Ultimate Fucker

By MagusX

I stayed up too late tonight running with this idea. I hope to continue it. I hope you like it, and please forgive any errors; it's only been proofed once.

I heard someone say once that they thought reality TV was a fad, that it couldn’t last more than five, ten years. It’s kind of funny, really. They’re the modern day lotteries, now. Better than picking numbers like they did when I was a kid. Since TV went mainly online, the number of channels exploded, and a lucky - or perceptive - person could make millions by betting on the outcomes. They say that the human brain is the most complex system we’ve ever encountered; which makes us, I guess, more interesting to watch than a bunch of running horses or dogs.

And that’s how I found myself here, sitting in a cool, grey room, my naked ass freezing against the paper-covered examining table while a “doctor” (who was probably just some actor - he was a little too good looking) prepared the drug. He was going to inject me, and then send me out into the studio where me and another guy would struggle to top each other, all broadcast to a live audience of millions, over the net.

“Was the show good tonight?” I asked.

“Not bad,” the doctor said. He had a nice voice. Definitely an actor. “Mostly intro stuff, you know? A bit about you, a bit about Douglas, the fall-out of last night’s submission...”

I was on a reality show called “Grow”. It was their first season, and they were hoping to make a big splash with the erotica syndicate. After months of prep time, the show had started filming yesterday as (according to the press releases they’d allowed us to see), “Fourteen young men compete for a chance to be transformed into Ultimate Fuckers, but for an unlucky thirteen, their journey will end prematurely.”

“It’s a new drug,” they’d told us in pre-production, and again during yesterday morning’s filmed send-off. “One that combines the latest resequencing technology with cutting edge viral therapy. It will make you grow, men. Everywhere.”

Some of the guys had chuckled at the smarmy host’s intonation, but rumours had been spreading about the show for months before anyone had even applied. The drug was real, and the show was being produced partly by the pharm-corp that had invented it. They hoped to release the drug to the public soon, and thought this sort of stunt would make great publicity.

And it did; once the auditions began, news stations everywhere were talking about this “controversial” new drug. Religious groups and left-wing nutters found themselves on the same side at protests, linking arms against the erotica syndicate’s hired security. Rumours spread that the drug caused brain damage or that disease that’s named after the god “Priapus” where your cock stays hard forever. But other rumours, about how it made you a stallion in bed, how it made you confident, a cocky, sexy beast of a man, started to spread, too. There was no way the anti-sex extremists could force a network to cancel the show, though, and then soon enough, I applied.

But it was for the cash. There’s a cash prize in the end for the winner, and an option for a film contract that I probably wouldn’t take, but you never know. I grew up in the city, at a time when the last oil was being gobbled up by the rich suburbs and the pedestrian poor couldn’t afford the new “clean” cars, generators, appliances. My folks had to choose between feeding me and saving for my education, and since you can’t send a corpse to college, I got a job at the local X-store right after high school and stayed there until now, for 8 years.

But now, things had changed. My older brother called me six months ago to say that his son was sick. He had a good job - he was the last kid from our high school to be awarded a full scholarship - but even so he’d never been able to pay more than the minimum health insurance costs. His son, my nephew who I’d watched grow from infant to gangly pre-teen, was going to die. And so I entered the first thing I thought I’d be good at.

“You ready?” The actor-doctor was asking me now. He held up the “needle”, which looked nothing like the ones you see in old cartoons. I’d never had a needle, I suddenly realized. Would it hurt? He moved the needle - which looked more like an electric razor - to my neck. From the corner of my eye, I could almost see the webcam zoom in.

“You’ll experience some mild euphoria as the drug kicks in.” He told me. They’d already given us the briefing, but I suddenly felt glad for his reassuring voice. It had happened so fast, and suddenly I couldn’t figure out what had happened: he’d just injected me with a drug I knew virtually nothing about! “That will take ten or fifteen minutes, so try to relax. About that time we’ll take you to the warm-up room. You may experience some dizziness, and you will begin to feel flushed. This ‘heating’ sensation will continue throughout your growing phase.”

My growing phase. Wow. Was it too early for the euphoria to kick in? I had a million questions going through my mind, but couldn’t decide which one to ask first.

“Once the growing phase has begun, we’ll send you out there. Did you watch the show last night?”

I nodded. We all had, except for the two - Andrew and some guy whose name kept escaping me - who were wrestling. We were all kept mostly seperate, living with one roommate and only having seen the rest of the group twice so far, once yesterday morning for the introduction and last night for the show.

We’d all watched, rapt, as our lives were suddenly broadcast to the entire world. They compressed our whole day into a twenty minute biopic, with lots of footage of us walking around - I was actually shorter than a lot of these guys! - and short featurettes on each of us. I cringed when mine went by, but it was thankfully brief. The funniest was some tall, wiry blond guy who’d recorded his audition riding naked on a mechanical bull until it bucked too hard and nailed him in the nuts. The room went wild with laughter when that happened, everyone looking around the room to see if they could find which guy it was. He’d stood up and grinned, looking like he might do it again in no time flat. I knew which reality-stereotype he was meant to be.

The show then talked about the first match-up. They showed Andrew first, a red-head with an average sort of build and striking blue eyes. He talked about always wanting to have a career with the syndicate, and wanting the contract more than anything. He seemed like a nice kid, if a little earnest. He was 22, the show said, and from Old Maine. The other guy, the one whose name I can’t remember, was a scrawny, short guy with limp, dark hair and eyes that squinted like he’d waited too long for corrective surgery. If it weren’t for the drug, it would have been a bad match-up. The other guy was 30, a librarian from Texas.

They’d been given the drug, and the twelve of us watched the pair of them enter the studio, naked. They were already beginning to sweat as they circled each other, their cocks, not yet hard, looking plump, swollen somehow. Andrew made the first move, rushing at the little guy, knocking him over. Andrew had forty pounds on the librarian, even if it was mostly baby-fat. Even so, the drug was already working. Andrew didn’t look too different yet, but on the skinny librarian you could see something working in his muscles as he struggled free from Andrew’s grapple.

The librarian was almost to his feet when Andrew lunged again, his blue eyes alarmingly focused, but it was a different struggle now. The librarian didn’t try to get away, instead he let Andrew topple him over, but then he rolled, grabbing the larger man’s wrists and forcing them to the ground until Andrew was straddled beneath the wiry man.

Both of them were hard now. I was hard, and so, probably, were half the guys watching with me. A camera zoomed in to Andrew’s perspective, the librarian’s meaty, erect cock pointing at the lens, his suddenly weighty balls resting on Andrew’s stomach.

The librarian started to say something when Andrew fought back. Grimacing, we watched as he forced his hands up, the muscles in his arms straining, even growing from the effort.

The pair struggled, and as they wrestled you could see the changes. Andrew seemed to grow into his baby fat, the pudginess not receding, but being replaced by solid strength. The librarian’s change seemed more startling as he appeared to grow two shirt sizes in minutes.

“I have that kind of build,” a skinny kid sitting next to me had said, proudly.

There were other effects. Their cocks were growing, at least an inch or two, and their faces seemed to have changed, too. Andrew’s face was slightly more angular, his red hair, even as it was matted and dark against his scalp, seemed richer somehow. The librarian’s jaw was firmer, broader. Both of them had more stubble after a few minutes, and while Andrew stayed somewhat smooth, the librarian’s chest hair was filling out.

As dramatic as the librarian’s change was, though, after the first minute it was clear that he was outmatched. Andrew took to his body smoothly, as if he had been born as the athlete he was becoming. He seemed to enjoy his strength, and as lust crept into his eyes you could see joy there, too. His cock was harder than any dick I’d seen in my life - working at a porn shop you see a lot - and was slick with precum and sweat. I think he knew he was going to win by that point, and maybe he was teasing the librarian a little bit.

But eventually he got the librarian - built a little like a sprinter now, to Andrew’s amateur wrestler’s physique - into a hold. The camera focused on Andrew’s cock as he slid it along the librarian’s crack, and then, after a delicious pause, he was working his way in.

The librarian was enjoying it, you could see it in his eyes as Andrew began to thrust. The once-wiry man gave up his struggles, and moaned in pleasure. All of us watched, fascinated, as Andrew quickly approached climax, grunting as he came into the librarian’s now-muscular ass with his longer, thicker cock. I was hard as a rock in my pants and would have beat off right there if I hadn’t known that at least some of the guys in that room were straight. I bet even the straight guys were hard, though. The drug obviously worked.

And I could feel it working now. I guess it was euphoria, only that I felt normal. Or, well, if normal means that you’re having a day where you don’t have any aches and you’re well-rested and alert and ready to move. I was smiling at the doctor, I realized as he walked me to the warm up room. He was quite attractive, even if he wasn’t that great of an actor. Maybe I’d get a chance to do him, after the show.

It wasn’t like sex was all I could think about, it was just like when I usually feel horny, just aware of my cock, aware of my body. My eyes naturally wander down a guy’s form, admire his broad shoulders, his wide back, his ass. Maybe the drug was amping up the feeling a little bit, but it didn’t feel intrusive. It was almost a lazy feeling. Like the drug was inviting me to enjoy it, rather than insisting.

“Get ready now.” The doctor said. I could feel his breath on my ear as his voice rumbled next to me. Was that fifteen minutes already? Time flew. My cock was feeling heavy and full between my legs. Not hard yet, but ready. My body was buzzing a little bit. I flexed my muscles and it felt good. I wondered who I’d be wrestling.

The doors opened and I stepped into the studio.

It looked different than it did on TV. The ceiling was a mass of lights, most of them trained on me, making me squint a little. Maybe the librarian hadn’t needed surgery, after all. It was a circular room, with lines for cameras running from floor to ceiling. A large white circle was painted on the mat and I stepped into it, waiting for my opponent to do the same.

This was Douglas, and I’d never seen him naked. He was average height, a little shorter than me, with a stocky, pudgy sort of build. I think he was a computer programmer. Sat around a lot, so maybe he wasn’t strong. I wasn’t an athlete or anything, but I’d at least been training myself since I first applied. Still, he had twenty pounds or so on me. It would take a lot to get him to let me fuck him.

And I wanted to fuck him. Very badly. The incentive went beyond winning the round, getting one step closer to winning the money. The drug only worked so long as you topped. The second you let another man come up your ass, it stopped working. You’d get no bigger, and so, no longer any use to a show about growing freaky muscle men, you’d be eliminated. You’d never have a chance for the next dose.

Like I said, I don’t mind the idea of being better looking. And as I stood there, squaring off against Douglas, I could feel the drug working, making my muscles grow, my dick grow. There was a pleasant buzz in my face, maybe the drug was doing something there, too. I was sweating, but it was a clean feeling, a powerfully motivating one. I felt ready, charged up. Horny.

But when I lunged at Douglas, following Andrew’s lead from the night before, I was doing it for the money. My dick was already hard when I knocked the other man to the ground, using my legs to prevent him from grappling me, trying to pin his hands.

It was a tougher fight than I’d expected. Watching wrestling in a porn and trying to do it yourself are two completely different things. Even though I was flying on the sudden strength I was feeling in my limbs, my cock, I could see that he was flying just as hard. His coal-dark eyes gleamed with lust as the drug worked the same magic in his veins as in mine. I felt his hard dick press against my belly, burning my already-hot flesh. My dick slid between his legs and I thrust blindly, knowing I wasn’t anywhere near his hole but relishing the feeling.

I felt him exhale as he fought. His arms were hardening beneath my fingers, I could feel the fleshy matter firm and grow dense, strong. I was aware of my own changes, too. I suddenly knew exactly how Andrew had felt, feeling the strength and knowing that it was mine.

“Let me fuck you,” I growled, and it even felt like my voice was lower, coming from a place deeper down. Coming, maybe, from my cock.

He didn’t answer, but his struggling intensified. Somehow, he slid out of my hold and was beginning a reversal. I could feel his meaty cock club against my ass cheek as he tried to get in position. His grip didn’t seem to be slipping off of me as easily as mine was him, but I wasn’t ready to submit.

“I’m going to fuck you,” I growled again in that same, strange voice. It wasn’t a threat, simply a statement of fact. I knew it was true.

I rolled suddenly and he lost his balance enough for me to twist around and grab one of his arms. It was thicker than it had been at the beginning of the fight, and feeling the strength in it turned me on more. I locked eyes with him, and seeing my own lust reflected back at me made my heart pound, my dick throb. He stared back with the same intensity, and then something changed.

Something in his resistance broke and I was able to turn him around. Before I even knew what was happening, my cock was at his hole. I didn’t hesitate as Andrew had, I had no ability to savour. I was not aware of time, only of a perfect moment when I was One. Body, cock, sex. His ass clenched as I entered him, then instantly released. My dick slid inside and I heard him grunt. I pulled back to thrust again, and again I found that perfect moment. Body, cock, sex.

Each time it was like that. My body felt big in its skin, tight and strong. I was a fucking machine, finding a pace and following it to the golden moment, which was not long in coming. I erupted inside him, feeling my cock explode, destroying his dream but taking me one step closer to mine.

“Fuck,” I heard myself say, and I leaned forward. Already I could feel his body cooling against mine.

“Thank you,” I heard him breathe. “Thank you, thank you.”

The buzz was fading as they lifted me up from Douglas’ body, walking me around the studio in a victory parade. My thoughts were racing, I couldn’t really believe what had happened to me, couldn’t believe how good it felt, couldn’t believe that I’d won.

“Good job,” the doctor said to me. “I’ll see you next week for round two. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the matches, and your new body.” •

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