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By Corwin

IM Chat started

CorwinScot: Man! I gotta tell someone what just happened. I can't believe it.

CorwinScot: I was sitting at one of the computers in my office, typing in the latest chapter of the story I was working on. It was getting late, and Champ was in bed. I was about to turn in to when I noticed this light behind me.

CorwinScot: I turned around, and this huge man was there. Damn, he was massive. There were muscles bulging out all over him. He made that computer generated Hulk look small. I backed away so fast, I fell off my chair.

CorwinScot: I tried to call for help. Tried to get my dogs to come in, but it was like the room we were in had been cut off from the rest of the house.

CorwinScot: I think I screamed something like, "don't hurt me," or "help," or something.

CorwinScot: I had no idea what was going on. I thought some steroid case had broken in and was going to kill the faggots in the house or something. I nearly shit myself, I was shaking so much.

CorwinScot: Then the guy bellowed something at me. His voice was so loud and powerful, but I think he said he wanted me to worship his body or something. I was in such shock that I can really recall is his body.

CorwinScot: He was towering over me as I lay cowering on the floor. From my vantage point, I saw the most massive legs I could imagine. There were thick veins feeding huge muscular calves. His quads hung inches over his knee caps, and they were ripped.

CorwinScot: I've been biking 50 miles a day lately, and my legs are ripped, but this guy was so much more buff than me, and he was huge.

CorwinScot: You know me. I lift every day, and I bike like a maniac, so I'm in shape. But I'm thin and small and not very muscular, well, at least not like I want to be.

CorwinScot: As I continued to look up the guy, he wore some posing trunks or speedo or something. Man, the guy's dick looked huge! The guy's abs were rocks, man! and then those pecs. My god, the shelf they made over his abs. The guy was so fucking wide, and his shoulders were so round.

CorwinScot: The next thing I know, he bending down and these treetrunk arms are come toward me. One of his arms looked wider than my body! He placed his hands under my arms, and lifted me to him. That's when I saw his face.

CorwinScot: They guy was handsome, and he looked a bit sad. "Scott, snap out of it. I don't want to hurt you. I want to give you everything you ever desired."

CorwinScot: I just stared at him. He was so big and strong, my brain just turned off. I couldn't talk. I may have moved my mouth, trying to form words, but all my emotions and desired went into overdrive.

CorwinScot: "Please, Scott. Say something." I think I finally blurted out, "why me?"

CorwinScot: "It's a long story, and you may not believe me. Scott, there is magic in this world. Real magic. I use to be small and weak, but I used that magic to become what I am now. I was selfish, and I may have hurt people. Now, I want to make that right. I need someone who desires muscle, who is overwhelmed by it and who wants it almost as much as life itself. Scott, that's you. I want to give you that dream, and if you accept, then you will give me something too."

CorwinScot: "You're gonna kill me, aren't you?" I said. "No no no. No harm will come to you, I promise. But, if you let me serve your fantasies, you will make me even bigger and stronger than I am now." I gulped at that. The guy was a monster already.

CorwinScot: "Who..." I could still barely speak. "My name is Larry." He let go of me. I felt the heat of his body and I was really turned on. He lifted his massive arm and flexed his bicep near me. "Scott, does this turn you on?" He could see that it did. "Do you want to touch it."

CorwinScot: My heart was beating so fast at seeing this massive arm. I was shaking from desire as I put my hand on it. God, it was hard and warm. I nearly cum in my pants.

CorwinScot: "Scott, may I look at you?" Larry asked. I think I nodded yes. He waved his hands and I felt my clothes fly off my body. Larry came over and touched my chest. "Nice pecs," he said. This guy had massive slabs of muscle, and mine were so thin. Ya, I can do reps with 225, but this guy looked like he could bench press a mack truck! He squeezed my chest and pinched my nipples. "Flex it for me," he asked. I did. "Nice and hard. You are on fit guy." I felt totally warm as my heart pumped blood hard and fast through my body. I reached up and felt the massive muscle that was on Larry's chest. He flexed it. It was amazing. I moved my hand over his abs. I was beginning to feel light headed, overwhelmed by this man.

CorwinScot: I felt Larry's arm reach behind me to support me. "Nice lats, too," he whispered as he began to kiss me. I felt his hand touch my thigh. I'm shaving for the summer, and my thighs are pretty ripped right now. "Hard legs too." I wrapped my thigh around his and flexed mine into Larry's. There was no competition. My legs may be strong, but his were much bigger and more powerful. I felt my cock pop out over the top of my underwear and press against to top of my bellybutton.

CorwinScot: Larry noticed this too. He reached his big hands into my shorts, and cupped my balls. With a quick yank, he ripped them off me, feeling my 9+inch length. "Nice cock," he said. "Would you like me to suck it?"

CorwinScot: "uh huh!" Larry lifted me up like I was a ragdoll and inserted my 9x6 inch cock into his mouth. I rested my hands on his mountainous traps. I felt his huge torso, and wrapped my legs under his cavernous pits and over his amazing lats. I pushed with all my might and couldn't even dent the hardness of his body.

CorwinScot: Ya know, we write about these guys on musclegrowth, but experiencing them is another thing. Man, this guy was blowing my mind with his power, his masculinity, his hard power. "Can I feel your cock?" I asked.

CorwinScot: Larry put me down and removed his trunks. Man, he was so much bigger than me. I've only been with a few guys who were bigger than me, and it is a real turn on, let me tell you. But Larry was fucking amazing. There was no way I could get that monster in my mouth, and even with two hands I couldn't get a firm hold on it. No way was I going to let him fuck me.

CorwinScot: I noticed something else. Larry seemed to be getting bigger. I know it sounds impossible, but the guy was getting more muscular before my eyes! I felt my cock get even harder at that thought. Larry noticed too, and wrapped his fingers around the base like a cock ring, making me even thicker and longer than normal. "Scott, would you like to fuck me."

CorwinScot: I have to admit, it's always been a fantasy to fuck a real bodybuilder. The idea of seeing an amazingly rigid and hard set of lats as I pounded away with my big dick. I've always been reluctant to admit that, and here's a man I couldn't even imagine asking if that's what I want to do. "Ya, but you're so big."

CorwinScot: Larry said something I didn't understand. "Taken care of. I will experience you as if I were only 250 pounds of muscle." Larry got down on his knees, and I stepped behind him. "Uhm, condom?" I asked. "No problem. We are protected by magic." Now, normally I wouldn't believe a line like that, but somehow I knew it was true.

CorwinScot: I inserted one finger in his butt as I leaned over and (tried to) kiss his neck. He smelled so musky, so masculine, so manly. I put in another finger as I found that tender area. He bucked and controlled himself, and he continued to get bigger and stronger. I put in another finger, stretching his hole for my organ. When I felt he was ready, I grabbed my dick and pushed.

CorwinScot: Larry pushed back and moaned approvingly as I pushed the head in. Slowly I pushed in a little more, then pulled back. I gave him time to adjust to my size. I thrust in a bit more, then out as he opened up more and more to me. He was sweating as he felt my meat penetrate him.

CorwinScot: Whatever Larry had done, it was true. The size difference didn't matter, he was reacting like any of my other lovers to my dick. And I got to experience a muscle man like I had never before.

CorwinScot: How can I describe what it's like, being joined to such a huge man, giving pleasure to him and receiving it from him. He would flex for me, driving me insane. My body was alive and hot, sharing the heat of his body. Feeling its power and strength. I could feel myself about to cum. I pulled out and he rolled over. We both shot our loads on his chest, mine flying so high some of it got on his chin.

CorwinScot: Larry was huge when we had started, but he was so much bigger now. It was like he had become half again as big as he had been. He flexed his arm and allowed me to kiss it. I buried my head in his armpit as he stroked the back of my head.

CorwinScot: "Thank you Scott." "Will I ever see you again." "Yes, I'd like that." He left in a blaze of light. Man it was a total mindfuck! I'm still hard just thinking about him.

CorwinScot: Hey dude, something is happening here again. Fuck, what now! I think he's coming back. Wait. Holy crap, it's not him. There's anothe....

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Bruno was just getting home. It was winter in Rio de Janeiro, but it was still hot and humid. He was glad to get inside. What he wasn't expecting was the massive man that was standing in his living room. In fluent Brazillian Portuguese, the massive figure said, "Hello Bruno. I've come here to make your dreams come true." •

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