U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

As if by some mystical force, I started to shrink. I was getting shorter but I was hardly losing any of my muscle mass. The shorter I got the more intensely huge my muscles looked. They shrunk somewhat, but only enough to still be able to keep them functional. My head passed the ceiling of the first floor and I started to see Carl becoming eye to eye, at 25 feet tall. Then I noticed he started getting smaller right along with me till we were the same height as Jeff and Bo at 20 feet. Next all three of us were down to Joe and Eric�s height of 18. Finally, all of us stopped at 10 feet tall. Our cocks and muscles were still enormous but were not as insanely over proportioned as before.

The other men started to raise their arms over their heads with me helplessly following suit as they were lifting straight up into the air by an unseen power. While they were still in their hypnotic trance, I was not. Yet as my arms started to rise, I couldn�t help myself to give in to the feeling. I was alert and knew exactly what I was doing, but I could not control my own body at all. We were pushed to moved in to face each other and started to form a tight circle. Our hands grasped each other�s and then a hugely intense feeling of power over came all of us. Incredible sensations of power and ecstasy over took us as we started to moan uncontrollably. The air of the room filled with the sent of hundreds of powerful testosterone laden men. The feeling of incredibly strong hands started to touch, grope, and fondle our bodies.

Our cocks rose to instant attention and I noticed that we were all about the same length at 20� each. That�s when I noticed and felt another presence in the room. In fact, the presence that I felt was like there was more than just one. It felt like the room was becoming filled with actual bodies of huge naked muscular men coming up behind each one of us. Just then I noticed that the other guys were coming out of their trances. We all were still incapable of any type of movement other than what the unseen power had in store, like puppets on a string. We now could clearly see the figures of the colossal men that started filling the room. Their naked bodies completely mammoth in size and every one of them was hard as a rock. The look in all of our eyes was of sheer panic as these glowing gods of muscle materialized and surrounded us. Their rock hard bodies were grinding and pulsating against us with the feeling of a huge power plant of sex.

Bo whispered in sex-crazed tone, �What the fuck is going on? I can�t take much more of this. I think I�m gonna shoot�

�I dunno, Bo, but it�s making me hot as fuck too.� Eric replied as he started to shudder in pure passion.

Then it hit me, �I know.�

�What�s going to happen, Steve?� Carl said with a sensual growl that covered a slight amount of fear in his voice. One of the huge men behind him was air fucking the crack of his ass.

�I think we are about to find out.� Jeff said as he looked up and noticed that a rope was encircling all of our hands and wrists, tying us together. With a swift move, the rope cinched and we were pulled into each other as our cocks rose up and smacked against our bodies. The smell of each of us invaded my nostrils and I moaned in orgasmic pleasure. Bo and Eric couldn�t take it anymore as they started to cum. I was just about to when I noticed the horrified look that was on Jeff�s face as he was still looking up. His eyes widened with fear and lust as he saw what was floating down from above.

The figure of the most beautiful and muscular man I had ever seen before was slowly descending over us from above. His face was not yet into view but I could tell in Jeff�s eyes, he knew.

�Hercule?� Jeff said as a tear formed and ran down his left cheek.

�Hello my love. I told you that you would see me again. And I�m so very happy to have this chance to once again gaze upon the love of my life. You have made me extremely proud, son.�

�Oh my God, I�ve missed you so much. You died and I was lost. Damnit, you died right before my eyes. How can this be that you�ve come back to me?�

�I, as well as the rest that stand all around you, are the past Gods of Olympia. We are here to take you through your final 3 steps to becoming Gods yourselves.�

It was then that I knew what was about to happen and the excitement of that knowledge caused me to regain the feeling of an orgasm and I started to cum.

�ENOUGH STEVEN!!� Hercule bellowed. �Even though you know of the bountiful fruit for which you are ALL about to receive, do not lust in anticipation for it. You are the Chosen one, for which the group must follow and you must control thyself for the others. You have passed your initial test, but don�t be fooled into thinking that thine first is thine last. Others will follow. And Other men will try to take what is been given to you�

I stopped cumming almost immediately. But the magnificent sensations that were pouring through me remained unabated.

�What the fuck is going on?� Bo yelled.


�Yes, what are you talking about?�

�There is something inside of you that does not want to be taken control of and thus you have not been turned as fast as the others. You will need some EXTRA work. AND YOU WILL GET THAT NOW.�

�BOHEME?� Eric chuckled as he nudged his friend. Then looking back up at Hercule, �What kind of work, sir?� He asked Hercule like a little boy wanting to know something but afraid of the answer. He got his answer very quickly.

�THIS TYPE OF WORK, SON!!� With that, each one of us was immediately impaled with six giant cocks of different muscle god spirits. We all yelled at the top of our lungs in agony and bliss. There was no warning, no slow penetration and no mercy. One at a time they entered each of us with a swiftness and force of jackhammers. It seemed like hundreds of huge men were taking their turn. None of us could move our bodies as we were pounded and filled with the power enriched cum of these huge gods. Over and over they fucked us, each one cumming with a torrent stream of a life force that made us feel more powerful and beyond anything we had ever felt before. One would stop cumming and then another would enter us till he came. Our cocks started growing till each shaft was even with our faces an d touching our mouths. Our shafts looked not only huge but muscular as well. We actually were building muscle inside our cocks. Each of us could feel the awesome amount of strength coursing through us. The power that we had before was nothing compared to what we were feeling now. Even for as strong and powerful as I was before, now I could feel every single fiber in my body getting stronger and the sensation was that of a maximum and constant all over body pump as well as a constant feeling of a huge orgasm. All of our voices lowered to immensely masculine basses as our moaning and grunting got louder. Each of us was getting stronger and yet we could not break free from the heavenly hold on us, not that I think any of us would have wanted too. For a moment I opened my eyes and looked at the other men and I could feel their power as well. I have no clue as to why I wasn�t just spewing everywhere at that moment, but my cock would not cum. Then Carl opened his eyes and as he look ed at all of us, I knew that he was feeling the same thing I was. Then Joe opened his and the look on his face was of the most perfect euphoria we all had ever felt as we could feel what each one of us was feeling. Jeff, Eric and Bo all opened their eyes and as the last of the gods forced themselves on us, Hercule spoke again.

�Thee all have been entered by the Gods one at a time and Thee each have absorbed their divine gift of power so that thee can finish the change and become complete Gods thyself. Each one can feel thine own blood flow with the power and magnitude of a million men and you should feel exactly what all the others are feeling. When you all come together for any task later in your lives, this is the feeling you will all have. The power that you feel inside right now will never fade. It will stay in you forever. Your ability to release your sexual tension has been thwarted till the last of the Gods has filled you up. After the last of them are through, you may release your seed. But do not waste it. When you start to cum suck on your cock or one of the others in the group. This is your reward for this part of the change. It shall give you a very pleasant surprise. Are you ready for Phase 4, gentlemen.�

All of us replied in unison, �Yes!� Then Carl could hold back no longer and he placed his lips on my cock and started to suck. The suction that he was creating on me was the most intense feeling I�ve ever had on my cock. I panicked for a second looking up to see if there was any disapproval from above. I was pleasantly surprised to find Hercule smiling. Having the gods approval, I let loose. There was so much cum that Carl couldn�t swallow it all and I joined him at my cockhead and lapped up the remainder of my essence. That is when the rest of them let go, too. Cum started to fly into the air but was quickly cut off by our own hungry mouths. We sucked each other and ourselves for a good hour. There were no changes in our bodies or feelings of emptying anything out. In fact, the more we came the more filled up our nuts felt. It was as if the cum we swallowed was recycled and helped to produce more cum. This was our reward: An endless supply of cum. If Hercule wouldn�t have commanded for us to stop, we would have kept up our suck and drink fest for hours and hours.

�Enough, Men!� Hercule spoke and interrupted our eruptions. �You now all have the seed of the Gods coursing through you and you will never grow old, weary, or lose what you have as long as you stay true to the mission of Olympus and the guidelines thereof. If you fail, abuse, or betray the group, you will return to a normalyeon. Heed this warning before you enter your final stage of transformation. You will now all sleep until your final phase is completed.� With that we all started to black out and were finally released to slowly drop onto the floor below. During our suck and drinking fest, all we could move was our heads and our cocks to position them in each other�s mouths. It was amazing to have the ability to control our cocks and move them freely like an arm, with the new muscles inside them. As we started to drift off into our induced comas, I can remember landing my body onto Carl and Jeff�s. The feeling of our bodies touching was completely electrifying to me. I looked over at Joe, Eric and Bo. Bo was still standing. Then everything went dark.

Visions of the five other men started to come over me. I started to see each one separately and it was if I was looking into their soul to find out what they were really like inside. I was really in love with all five of them. They were my loyal friends, subjects and sexual partners. I realized that I was the one to decide who they should be as Heros.

Carl, of course, was the one I favored the most. He came to me first in my dream. I knew my love for him was the most pronounced. Whenever I would look at him, he turned me on so much my cock would raise and harden instantaneously. Even though I was much bigger and stronger than him, I so desired for him to be dominate one and take me, violate me, and fuck me harder than ever. I would have to look away from him at times to avoid cumming everywhere. He was the only one who was as strong as me, so I couldn�t hurt him if I was to give it my all with him. His humongous, hairy, thick, and massive body could take all that I give him and he�d give it right back to me. God, he was a complete behemoth. Now, looking at him standing there, I knew he wa s to be the first for me to change him into a True God. He was to be my partner forever. He was to be my equal. That�s it! He was to be THOR: Viking God of Strength and Power.

Next I saw Jeff who was the initial leader of our group. God, what a complete specimen of pure manhood he was. The Man was literally SuperMan in every aspect. His body was absolutely perfect and humongous. His teeth were pearl white with thick, wavy, jet-black hair on his head. His jaw was so finely chiseled that it would have taken a carver several weeks to get it to this point. His eyes were incredibly deep blue that they almost looked black in the right light. He was perfection personified. It was obvious that he would look the most like a real superhero. But he was even huger than any superman picture I had ever seen. And to even look at him, you wanted to give into him totally. He was that beautiful. I got it. He was real god and forc e to be reckoned. That was to be his name: TITAN � Force of the Gods.

I had to softly chuckle inside, when I saw Eric come into view next. You could see the innocence and orneriness in him. He was one huge muscular monster of a beach boy who had a heart as warm as the sun he worshiped. His copper colored skin and sun bleach blond hair proved his loyalty to the huge fireball in the sky. But his real beauty came from within. Of all the guys, Eric was the most likely man that would bend over backwards to selflessly help another individual. He would be the first to take any challenge that was to fall upon our group: basically sacrificing himself for us. He was as bright as the sun and able to fly up to it if he so wished. He could get very out of control as a god too, like a comet falling from the sky. He would become FIRESTORM � Light of the Gods.

Joe was next to come into my mind. The Man finally had become a dark ebony Island God. At first when he came to the group, his skin was darker than a white man but because of having a white mother and black father, Joe was never really dark enough to look Black or light enough to look Caucasian. Many people thought he looked Puerto Rican. He was a very smart man and very in tune with his body. His body was cut but not to the point of how a fit black mans body would look. He was softer in those areas, which gave him an appearance of waves of muscle more than a tight hard body. He also only had a 5 � inch average looking cut penis, which was nothing to be ashamed about, but he always wanted a HUGE THICK BLACK UNCUT MONSTER between his thighs, that would make anyone envy and desire him, b ut think twice about having it up their ass.

When the change started, every time Joe would gain more mass his muscles became more cut and defined. His skin would get noticeably darker, tighter, and a glowing sheen of rich Nubian oil would make him shine like the God he was becoming. His lips had gotten fuller as his handsome features became strikingly more beautiful and African. His hair turned from a very dark brownish black, to a deep coal black and the curls were tighter and closer to his head. But the best part of all, for Joe himself, was that his cock was finally growing beyond his own wishes to a hugely veined, incredibly thick, super long slab of dark meat with more skin over the head then all the rest of us, which stayed hooded even when hard. Even though he was the smallest i n muscle mass of all five men he looked like the second largest, behind Carl, due to the cuts, skin tone and perfect symmetry of his body. He, beside myself, was by far the one who had changed the most.

His mind had increased drastically too. Before the change his IQ was around the top of his class at Perdue University. Since the change his brain had become so much more that he was now able to move almost anything with it. He could control the movement of inanimate objects as well as that of living things. Surprisingly he could not move anything when the Gods were controlling us. That could be because we were still not Gods yet ourselves. He was becoming a God of the Mind and Body. He was two perfect halves that made an even more perfect whole. He was GEMINI � Symmetry of the Gods.

There they were, the five men that I adored: Jeff, Carl, Eric, Joe and Bo. All of them were now dressed accordingly to there persona. All of them, except�wait, something was wrong. I felt dizzy, like I was going to pass out, but I was still asleep from Hercule�s spell. What was happening to the mental picture in my mind? Everything was becoming hazy. I could barely see the men standing in front of me. I couldn�t focus as well as before. It seemed that one of them was missing, but I couldn�t be sure. My mind was slowing down and getting heavy with a greying darkness. Everything was going dim in my head. Why was I being shut off like that? Then just as suddenly as it started, everything came back into focus.&nbs p;

But I felt different. It was as if I had no control over my mind or body. Strange feelings were coming over me. Feelings of want, hatred, envy, and an extreme desire to rule others were building up inside. I looked down at my body and I began to feel jealously pour through me. I was so bitter looking at my body, yet I was yearning for myself at the same time. Envy took over and I became angry. �Why the fuck don�t I have a body like this? What makes him so special, that he gets all the best shit? I�m a God too and I should have everything he has. Talk about being a God; Damn I feel like I could fucking rule the world in this body. The power that�s coursing through these veins is fucking incredible. I feel millions of times stronger than before. I�m never going back. Jesus, look at my gargantuan cock. It�s getting me so fucking hot. God I wanna fucking cum. I have the power now to control all of them. They will understand what it�s like to serve a true leader. I�m the biggest, baddest, best fucking God in the world and I�m staying right here. I�m gonna have it all. And I�m going to start by finishing this so called change. It�s time to fucking show them all how powerful and supreme I am.�

Two of the guys started to wake up out of their induced comas and they noticed more than just a few changes in each other.

I, on the other hand, was slowly opening the focal points that were my new eyes.

Jeff started to chuckle as he looked over at Carl. He looked as if he stepped off of a Viking ship, ready to pillage, rape and burn. His hair was long and wild with a beard so thick and coarse you could hardly see his mouth. His body was so thick with hairy muscle that he literally looked like a mountain. He had an armor of metal and animal skins covering parts of his naked fur-covered body. The suede codpiece covering his groin was enormous, having to contain what lay beneath it like it was a wild animal encaged for everyone�s protection.

Carl growled at his friend�s amusement and walked over to Jeff in show of power. He pressed one finger against Jeff�s massive chest and lifted his massive 570lb smooth frame over his head. Jeff�s eyes widened as he witnessed Carl�s amazing display of strength. How could anyone lift such weight as his with only one finger? This started to get Jeff turned on as well. Then Carl started to press Jeff with his index finger up and down. This was all it took for Jeff as he started to moan and his cock started to grow pushing against the confines of his thong. If Carl didn�t stop this mighty and erotic display of strength soon, Jeff would rip through the fabric. He decided to turn on his special gift. Pheromones started pouring out of his massive body and encircled his Viking friend. Carl was no match for the scent of such power.

�Put me down you Big Ogre, before I sprout wood and put your eye out.� Both of them laughed as Carl brought Jeff down and into his arms where they hugged and kissed each other. At first it started as a friendly kiss, but their pent up passions began to take over. The scent of Jeff started to drive Carl mad with lust and the sheer immense display of strength of Carl, drove daggers of electrical yearning throughout Jeff. Their tongues started searching each other�s mouth to fill their growing desire. Both of their cocks started tearing through their incased homes to freedom. Carl pulled Jeff away from his body to get his own good look at his friend�s new image.

Jeff had a blue/gray tint of color to his naked skin and there was a big �T� fused onto his colossal chest. The black thong that covered his straining cock, showed signs of ripping as it begged to be released. The color of it was perfectly matched to his jet-black hair. He looked like an oversized Greek statue of pure power. In fact he WAS a Greek God, now. Jeff pulled himself back into Carl so that he was again pressed firmly against Carl�s 72� chest.

Eric and Joe started to wake up, feeling their new fond power within.

Carl lifted Jeff up so that the Titan�s large hard nipple was in the Vikings mouth. He sucked, nibbled and bit on it as Jeff�s moans shook the room. Jeff lifted his legs and encircled Carl�s mighty torso. His cock rose up to where Carl�s mouth was on his chest. The Viking sucked in the head along with the nipple. Carl knew what he wanted as his cock burst through his suede covering, shredding the hard fabric. With one quick pull Carl ripped Jeff�s thong off and shoved his friend down onto his mammoth cock. Shots of precum poured out of Jeff�s own monster onto Carl�s mouth. Carl told Jeff to let go of the hold that he had around him. Jeff obliged and watched in amazement as his friend leaned slight ly back and was able to fuck him just be the strength of his cock. It felt like a huge telephone pole inside him. With every thrust of his hips Carl�s cock plunged deeper in Jeff�s hole and thrust more of Jeff�s cock into Carl�s mouth.

Eric and Joe were now fully awake in all areas of their bodies. Their own cocks straining to free themselves as a result of the scene before them. I was starting to stand at this point, but I was still not fully awake.

With a final hard and incredible thrust, Carl emptied his entire nutsack into Jeff�s hungry anus, causing Jeff to shoot huge thick ropes of cum into the Viking. Since both had an endless supply of the God�s Cream their orgasms took as long as they chose. Jeff could feel his stomach and intestines filling up with Carl�s juice. As well as Carl�s stomach started to rise becoming engorged with Jeff�s sperm. After about 10 minutes of pure euphoria they both ended their insatiable desires with a kiss that reminded them of the closeness they had felt since the very beginning.

The rest of the guys joined Jeff and Carl having cum in there own outfits without even touching themselves. Since Jeff was so over excited with lust his pheromones were literally bouncing off the walls and caused Eric and Joe to have multiple orgasms where they stood.

Eric�s body was fire red and his eyes were yellow with orange cat-like slits for pupils. His hair was pure white and there was a small patch of extra skin connecting his underarms with his torso. His engorged bikini briefs were the same color as his skin and blended so well that he looked like a Ken doll with a package that would split Barbie in half. Only now they were soaked with white hot cum as it dripped down his thighs into a pool of jizz.

Joe was coal black with every muscle in his body clearly outlined by his half clear/half white full body suit that was a complete second skin. His Huge endowment hung down his massively cut right thigh on the clear half of his suit for everyone to see its beauty and the milky white cream covered his lower leg filling the suit up to his thigh. He had a ying/ yang style mask over his eyes of one pure white and the other black as the night.

All four men kissed each other and looked around the room.

My eyes were open now and I was standing naked before them in all my glory. My body was one completely huge red muscle of power and I felt for the first time the ultimate strength that I newly possessed.

Just then Eric asked, �Hey Where�s Bo?� •

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