Daniel: A Transform Episode

By Also_KnownAs

Daniel was suffering from what he referred to as ‘invisible mode.’ It happened occasionally, and most frequently in situations like this one, when he was surrounded by astounding male pulchritude on all sides. It wasn’t unusual for him to be ignored, but it was more frustrating than usual when all he wanted was a beer.

The bar was hardly packed on this Tuesday night, so the bartender really had no excuse for not seeing him standing near the condiments and fruit slices, particularly since the guy – shirtless, muscular and perfect – had to stand not two feet in front of him to concoct the libations the clientele demanded unceasingly. He even had a $20 in his hand as he stood there looking directly at the dude’s nipples.

But he was used to it, even expected it now. He was over 40 in a world built for 20-somethings with zero body fat and daily gym regimens. He’d managed to keep all the hair on his head, but now it was also sprouting out of his ears and even his eyebrows were becoming weird shaggy shrubs. He wore glasses and a hangdog expression, and he rarely smiled anymore, if at all.

But a guy gets horny - even a 44-year-old overweight guy who maintains a gym membership but hasn’t seen a barbell in a couple of years. Daniel pulled in a heavy breath and let out a long sigh as he stood at the bar, holding his cash, completely invisible to the flirty, handsome, horrible bartender.

“Let me get that.” Daniel heard the voice behind him, but he neither turned nor nodded his head nor made any indication that he heard it, because he had become invisible. Whomever owned that low rumble of a masculine tone, he certainly wasn’t addressing Daniel.

Then there was movement and bodyheat behind him. He could actually feel some huge shape there at his back, he could feel heat pouring off the guy and he could smell his scent, a thick, beautifully male mix of grease and sweat and leather and… something else. Something very like sex. It was as if his nose was buried deep into the guy’s ball sack or something. Then a hand was resting on his shoulder, a very large hand, a very powerful grip, squeezing against him, and he started to automatically move aside to make room.

But the hand gripped on a touch harder and pulled him back. “Hey,” the voice purred, like a tiger in his ear, “I said I’d get that for you.” The huge form moved against him. It felt like a wall had somehow magically moved across the floor of the bar and was pressing itself on his back. A very wide, very muscular wall. That smelled like sex.

Daniel swallowed and turned toward the shape, the voice, the scent. At 6’1” he was no slouch, but he found himself looking at the other man’s perfectly white smile before he adjusted his gaze up and felt himself grow suddenly very hot with desire.

The man was gorgeous. Deeply, powerfully, massively handsome. Not possessed of the shorn, polished beauty of so many of the recent porn stars with their airbrushed bodies and brains, but looking almost exactly like the kind of man that populated Daniel’s most feverish fantasies. A man. With hair and whiskers and eyes that really did seem to smolder. Daniel’s mouth dropped opened but no words came out.

The man’s smile shone against him like the sun and as their eyes met, he felt something erotic pass between them, like the recognition of a shared dream. The hand on his shoulder tightened slightly, and a cascade of sexual heat filled him up from that point before zeroing in on his cock and filling it with hot blood, pumping it fat and hard. His balls tingled and his mouth went dry. Then the man looked over him and addressed the bartender. “Gimme a beer,” he commanded, “and one for my buddy here, too. Now, please.”

The sound of two bottles hitting the bar brought Daniel back into the present and he found his voice to say, “Thanks.”

The massive man smiled. His skin was dark, as was the shock of jet-black hair on his head and the locks falling across his blue-gray gaze. He had a broad nose and a prominent, squared jaw and his chin and high cheeks were dusted with a shadow of a beard. Fat, broad deltoids stretched out from his thickly muscled neck to reach as wide as possible to find the round lobes of his shoulders. He wore a white T-shirt that hugged him like a second skin. Prominent nipples were mounted on the mountain range of the man’s chest, and they pushed against the thin cotton. Daniel’s eye could easily pick out every defined cable and ribbon of muscle that stretched across his huge frame. “No problem,” he answered. “I know what it’s like.”

Daniel’s brow wrinkled. “What what’s like?”

The man lifted his beer to his thick lips and guzzled down a few gulps. Daniel watched his Adam’s Apple bob and the chords of power flex and stretch along his neck. Then their eyes met again, and Daniel’s cock pushed a little harder against his jeans. “The silent treatment.” He motioned with his head at the handsome bartender. “Dude thinks he’s God’s gift or something.” He smiled again, and it was immediately clear just who in that room God had gifted. “My name’s Chuck.” He leaned his head down toward Daniel’s and kissed him on the lips. His tongue playfully brushed up against Daniel’s mouth before retreating. Chuck’s intense sexual heat and scent surrounded them and made Daniel go a little weak, but he steadied himself against the bar.

“Daniel,” he answered, then licked his lips to see if that taste was still there. Fuck, the dude even tasted like sex. He went silent again, almost afraid that his words might collapse the fantasy he found himself in.

Chuck seemed to regard him for a few quiet moments, his bright gaze drifting along Daniel’s shorter body. He was checking him out, and then his gaze rested on the prominent and growing bulge at Daniel’s crotch and he smiled, taking another long gulp of beer. “The strong, silent type, huh, Dan?” He reached forward and cupped Daniel’s basket in his large hand, squeezing him playfully. “And packing some heat, too.” He started to gently rub Daniel’s stiffening prick as he said, “Very nice to make your acquaintance, Dan. Can I call you Dan? And what brings a man like you to a place like this?”

Daniel swallowed hard and took a drink himself. It was suddenly getting very, very warm in that bar. “Honestly?” Chuck nodded. “The dream of meeting you.”

Chuck laughed slightly. “Me? Little old me?”

Daniel closed his eyes to sink deeper into the waves of sexual bliss that Chuck’s hand was providing. “I just never thought…”

Chuck pushed himself closer to Daniel’s body like a shield and started to undo his belt. “Never thought what?” Chuck’s deep tones pulsed against his body, throbbing through him. Chuck started undoing Daniel’s button fly one button at a time.

“A guy like you…” Daniel was up on his toes. His cock was rock hard. He could feel a cool wetness at the tip, he was precumming into his Calvins.

“A guy like me?” Chuck pulled Daniel’s pants open and dipped his hand into his underwear. He ran his finger along Daniel’s shaft and rubbed the piss slit with his fingertip. “You’re fucking sexy, Daniel. You’re the sexiest motherfucker in this bar, don’t you know that?” He lifted the precum-glazed finger to his mouth and licked Daniel’s taste off. “Fuck, Daniel, you taste good.” He pulled them closer together, moving his lips against Daniel’s mouth. “Wanna taste?”

The next kiss was deeper, more passionate, more tongue. Chuck’s lips were soft, his mouth talented, his whiskers rough. That scent he gave off grew stronger, as did Daniel’s hard-on. Daniel moaned as Chuck’s capable hand slowly, firmly started to stroke his hardness. “What a fat cock you have there, Daniel,” Chuck remarked, casting his gaze downward. “What are you packing for me, tonight? Nine? Ten inches?”

Daniel shook his head. He was never much good at this part. He was always too literal, too logical. The fantasy part, the playful words, the rough demeanor, he could never pull it off. But somehow he felt like he did have nine inches down there. Hell, he had twelve inches of prime fuckmeat sticking out of his pants. He had a tool so big it took two hands to pleasure him. “Twelve,” he corrected.

Chuck’s eyebrow raised slowly and he grinned. “Twelve? Holy fuck, I am one lucky sucker, ain’t I? I hit the motherload of cock my first try.” He pulled his hand to his mouth and a long, gleaming, wide tongue came out and left a slick trail of spit across his palm. He moved it back to Daniel’s dick and moved his grip around the helmet and down the shaft, lubing and warming Daniel’s massive meat. “I believe you, Dan. You have a foot of thick, hard prick between your legs. Why shouldn’t I believe you, I’m holding you in my hand.” He leaned forward to kiss him again. “Are you enjoying yourself?”


“Kind of a dumb question, I know, but I always like to know when I’m doing something right. Am I doing this right?” Chuck’s grip squeezed hard against Daniel’s shaft. Daniel felt a sudden gush of precum erupt from his cock and glaze the head. “Is that how you like it?”

Daniel’s whole body was heating up. He felt wild and alive and horny as fuck. His collar was growing tight and the shirt he was wearing felt suddenly too small across his chest and around his upper arms. He felt it grip under his pits and his biceps were shoving against their confines. “What… what’s…?”

“What’s happening?” Daniel nodded to Chuck’s clarification. There was a slight ripping sound from somewhere. Chuck looked around them casually and then leaned his lips to Daniel’s ear, his grip never leaving Daniel’s throbbing, swelling cock. “Magic,” he whispered, then pushed his tongue into Daniel’s ear.

He felt his cock gushing another delivery of warm honey. He wasn’t experiencing an orgasm, his balls were just so profoundly happy that they kept pumping loads of precum up Daniel’s fat prick and it just kept pouring from him. He leaned back against the bar, shoving against the bartender’s carefully arranged array of lime wedges and orange slices, knocking over a bottle of something. The room felt incredibly warm, and his feet were starting to hurt for some reason.

He opened his eyes and looked down at the dark space between him and this amazing gigantic muscular masturbator and watched Chuck’s huge hand slowly stroking him. The fist glistened with Daniel’s flow of precum and Chuck paused again to squeeze hard on the shaft, delivering a sudden flood that swelled into a dome from his piss slit before cascading down over his entire tool. His cock looked huge, the head was swollen and red and gleaming like glass. Then Chuck was kissing him again, shoving his talented tongue inside Daniel’s mouth and bringing the man’s level of sexual rapture higher yet. “Whuh… Whuh…?”

“Why am I doing this?”

No! Daniel wished his mouth was working as well as his cock. “Where…?”

Chuck smiled brightly. “Where can we go? Something wrong with here? Or don’t you enjoy a little public sex now and then?” Chuck moved slightly away from him, though his sure hand never stopped in its ministrations. “Afraid someone will see you like this? With your cock out, streaming precum, thick and hard and red, and me slowly jerking you to orgasm. You can feel it, can’t you? You can feel the beast growing stronger. Your balls are filled with hot, thick cream. They’re bulging with your load, pressing against your legs. You’re making so much rich, thick, hot cum right now. Your balls are bulging with it. They’re swollen with the abundance of cream that you keep building bigger and bigger. But you won’t cum until I let you cum, Dan. You know that, don’t you? That I’m in charge here.” Daniel nodded. “And all I want is for you to cum harder and thicker and deeper than you’ve ever cum before. And I want you to do that right here, with all these other beautiful men watching.”

He cast a glance around the room. “See them all? They all want one thing, Dan. They want what I can give them. They want non-stop, mind-bending, soul-screaming, body-blasting sex. They want to cum for hours and hours and get their tight asses fucked hard and deep and feel some huge, powerful, handsome man’s fat cock shoved down their throats.” Chuck looked at Daniel. “They want to feel me fuck them, feel my huge dick swell with another load that sprays down their throats and warms them up inside. You think you’re big, Dan? Think you have a beast in your loins to uncage? I own a monster, Dan. I own the biggest motherfucking cock in the world. No one has a cock like mine, Dan, I can guaran-damn-tee you that.”

Chuck scanned the dark bar. Several sets of eyes were now looking their way. “They’re all watching us now, Daniel Every last man in this bar is aware of what’s going on, what I’m doing to you, and what I intend to do. They all want it, Dan, but I’m giving it all to you. Every last bulging muscular inch of me.

“They want to smell the smell I give off, the smell of men in heat, the smell of hard fucking. They want to be naked and glorious and filled up with sex, Dan. They want to have their balls drained and then filled again and drained again and filled again. They want to feel their cocks growing high and hard and thick as a beer can. They want to feel the intense erotic thrill of sex scorching every inch of those huge cocks they own, to drown in sexual bliss, to be swept away by it.”

His gaze zeroed in on Daniel’s eyes again. “They want what I’m going to give you, Dan. But I’m only giving it to you. I’m going to give it all to you. Do you want it, Dan? Do you want it all?” Chuck squeezed Daniel’s swelling cock again. “The whole enchilada?” Daniel nodded slowly. He was drowning in pleasure. It was overwhelming his senses, his brain, his body, it was everything. “Are you ready for me, Dan?”


Chuck smiled broadly. “Excellent. Let me tell you what’s going to happen next.” Chuck moved his hand up and down Daniel’s fat prick. Up and down. Up and down. Each stroke deepened Daniel’s level of sexual ecstasy. Up, and he could feel a cascade of orgasmic pleasure erupt through his body. Down, and he felt his cock and balls pulse and bulge with masculine power. Up, and every inch of his flesh was coated in liquid erotic bliss. Down, and his balls drooped with cream and his cockhead flared and swelled and his shaft thickened and lengthened, the skin tightening around his ever-growing prick. “Your body is going to start changing now, Dan. I’m going to sculpt you into a model of male perfection unlike any you’ve ever seen, or even dreamed of. Do you believe me, Dan?”

He nodded. It was getting harder to concentrate. It was getting harder to do anything but drown in the tide of ecstasy that kept rising.

“Your muscles are going to swell with power. It’s going to start on your chest. Can you feel that?” He could. He could feel it. All across his chest, a warmth and stretching and heavy weight started to gather. He could feel the material of his shirt move across his upper body, he could feel his nipples swell and plump. “Your chest is growing. The twin mountains are swelling larger and larger. A deep crevasse is developing between the muscular globes. And now… your arms are growing, too. Your biceps and triceps are swelling fatter and fatter with brawn. You can feel your sleeves getting tighter and tighter. Your arms are growing fat with muscle, Dan. Bigger and bigger.”

Daniel closed his eyes and let his senses concentrate on the feeling of muscular growth happening across his chest and arms. “The swelling power is moving down your arms now, Dan. You can feel your forearms swelling, feel the blood pouring into your muscles, feel your strength and size growing bigger and bigger.” Dan flexed his hands and felt his muscles sing with power. “Now your belly is tightening, growing hard as steel, muscled with a tight six… no, no, let’s make that an eight-pack. Each muscle is hard and defined. Feel them forming? Under your shirt? Go ahead, reach inside. Feel your stomach.”

He could feel them, each muscle, as it constructed along his ab wall. Each swelling mound suddenly growing hard under his touch and swelling outward. “Now let’s work on that ass of yours, okay? It’s a fantastic ass, Daniel, but it’s going to be so much more than that. You’re going to have an ass that men would kill to lick. Sweet, perfect mounds of muscular beauty flaring out from a sweet, warm, wet hole that’ll swallow their pricks and deliver them into heaven’s embrace. Feel it, now? Your ass is swelling with power, Your puckered little rosebud is wet and hungry. You need the biggest cock in the world, and lucky for you I own it.”

Daniel sucked in a deep breath and moaned softly. His ass tingled and throbbed with need. His butt muscles tightened and swelled and shoved against his jeans, pulling them wider in front and allowing his growing cock and swelling balls to spill out. Chuck grinned and sent a shockwave of sex and muscle into Daniel’s body through his burgeoning prick. Daniel’s balls bulged with cream.

“Oh no, Daniel, not yet. You can’t cum until I’m finished. You won’t cum until you’re done, my man. And we haven’t even started on your legs.”

Chuck dropped to his knees before the ever increasing size of Daniel’s body. The seams of his clothing stretched apart and the smooth, slick, sweat-drenched skin peeked through. Cables of raw brawn expanded and multiplied across his chest and shoulders. The lobes of muscle separated from each other and the valleys between deepened.

Chuck pulled Daniel’s red hot cock into his mouth and sucked against the plum-size head. A rich stream of pre-cum flowed across his tongue and he moaned a deep, feral satisfaction. “Fuck, Dan, you are so good.” He licked the shaft as he squeezed another flow from the tip, and he sucked that up, too. Chuck ran his hands along Dan’s legs and they swelled with brawn. Fat cables sprang up under his touch and the jeans ripped themselves open under the sudden onslaught of power.

Dan’s T-shirt hung in shreds off his muscled body. His arms were overwhelmed with power as they gripped the bar as Chuck serviced his enormous erection. Beyond twelve inches now, and thick and fat and hard as steel. His nuts ached with his load. He felt as if gallons of cum bloated his straining ball sack. His ass throbbed with need and Chuck ripped Dan’s underwear from him and plunged two, three, four fingers deeply into his hot, wet hole, massaging his prostate to heavenly ecstasy.

“Almost there, Dan,” Chuck announced. “Just one more thing and we’ll be all finished with you. Do you know what that is?”

Dan watched Chuck rising to his feet. The other man’s body looked larger too. It was growing even bigger, even more magnificent. His masculinity magnified as his body bloomed with muscular power. He leaned his hard body against Daniel’s, rubbing their muscled chests together. Daniel’s nipples released a shock of sexual force through him and he could sense Chuck’s hypermasculine scent overwhelming his senses. He knew what came next.

Chuck smiled as he rose to his full majesty and reached down and ripped his pants wide open. Daniel’s breath caught and he let out a sudden rapturous moan at the sight of Chuck’s mammoth and perfect cock. It rose from a deep shadow of dark pubic curls and seemed to swell ever larger, as if it was being inflated. The shaft was shiny and hard and the head, cowled in a wealth of foreskin, shoved itself free as it swelled to its ultimate glory. A drool of gleaming honey fell from the piss slit and Chuck gripped his colossal cock – the biggest, baddest, most beautiful cock in the world – and said, “Give me your ass, Daniel.”

The two men were surrounded now. Every other man in the bar stood watching the site, hardly believing their own eyes. Daniel turned around and leaned his new body over the bar. Chuck’s hands tore Daniel’s jeans off his body and then he simply stood there for a moment in awe and wonder of the ass before him.

He stroked his massive meat in one hand and reached forward with the other, lovingly stroking the perfection of Daniel’s butt. A strong smell of sex and funky musk rose from the warm wetness between his muscled mounds and Chuck felt his own amped up sexuality rise in anticipation. He dropped again to his knees to worship the perfection of the other man’s ass, shoving his face deeply between the globes and plunging his tongue into Daniel’s ass, tasting his essence with deep satisfaction.

Chuck lapped up the sweet sweaty sex juice and lubed up the tunnel before shoving his considerable cock meat inside. Daniel had never felt anything like Chuck’s agile and adept tongue bath of his asshole. Was that his cock already? Could a cock do that? It was everywhere inside him and around him, hot and wet and firm and deep.

The men around them were moving into a sexual frenzy of their own, some beating off as they watched, others anticipating the act by grabbing the nearest available partner and fucking them senseless. The room was ablaze with the power of masculine sexual dominance, and none could resist the driving desire that pulsed out from the two muscled behemoths at the bar.

Then Chuck stood up, spread Daniel’s ass wide, and shoved himself inside.

An explosion of sexuality shook the room and Daniel felt as if he was falling into a bottomless pit of perfect bliss. Chuck’s magnificent cock filled him utterly, and every shoving fuck inundated his body and mind with overwhelming tides of sexual pleasure. He closed his eyes and sighed and groaned and felt his own load building, building, building against the dam that Chuck had erected and now threatened to explode with the force of his talented prick. Wave after wave of ecstasy shook him, and his body swelled even larger with every thrust.

Hot waves of Transform poured from Chuck’s body and flooded the room. Each man was suddenly overwhelmed with lust and sexual power, their bodies super-charged, their muscles suddenly swelling, engorged with power and brawn.

“I gotta cum,” he whispered.

Chuck’s voice in his ear. “Not yet.”

“I gotta.”

“Almost Daniel. Almost.”

“Please, God, please.”

Chuck smiled. “Are you ready, then?”

Daniel nodded vigorously. “Yes, please!”

And silently, Chuck released the bonds he had placed on Daniel’s flood and the man’s cock erupted with an explosion of hot, salty cum. It gushed in an abundant rush, the flow so fat and full and fast that it splattered the bar, the bartender, the walls behind and coated the mirrors with cream. It rushed from his balls as a hot torrent, swelling his already fat shaft and cockhead another size larger. Daniel could feel the orgasmic release everywhere through his muscled form, in every follicle of dark curling hair, in every cell of his smooth, bronzed skin, from his toes to his fingertips to the top of his head. He was one large engorged prick going off like a rocket, spewing his heavy load everywhere it could reach.

And Chuck was flooding him with empowering cum and the essence of male sexuality, magnified and compressed within the overwhelming power of Transform. The two men were joined in an extended orgasmic release as Daniel and Chuck released an unending flood of hot cum that went on and on and on.

Chuck gloried in these moments. His true self was revealed in all its ultimate masculine sexual power. He could bring a man to orgasm with a thought. He could turn another man into a perfect muscular specimen of supreme male erotic supremacy with a touch, or a whiff of his pheromonal scent. The sound of his voice could drive another man batshit, causing him to become instantly erect and fountain a fat flood of hot cream. He was the perfected form of supreme masculine command, his body and mind and soul attuned to the act of intense, fulfilling, absolute orgasmic ecstasy. And only in these moments, with another man, bringing him to his fullest potential, unleashing the constraints of normality and bringing him into his world of absolute masculine perfection could he realize his own perfect state.

His cock was all and everything. Unleashed at last, he fed Daniel an unfiltered stream of pure male sexuality and watched the man impaled on his perfect cock surpass his potential and pass into the realm of godhood.

Muscle bulged across his frame. Fat cables of brawn built up and split and reformed and built up again. He could feel Daniel’s body growing in strength and size and capability, and the orgasmic climax built on itself and renewed. His balls pumped out a flood of rich hot cream that splattered across the bar. The other men were growing as well, growing in power and growing in size and growing in their hunger for sex and more sex and even more sex. Cocks lengthened and grew fat with hunger for ass. Balls drooped and swelled with cum. Muscle bulged and flexed and grew bigger, fatter, more powerful with each passing heartbeat. Veins like rivers flowed over the growing bodies to feed the muscle larger and larger. The scent of male sex filled the room, an overpowering essence of masculine intensity.

Chuck sucked it into his lungs and gloried in its perfect power. He came and came, the wealth of his cream splashing out from Daniel’s ass against his skin, a white hot flow of lava his body drank inside, feeding off the basic power of male sex.

And finally it ended, and Daniel rose in his new form off the clean surface of the bar, his naked flesh having absorbed all the perfect source of Chuck’s power and now grown even bigger, a towering figure sculpted from bulging muscle. His body reverberated with power and hunger, hunger for more of what it had fed on, hunger for men and cock and ass. And he turned as he rose to his full height, his head now brushing against the ceiling, wanting to pull Chuck’s mouth to his and suck that perfect massive cock into his mouth.

And Chuck was gone. •

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