Is This What I Want?


By claygrant

"Nineteen inches," I announced, my hand trembling next to Scott's massive upper arm. "What was it before?"

Scott looked over proudly at his flexed arm. "Used to be eighteen, man. Fuckin awesome, an inch to my arms in just a few minutes? Not to mention these sick veins I got now. Kel, this is unreal."

He was right, it was unreal. Here in my own bedroom was an 18 year-old with arms so big and developed that fully grown men would be envious. No kid in our school or probably in the whole world came close to such beefy muscularity. Scott's youthful yet chiseled face didn't quite match his hyper-muscular body, a body that should belong to a seasoned bodybuilder. I wasn't complaining though.

"C'mon, feel that gun dude. I owe it all to you." Scott grinned down at me. I reached up and squeezed his now 19-inch guns without hesitation. Scott straightened his arm and flexed again. The palm of my hand felt the warm flesh underneath move and stretch, become less hard but still firm as he unflexed, then become rock-hard once more. Scott growled, "Fuckin a, you really like these guns, huh? Well, they're all for you, bro. In fact, this whole body of grade-A prime beef is all yours, if you can make me grow all over. I want to be fuckin HUGE man, a god damned beast of pure muscle! Can you do that for me, Kel?"

He looked at me pleadingly, stepping forward and flexing his pecs playfully as they almost touched my face. I looked up at his handsome, rugged face and melted. It really was unreal, this huge alpha male giving me so much attention. I could only nod; no words would come to my mind.

Scott smiled and put a beefy hand on my shoulder. "Aight bro, shit I hate to do this but I gotta run I'm already late for some football with the boys, but I'll be at the gym tonight. Meet me there and we'll try some more growth!" Scott left my room and shut the door. From my window, I watched his bare-chested body run away from my house in the setting sun.

Left alone to my thoughts, I wondered how in the past few hours I could have made Scott's biceps grow so much in so little time. Catching a view of myself in the mirror, I walked over to the full-length mirror and stared sullenly at my reflection. A veritable wimp stood looking back at me, standing at 5'5 inches and 110 pounds, I didn't quite elicit the word "stud" from anyone. Angry, I pulled off my shirt to see how much or how little muscle I had. Luckily I had almost no bodyfat, but I had no muscle either. I was a pale weed, flat chest, flat stomach, bony shoulders, thin neck, scrawny arms, pencil legs. I couldn't believe Scott was the same age as me.

I began to whisper to myself, "You're such a wimp, look at you. Well we're gonna do something about it, aren't we?" I smiled slyly at myself and looked directly at my chest. "All right, here goes... I WILL have bigger pecs, stronger pecs, a fucking huge chest like Scott's... I want this muscle, I NEED this muscle...." I closed my eyes and focused entirely on my chest growing into slabs of pec meat like Scott had.

I felt nothing except the cool evening air on my bare chest. I opened my eyes and saw my reflection unchanged I was still a scrawny weed as before! "Fuck!" I yelled. I needed this. Why wouldn't it work for me? Just as I was thinking about breaking the mirror in my disappointment, I heard a truck outside pull up to my driveway. I looked at the white truck and knew exactly who it was Uncle Nate. "Double fuck," I mumbled.

Uncle Nate was my ultimate nightmare. The older brother of my mom, he loved to compare his strapping sons to her weak one. I didn't quite know why or how he became so one-dimensional, lauding physical strength over intellect, but I suspected it was because he felt inadequate himself. My mom was always correcting his poor grammar and incorrect recounting of stories from the local news channel.

I would have laughed at Uncle Nate along with my mom in those situations, but the only problem was his massive size. Construction work obviously put muscle on his body, plus he had the wide frame of a football lineman. Years and older age added some pounds to his belly, but he still struck an imposing figure with his simply massive chest and thick arms.

"Kellen! Uncle Nate's here! Time for dinner!" my mom yelled up the stairs.

I hastily threw on a shirt and ran downstairs it wouldn't do to keep Nate waiting.

"Ah there he is, Kellen little man, how are you?" Uncle Nate laughed and easily picked me up in his arms. He swung me around like a little kid reminding me that even though I was 18 years old, he could still treat me like a child. Before, I would be intimidated by Nate's sheer size, but after my muscle-growing experience with Scott, Nate didn't seem so muscular anymore. Who knew how little muscle Nate really had under those layers of fat?

Nate put me down and surveyed his nephew. "So Kel, I see you've been lifting some weights puttin on some real beef there! Hahah, you know, you should ease up on the weights, otherwise you'll have to buy new size SMALL shirts." He chuckled to himself while my mom shook her head.

"Let's get to dinner before the food gets cold," my mom said as she led us to the dining table.

During dinner, Uncle Nate got caught up with our lives and then he proceeded to talk proudly about his two sons, one in college and the other in high school. Both were complete jocks, on the football or basketball teams, and apparently having the times of their lives. I, on the other hand still needed to "grow up" and "play more sports." After the fourth "When is Kel gonna play ball with my boys?" I had the crazy idea that Uncle Nate wouldn't be so cocky if he were a bit smaller himself.

I started to imagine Uncle Nate as a much older version of me, short and scrawny, with no muscular development. As the conversation shifted away from me, I began to chant softly, "You will be weak and small like me, you will lose all that muscle, you will be weak...." All the while I stared intently at Uncle Nate. My hands balled into fists years of Nate's bullying and teasing incensed my anger.

Suddenly, Uncle Nate coughed and looked queasy. He excused himself, "Sorry, I'm not feeling too well, I'll be in the bathroom." Shortly after, I followed suit and excused myself. I caught Uncle Nate in the bathroom the door was left slightly open.

My mouth almost dropped when I saw Uncle Nate's reflection. He was clearly smaller than he had been his XXL t-shirt was now a little loose around his shoulders and chest. He still was physically imposing, with solid muscles and good development, just not as huge as he once had been. Nate saw me in the mirror and slammed the door.

"Fuck, my power actually worked this time," I thought to myself. Although I was stoked, I suddenly felt guilty. Uncle Nate didn't really deserve that. I decided to wait until next time I saw him, probably in a few months, to see if his smaller body affected his cocky attitude.

My uncle left our house quickly after that wearing a thick leather jacket he had brought in. Although my mom didn't know why he was wearing a jacket inside, he apologized and said he had to leave right away. As he left, he didn't even look at me. He obviously didn't want to be seen so weak and wanted to get the hell out of there.

After helping with dishes, I changed into a plain t-shirt and shorts, and told my parents I'd be going for a run. They nodded and went on with their routine; running at night was perfectly normal. But this night I intended to meet Scott at the gym.

The gym was actually a Gold's Gym downtown, but I knew that's where Scott would be. All the huge guys in town went to this gym. Obviously, I had never been to this gym before, but the thought of seeing Scott again overcame any previous fears.

The guy at the counter greeted me, "Hey dude what's goin on?" I immediately felt scared, like I was in the wrong place. He was a typical jock, with buzzed hair, a thick neck, and a body to match. I could barely speak.

"Uh- yeah, I'm here to me-meet Scott." I said stupidly.

"Scott who? Well you can't just walk in, man. Are you a member?" The stud yawned a little and placed his elbow on the counter, resting his chin on his fist. As he did so, his biceps bulged out of his sleeves. I could barely concentrate on what he was saying.

"Uh no, I'm not a member." I panicked at the thought of not being able to see Scott.

"Ah it's cool, then you'll just have to get a guest pass. Just sign your name here and leave me your driver's license." He handed me a clipboard and I filled out the information. "Aight dude, lift heavy."

I eagerly walked into the main weight area and saw a few large men doing sets at the squat station. I scanned for Scott but there was no sign of him. There were so many enormous, thickly muscled bodies, I didn't know where to look. Finally, my eyes locked with an older big guy with scraggly brown hair. "Fuck," I thought to myself. He turned and started to approach me, another big guy at his side. There was nowhere to go.

"Well look at this, Rex. Whatcha doin here little man?" The first guy asked gruffly. "This place isn't for the weak. You might get hurt!" He laughed at his own joke and elbowed his buddy.

I balled my hands into fists. What did I do to deserve this? These guys were idiots. They wouldn't be so tough if they were my size. Yeah, that's it. They deserve to be smaller. I'm gonna make em smaller....

The guy named Rex must have seen my anger. "Magnus, look at him! He's gettin pissed. Don't tease him too much or we might be in trouble." At this he laughed and bounced his pecs.

Just as I was about to chant my commands, Scott walked between us and turned to the two big guys. "Forget it guys, this one's here to train, not talk. Or is that what you girls are here for?"

The two guys looked at each other, sized Scott up, then decided he wasn't worth the trouble. They walked away to the cable machines.

Scott turned to face me, his slab-like pecs once again at my eye level. "Hey Kel, don't mind those fools. They're here all the time. I swear if they actually lifted something they'd get bigger." Scott shrugged his massive shoulders. "Did ya miss me?" He smiled and crossed his thick arms in front of his chest. Since he was wearing a simple white tanktop, his massive pecs were easily visible. Damn how I loved those pecs. Scott looked stunning just standing there with his powerful body, a quintessential male jock. He obviously had been working out hard. His tanktop was slightly soaked; sweat dripped down his chiseled jaw.

"Yeah, I missed you," I said simply as I looked up at him. At 5'5, I must have looked quite the weakling next to Scott's incredibly developed, 6-foot body.

"Damn right. Well come over here, I gotta show you somethin." I followed Scott's massive frame to the bench press area. On the bar, I counted six 45 plates total, three on each side. The weight looked ridiculous; I had never seen so much weight, ever. Scott grinned at me and slid his body under the bar. "Now watch this!"

With a grunt, Scott unloaded the bar and began to press quickly, then lower the weight slowly with maximum control. I immediately got hard. His massive chest responded to the challenge and I could see his tanktop straining to contain his swelling pecs as he pulled out rep after rep. As I watched, I absently thought to myself, "Those pecs need to get so big they rip out of his tanktop..."

"Fuck yeah!" Scott boomed. The weights clanged loudly as he re-racked the bar. "Twelve reps man, all with this chest right here," he massaged one pec with his hand. His brows furrowed as he flexed his pecs. Scott whispered, "Wait, Kel.... did you do what I think you did?"

I could see it too. His tanktop was getting steadily tighter, as if he were still pressing 315 pounds and pumping up. Scott looked at me with an evil grin. "You bastard, we better get somewhere private fast oh fuck this feels so GOOD!" He continued to massage his pecs, feeling them harden and swell with each passing second.

I followed Scott into the farthest corner of the locker room. Luckily, nobody was around. Scott's face was in a state of total pleasure. "Oh Kel, damn I can FEEL my pecs getting bigger. Fuck man, I love this shit...." He began groping his pecs with both hands. His tanktop was beginning to rise above his waistline as his pecs bulged out. "You gotta feel this."

Without hesitation, I walked over and grabbed as much pec meat as I could. The muscle was definitely growing, pushing back against my hand, almost daring me to stop its growth.

"You love what shit?" said a deep voice from the locker room entrance. I turned and saw the two big guys from before. Rex, and that other idiot Magnus. They both were staring at Scott now, not believing what they were seeing. Scott's tanktop was about to burst. The growth had apparently stopped, but Scott's chest looked unnaturally large.

The guy named Rex moved quickly and grabbed me from behind in an arm lock. I couldn't move at all, pinned by Rex's strong grip. Rex's rough face towered over me as he muttered, "Don't move, or I'll break your arm."

Magnus walked up to Scott, looking ridiculous with his pecs so grossly mis-proportioned. He reached out as if to touch Scott's pecs. "What is going on? Is this some kind of joke? How did you get your chest to grow like that?"

Scott looked over him. The older guy had a slightly taller and wider build. "It didn't grow. I've always had this chest," Scott lied.

"You fuckin liar," Magnus spat. With surprising speed, he tried to punch Scott in the gut, but Scott nimbly evaded the punch at the last second.

Scott threw his hands up. "We don't want any trouble."

"We, huh?" The big guy laughed. "Oh yeah, your little friend here." He turned to face me. Then without warning he wound up and punched me in the gut. The pain was excruciating. I couldn't even double over because of Rex's firm grasp on my arm and neck.

My vision was blurred and I saw white, but I was angry. These assholes were definitely going to get it. Panicking, my mind screamed, "Scott, save me NOW!" I couldn't think of anything else.

As my vision returned in the next few seconds, I gasped at what I saw.

"What the fuck...." Rex muttered and he loosened his grip on me. All of us watched as Scott's entire body started to grow.

"Agggghhh!" Scott threw his head back and his arms flailed out to his sides. He roared as his burgeoning pecs ripped their way out of his tanktop to breathe the air with their new size. His shoulders and ribcage widened audibly with a low rumbling, dragging sound, all while new dense muscle pulsed and swelled on his delts and arms. Everything about him became wider all at once, it was impossible to watch any single muscle group. By the time the growth stopped, Scott's body was a raw powerhouse of muscle and power. He no longer looked like a teenager or even human. He was easily as big as any professional bodybuilder, with sweat glistening off his new bulges of muscle.

Scott's head snapped back and he glared at Magnus with pure hatred. He was breathing heavily, his absurdly ripped eight-pack stretching and contracting. Magnus, now completely outsized by Scott's new body, backed up slowly not sure what to do, but he knew just looking at Scott that he was a dangerous motherfucker now. Scott's eyes had a wild, inhuman look to them, and he was slightly baring his teeth like an animal.

"Get away from him!" Scott yelled as he lowered his massive shoulders and launched his full weight into Magnus's waist. Magnus grunted as Scott grabbed his waist in meaty hands and lifted Magnus straight up into the air. Scott held Magnus's body an easy 240 pounds or so and growled. "Fuck you!" Scott then planted one foot and threw Magnus at the locker room's brick wall. Magnus's body slammed into the wall and he fell to the ground unconscious.

Meanwhile, Rex and I were scared shitless. I had a small feeling that Scott wouldn't hurt me now, as wild and ruthless as he was. Suddenly I felt Rex's arm reach around my thin neck in a choke hold. His fairly developed biceps dug into my windpipe and I could barely breathe. "Sta-stay back fucker!" Rex yelled at Scott, who was now walking slowly towards us, one fist in the other hand, cracking his knuckles. Rex yanked me back as he tried to reach the exit door.

Scott spat at the ground. "You asshole, don't you dare hurt him. Let him go, NOW!" he boomed. Scott's rage alone was frightening, but now supported by his enormously muscled body, it was absolutely terrifying.

Rex didn't let go, but once Scott was in range I reached out an arm to stop him. Tears streamed down my face; I felt completely powerless. I didn't want Scott to hurt anyone... or did I? "Please... stop this," I whispered.

My hand brushed Scott's now giant forearm, completely covered with thick writhing veins. I instinctively grabbed as much of the muscle as I could. His forearm felt so hot, so succulently thick, I felt safer knowing that such power was going to protect me. Suddenly the room became very cold and we all gasped simultaneously. I felt the pressure around my neck loosen, and I looked back at Rex's face. He was in total shock, eyes motionless, but something was different. His cheeks looked more hollow, like he had lost a few pounds. The arm around my neck slipped away and Rex collapsed to the ground.

Shit! Rex's body was now average-sized, like that of a man who only worked out a few times. Rex's XXL tanktop looked silly on the average frame, like some bodybuilder wannabe his shoulders weren't wide enough, arms not thick enough, lats were non-existent. Seeing that Rex was unconscious too, I turned to face Scott. My hand was still squeezing Scott's meaty forearm.

Before I could speak I felt my back spasm and I screamed out in pain. My shirt suddenly became incredibly tight, and my shorts were annoyingly restrictive. "Ohhh yeahhhh," I moaned as I felt my muscles flex and expand, tearing the fabric of my clothes, ripping out of the confines of my skinny body.

Before I knew it, I heard a loud SNAP as my swelling pecs burst through my shirt. "Fuck YEAH!" I yelled savagely, my voice a little deeper than before. I tried to look down at my expanding slabs of armor-like muscle, but my thickening neck made it difficult. Then I heard another SNAP as I looked down and witnessed my quads, now completely massive, explode and render my shorts and boxers to tatters. I moaned again, feeling as if I had an orgasm running through my entire body. So this is what Scott was talking about, I thought. I looked down at my arms, remembering how they had looked for so many years, but instead of sticks I was greeted with succulently thick pythons, tubular veins snaking all over my forearms and up my biceps. I playfully turned my fist inwards and watched my muscles respond, forcing veins out even farther.

The feeling of my new muscles was so hot, I became hard immediately. I looked down and felt the weight of my dick it was definitely bigger, I noted with satisfaction. Definitely a MAN's tool now. I stood there naked, and instead of feeling unashamed, I felt oddly powerful. Let people look and stare at this body now this body, MY body, was a packed full of fuckin muscle, and the world is gonna know it!

I knew I was probably as big as Rex had been, if not bigger. I admired my huge calves, my new ridges on my abdominals, fuck it felt so good to rub my hand against the sixpack. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder. Expecting to see Scott's smiling face, I turned and saw an enraged, snarling beast. Scott still looked pissed. I forgot all of my new muscle growth and unconsciously backed up. Fear overcame me as I looked pleadingly into Scott's wild eyes.

"Scott..." I whispered. "It's me, Kel, calm down, please!"

Scott didn't seem to hear me. Instead, I saw his muscular legs tense and he launched himself at me, hands outstretched. He grabbed me at the waist and lifted me up, just as he had done to Magnus. Scott was growling and spitting like an animal, with no distinct words coming out of his mouth. Preparing to be thrown into the brick wall, I shut my eyes and held my breath... but suddenly I felt lighter, if that were possible.

"MUSCLE NOT FOR YOU, MUSCLE IS MINE!" Scott bellowed in halting speech like a caveman.

I opened my eyes and to my horror I saw my new muscled body start to shrink! My eyes darted from my once-huge arms to my thickly hanging quads, from my perfectly ripped six-pack to my shelf-like chest, they were all rapidly shrinking. "No!" I screamed. This wasn't what I wanted, was it? Before I knew it, I was back to my scrawny size, completely naked and powerless, held aloft by Scott's powerful arms.

I started falling to the ground, and I screamed out, but then Scott caught me in his huge arms, cradling my thin and weak body against his mighty chest. He then threw his head back and roared louder than anything I've heard before.

Suddenly I was rising again I saw everything in the room slowly descend. But this time he was holding me, not pressing me... I looked down at his legs and saw them expand, lengthen, making Scott taller. Simultaneously, Scott's thick legs were getting even thicker, freakier, with more veins and striations visible under the skin.

Amazed, I placed a hand on Scott's chest as we continued to rise together. His chest swelled, the slabs gaining muscle on muscle, cramping me into his muscular embrace. I felt slightly crushed as Scott's arms began to bulge out more, sinews and veins pressing into my body as his biceps and forearms engorged with even more raw muscle. I looked into Scott's face and saw he was in pain, his eyebrows were contracted together and his teeth were clenched. His jaw seemed more pronounced, and his neck resembled that of a bull, corded and thick, veins throbbing madly.

Eventually, we stopped rising. I looked down at the floor and it seemed dangerously far away. Scott seemed to gain consciousness and he locked his eyes on mine. Instead of saying anything though, Scott grunted and roughly tossed me to the ground. As I stood up, I suddenly felt like I had gotten shorter wait, no, Scott was taller! My eyes were now at eye-level with his freakishly cut eight-pack, which swelled and undulated as he breathed. I couldn't avoid noticing Scott's massive tool, which was pointing directly at my face. It was as long as a baseball bat and almost as thick as my fist. I stared up at Scott, who now towered over me, his handsome face very far away and almost hidden by his gargantuan pecs. Those pecs looked like they contained so much muscle that no bullet could puncture them. Scott was easily over 7 feet now, and god knows how much he weighed. Feeling completely weak and totally dominated, I opened my mouth and took Scott in, hungry to pleasure this gigantic beast of muscle.

As I struggled to fit Scott's tool in my mouth, I felt rough hands reach behind me and grab my legs. Scott lifted my legs and began to turn me on his cock, with me sucking the entire time. Soon I was upside-down, still sucking as hard as I could, savoring the thickness in my mouth he was so hard and thick, even his dick screamed power.

Scott groaned with pleasure, his deep baritone resonating against the walls. He began pumping my upside-down body up and down, my mouth still on his dick. My hands explored the deep cuts and ridges of his eight-pack, and I almost came when I felt the huge crevasse from his overhanging pecs. His pecs were so massive and huge, my hands could barely get a hold of them.

Totally in his control, I was so hard and ready to shoot. The way he manhandled me was so hot, it was... what I wanted. Now that he was a giant of muscle, there was nothing I could do to stop him, but this was what I wanted, to be completely dominated by an enormous muscle monster who knew how much stronger he was and got off on it.

In a euphoric state, I felt a hard, massive arm wrap itself around my back and pull me up, pressing my chest and stomach into Scott's shredded abs and corded pecs. Not able to reach his member with my mouth, I reached down and began to tug at it with both of my hands. Then my dick screamed with pleasure as I felt Scott's rough mouth and tongue. "Ohhhhh," I moaned. Scott brutally sucked and tongue-lashed my dick as I was being pressed against his warm, rock-solid torso. It was all too much, and I finished so intensely I almost fainted. "Mmmmm," I moaned inwardly as I filled Scott's mouth with my seed.

Before I had time to rest, Scott spit my cum in his free hand and began to lube his huge cock. Then, with rough, callused hands he turned me right-side up and gently lowered me onto his shaft. He stared intently at me as he slowly lifted me up and down with just his arms, which bulged and writhed at the challenge. His dominance was never more apparent I obviously weighed nothing to him as he lifted my entire body up and down dozens of times, all the while moaning deeply to himself, never speaking a word.

Slowly but surely, I sensed his climax approaching, and his entire body seemed to tense in preparation for release. I groped his beastly pecs with my hands, kneading them and feeling their power. Then they became even harder as every muscle in Scott's body seemed to flex at once. He trembled violently and began to pump me ever faster.

"FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!" Scott howled as he shot load after load all over his monstrous chest and my entire body. He still held me up in his titanic arms and pulled me close, our bodies sticking together.

"How'd you like that, Kel? All this fuckin muscle..." Scott whispered and smiled just for me. •

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