You are a @#%$ stud! No wonder the girls make so much noise."

I recorded every detail of Robertís power tool in my memory as I slipped the measuring tape around the shaft. The color was a soft beige that helped define its girth against his white lower abdominals. The tube along the under belly was prominent and wide, leading from between his loose scrotum to the tip of his rubbery crown. The head, a faint pinkish hue, was separated underneath by a deep slit that led to a small hole, oozing clear drops of nectar. The head was not large, but substantial, and flared out from the tip creating a spongy ridge that encircled most of the end, behind which followed an even thicker, meaty shaft. There were two barely noticeable veins, one that ran subtly around the left side of the forward part of his prick, the other along the length of the top. The lack of vascular definition around the rod made Robertís dick look fat, yet it was a steel-hard, flesh-covered pole that would not yield to my gripping hand or sucking mouth. Tightening the tape around the middle, the thickest part of his @#%$, I checked the measurement.

"Six and three-quarter-inches," I read aloud. "My God."

I tested the thickness in my grip and could not connect any of my fingers with my thumb. There was no doubt in my mind that you would know it, and remember it, if you were ever @#%$ by Robert. My butt-hole twitched at the thought of this young hunk penetrating my ring and mercilessly pounding me into total submission.

I tossed the tape onto the floor and climbed between Robertís splayed legs. I, again, hoisted his heavy @#%$ away from his waist, licking my lips, and plunged my mouth down onto his thick @#%$-tool. An unexpected whimper escaped his lips and I hesitated momentarily, staring up at his face, my mouth crammed with his tool. His breathing seemed a bit more labored, but he was still sound asleep. My left hand fondled his smooth balls as I bobbed my head up and down on his rock-hard boner and I ran my right hand up over his washboard abs for the very first time. I never actually thought that I would ever have the opportunity to feel Robertís muscular body, let alone eat out his butt and suck his dick. I was lost in my feverish passion with this young muscle-head, knowing that I could never hope to have him fall in love with me and breed my ass whenever he was horned up. Releasing his nuts, my left hand joined the right one as my arms stretched out to grope and squeeze his bulging pecs, my fingers teasing his hardening nipples.

It was no longer my imagination as I definitely noticed Robertís breathing becoming heavier and more rapid. His @#%$ seemed to swell bigger in my mouth. I was starting to wonder if it were possible to make Robert come in his sleep when his dick strained and vibrated against my sucking lips, then shook fiercely as his boner began flexing against my tongue. Thick, hot streaks of salty jizz, rocketed into my mouth as Robertís beefy chest heaved under my milking hands. I sucked on his rod like a starved child as his orgasm mounted with continuing volleys spewing over and drowning my tongue, my lips desperately trying to contain his young seed. A few faint grunts escaped from Roberts throat as his ejaculation began to slow, his cum beginning to leak from my mouth as it became impossible to swallow his huge volume of sperm. I brought my hands down from Robertís pecs and placed them on the bed, lifting me up. His still spasming dick pumped a few more times, completely draining his spent balls as it slipped from my sucking mouth. It smacked noisily against his abs with a wet slap, coated with a mixture of my saliva and his hot spunk.

I moved quickly to straddle Robertís narrow hips and rested the warm crack of my ass along the length of his hot jock-dick. The slick, fat muscle raked smoothly along my yearning hole as I rocked my hips back and forth, wishing to feel his monster invading my insides. My left hand tugged and rubbed my tightened balls as my left hand jacked my throbbing prick. With only a few strokes, my boner jerked hard and my sphincter winked and pressed against Robertís meaty @#%$. I aimed my pumping tool at Robertís torso and watched as long ropes of the hot come streaked across his abs and pecs, painting his upper body with my creamy white jism. I groaned deeply as my orgasm rocked my body, my nuts emptying for the fourth time today. I never knew I could cum so much in such a short span of time, but it was due to one factor Ė that Robert was the stud of all studs, and that I would sell my soul if it were possible to make him fall in love with me for the rest of our lives. As the spasms ebbed and my grunting subsided, I was jerked back to reality by a different moan. Someone elseís moan!

I looked over my shoulder towards the direction of the sound, and noticed that Robertís closet door was slightly ajar. I sprang up of off Robert and his bed and leapt towards the closet door, jerking it open in time to see Joeís fist milking the last few loads of cum from his throbbing dick. His body wrenched a few more times and he let out one more grunt before a smile began to spread across his young face.

"God-DAMN, that was hot!" he moaned.

"Jesus Christ, what the @#%$ are you doing in here?" I hissed.

"I think thatís a question that Robert would want to ask you," Joe smirked.

I stood there in stunned silence, my mind cluttered with possible scenarios of Robert beating the living crap out of me, of Joe spilling the beans of my secret encounter with Robert, of Robert not only realizing I was gay, but that I was a sick, twisted @#%$ to boot.

"Donít worry," Joe said, still wearing a sly smile. "Iím sure we can figure something out to help maintain our little secret."

My fears were joined by sudden anger and I spoke through clenched teeth.

"Get out. Now."

He slipped his softening penis back into his baggy shorts and zipped them up.

"Donít worry," he said. "Iíll leave you two love birds alone. But, letís get together tomorrow and talk about our new boyfriend. I want to work it out so that I can stick my dick into his straight butch ass. Iíll bet youíve got lots of great ideas."

He slipped past me and strode down the hallway and out to the living room. The banging of the screen door announced Joeís departure. I stood in the doorway of Robertís closet and felt the fear, guilt and anger grind through my stomach, my body shaking. I wasnít sure what to do next. Like a zombie, I moved out to the living room and shut the front door, locking it. I returned to my room and set the alarm to wake me in a few hours. I wanted to make sure I was up when Robert awoke. Hangover or no, I knew that he would have to absorb a lot of information in the morning.

I would have to face him. I would have to confess. •

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