Room 3 Gym


By sensortech2003

Hey guys. This is one of the first stories i've ever written. It's only part one, and acts kind of an introduction. Please let me know what you think. I have a couple of ideas for how the story progresses, but if you have any, then please let me know. Cheers.

This story originally started around 4 years when I went to the gym for the first time. I was about 19 at the time, and having just started a 9 ‘til 5 office job, I decided I needed to keep fit someway as I’d be sat on my arse most of the time. “Room 3” was quite an established gym and was about halfway between work and home which meant it was ideal for a quick workout either before or after work, or weekends. On my first visit, the owner, a guy named Bill, showed me around and how to use the equipment. The whole place was in what looked liked a massive warehouse from the outside, but on the inside, it had been transformed and had everything you could ask for in a gym. On my original tour around the gym, Bill had started off in the changing rooms. When you left the changing rooms the were two exits and large blue signs pointed the way to either Room 1 or Room 2. I asked Bill what the difference was, and he said he would show me. We started off in Room 1 where all your typical gym equipment was. After a short introduction by Bill, I stayed for about another hour and a half working out. I had completely forgotten about Room 2, and it wasn’t until I headed back to the changing rooms and saw the sign again that I even thought about it. Bill had said that he would show me, but he obviously had forgotten. I was sure that it was just another part to the gym, and so decided to go through and have a look.

I tried pushing the door, but it didn’t budge. Then I realised that despite the door saying push, it had a handle on, so I tried pulling. Again, it didn’t budge. I looked around and saw a small keypad on the wall just to the left of the door. I was confused – why would you need a code to get into the gym?

I gave up after seeing the keypad and decided to just get changed. On my way out, I said “thanks” to Bill and told him I’d be back tomorrow. Just as I was about to go outside, I remembered Room 2. I quickly turned back to ask Bill what was in there. He did, after all, say that he would show me. Bill was more than happy to help. We had to go back through the changing rooms, and Bill took me straight back to Room 1 where I had been exercising. “Right,” Bill said, as he led me over to the far end of Room 1. “My gym is divided into two parts,” he continued as we walked. “Most members use the part I showed you, but we have a separate part for, shall we say, slightly larger guys.” As we reached the far wall, he motioned for me to look through two windows. I hadn’t even noticed these whilst I was working out. As I looked through, it suddenly dawned on me what he meant by “larger guys”. Room 2 was full of bodybuilders. These were some of the biggest guys I had ever seen – lifting weights that through my eyes looked heavy, let alone felt heavy. To me, it was heaven! “You’ll have to pack on a few more pounds before we can let you in there, sonny,” Bill said as he started to walk back towards the changing rooms. I followed, reluctantly. “There’s only two ways to get into Room 2. The first is to earn it – work your ass off, build up the muscle and show to the guys in there you can handle their type of work out.”

“What’s the second?” I asked as we entered the foyer of the gym.

“The second way? You’ve got to be quite something if you can’t work out as they do, but the second way, is quite simply, for one of the guys to invite you in.”

I was home about 10 minutes later, and sat wondering if it was ever possible to earn a place in Room 2. There seemed to be no way of getting an invitation, and although I’d love to have a body of a muscle man, I was a long way off. I was pretty fit as I’d played a lot of sport throughout my school days, but in terms of muscle, well they were non existent. In fact, I was probably one of the most skinniest guys you could ever meet. A lot of my female friends always said that it was wrong that I could eat whatever I liked and never seemed to put on any fat. To me it was just normal.

That night I sat and wondered if there was any possibility of me packing on enough muscle to earn a place in Room 2. I came to the conclusion that it was probably impossible.

We skip forward at this point to present day. As I said at the beginning, it was around 4 years ago the I started at the gym and I had been going quite regularly. So regular in fact that I had become pretty good mates with Bill, the gym owner. I’d got a couple of promotions at work, but now my 9 ‘til 5 job was turning into starting work at about 8.15 and finishing when I’d got everything done. I really enjoyed my work, but it often left me little time for anything else. 12-hour days were not uncommon. One thing that I did start missing was the gym. I went whenever I could, but it just wasn’t as regular as it should have been. Bill was great though, and he said that if I wanted to come when I did finish late from work, he would let me stay after closing. This made things a lot easier, plus I had the whole of the gym to myself.

After 4 years at the gym, I had learnt that it was called “Room 3” because bill always had a dream that one day he would be able to expand, adding on more workout space and a pool. I had often dreamt that Room 3 was for even bigger guys than Room 2, but sadly, Room 3 never actually existed!

Whenever I was in the gym, I always made sure that I passed the two small windows that looked into Room 2. I tried to go unnoticed, but every time I always seemed to catch the eye of some incredibly muscular bodybuilder, sweat dripping from his head in the middle of a mammoth work out. They always seemed to pause, holding the massive amount of weights in midair for just a few seconds to show off their incredible muscles, and then they would continue their workout.

It must have been late one evening. The gym was deserted except for me. I was heading to dive into the showers as it had been a long day at work and my workout had really tired me out but I could not resist passing by the window to Room 2 just before I left. Unfortunately, it was empty. Even the bodybuilders had done enough working out for tonight.

I carried on to the changing rooms and started the shower. I’d just started to cover my self with soap when I heard a door bang shut. I turned the shower down slightly and I could hear footsteps coming through the changing rooms. I had turned the shower off completely now so I could hear someone opening a locker and it sounded like they were starting to get changed. All of the soap had pretty much gone and so I wrapped a towel around me and headed back to the changing rooms. As I rounded the corner, stud, completely naked was one of the largest bodybuilders you could ever imagine. His back was so big that the bath towel he was using, the same size as the one I had wrapped around me looked more like a hand towel, drying little bits of his back at a time. His arms, as he moved the towel around looked as big as most guys legs. He was huge. This was the first time since I joined Room 3 Gym that I’d ever seen a bodybuilder using the changing rooms. I just preyed that he was in a good mood as I said “Hey there, I thought the gym was empty.”

He obviously thought the same as he jumped, spun around and said “For fuck sake you little weed. Don’t you know its rude to creep up on people.”

That wasn’t the type of response I was hoping for, but he had turned around. Unfortunately he was trying to use the towel to cover his cock, but apart from that stood the perfect bodybuilder. His pecs looked like slabs of concrete, each shoulder as wide as my waist, a perfect 8-pack of abs, and best of all, he was incredibly handsome. His jet black hair was cut to perfection, showing off his masculine features, perfect deep eyes and the most kissable lips you’ve ever seen. What could I say to him? I must have mumbled something, but we both knew who was in control of the conversation as he said, “What’s a little pussy like you doing here this late anyway?”

His tone had calmed down a lot, I guess I had just caught him off guard. I suddenly felt more relaxed.

“Bill lets me stay if I’m late from work,” I replied.

“I see. You been using this gym for long?”

“About 4 years. Only in Room 1 though. Obviously I’m not up to your standard yet.”

He looked puzzled.

“Yet? You mean you’re doing weights? Trying to get into Room 2?” this hunk of man asked.

“Yeah, I guess so. A long way off yet though.”

“You’re halfway there already.”

Now I was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“You obviously like muscle,” he said as he glanced at the towel around my waste.

I hadn’t even noticed but my cock had grown quite dramatically. In fact, it felt like the biggest hard on I had ever had. I felt my face go bright red. I looked nervously at the floor, not wanting to embarrass myself any more. I was one of those guys who you can just tell is gay, but no man had ever had such a sudden impact on me like this. Again, I must have mumbled something, but the bodybuilder suddenly got my attention again, “You know what skinny dude? If you want to be here for around 9pm tomorrow, I can show you a little secret.”

I nodded.

“The names Ryan, by the way.”

“Err, yeah. I’m Josh. 9pm?” I whimpered.

“Yeah. You do like muscle don’t you?”

“Sure,” I said. After all, it was my ultimate fantasy come true to even look into Room 2. Was Ryan going to take me in? I guess I would have to wait until tomorrow.

Ryan was practically fully dressed by this point. I was still gazing at his incredible arms as he rammed his sweaty workout clothes into his gym bag.

“See you tomorrow Josh,” he shouted as he left the changing room. “You better be ready for tomorrow.”

I didn’t know what he meant, but I just sat, alone, in the changing room pondering. What did he have in store for me? And what ‘secret’ could he show me? •

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