Coming of Age


By Also_KnownAs

He kissed me again, quickly, and we held each other as he explained succinctly what would happen to me. "You're going to begin to gradually get bigger."

"How much bigger? Bigger where?"

He squeezed his hard cock and it swelled against my belly. "Everywhere. Do you know how long we've been fucking?" I wrinkled my brow, thinking the question odd, until he said, "About two hours, Jerry. Haven't you noticed that it's a bit darker in here? And for those two hours, as I fucked your ass, your body was going through some initial changes to prepare it for the next phase of the shit you're going through – the same shit I went through a couple of years ago. And that I'm still going through."

"Like what?"

"Muscle growth, mostly. The majority of that happens over the next day, day and a half. Depends on your metabolism and some other shit I don't know about. Chemical processes, genetic make-up, that sort of shit."

"You're fucking with me."

He laughed and kissed me again, passionately. "I was fucking with you before, this is all true. Can't you feel it? Like your body is vibrating, sort of? And the heat, it's still there, just a lot less than that fire you were in earlier."

I did feel something, but I thought it was just afterglow, and said so.

"Nope, bro, you're in the zone, you're changing with every beat of your heart, as that stuff circulates and does its thing inside you. It'll start off slow, the stuff isn't all integrated or whatever yet, but it starts speeding up in about 8 hours, and then again at 16 hours in. Constant growth, babe. And growing power and strength too."

"I'll look like you?"

He shook his head. "Like I said, I'm still growing. You, man, you're already there. You're going to get massive." I looked perplexed so he went on. "Okay, so, I'm not a man, in the genetic sense, right? Like, you turn 18 or 19 and the puberty stops and you're all settled or whatever. I have two more years to go, so what you see now, this is me almost there. But you're there, dude. You're past this shit. So what happens to you, because I guess you've got all your stuff settled and mature, you get the whole bag of granola in one go." He smiled, looking down at my taller form. "I figure you're going to put on 60, 70 pounds of pure, clean, rock-solid brawn, Jerry."

"70 pounds?"

"Maybe more. I mean, you got the genes, bro. You were already amazing. And the men back home, they weren't half as big as you were, and they all grew huge. One dude, right? 90 pounds of fucking bulging muscle. Beautiful."

He kissed my mouth but I drew away, stepping back. "Wait, what? 90 pounds? How is that… where… how… why…?"

He shrugged. "Like I know? What do I look like, a scientist? I'm just telling you what I know, what I saw. I mean, look at me, Jerry. You said yourself, I'm not like any 16-year-old you ever saw."

I did feel like something was happening. I was buzzed, tripping on something, my skin sort of itched and my limbs felt leaden and energized, like they were falling asleep. But it felt good. It felt right. I looked down at my elongated form, seeing if I could tell that something was happening, and I head Joe huff out a breath. "No, Jerry, you can't see it happening. At least, not yet. Like I said, in 8 hours, there'll be no doubt. In the meantime, you'll just feel, sort of, great."

"I'm growing?"

"You're growing. Your muscles are, anyway. You – you already grew. I figure you're about 6' 7"? 6' 8"? I'm 6' 4", so…" He stood next to me and he was right. I had a few inches on him now. "Looks like I'm not the only guy in this room who needs to go shopping. Unless… you just want to fuck around some more, stay naked, have some more fun."

That reminded me. "What did you mean when you said you couldn't fuck me? You said they told you something."

He sort of blushed. "You remember that part?" I nodded. "Uh, well, that's about all they told me. That you'll want to get fucked while the first phase is happening, but that I shouldn't do it. But, fuck, that was pretty rad, wasn't it?"

I had to agree. "That's all they said?"

"That's all. I don't usually ask for explanations from my elders. If they tell me something, I know it's true."

"But you did it anyway."

He blushed again, his whole body going crimson. Fuck, he was cute. "You have a beautiful ass, Jerry. I guess I should have waited before getting inside, but I couldn't help myself. The shit? It also pumps up your sex drive, your lib… libbo."


"Yeah. I wish I was fucking you right now, honestly." His hard dick was proof enough of that, and I found my own suddenly growing tight and heavy with his admission. Having Joe's huge fuckpole up my tight chute… man, there was nothing as good as that.

"I wouldn't mind it either, but what about the warning?"

He shrugged as he smiled. "I kinda think we already screwed that up." He licked his lips and narrowed his eyes. "You saying what I think you're saying?"

I reached over and tweaked one of his fat nipples. "You still got some juice left?"

"Oh, fuck, yeah!"

I don't know how long we fooled around there in the living room. Hours, for sure, fucking and sucking in a non-stop two-man orgy. My body felt over-charged with sexual power, I was a fuck engine with a permanent hard-on and an ass that wanted to be pumped deep and hard. Joe was no less eager than I was, and his talents proved to be many and far-reaching in the man sex department. The kid could fuck like a piston and cum like a fountain, that I already knew, but his hands and mouth and, well, everything else about him proved just as capable and amazing.

It was around midnight when, lying next to each other, breathing softly, covered in sweat and cum, Joe said, "I'm fucking starving."

I had to laugh. "After swallowing all that cum, I'd think you'd be rather full."

He turned his face to mine in the night's shadows and smiled. "I'll always be hungry for you, Jerry, but you gotta be starving! You've been packing on muscle for a while now, and in another hour or so the first heavy wave of real growth is going to hit. Believe me, you're going to want… no, need to get some food in you."

I kissed his mouth and gained my feet, reaching down to help him up in the darkness and said, "Follow me," as I walked toward the bedroom. Buddy whined quietly and I patted his head, thinking he probably needed to go out pretty badly and made a mental note to bring him along. "We'll go down the hill to Little Orphan Andy's. Great diner, open all night. Killer burgers."


I turned on the light in the bedroom and started toward my dresser when Joe said, "Holy shit!" and I turned around to see what the matter was. He was staring at me, his mouth open, one hand slowly stroking his massive cock. "Look at yourself, Jerry, Holy shit!"

I looked down and saw a collection of brawn bulging out from every inch of my body. It was true, I had been growing, and now it was very evident indeed. My chest stuck out with two fat globes of smooth power, and when I reached up to them, I saw thick veins and more new muscle lining my arms. I went immediately to the closet and opened the door to look in the full-length mirror hung on the other side.

"Fuck," I said softly, as I looked at myself and saw the extent of the muscular development that had been going on while the kid and I were fucking around in the dark. It was incredible! Unbelievable! Except when I ran my touch along the bulging contours, the mountains and valleys of my body, the firm round muscle that now lined my limbs and stuck out from my belly and chest and mounted atop my shoulders… "Fuck."

Joe appeared next to me and looked at our reflection. "You're already nearly as big as me. Jesus, Jerry, how fucking big are you gonna get?"

"You said I'll keep growing for how long?"

"You're not even a third of the way done yet. And this is just the normal growth period."


"So-called. Like I said, when the heavy waves hit… holy fuck, Jerry. How fucking big are you gonna get?"

I had to smile. Damn, I Looked hot. And damn, was I hungry! "What happens when the heavy waves…?"

"Ever seen The Incredible Hulk?"

"Oh, shit." My dick got hard thinking about that. Joe reached down and stroked my augmented dick but we didn't have time for that now. "Let's get the food and get back here before I start ripping through my clothes."

We managed to fit ourselves into a couple of flimsy white wife-beaters and Jow wore my lace-up football shorts while I squeezed my bigger bubble butt and massive thighs into my biking shorts. My cock was shrink-wrapped into them and there was very little – well, nothing left to the imagination of our genital proportions, but at least we weren't completely naked.

But I could now see Joe's point entirely. Naked was much, much more fun in a body like this. And, fuck, would I ever stop feeling so horny?

Walking down the hill made me realize how much bigger I was. Stuff was bouncing, but in a very distinct and erotic way. The heavy meat of my pecs shifted with every stride, and my peanut-sized nips rubbed against the tight ribbed cotton in a most agreeable fashion. I could feel the stretch and flex of the muscles of my legs and ass, and I could now see my shoulders in my peripheral vision, that's how wide and large they'd grown.

It was all very weird and very erotic.

And the heat was still there.

Little Orphan Andy's is a kind of Castro landmark. It seems like its booths and the counter are always filled up with gym bunnies and tweakers and muscle bears and all the other assorted types that stayed out late. Goths and twinks and clones and everything else sat on its vinyl seats, and when Joe and I appeared, every eye turned our way.

The waiter, a cute little guy (but then, every guy seemed little to me now) with a shaved scalp and bright blue eyes smiled extremely brightly and invited us to sit at the counter, the booths were already full. "What about the front the window?" Joe asked.

"We generally like to reserved that for parties of three or more, but I guess two guys as big as you probably count as three." He looked down at our packages. "Or maybe four. Have a seat."

Joe flashed his beautiful smile, said, "Thanks, bro." And we sat down.

"Burgers, you said?"

I nodded. "Killer."

He looked over at the waiter and ordered two cheeseburgers, then said "What are you gonna have, Jerry?"

I laughed, but then found that I was so fucking hungry that two burgers seemed like an appetizer. "Yeah, but put some bacon on mine."

"Four burgers?"

"To start," I said, and then, "And two chocolate shakes." I looked at Joe. "Doesn't feel like I got to worry too much about counting calories tonight."

"Pack it on, Jerry. You're gonna need it."

"When does this heat stop?"

"You still feel hot?" I nodded. "Um, I'm not sure. You're not supposed to be feeling hot anymore."

"So, where did this shit come from?"

"Not really sure. Somewhere in the forests up there. I think it is a type of mushroom or something. Moss, maybe? Anyway, some guy ate some – ever wonder why the first guy eats something? Like, the first guy who ate an oyster? Sticks that big snot thing in his mouth and swallows?"

"Or artichokes."

"Yeah. So, the first guy tries the shit, balloons up, passes it around." He raised his arm and made his massive bicep bulge and split. "The rest is history."

"No one knows how it works?" He shook his head. "And what about side effects? I mean, you can't change this much this fast and not have something, like, tear or something."

"Do you feel bad?"

"I feel fucking great."

"So, I guess you answered your own question, Uncle."

The burgers arrived and we dug in. I found I was, indeed, famished. I tore through those fuckers in no time, and followed them up with a plate of pasta, st plate including eggs, sausage, more bacon, hash browns and biscuits, a side of fries, a bowl of chili and, to top it all off, another cheeseburger for dessert.

It was when I was into my third burger that I realized that something weird was happening. The heat that had been on simmer all night was suddenly turning up to medium and heading to high flame. My skin started to really itch and feel very tight or something, and I could feel sweat trickling down my back and between the new heavy globes of muscle on my chest.

"Joe, I think…"

"Oh, fuck. Jerry, look at your arm. Look at your bicep."

I did. I twisted my forward around and the muscle bulged into relief – but it didn't stop bulging. As I watched, a series of veins swelled into being across the round fullness of the muscle, and my skin looked like it was suctioned onto the striations and cables of brawn.

I could see it growing.

I looked at my other arm and witnessed the same thing. Joe said, "Your chest," and I looked up at him, and then down and watched the heavy meat of my pecs expanding, stretching the neckline wider and wider.

It was happening. I was going into the first heavy growth wave right there in Little Orphan Andy's, sitting in the front window, I was Hulking out.

"Oh, shit." My chest continued to expand, swelling like two balloons. The skin was stretched tighter and tighter over the muscle, and the veins continued to appear and increase in number. My nips shoved outward and then started to curve down as the muscle filled up the space.

Then I felt my shoulders swelling, too. God, my skin was on fire! It felt like I was going to burst right through it! Everything was swelling bigger and bigger, growing fat with new, fresh, rock-hard brawn. "How long does this last?"

Joe was mesmerized. "I dunno, exactly." He reached his hand out and put it on my right pec, feeling me growing, my muscle expanding. "Fuck, that is so sexy."

I was lifting up in my seat. The muscles of my legs and ass were expanding outward. I could feel my cock shoving hard against the stretchy material of my lycra shorts. I think my balls were swelling, too, but maybe it was just that my thighs were swelling into each other and squeezing all the room out for them. I reached down and put my hand on my package and, sure enough, my dick and balls were also growing.

"This could be trouble." Sweat was pouring off my skin now, soaking my little tanktop until it was see-through, and I was still getting bigger.

The chair creaked. I was gaining pound upon pound of brawn, my physique growing increasingly muscular in every direction. The shirt was growing very, very tight under my arms as my lats flared out, and I was growing extremely uncomfortable in those shorts as my dick tried to stretch longer and thicker with every heartbeat.

My balls were growing huge. "People are staring."

Jerry looked around. "They've been staring all night."

"Maybe, but they weren't physically rising from their seats with their mouths hanging open.

"You have to admit, it's pretty fucking amazing."

"I have to get out of here." I stood up and realized suddenly how much bigger, overall, I was. I must have packed on another 30 pounds of muscle already, and it was still coming. My cock was swollen and fat, and my clothes were not going to last much longer. "Meet me in the john."

"The what?"

"The bathroom!" I announced, as I quickly made my way to the back of the diner, through the kitchen, down the stairs and into the small, dirty restroom in the back of the place. With every step, I felt heavier and heavier. The guys all watched me stride, watching my heavy pecs bounce, my bubble butt flex, my shoulders and arms bulge and twist as more and more muscle magically appeared all over my 6' 8" frame.

I practically tore the door off the hinges and got inside the little room, leaning my arms on the sink and grasping it hard, watching with no little amount of pride and pleasure as the muscles on my arms swelled, and all the new, thick veins twisted under my skin.

I looked into the dirty mirror, etched with come-ons and promises for blow jobs and big cocks, when I heard a soft `ahem' behind me and spied in the reflection the shadowy features of some guy from one of the counter seats. Turning around, I was a foot taller than he was, and twice as massive.

His face said it all. He wanted to worship me. "Hey," I said. I could feel the cotton stretching over my growing body. I could feel my back expanding. I could see my chest growing. I could feel everything getting heavier and stronger and thicker and harder.

"I'm a little high," he said, "but you're growing, aren't you?"

I wrinkled my brow, but there was no denying it. So I lifted my arm and flexed the bi into massive relief and we both watched the shredded fibers swell and multiply under my skin as the veins swam like snakes across the brawn. "Yes."

"Your friend, will he grow, too?"

"He is growing," I answered, "only not as fast as me."

He looked down at my prick. "Can I suck your cock while you grow?"

I could think of no reason not to, so I said, "I can think of no reason not to."

He smiled, dropped to his knees, pulled my shorts down, hauled my cock out and started licking, kissing, and sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. I was hard immediately and realized I was now much bigger down there, too, and that seemed to be developing at the same rate as the rest of me.

He had a few inches of my dick inside his mouth, attempting to deep tjhroat me as I grew, when Joseph appeared behind him and started laughing. "Shit, Jerry," he said, "if that's all you wanted, I would've done that upstairs."

The guy didn't even pause. My balls were swelling with cream. My body was still swelling with muscle. "It was his idea."

"It's a damn good one." Joe's cock was showing signs of life again and he was pinching his nipples. "You think he'll do me when he's through with you?"

"Why wait?" It was a fourth voice, and Joe turned around to see a huge, hairy muscle bear standing behind him. "Drop `em, boy, and let a real man do the job." His voice was a deep growl and when he stripped his T-shirt off, every inch of his thickly-muscled torso was covered in dark curls of man fur.

Joe was naked in less than a second and the guy was chowing down on my nephew's ample cock while his hands reached around to claw their way into his ass.

"Jesus!" said Joe.

"Welcome to the Castro," was my reply. •

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