Grass Is Always Greener


By claygrant

It was just another balmy summer day in the Midwest when I discovered my power. Well, not really a power, but more of a skill. See, at the time I was just eighteen and didn't even know what skill I had.

Scott was one of the local kids who everybody knew because he mowed everybody's lawns for some quick cash. He was about the same age as me, in high school, but the similarities ended there. He was much taller at around 6 feet, and was much bigger. Most remarkably though, he had tons of muscle for a high school kid. He had pecs more developed than an average grown man, and thick arms that demanded attention from anybody passing by. Hell, he was a linebacker for our school's team so of course he seemed huge to me. In our small town, no high schooler came even close to Scott's muscularity. As for me, I was a short, scrawny kid who didn't really grab much attention from anybody. Scott just naturally oozed confidence with his buff body, handsome face, and square jaw. He was the talk of the town. People knew he was going places.

The first time I saw Scott mowing our lawn, my jaw dropped. I knew who he was, of course. Everybody knew Scott. I just couldn't believe he was on my lawn, bare-chested and sweating in the hot summer sun. The day Scott started, my mom came around and informed me, "Since I know you hate mowing the lawn, I hired Scott. Hope you don't mind, dear." All I could do was shake my head and continue staring at Scott's magnificent body pushing the mower around. As he turned a corner, Scott saw me staring at him. Thick lats jumped out as he raised a beefy arm to wave. He yelled out, "Hey dude!"

Obviously he didn't know my name. I felt retarded just standing there so I grinned sheepishly and went back inside. I managed to watch him through my upstairs window as he finished our lawn. I kept staring at his amazing pecs and wondered how a kid my age could have such development. If you hadn't guessed by now, my favorite muscle by far is the pecs. Biceps come a close second, but pecs scream power, and Scott definitely had them.

Unconsciously, my hand reached up to feel my own pathetic excuse for a chest and I was oddly satisfied to feel the familiar nothing – no bulges or thickness, no evidence of muscle at all.

Strangely enough, after Scott started showing up to mow our lawn, the grass seemed to grow faster and faster. At first, Scott's magnificent bare-chested body would come by every month. But soon my mom had to call him in every two weeks, then every week, and by that point my parents were furious. Even I thought it was getting out of hand. Finally Scott showed up at our door to talk things over.

"Uh, hey man could I talk to your parents?" Scott asked huskily. He grinned down at me and wiped sweat off his forehead with the back of his hand.

I felt my mouth go dry as my face turned red. Standing eye-level with his pecs, I had to force myself to look up into his eyes. I hadn't been this close to Scott, ever. It was scary and arousing how weak I felt standing next to him. His bare upper torso literally towered over me, he was twice as thick with all that muscle, and his body was covered with fresh sweat. I immediately started getting hard, but I managed to speak evenly. "Yeah, no problem. Oh, I'm Kellen by the way. I don't think we've met?" I held out my hand, scared half to death.

Scott took my hand and shook it hard. As I thought how his hand was so much bigger than mine, my eyes went from his hand up his writhing forearm, up his massive arm and finally back to his huge pecs. "Nice to meet ya, Kel." Scott said. By this point, his attention was redirected to my parents, who came to the door. I relaxed a little. As he spoke with my mom about payments and if he should come by so often, I was able to stare at his pecs without risking his wrath.

My mom sighed. "Well, I guess we have to pay you for your work no matter how often, and we all know Kellen here won't mow the lawn if it'd save his life!" She laughed at her own little joke, and Scott politely chuckled with her. My dad shook his head and walked back to the kitchen.

"Thank you, Mrs. Johnson. I'll see you next week then?" Scott politely asked.

"Yes, of course Scott. Thanks so much." She lightly hugged Scott awkwardly by reaching up and patting him on the back. Since she was shorter than me and he was covered with sweat, it wasn't easy. My mom hummed a gentle tune and left Scott and me at the door.

Scott looked down at me again and smiled. His smile was near perfect, set against a square-jaw that had a light stubble. Clearly, he hadn't shaved today. "Kel, come here for a sec, I wanna ask you something." He put a meaty hand on my shoulder and led me outside, closing the door. Suddenly, Scott looked at me slyly. "Why do YOU think the grass is growing so fast these days?"

"I have no idea, Scott. Really!" Because Scott's body towered over mine and his hand was on my shoulder, I felt that I was talking to an adult, but of course Scott was my age. It was difficult to remember that being so close to such a hugely developed body.

"Well I think I know why, Kel. I think you have something to do with it." He paused a moment. "I've seen you watch me from your bedroom window."

I felt my face go completely red. Shit, he saw! "I- I- " I stammered. I turned away quickly so his hand would slip from my shoulder. Looking straight at the ground, I began to walk back towards the house.

"Wait!" Scott pleaded. I stopped and turned – how could I walk away from the stud now? I looked at him silently. He approached me with sad eyes (my heart melted at this point). "Kel, I didn't mean it that way. I just meant to say that I noticed you, and… and, it was flattering. I realize we barely know each other, but take my word, I won't use this against you in any way." He put both his hands on my shoulders and stared intensely into my eyes. "To be honest, I kind of liked the attention. Do you notice anything different about my chest lately?"

The question caught me off guard. What did that have to do with anything? I looked at his pecs once more and was totally overwhelmed by their size and development. At this angle, looking up, I saw how they proudly stood out and hung over his ribcage, forcing his nipples to point slightly downward.

Scott's deep voice continued, "Yeah, take a look again man. You probably don't realize it, but my chest is way bigger than it was when I started mowing lawns at your house. In fact, that's exactly when I started noticing the growth. See, my bod's always had good proportion but the past few weeks my chest has just gotten huge. You see it, right?" He suddenly became self-absorbed and started to feel his pecs with his own huge hands. He playfully flexed his right pec, then left, showing off his muscle control, all the while admiring the thickness and dense slabs of pec meat. "Yeah dude, definitely bigger..." he muttered to himself.

As Scott told me all this I slowly realized what had happened. "Shit, since you got here I've just been focusing on your pecs and not much else. It's my favorite muscle and your pecs are just awesome..." In my excitement I started to think out loud, forgetting any embarrassment that might ensue. "Did I make your pecs, I mean chest, grow?? It's just not possible... is it?" I looked up at Scott for an answer.

Scott replied by shrugging his massive shoulders, forcing his traps up and making his bull-like neck form a solid column of muscle. "Well, that's what I think, bro. And if that's the case, I think you made the grass grow faster so I'd be around more often. Simple, huh?"

These revelations stunned me. I shook my head. "No, this can't be possible..." Did I really think about the grass and made it grow, just so Scott would come around more often? I muttered to myself, "No, this is all happening too fast."

Scott laughed hard at that and grinned at me – damn he looked handsome when he smiled, especially when he smiled just for me. "Look bro, it's not happening too fast. It's happening, and you're in control of it. There's only one way to figure this out and I mean we'll have to work together. Why don't you try focusing on a different body part and we'll see if that works. How about biceps man?" At this, Scott removed his hands from my shoulder and struck a menacing double bicep pose. His hands were balled into tight fists and his biceps simply exploded into action, swelling with pure raw strength.

I could barely contain myself (in more ways than one) at the sight. I wanted Scott right then and there but not in front of my house, that'd be too risky. I panted, "Scott, fuck that's awesome, let's go around the back to my shed, quick."

"Haha Kel, I knew you'd like that," Scott grinned as he dropped the pose and followed me to the shed.

The shed in my backyard was dusty and underused, but that was a good thing since we'd have our privacy. The shed was surprisingly well-lit, considering the shoddy wooden plank walls had holes and cracks.

Scott stumbled into the shed. "Damn, it's hot as hell in here. Aren't you hot?" He looked at my shirt.

Sheepishly, I took off my shirt and felt incredibly weak next to Scott's powerhouse of a body. I envisioned him on the football field coming at me full speed – damn, that'd be hot. But instead he just looked at me stupidly, expectantly.

"Well?" Scott boomed. His face hardened and the usual grin was replaced by a hard line as he glared at me. "Hey pencil-neck, we gonna do this or what?" He stood up to his full height, breathed in heavily, and flexed his double bi pose again proudly. Obviously, he practiced this a lot in the mirror, but I was still impressed and incredibly turned on. I had no experience whatsoever with anyone, much less feeling a guy's muscles, so I just went with my first instinct – I walked up to him and grabbed one arm with my two hands.

The feeling was incredible, his muscles were so hard I almost lost myself right then and there. I looked up at Scott's face but he just gave a smug look back and continued to hold the pose for me. I took my attention back to his thick pythons and then started feeling his huge pecs again. He started to moan a little and had trouble holding his hard double bi pose. "Mmmm yeah, feel that muscle kid, I worked hard for it...."

Totally in a frenzy, I started focusing on his monstrous pecs, feeling them, groping the slabs of beef, completely in love with the strength and power that they threatened to unleash. Closing my eyes as I took in Scott's pecs, I wondered how it must feel to have that much muscle hanging from one's chest, to have that much latent power ready for battle at one's command.

Suddenly I felt strong hands wrap around my wrists and a deep voice booming, "Focus on my bi's man, here..." He placed one of my hands on his opposite arm, now at his side flexed in a half most-muscular pose. I looked at Scott's rough face and nodded, understanding my mission. I began to feel his huge arm, difficult as it was with my hand unable to contain all of his biceps – there simply was too much bloated muscle for my small hands. I closed my eyes and massaged his biceps hard, thinking only about them getting bigger, stronger, more ripped – if Scott lacked anything, it was veins. He didn't have any veins, I thought. He could use some veins, I thought. Hell, I'll GIVE him veins.

My thoughts transformed into commands. I started speaking, chanting softly, "Scott, you WILL have bigger biceps, stronger biceps, more defined biceps with thick veins along the length of the muscle, like I've seen in bodybuilding magazines. You WILL have bigger, thicker biceps that rival pro bodybuilders. I command it. It will be done...."

I was overwhelmed by the whole experience that I climaxed right then in my pants. Scott heard me breathing in quickly as I finished. He came over to wrap his huge arms around me. He hugged hard, a rough hug that almost squeezed me to death. Scott whispered, "Damn Kel, you must like muscle. And I got lots of it. Seems like we were made for each other, huh?"

My whole body relaxed, but I was fully supported upright in Scott's embrace. Being surrounded in a cocoon of muscle, I was in heaven. I looked up at Scott's beaming smile and his soft, light brown eyes. I couldn't believe this stud was here, holding me like this in his muscled arms and smiling at me.

Soon the pressure from his hug brought me back to reality and I began to cough. "Scott, I can't breathe..."

Scott's brows furrowed. "But I'm not squeezing any harder... are you sure?"

Panicking, I started to push away – my hands found solid bricks that happened to be his sixpack. Scott let go and started to stare at his arms. "Kel... do you see this?!"

I looked at Scott's arms and I began to see it too. Slowly, but consistently, his biceps were growing. No, they were swelling, like he was flexing, but his arms were hanging to his sides so that wasn't possible. I stepped up to Scott and put a hand to one arm, marveling at the change taking place before our eyes.

"It worked! Kel, I knew it, you did it for me!" Scott yelled ecstatically. He began to flex his arms, amazed at the transformation. Each time he flexed, his biceps seemed to pulse with renewed growth, like a balloon filling with water, but this time it was living, breathing muscle, a totally different beast.

As I groped his engorging arm, I noticed a vein underneath the skin, slowly rising until it finally protruded above the skin, a thick pipe that ran the length of his biceps muscle – just as I had commanded! I quickly looked at his other arm, and a matching vein was on his other biceps, which had grown just as effortlessly.

Scott pulled his arms away and struck a double biceps, looking back and forth at his two huge mounds of muscle that were obviously competing with his triceps for dominance of his arms. "FUCK YEAH!!!" Scott boomed. "This is what I've wanted, Kel." He stared right at me. "I want to be HUGE! I want to dominate all the guys on the football field! Nobody will stop me!"

At that he picked me up in his swelling arms until we were eye-to-eye. Then he roughly kissed me, his unshaven scruff lightly scratching my lips as he completely dominated me, holding me up as if I weighed nothing. The feeling was enough to be aroused all over again.

I stared at the proud muscle beast before me, a beast that I helped become even bigger and stronger, more aggressive, more dominant. I drank in the sight of Scott's overmuscled teenage body, totally in his control yet totally in my own control as well. With the two of us, we'd be unstoppable.

As quickly as the growth began, it stopped. Scott didn't seem to notice though, he was so into his own flexing. "Fuck man, just look at these guns. I couldn't get them to grow after years of lifting and now just look at them. I wonder how big they are – " he flexed and unflexed his right arm to see the difference in size as the thick muscle bunched up at his command. "And these VEINS! You shithead, you really know what you want huh? I couldn't get my bodyfat low enough to see veins, so I kinda gave up ya know? I went for size... but these veins, check em out, they look fuckin hot." He demonstrated by flexing real hard and clasping his hands together for maximum pressure. The veins in his arms responded by throbbing madly, threatening to tear out of his skin.

"We gotta get a tape measure!" Scott grunted as he surveyed his new muscle once more. "Aw yeah, fuckin huge."

I nodded in agreement. "I know where to find one. Follow me." And I walked out of the shed with this muscle monster in tow, ready to take on anything or anybody. •

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