Dana Gets Wired


By FanTCMan

And after Dana's doorbell rang . . .

The new kid, Ryan, looked nervous. He glanced over at Jack, who was waiting, for something, then at Dana.

"Sir," he said very quietly, "can I ask you something?"

"Sure," Dana said.

"In private?"

"Okay, Jack," Dana winked at the young muscle stud, who was standing in his tighter fitting Abercrombie board shorts, wild eyed, his big boner so obvious, "Why don't you go back there to the kitchen and give me a couple minutes with Ryan? Maybe you can find us all some beers in the fridge."

"Okay, man. I'll be right back." As soon as Jack had left the room, grabbing his cock through his shorts and shooting a look back at Dana, Ryan stepped up close to whisper.

"I think that guy is queer, man. I mean, I don't mind fags.. ."

"Why do you think that?" Dana asked. "You have a disk for me, by the way?" He reached out his hand.

"Oh, yeah. Here."

He handed Dana his disk, which Dana slipped into the computer.

"Because, man, he's been walking around with that big boner showing ever since they assigned me to him. And he keeps like feeling his pecs and stomach and staring at me really funny. I don't know what this is about, why they put whatever that is in my head, but I don't want to get into some kinda fag thing."

"Don't worry about it. You're one of their guys now, anyway, you know."

Dana had brought up the image of the kid on the screen while they talked, and he was looking at the slowly rotating image of his naked body, slender, slightly muscular, averagely endowed, and smooth as a baby. "Listen," Dana said, "that thing in your head is a chip, and we have to activate it now, so why don't you just take off your clothes and relax?"

"Fuck, man," Ryan said. "You too? I should've known. My buddy told me all you muscle guys are fags."

Dana loved hearing the kid call him a muscle guy. Muscle guy. He heard the words, knew they meant him, and he realized that the kid was looking at how he'd just recreated himself. He was a muscle guy, a big one, like the bodybuilders that he'd always admired so much, who always made him pop wood just thinking about how that would feel.

"Well, your buddy might be partly right, but you can't think about that now. You're government property. Now, take off your clothes." The kid started to undress. He took off his shirt, and undid his shorts. "Everything?" he asked.

"Everything. Don't worry, I'm not going to attack you. But we have to do this."

Ryan dropped his shorts, and stood uncomfortably naked in front of Dana. Just like the image on the screen. His dick was so tightly shriveled up, it looked like it might retreat into the small patch of dark blond pubic hair around it.

"Here, look at this thing for a second, then you can go sit on the sofa there."

He turned the light port to face the kid, and when Ryan glanced at it, Dana hit enter, and the ruby beam shot out and stunned the kid, but so briefly, that before he could react, it was over.

"What was that?"

"Just sit down."

Ryan backed up toward the sofa, his eyes glazed, his focus turned in on his body and the sudden flood of sensations that were overtaking him even as he moved back to sit. He stumbled over the coffee table, but didn't fall. He reached back, found the sofa, and almost fell into it. Already, his abs had started to tighten into rippled steel, his muscles had started to harden and swell, and his cock, as soon as he sat down, was springing up along his thigh.

He stared at Dana with shock. His hands impulsively went up to his chest, to feel the pecs that were filling out there. Then he looked down at his groin, as though it were a foreign object, as though it belonged to someone else. His cock grew quickly to fully hard, and at the same time, Ryan saw pubic hair spreading out where he had been hairless, his bush instantly denser, slightly darker, thicker, and even as he looked, he saw his stomach pull in hard, his skin stretch tight over the muscle, veins appearing at the surface, and the hair that was thickening and spreading on his groin start to spring up in a definite line from his pubes to his belly button and beyond.

He was so hard now he could only stare in amazement. He was rock hard, steel hard, right in front of this big muscle guy, and there was nothing he could do about it. He glanced up and Dana watching him, and back down at himself. But wait. It wasn't just that he couldn't do anything about boning up while someone was watching, he didn't even care. He felt hot. Very hot. Something about what was happening was turning him on. That hair was looking real hot. The muscle he felt under his hands and saw on his stomach, and, yeah, his legs, was hot.

And his cock. Oh, yeah. His cock was hot. Fuck yeah, it was hard and hot as shit, and big. It looked big. No. Wait. He realized it was growing even as he looked at it. Aww, man, his cock was turning into a big fucking dick. No wonder that guy Jack looked like he had such a big cock. No wonder he was hard all the time. He must have been feeling as hot as Ryan was feeling right now. Oh, man, would he love to see his cock, see him naked, see his muscles. Oh, yeah, both those guys, naked. He looked up.

Both Dana and Jack were watching Ryan as he changed, Jack holding onto his hard log through his shorts, and Dana standing there in just the boxer briefs he'd barely had time to pull on when the doorbell rang, his own cock straining the material, fully hard and enormous.

"Fuck, man," Ryan said. "Fuck." He was still feeling his new muscles, the hairs that were sprouting, but he hadn't touched his hard cock, which was jerking and throbbing, glistening with precum, and fully twelve inches of thick, hard, veined meat. "This doesn't mean I'm a fag," he said, looking at his huge hard cock, and then at theirs. "I can't help it. Fuck, man. What is this? I feel so turned on for no reason."

"No reason?" Dana laughed. "Look at yourself, Ryan. Get up and go look in that mirror."

Ryan got up as he was told and walked to the mirror, his big dick swinging back and forth as he walked, and he stopped in front of it, touched his incredibly handsome face, flexed his newly muscular arms, felt his suddenly developed chest and down his rock hard abs, then turned back to them.

"Dudes!" he said. "I'm fucking beautiful. I'm totally fucking hot, man. Oh, fuck, I'm so turned on, I'm gonna cum, man. Oh, Jesus, man, oh fuck, oh god, yeah, yeah!"

Dana and Jack just watched while Ryan uncontrollably sprayed cum as his hips stiffened and jerked and his eyes rolled back in rapture.

When his orgasm finally played out, he turned and looked at the other two. His cock stayed harder than it had ever been in his life.

"What the fuck?" was all he could say.

"Feel good?" Dana asked, grinning at him.

Jack was gripping his own twelve inch boner, grabbing it through the material of his short, his other hand massaging his pecs.

"I know, dude," he said. "Fuck. Feels so fucking good, doesn't it?"

"Fuck you man. You queer. You want to fuck my ass? Yeah, you do, don't ya? You want to fuck my hot ass, don't ya. Beautiful fucking muscle ass, yeah?"

"Yeah, you hot fuck. I want to fuck your ass. You want to fuck mine, dude. Check it out."

Jack pulled off his shorts, turned around, bent over, and spread his cheeks with his hands.

"You want my hairy dude ass dude? I know you do. Or how about this?"

He turned around and held his cock in his hand and thrust his hips toward Ryan.

"You want to suck on my big fucking beautiful cock, man?"

Ryan stared at Jack, then at Dana.

"Fuck you guys. What is this? Hell yeah, man. I want to fuck with your body, man. Both of you. Fuck. Yeah. I could suck that cock, dude. I want to see yours," he said to Dana. "I want to see that big piece of meat you got in there. Why don't you let us see it, man?"

"Yeah," Jack joined in, "show us, man. It's way bigger than when I was here before. Dude," he said to Ryan, "you should see how much bigger he is than he was just a while ago. You can do that, can't you? You can change yourself. Show us man. Can you do it to us, too?"

"You still don't get it?" Dana said. "Of course I can do it to you. That's what the chips were put into you for. You're their boys, now. But don't worry. You might be government issue whoreboys, but you'll enjoy it, I promise. You've got no choice. The chips have programmed you that way. Or maybe you've already started to figure that out." "I don't get it," Ryan said. "Come on, dude, show us your huge cock."

"You don't get it, huh? I thought you weren't a fag. You sound like a fag to me, stud. You want to see my cock? You want to touch it, stroke it, suck on it? Sure you do. You want to get me hot, don't ya? You want to make me feel as turned on as you do, don't ya? Sure you do. It's the chip. You might not want to be a fag, but you're as big a queer as they come now, stud. How's that make you feel?"

"Aw, fuck, man, no fuckin' way. But, fuck, man, it turns me on. Fuck you, dude. It makes me feel totally hot. Aw, fuck, man. I really want to see your big cock, man. I want to suck it. Yeah, I want to get you hot. Maybe I am queer, man. Maybe I do want it. Aw, fuck."

While Ryan was talking, Dana manipulated Ryan's image, which was still up on the computer monitor. He enlarged the muscles until it was the image of a massive bodybuilder. Then he enlarged the cock on the image and made it go soft and hang below the boy's huge thigh, below his knees. He smiled and lengthened it some more until it hung halfway down his calves. Then he made his balls grow and lower until they looked like softballs just above his knees. "Okay, stud. You want to see a big dick? You want to see a huge muscle stud, kid? That turn you on?

Ryan looked at Dana, and didn't realize he was also looking at the light port.

"Fuck, yeah, man. Show us."

And just then Dana hit enter, and the ruby light flashed.

"Shit man," Ryan said, when he felt the ray hit him and penetrate his whole being, "what the fuck . . ."

But already he felt the surge of power in him, the dizziness, the disorientation, the rush of intense masculinity.

"Go look in the mirror, stud."

Ryan walked clumsily to the mirror. His body was already starting to thicken and mass up and his legs pushed apart from each other as he walked. His cock started swelling and lengthening, and his balls grew even as he walked. When he got to the mirror, he stood transfixed as he saw himself morph.

"Fuck, dude. Do me, man," Jack said. He was holding out his disk. Dana took his disk and exchanged Ryan's with it. Jack had already stripped off his clothes, and he was hard and ready. He tried to watch Dana manipulate his image, but Dana told him to stand away. He turned Jack into a matching massive stud on the screen and hit the kid with the ray.

"Holy fuck, man. That's so intense." Jack went to the mirror and moved Ryan over so he could watch himself. Ryan was already getting massive and his cock was down to his knees when Jack started to swell and change.

"Dude," was all he could say. Ryan was silent, but his hands were already exploring his body, and his pecs grew so thick and heavy that they began to fold over in deep creases, and hair sprouted on them in swirls of masculinity. Jack joined him, and while the two kids watched themselves change, completely engrossed, each with his own body, growing more intensely hot by the moment, Dana couldn't resist the urge to join them, and he slipped in his own disk, made his image just enough bigger than the boys in every respect that he knew he would still be their alpha, their god, when it was done, and his turned the ray on himself and felt it go in like a bolt of pure erotic ecstasy. He knew how the kids were feeling now, again. It was the most incredibly feeling of masculinity, so powerful and intense that the changes he felt were just an expression of how unbelievably male he felt, male animal, unencumbered by any sense of false morality or modesty. The muscle felt so fucking good as it grew thicker and heavier and harder, veins popping out all over his skin, hair growing in. Animal, he thought. Male animal. His cock felt heavier and heavier as it grew, and each ounce it gained was pure male sexuality exploding on his physique. His balls felt like they were ripening to something so masculine and powerful that he was becoming his sexuality. He realized that that's what would happen to all the guys they were going to do this to. They would become their sexuality, and it would be pure male animal sexuality. He realized he was as engrossed in himself as the two guys, feeling himself morph into a god of masculine power, and they were already young gods.

When the morphs were complete, in only a few minutes, the three of them stared at each other, marveled at what they felt and saw, and the erotic power surged in their cocks and made them harden. They lifted, bent with the weight of their size, slowly straightening, and finally arching upward, pulling down on their groins with their incredible weight, and yet standing at complete attention and vibrating with the extreme desire and need for expression.

But Dana had held back one surprise. He had set the program to morph them but return them to their original bodies after only two minutes, and so, even as the guys were going crazy over the size of their huge cocks and balls and muscles, they began to deflate and morph again, and, with astonished disappointment on their faces, they saw themselves return to two regular, cute, built, but oh, so normal guys. Dana, of course, remained the god he had turned himself into.

"So," he said, grinning at them as they expressed their disappointment. "How do you feel now? Are you queer? You like being a sex object? And that was only had a hint of how you're going to be used. Still feel turned on, don't you? You can't help it. You can't stop it. You like all this muscle, don't you, even if it's only mine. And this cock. Yeah, I can see those little cocks are hard as steel.

Go on, feel it," he said, as he flexed. "Suck on it,"

and he held up his gigantic, heavy cock. "Feel these huge balls. Yeah, you love it, don't ya?"

The guys couldn't help themselves. They fell onto his body like pins to a magnet, both of them all over him, making him cum, making him shout with the intensity of his orgasms, and they realized that turning him on and getting him off was as hot as any kind of sex, more hot, hotter than they had ever felt in their lives.

When he had cum several times, he made them stop.

"Now I want you to look at each other, just like you are, and tell me how you feel."

"Fuck, man," Ryan said. "I love this dude."

"Yeah," Jack answered, "He is one hot mother fucker."

"You big fags," Dana laughed. "How does it feel to be queer?"

"It's fucking hot, man," they both answered together.

"Yeah," Dana grinned. "It's a guy, thing, isn't it. All about guys, about dick and balls and muscle and man hair, all that, everything masculine."

"Yeah, man."

"You guys love dick, don't you now?"

"Fuck yeah, man."

"Hey, dude," Jack said to Ryan. "You want to eat my ass man?"

He turned around, bent over, and spread his cheeks.

"Hell yeah, dude, and fuck it too."

"Yeah, fuck my ass man. You want me to fuck yours too, don't ya?"

"Fuck yeah."

Dana watched the guys take turns, slamming each other hard and ferocious as two animals, and while he watched, he played with their disks and made images of them, saved them so he could open each image without exchanging disks, and then, reluctantly, but knowing that in any form he would feel just as hot, he changed his own. Finally, he said, "Hey, take a break for a sec. Maybe we can go out and you can see what it feels like to be a stud magnet right here in West Hollywood before you have to go back. We only have a couple hours."

Before they had time to think about it, Dana hit them both and then himself with the ray. Then he pulled them together, put his arms around both of them, and held them all in a tight bunch so they could feel their bodies against each other as they changed.

Dana grew smaller as the two kids gained back muscle. Pec to pec, arms to arms, lats to lats, thighs to thighs, hard cocks against each other's groins, they changed again, enraptured, feeling the masculine energy surge and change them. When they were done, they were all three specimens of male perfection. It would be obvious to anyone that they were three hardcore, juiced up bodybuilders with bulging pecs and wide spreading lats, small tight waists that flared to hard round bubble butts and thick, cut thighs. Their cocks stood hard at a thick foot of length, and their balls, while not abnormal looking, were as big as a guy's balls could be. And their faces had changed too, since Dana thought it would be wise not to be recognized. They were the faces of three astoundingly handsome guys in their early twenties. And their bodies were sprinkled with perfect patterns of hair to emphasize their musculature. In short, they were gods again, but gods that could present themselves to the world.

"Where are we going?" Jack asked.

"We'll figure it out as we go along. Here, get dressed."

He handed them some Lycra shorts and tank tops he had lying around. The fit of the clothes displayed every curve of their bodies. He told them they could control their boners by just willing them soft, and the guys tried it and it worked, even though, totally soft, their cocks were still as large and fat as sausages and displayed themselves outrageously.

"So," Dana said, feeling as hot as he could imagine ever feeling, seeing how he looked and how the two kids were loving their bodies, flexing for each other, feeling their muscles, laughing about the show of dick and nuts in their Lycra shorts, "You guys still have a problem with being queer, or you want to go there and show this town some real hot muscle fags?"

"Yeah," Jack said. "A couple of government issue studs."

"Dude," Ryan said, grabbing a feel of Jack's hard round ass, "a couple of fucking fag whoreboys, man, fucking stud whores for the good ole U S of A."

Dana laughed.

"Maybe you can think of this as the first phase of your basic training. •

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