Magic Pill

By Jim

Tommy was the shortest kid on the basketball league team he had joined. While the other boys had done some real growing and changing the past year he still looked like like a little kid.

He had a real desire to grow and get bigger. He'd been lifting weights in the basement that were his brothers, but though he was 14 he still had not hit puberty like the rest of the kids.

Not only was he worried about this but so was his parents who decided that they had to take him to the Dr and find out what was wrong.

They made an appointment with Dr. Walker and went to see him. The told him of the problem of the lack of growth and the small size of Tommy. Dr Walker took Tommy back to the the examination room and did all sorts of tests on him.

When he came back out he told the parents that he couldn't find anything wrong with Tommy, but that he too was concerned with the lack of growth. He told them of an experimental drug based in Human Growth Hormone that they were trying. He asked if were ok to try i t on Tommy.

Tommy's parents said sure they would like to see what what would happen.

So the Dr gave Tommy a huge shot of a purple liquid and then gave them some pills for him to take everyday. He was to come back in a week and get another shot and do that for the next few months.

Tommy felt strange that night as he went to bed. He wasn't sure exactly what it was but he knew something was happening.

The next morning when he woke up he noticed something strange. His dick which had been like a small boys was hard as a rock. Now he had some experience with hard ons, but nothing like this. It was almost painful it was so hard. he got up and pulled up his shirt and there it was poking out, unlike before it was much longer. Before it had been around 3 inches it was maybe 5 or so. Not on that but there was a strange slick liquid coming out.

He rubbed it and suddenly felt a rush. He shot a load of white cum filling his black underware.

In the meantime he began to notice some other things as he was taking the pills each day. The working out he had been doing was starting to show! Muscles began to fill his arms and chest, his abs began to take shape as well.

Suddenly he went into overdrive. Shooting up 6inches in height and another 40lbs of weight...all bone and muscle. •

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