U4IA Gym


By StevePwrBear

“STOP!” The heavy deep booming voice that bellowed of from me crashed through the air. It was so loud that the entire building shook as if it were in a mild aftershock. Some weights fell off of their bars and two of the posing mirrors in the back end of the main gym cracked. The reverb bounced across the gym and struck all of us with the power of a strong wind.

All five men ceased their frenzied actions. Each one had been in a complete animalistic trance of unbridled muscle sex. Their bodies were entangled within and around each other, causing a huge mountain of muscle. They were massive God-like men that were larger than any other human on Earth, each having bodies that were astronomically inflated: Breathing Icons of muscle, testosterone and lust. They were the pinnacles of the entire male species. Their cocks ranged in size from a little under 2 feet to an inch over 4 feet in length with each having sexual appetites that were stronger then an entire college of drunken horny coed studs after a night at a strip club. These Super Human Gods had been clawing, kissing, grasping, sucking and now fucking one another in a mammoth circular mound of ecstasy. Each one was fucking another and then getting fucked in return. Huge massive specimens of pure muscular forms lying in a lake of over spilled body fluids completely soaked to the bone in a mixture of muscle cum, sweat, and saliva. They had shot more into each other than any normal man would be able to shoot in over a year’s time. Gallons upon gallons of sperm had been shot filling their hunger like candy. Every time one of them ingested another’s cum he would grow a little larger. There was no human on this earth that could compare to the total magnitude of these behemoth gods. If any normal human man had been a part of this lustful orgy, he would have been horribly killed: completely torn apart or even in half by the brutality of the strength and power within these men.

As they consumed more and more cum, they were all increasing their strength becoming more and more super human. Some were stronger than the others but compared to a normaleyon (nor-mail-e-yawn: a phrase the God’s used for the common human) they were far beyond any mortal man. Their epic power and proportions were going beyond any normal Heavyweight bodybuilder. They were becoming Gods. There was nothing or no one that could stop them: No one, except me.

These were my boys. Mine to control. If I wanted to, I could control their every action. I could control what they did to each other or how much they grew. I could control them like my own puppets on a string and for the moment that’s just what I had, needed, and intended to do.

When I halted their action, my first instinct was to have them completely serve me sexually. I was so incredibly horned up by the sight of them that I knew I had to get off soon, but I also knew that there were more important things to complete. There was plenty of time for them to worship the massive being I had become and I definitely was going to call upon that card later.

Even though I was much bigger than all of them, I was also very attracted to their mammoth muscle sizes. Before I become a muscle god, myself, I had worshiped muscle all my life. I never could get enough of it. So even though these men are now mine and they worshipped me, I still wanted to worship them in return. But, as I said before, now was a time for business.

Their gyrating bodies halted abruptly and were motionless. Even though they could not move, their hunger for more of each other was still at a crescendo. Their breaths were still heavy and full, the made periodic sounds of lustful moans, having the crazed look of a wild animal. As they slid out of each other’s mouth or ass, cum seeped out of their massive cocks like leaking faucets. Two of them, Bo and Carl, periodically blasted strings of cum out of their pricks. I watched them for about 5 minutes, hoping that they could relax, but when I realized they wouldn’t calm down totally, and I was getting increasingly excited, I decided to continue with the job at hand.

With my mind, I ordered them to turn with their backs to the floor looking up at their chosen master. Jeff, Carl, Bo, Eric and Joe each did as he was told, like trained animals. All of their cocks were standing like steel rods pointing straight to the ceiling.

What amazed me more than anything, was that after all the amounts and times that all of us came, our cocks were still hard and our balls still filled with cum. I think that was just one of the many reasons I knew that we were becoming Gods. And even though we all were beyond any realm of normal humanity, I could still see the love, caring and loyalty, behind the mountain of titan muscle. They looked so innocent now. The looks on their faces were like tiny babies looking up at their parent with nothing but love and wonderment in their eyes. My heart poured right back to them. It was such a peaceful and loving moment, from all of the craziness that had tr anspired so far. But it didn’t last because, I don’t know why, all of a sudden the ornery kid in me took over and I decided to have some fun with them just for kicks. Maybe it was one of those moments of love combined with horseplay. No matter, this was going to be fun.

Out loud I commanded Jeff and Carl (aka: Chip and Dale) to playfully smack the heads of each other’s cocks. Jeff was the first to strike, hitting, Carl’s enormous uncut helmet like it had just called him a dirty word. Carl satisfactorily moaned and replied by bitch slapping Jeff’s purple pecker head, knocking Jeff’s cock down to strike him on his chest, with a loud whomp. He moaned out of the sheer pleasure from the pain of his gigantic tool smashing against his thick tits. Jeff then grabbed Carl’s throbbing tree and began to slap it ala Three Stooges’ style.

I chuckled a hearty laugh, and told them that that was enough for now. I looked down at them and there was nothing but love for them inside me. Especially Carl.

Both men seemed to enjoy the horseplay I had caused. The smile on their faces was evident of that. But as their arms returned to their sides, Carl must’ve liked the repeated abuse of his cock a lot, because he let out a loud roar and started to shoot large streams of juice 6 to 7 feet in the air. I immediately lowered my mouth onto him and tasted the sweet nectar of my hopeful new lover. It was the best tasting cum I had ever let enrich my palette. I knew that I was really in love with Carl ever since I had met him. He was the one guy above all that I fantasized about every night; hoping and praying that one-day I could be with him. I guess you could say my wildest dreams came true. But now, I knew I should focus on what was at hand. Even so, I started to leak rivers of precum all over my chosen lover.

But I still needed some answers. I stood back up and completely took them out of their trance long enough to talk to them. They acted as if they were still slightly hypnotized and were cloudy about what had transpired, as they woke up. Carl just smiled up at me in a love/lust look that I will cherish forever. He knew how much I loved him. And at that moment I knew he loved me, too.

“Damn, Steve, why did you make us stop?” asked the boy, Eric. “I was just about to give Bo a huge load of cum up his rock hard ass.”

“Yeah, Steve, why don’t you join us?” asked Bo, breathlessly.

“Not yet, I need to know what this is all about. Jeff, its time you told us everything?” I looked at Jeff, who was still in a somewhat subdued state of euphoria, to tell me once and for all, what they needed me to do. “What do you want me to do? What do you need me to do? I know that I’m supposed to do the final change for all of us, but I really have no fucking clue as to HOW to do it.” My rising anger and angst was causing my voice to shake the walls, again. “Frankly, all I want to do right now is fuck each and everyone of you hard and long.”

“Fuck yeah, Master,” Eric moaned.

Jeff spoke, “Shhhhhh, Shut up Eric. Okay Steve, here’s what I know.”

In a very spooky and sexually erotic tone he said, “We want you, Steve. We need you to breed us into the most powerful beings ever. We are to be a group of supermen that will be needed for different tasks in the world. Our main objective will be revealed at the end of our change. Each one of us will be like a comic book superhero, only this is real life. We will all have our own identities that will fit our personalities and when we are together as a group, we will be unstoppable. Herc said that there really is life off of this planet and that many times “The Six” as they called themselves would have to protect the human race from whatever was out there. He said that some of the other humans in our world would become super men like us, but that the power would overcome their rational t hinking and that they would want to rule the world, etc. and as such become the “villains”. I know this all sounds incredible, and that we never would have thought any of this was real, but look at us now. We are superhuman men and we’re about to become Gods.

We have started phase 1 by mixing all six of our own life forces into each other. Steve, your semen helped us to be able to go under your commands. Herc told me this was necessary, in case one of us decided to resist the change. With you controlling us, we had and have no choice; not that I think any of us would want to deny what has happened to us.”

They all nodded in approval.

“There are 4 other phases to go through. This process will take all day and night and at the end we all will be completely indestructible and no longer human at all. We will be GODS!

I have closed the gym off to the public for 48 hours for us to become what we will become. Herc said that this was a necessary amount of time for us to change and get the gym and us back to normal so no one will know whom we really are.

That is all Hercule told me. I guess he told me what he thought I would understand or need to know; otherwise I’m just as blind as the rest of you as to what is actually going to happen. Oh yeah, and he gave me this.” Jeff pointed to the medallion he had worn around his neck. “Herc said that when this goes around the chosen ones neck, which is you Steve, everything will be begin and all will be revealed. Once you wear it, you will never be able to take it off. It will become a part of you. Then as you perform the instructions that you will immediately gain the knowledge of, you can make us start the process. Hercule said that only the Chosen one and the messenger may wear this.”

Suddenly, a horrendous vision flashed before Bo’s eyes. He saw the figure of a young man expanding like a balloon and crying out in pain. Bo felt some of that pain, too. He started to feel sick. Then just as fast as it came, it was gone. He looked over at Jeff, with a puzzled look on his face and for a moment he hated his friend.

Jeff stood up and took off medallion as I lifted him up so he could place it around my head. The medallion looked huge even on Jeff’s massive chest, but it had to have been large enough to go around a 30ft chosen one, such as myself.

“Oh I almost forgot, Hercule told me to tell you, Steve, that as the chosen one, you will first be tested to see if you are really the one true man who will be the rightful predecessor to wear the medallion. He didn’t say how, but he did tell me that it will consume you and kill you if you fail.” With that said and without giving me time to ask any questions he put it around my neck.

What happened next, I will never forget even after I die. Those next 10 Hours of our change into the “group” was to become the most pinnacle time of our lives.

Instantly there was a blinding flash of golden light with a giant spray of sparks that showered the entire area. Each spark seemed to resonate with an electrical charge that cause all six of us to spasm with each and every hit to our bodies. This caused me to drop Jeff out of my hand and he fell back to the ground. Well not exactly, it was more like he floated down to the ground, being carried by the shower of sparks.

As soon as the cold circular oar of the medallion touched my chest, a tremendous heat filled my body. My mind started racing in several different directions. It was almost impossible to concentrate on one thought as images whirled around inside making me dizzy. Thoughts and images of sex with myself was building a huge lust inside me. It felt like the room started spinning, so I looked down to get my bearings and noticed that all five of the men were knocked out, asleep. The flash of light must’ve down that and I realized I was going to be alone with this one.

Still feeling dizzy and trying to stay standing, I closed my eyes to regain my balance. This started it all.

When my eyes closed, the thoughts and images became almost real and I felt a new sensation. My balance had regained but there was something else. A huge powerful surge entered me. It was one that I had never felt before. The only way to describe it is that I could feel my male pheromones radiating everywhere inside me. In fact I could even smell and taste my own sexual aura. God, it was so fucking powerful and the taste of pure sex was filling my mouth and exciting my taste buds. I licked my lips to get every ounce of the taste that I could.

Then I started to smell every rank, sexual smell of my body. I could smell my own sweat, piss, cum, ass, and it all meshed with my super powerful male musky odor. It was overwhelming me to the point that I was moaning loudly inside my body and out of my mouth. It felt like I started to literally fall for myself as Narcissus did in mythology. Only instead of looking in a mirror through my eyes, I was looking and feeling deep into myself. All the outward love that I had was reversing and coming back inside of me.

I loved myself so fucking much it started to take over my actions. My hands started rubbing all over my body, feeling the wondrous muscle that I yearned for so badly and the love for myself began consuming me more and more. This was not a normal self-love; it was unbridled passion to completely please myself. I was licking and sucking my hands and kissing my arms and biceps. Saliva was pouring out of my mouth over my body, like I was a rabid dog. My hands were caressing my huge thighs and calves, then up to my glorious ass. “Oh GOD, I fucking love my rock hard ass.” I gushed. I took my huge right hand and started fingering my ass. First my 11” index finger then I added my 14” middle finger and the ring finger followed as I was fucking my hol e sending me over the edge. I started licking myself anywhere my mouth would reach. I just wanted to taste every sweaty, cum drenched inch of my huge muscle-god body and worship it. My whole body was contorting so my mouth could reach where I wished to taste and my hand was still fucking my ass.

The strain become almost too much as I withdrew my finger from my hungry chute and bought it too my nose. There was no dirty smell, just the smell of a clean but incredibly sexual and pungent odor, that drew me insane with lust. I licked the tip of my middle appendage and the flavor was amazing. I stuck almost my entire hand down my throat. It tasted like the sweetest cum and saltiest sweat, ever. Next, I brought my left nipple up to my mouth to bite and suck on it. My eyes stayed closed the whole time as my tongue and teeth played with my huge chest. As all of this was happening I hadn’t even noticed how this was sending immediate signals to my prick. My cock started to grow to it’s over enormous state, growing up past my chest and up to my face. When I felt it rubbing against my lips I opened my mouth and literally shoved my aching cock down my throat. I was beyond any realm of the real world as I moved my hips and fucked my own mouth, with my great shaft guided and surrounded by my huge rock hard tits. I arched my back as I threw my arms at my sides and fucked and fucked and sucked and sucked myself into shear frenzy.

Then I literally exploded torrents of cum into myself. There was so much fluid that I couldn’t even swallow it all, as it poured out from my mouth and nose and drenched my body. I didn’t care how vulgar or disgusting I must have looked. At that moment I thought it was the best sex I had EVER had. I didn’t care about anyone or anything else, except for me: Me, My body, My FUCKING MUSCLEGOD BODY.

I didn’t care about the five men who I was supposed to help that were in a sleeping coma below me. I didn’t care about the mission we were supposed to undertake. I didn’t care about humans, animals, plants, the environment or Heaven & Hell. I didn’t care about any of the little fucking puny pipsqueaks on the planet. I was the largest, strongest, hottest, most beautiful creature on Earth and nothing in this or any other world could compare. I would crush anyone who thought different, too. The world was mine now and I was to be worshiped by all; especially by those little fucks lying there underneath me. They were my going to be my fuck slaves for eternity, because there was no one else in the world that would live through ten seconds of a fuck-fest with me. Even those 5 BOYS, might have a hard time handling my awesome TITAN MUSCLE-GOD BODY. Hell, there wasn’t anyone FUCKING ANYWHERE worthy of pleasuring me other than MY FUCKING ASTRONOMICALLY ENHANCED SELF. I just wanted me and only me. FUCK ALL OF YOU. I was the supreme being of the universe. I AM A GOD. Then something happened: Something that saved me. No, someone saved me.

I don’t know how I broke out of it, but for a split second I heard a voice of a young man calling for me to come back to the real me and I realized how wrong it was to be this in love with yourself. I struggled but I managed to open my eyes, which broke the spell. I became ill with disgust over myself. I didn’t puke, but my stomach and my head reeled in pain. That must have been my test Jeff was talking about.

I looked at myself and I was wading in a pool of cum about 2 feet deep. I looked around the room to see if I had done anything to hurt the men or if anything else was different. After my eyes recovered from another blinding flash, which must have been radiating from my body the entire time, I noticed that wherever I looked, everything seemed strangely good looking. It was if everything looked back at me as though it wanted my full attention. It was like the room was in love with me. I could feel the weights wanting me to lift them. Each one of them actually felt the need to test my strength. They were yearning for me to lift them high, feeling my awesome power. Then a medicine ball rolled towards me and jumped up into my arms. With one swift reflex of a grabbing for the ball, I crushed it like a child’s balloon.

I threw the remains aside and noticed the cabinet with all the protein supplements had opened its doors and was presenting its contents inside to me. It was as if to say that it was all for me. I walked over to it and each supplement or protein drink was begging for me to consume them. This kind of freaked me out and I looked away and over to see that the guys were all awake and under the trance again. Each one had a glazed look of total lust in their eyes for me. Their arms were reaching out to me. Then, as if they were zombies from a horror movie, they started to crawl across the floor till they were under my huge legs. Each one started grabbing and caressing my calves and thighs. Eric and Carl rose up to lick and suck on my balls. I jumpe d back and realized that all of the pheromones that had caused me to go insane over myself had radiated out and was doing the identical thing to everything around me. Was this another test? I wasn’t sure.

I started to feel dizzy again and I closed my eyes, trying to concentrate. This time it worked. One by one the mosh pit, as Eric would say, of thoughts in my head started to sort out. This time, they were all thoughts of feelings or attributes. One thought was of endearment and love. Another was of power and strength. A third thought was over union and friendship. One more was of honor and duty while that of what I thought was the last, was of debauchery and sin. Then all of a sudden one stood out above the others. It was Control. I now realized I was to have control of my body, control of my surroundings, control of my men. All of the other thoughts would fall into place with the control of it al l. Just then, the group started moaning loudly as if they were calling to me to feed whatever need they were yearning for.

I started to get excited from hearing their moans and the sight of my unfaltering control that I had over everything in the room. It started to cause such a rush of power in me that I could feel my balls start to turn and begin to create even more gallons of cum. I thought I had completely emptied myself, into myself and on the floor only a short time ago, but I could feel it mixing and engorging my nuts. I looked at myself in one of the gym’s mirrors and I noticed my sac was pulsating and growing. It started getting extremely warm with a penetrating heat that poured into my dick and legs. Then, my cock started to lengthen and thicken like a blimp. It hit the previous four-foot level in record time, but to my amazement it continued to grow. The veins started popping out all over it as my blood literally pumped the giant larger and larger to over 6 ½ feet long and 3 feet around. Then just as quick as it started, it stopped. It just hung there sticking straight out and forward, pulsating with every heartbeat.

I looked back in the mirrors and noticed my face was disappearing over the top end of them. I realized I had started to grow taller as well. My whole body was changing again and I loved every second of it. My skin was turning a bright golden tan showing off more cuts of my muscular shape. My whole body was beginning to glow. It was a pale but noticeable sheen rising off of me.

I was already over 30 feet and now I had to punch through the ceiling to put my head and raising body through it. Up and up I continue to grow into the next story of the building. My shoulders broke through and then my chest was on the second floor. I stopped as my head hit the ceiling of that floor. I was now over 50 ft tall. I told the men to stay under me as I tore away the floor to the second story so I could see down into the gym.

All this time, I could feel my balls get as big as basketballs and then grow even bigger to the size of beach balls. I knew they were producing mega amounts of cum at a super quickened state. I started to feel like I was in a constant state of orgasm, but I wasn’t cumming, yet. Wave after wave of euphoria came over me. My entire body started to convulse in orgasmic spasms. It felt like I was cumming inside myself. My sac was burning up as it was filling up with what felt like heated cum. It was becoming more than it could hold. I could feel the liquid rising up my huge shaft like steam in a locomotive. As it rose up, my cock thickened another 9 inches to accommodate the gallons of fluid traveling towards the lighted end. Just as it reached my gargantuan cock head, it stopped. The press ure was excruciating and so fucking hot my cock felt like it would explode into a million pieces. I bellowed a load moan.

That’s when the medallion became part of me. It literally fused into the wall that was my chest and instantly caused me to go into Phase 2. There was no stopping or holding back as I started to shoot. All of this was so new to me and it felt so incredible that I couldn’t control myself. I let go of any resistance and totally gave into the moment. I grabbed my cock and aimed it directly at the men. I completely hose them down, not as to say shot after shot, but in a steady gush of glowing “silver” cum. Jesus, it was actually silver. It looked like mercury from a thermometer. It was splashing everywhere and even on me. Each spray of cum that landed on them caused them to moan even louder in pure joy and ecstasy. It was encasing everything it t ouched; the gym, my body, their bodies, but only their mouths were left untouched by it. Uncontrollably, I started to say, “OPEN WIDE MEN! Open wide for what you are about to receive. This is only the beginning and this will culminate the U4ia League of The Six”

U4ia League? Where the fuck did that come from, I thought? I shook my head and again, I blurted out to them to open their mouths and take in all of my metallic liquid that they could. Then I positioned my cock over each one of them so they could get a good sampling of me. After each one took in my powerful current, my silver serum caused their stomachs to balloon up as big as a nine-month pregnant woman. When they were full, the silver liquid started to secrete into their bodies causing each one to grow more and more muscle. Some would grow more than the others, but all of them grew at least 9-10 inches everywhere. Carl grew the most adding 18 inches to his entire form. He was definitely the large st of them all as he stood almost 25 feet tall.

I was still cumming, but the power of the flow was diminishing, when I realized that I had to ingest some of my own silver serum as well, so I sucked down all the remaining flow, until my balls were empty.

I started to feel completely indestructible. My skin felt hard as steel. My muscles were harder than marble. Even my breathing was different. If felt like I was not only breathing through my mouth, but through my skin as well. I could literally feel myself tightening up everywhere. My skin was stretched across my body like hard steel.

We finished what I now know was step 2 of a 5 part process for us to become SUPERHEROES. That phase was to embellish us with an invincible armor that nothing could penetrate if we so wished.

What happened next was, still to this day, a complete wonder to all of us. •

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