Dana Gets Wired



By FanTCMan

When Carl showed up with his son, Jeremy, Dana had run the image that he was using whenever he had a new guy to induct into the program. Things had gone very well since they had started, and now Dana had all the equipment to install the chip. He had been made one of the one-stop installation and induction locations. But this one was going to be special.

Carl was a guy Dana knew from the gym. He was older than Dana, about forty, Dana guessed, and he had a sixteen year old son that Dana had also met at the gym. Carl had found out about the program, and how, in a few cases, some guys had been allowed to get chips just for the fun of being able to morph into a fantasy creation purely for the purpose of partying. He had begged Dana, and Dana had checked, and it seemed that they were in need of another new recruit for the program before they would allow another out-of-program installation. So Carl, in his intense desire to play the morph game, had pledged his son, Jeremy.

Jeremy was a looker, popular in his school both as an athlete and as just a cool guy jock. He also knew about the program, and he'd seen some of the guys that had been recruited, and he didn't want any part of it. He wanted to finish school and be a regular guy, not some insanely beefed up stud that had to spend his days entertaining important people as basically a sex slave. He knew those guys lost their will to be anything else, that all they could think about was sex, and queer sex at that. They all talked like they were in a porn movie, nasty, dirty talk about their cocks and their muscles and getting fucked or sucking and all that kind of shit. He'd also seen that they were all changed into very muscular guys that had huge cocks, and even though there was something kind of dangerous and exciting about that, he still didn't want to be turned into some kind of oversexed pleasure machine. He wanted to be a doctor, and he would have to stay in school to do that, and all the guys that went into the program had to leave school and their friends and live full-time in one of the government centers, like glorified whore houses.

Dana could tell the boy had been crying when they arrived. His long dark lashes were wet and his eyes were red.

"So, everyone ready?" Dana asked.

"Oh, man," Carl said. "You have no idea how ready."

Carl was wearing a wife-beater tank and shorts, and his worked out body looked very hot to Dana. He couldn't wait to morph it into something even much more.

"No." Jeremy sounded sullen and defiant.

"We've been over this, Jeremy." Carl made the boy lift his head. "This is a chance for you to do something for your government, to be part of a great experiment. "

"This isn't about that," Jeremy said quietly. "It's about you wanting to be able to do that stuff."

"Whatever," Carl said. "You've been pledged, and I don't want any more trouble." His voice was threatening.

"Well," Dana kept his tone upbeat, "Looks like we'd better just get started."

He filled a hypodermic syringe with liquid and reached for Jeremy's arm.

"Please," the boy cried. "Please don't. I don't want to do this. I don't want to be some gay sex slave. Really. Please. I just want to stay how I am."

But Dana had dealt with a few reticent recruits before. He just smiled while the boy begged, and stuck his arm with the needle and emptied the syringe.

Within a minute, Jeremy grew weak and dazed, as though in a walking sleep. Dana led him to a chair and had him sit, and he gave the same shot to Carl, who willingly, even anxiously, offered his arm.

"It's not going to hurt, is it?"

"You big chicken," Dana laughed. "You won't feel a thing or remember the implant."

Already Carl had gone into a trance. Dana led them both to the lab, where he told Carl to get on the table. The process was simple. The machinery did it all. He positioned Carl's head, and the huge machine lowered itself, when he pressed the button, right over Carl's face. a small needle- like probe slid out of the end. It was hollow, and the chip, the size of a grain of sand, would be forced through it and into position in Carl's brain. While Dana watched, the probe slid into Carl's nostril, cranked a mechanical sound as it deposited the chip, and withdrew. He had Carl get up, and had Jeremy lie down, and repeated the process. The hypnotic drug, he knew, would wear off in a few minutes, so he wasted no time. When Jeremy was done, the implant in place, he got him up and took them both back into the living room and told them to sit on the sofa.

While they sat, side by side, staring straight ahead, he took the disks they had brought and put them one by one into the computer. He knew he could do about anything with Carl and he would love it. But with Jeremy, he decided to program his initial activation and morph to take some time, half an hour. Usually he had the activation take place in the rapid mode, but he thought it would be exciting to enjoy Jeremy's transformation more slowly, and he thought, from what he had observed, that Carl would probably find it exciting, too, to watch his boy go from scared and reticent to compliant and slowly become a completely sexual boy stud.

He smiled as he worked on Carl's image. He added about fifty pounds of muscle, concentrating on widening his back, thickening and widening his pecs and massing up his arms to 22 inch guns. He gave him a big, heavy cock that hung ten inches soft and would harden to a 16 inch tool and thick as a beer can. He enlarged his balls to the size of lemons. He increased the mass of his legs and butt. Yeah, that would be good to start. A totally hot, enormous bodybuilder with a set of prodigious equipment. And he worked on Carl's face, taking it from rugged and almost good looking to one that was as sculptured and handsome as any model.

Then he worked on Jeremy's image. They were starting to show signs of coming around, so he worked fast. He smiled at the image of the thin but athletic sixteen year old, just a moderate bush of pubic hair and very average endowment. First he beefed up his body, making him look like a junior bodybuilder. Then he thought, what the hell, and he beefed it up more, and more again, until he had the boy looking more muscular than the biggest pro bodybuilder. It looked very hot on the young guy's image. Then, for good measure, he beefed up his arms a little more. Yeah, they looked like they would be about 26 inches. And he added a little more mass to his pecs. The abs he gave him were huge and cut like a stack of bricks. His ass was gorgeous, full, round, and so ripe looking. Then he worked on his cock. He lengthened and thickened it until it hung fully 14 inches soft. He knew it would harden up to about 20 inches. He made his balls the size of tennis balls, and had to make the ball sac longer to give them room. Oh, wow, oh wow, he thought as he looked at how the kid was taking shape. He played with the body hair until the kid had a distinctive sprinkling of dark hair swirling all across his pecs and down his abs in a thick, hot trail. He made his pubes grow and spread, added hair to his arms and legs, and for good measure, gave him a furry butt. Then he worked the face. It would be the face of an angel, but an angel with Eros on his mind. He would be beautiful, so sexy and beautiful that he would be able to seduce any man. Yeah, it looked good. Both of them came around at the same time.

"So," Carl said. He rubbed the bridge of his nose. "I guess you did it, huh? Is that all there is to it?"

"That's all," Dana said .

Jeremy was rubbing the bridge of his nose, too.

"What did you do?" He was agitated now. "You put something in me, didn't you? Take it out, man. Really. Please. I don't want to do this."

"Jeremy," Dana said.

"What," Jeremy looked at Dana, and in that instant, Dana hit the enter key and the ruby light flashed into the boy's eyes.

"Nothing," Dana said, and winked at Carl.

"What was that?" "That was your new master," Dana answered.

Carl looked at Jeremy, expecting to see something happen, but Jeremy just got up and started to pace.

"I don't want to do this," he said. "I really don't want to do this. You can't make me do this. Oh, man, what the fuck did you just do. I feel so weird."

"Weird in what way?" Carl asked.

"I don't know. Weird. Funny. Stoned or something."

He kept pacing.

"Is it getting hot in here?"

"I think it will be pretty soon," Dana grinned at Carl, who was watching his son, his mouth agape.

"Man, what's happening?" He was bending his arms, feeling them, feeling his chest. "Shit, man. Am I getting bigger or something?"

"Or something," Dana said.

"Fuck, man. Oh, fuck. Your making me get like those guys, aren't you? I don't want to do this."

But he was feeling his pecs, and he flexed one arm and his biceps was starting to look distinctly muscular. Little by little, as he paced and flexed and felt his pecs, his clothes grew tighter on him. Carl was starting to get an erection and Dana already was hard as a rock, his 14 inch cock standing rigid against his Lycra shorts.

"Oh, fuck, man. Oh shit. Man, I'm getting too big."

He looked like a junior bodybuilder now, stuffed into a kid's jeans and T shirt. His pecs swelled against the material, the sleeves were tight on his arms and rode up to his delts as his shoulders widened and thickened, and in his jeans, the crotch was filling with a bulge that could not be ignored. He felt his package.

"Fuck, man, you really did it anyway, didn't you? You're making me into one of those guys. You're even making my dick grow." He felt his crotch. "And my balls, too. Shit, I couldn't even go outside now, man. Everyone would stare at me."

"Don't worry about it. Where you're going, you'll be quite popular."

"Aww, shit. All right. Fuck, man." He was staring down at his body, his hands feeling uncontrollably all over his carved, massing torso. "Let me see. I gotta see what you're doing to me."

He ripped off his T-shirt and pulled off his jeans. His briefs bulged with his growing package, the waistband pulled low and gapping out from his flat, hard belly, showing dark hair, and he yanked them off.

His cock fell out and hung down ten inches, draped thick and heavy over his pair of big, swelling balls, and his pubes had started to spread and grow dense on his groin.

"Oh, fuck, man. Look at my fucking cock." His voice was deeper now, more resonant.

He went to stand in front of the mirror, and he struck a double biceps pose.

"Dude," he said. "I look like a fucking bodybuilder, man. I'm a fuckin' muscle guy. Jesus, man, my dick is fucking huge. Holy shit."

"But you don't want to do this, right?" Carl asked, his cock totally hard in his shorts now. He winked at Dana.

Jeremy stared at his image in the mirror. He felt his pecs. They felt massive, so thick, so unfathomably hot, and dark hair was sprouting all over them. His cock had grown thicker and hung a foot long, and it was still soft, but it started to fill with hot blood and stiffen. He shot a look at his dad. "You wanted me to do this, so how do you like it?" he said. Now his voice was deep and strong, and his tone defiant.

Carl glanced over toward Dana. He was still barely able to move, but his look showed horror at what he had done to his son. But the glance was just long enough for Dana to hit the key that shot the ruby light into his brain, and the expression quickly drained from his face.

Meanwhile, Jeremy was looking frantically at his dad and then his image in the mirror as it continued to change. Already, he had the mass of a pro bodybuilder. His pecs had sprouted dark hair all across them that swirled up to his chest and down into a trail that plunged to join into the spreading pubes that were getting denser every minute. His forearms snaked with veins over the muscle that was swelling there, and dark hair covered them as well, and was growing thick on his massive legs, crawling up his thighs as it continued to sprout. His cock had grown as hard as a steel shaft, was sixteen inches long, and as thick as his wrist with a head like a helmet, and it was dripping shiny precum. "I'm a fucking freak." His voice was deep and powerful. "I'm turning into one of those fucking freaks, man. Christ, oh shit, man, I feel so, so," one hand grabbed the steel rod and lifted it, "so fucking hot."

By this time, Carl was already morphing, fast, and he was flooded with the most intense erotic arousal he had ever experienced in his life. Everything about his body was turning him on as he felt his muscle growing thicker, just like he'd imagined, only a thousand times better, and his cock and balls grew thick and heavy between his legs.

He just sat there, feeling himself change, feeling his chest grow thick and huge and hard, feeling his lats thicken against his arms and pushing them out, feeling his arms grow heavy and thick with muscle, his legs growing thick and pushing apart with their mass.

"Oh, fuck," was all he could say.

Dana grinned, and his own cock hardened up with a rush of masculine desire. "Is this what you wanted?" Jeremy taunted his dad. "Just so you could change into a fucking muscle god. Was it worth it? Do you feel good now, Dad? Do you feel hot?"

Carl's hands were all over his body now, feeling the power of his new masculinity bursting out all over him, deep inside him.

"Yeah. Fuck, Jeremy, I'm sorry, son, but yeah, I feel so fucking hot." Jeremy watched his lats grow so thick that they pushed his arms up till they rested almost straight out from his sides. His pecs grew so thick he could only see below them by looking in the mirror. But he could feel them, and they felt like nothing else in the world mattered now but his muscle, his mass that was completely overwhelming him in every way, grabbing his mind so it could think of nothing else but his body and the pure, raw, bestial sexuality it made him feel. His cock finally reached 20 inches of steel hard power, and the weight of it pulling on his groin made him so turned on that he could feel the white hot surges of orgasm building in him. His balls hung so heavy and low that he could barely reach them across the mass of his body, but they felt like his entire consciousness had moved down into his testicles, and he loved them and everything else about his freakish body. He could no longer remember the feelings of wanting to finish school or anything else that had come before this moment. He reached around to feel the thick hard globes of his glutes, and he felt the intense need to experience penetration into his muscular masculine chamber, and he bent his legs so he could get his hand between his legs, under his huge balls, and he forced his fingers into his asshole. Oh, god, if felt so hot. He wanted more. He looked at the huge, hairy, unbelievably hot bodybuilder on the sofa, and he wanted contact with that body. He wanted that man to feel his muscles, to feel how hot he felt, white hot, pure erotic mass. Fuck, he thought, yeah, come over here and feel my hairy pecs. Fuck, man, fucking huge hairy pecs, oh yeah, suck on my cock, let me suck on yours till I get it so hot you have to shove it in me. Oh, fuck, I want that muscle god in me, in me hard. And then he realized he wasn't just thinking all that. He was saying it.

Carl looked at Dana as if to ask permission to do what his urges were pushing him to. He could see that Jeremy was gone, now, and in his son's place was a government manufactured sex machine. It still looked like Jeremy, although he was more mature and far more handsome than his son had been, and the boyish face was now covered with a dark shadow of heavy stubble.

Dana got up, excited as he always was witnessing this process, and more because of the circumstances, and by the always amazing sensation of himself being a hugely endowed and muscled specimen. He walked over to Carl, his own huge hard cock swinging back and forth as he walked like the boom of a wind-whipped sail, and he got Carl to his feet. Carl couldn't speak, his rush of sensation and emotion was so intense, and Dana pulled him close, lifted their stiff cocks so they pointed up between their massive bodies, and he kissed Carl, deep and hard. Carl lost himself to the flood, devouring Dana's thick, beautiful lips and his hot, darting tongue. But Dana stepped back, and guided Carl toward Jeremy.

"You want to fuck this big muscle boy, don't ya?" Jeremy teased, leered, held his monstrous member out toward the two men. "Yeah, I know you want this body. Fucking hot, man. Oh, fuck, so fucking hot."

First Dana kissed Jeremy, and Jeremy responded like a rutting animal, and then Dana stepped aside and put Carl's hands onto Jeremy's chest. The two fell together is a fury of lust, and Dana joined them as they gave in completely to the pull of the young stud's masculine attraction. They took turns ramming his muscular ass with their huge, hypersensitive cocks, the other sucking on the boy-man's pole while the other fucked him.

Even when the men came to take Jeremy away, the boy was still feeling his muscles and begging to be fucked again, stroking his cock, oblivious to the fact that he was being put into a van and taken away to his assignment where his unquenchable thirst for sex would find endless release and a deep satisfaction that would last only moments until the drive would consume him again, and again, and again.

"He'll be happy," Dana said, when they had gone. "At least, he won't know anything else. It was an amazing gift you gave us. So, how about you, Carl? You like it? Was it worth it?"

Carl and Dana had both begun to change back into their former selves.

"Fuck, man. I don't know. That was amazing. But I feel kind of bad for Jeremy."

Dana was sitting at the computer, playing with Carl's image. He'd already done his. He thought it would be fun to go out with Carl as a couple of young muscle studs, just old enough looking to get into the bars, and so spectacularly built and handsome that no one would ever keep them out.

"Don't feel bad. You did a service, and Jeremy will be well taken care of. He's going to give a lot a pleasure to a lot of men. Here, man, let me show you something else."

He hit him with the ray, and himself, and they stood naked, feeling the rush again of their cells reorganizing around a new but equally intense masculine energy. They grew younger, more slender, then beautifully muscular as their faces changed, and soon they were two young guys that could have made a fortune as physique models. Their cocks were more moderately hung now, merely about eight fat inches, soft, and a good thick twelve hard. Their balls completed a package that would make any porn star jealous. The immediately gave into and explored the lust that drove them together, and then, soon, Dana said, "Okay, dude. Let's get dressed and go out and pick us up some guys. It was a hot night, and they walked out of Dana's in just some low-hanging shorts and baseball caps.

As they walked down Santa Monica Boulevard, watching the heads of the gorgeous men of West Hollywood snap when they saw them, Carl said, "Yeah, man. Yeah." He could feel the warm air on his tight beautiful young body and he could feel the big hot bulge in his shorts straining at the material, so sexy, so unbelievably sexy. He thought of all the nights to come, all the bodies he could put on, the possibilities, the muscles, the hair, the faces he could wear, the men he would have.

"It was worth it."


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