Magic Posing Strap, The


By MuscleMarveler

DING DONG! -- I looked up from my computer screen as the doorbell rang. "Dammit! It was just getting good!" I thought, refering to the HOT erotic story I was reading. a big muscle hunk was having his way with a hot, fit woman. I loved hearing about the hard-bodied female, but the powerful stud was really getting me boned!

I answered the door. It was UPS.

"Please sign here, sir?" The hunky man handed me a small package and his clip board, directing me to the dotted line on the bottom of the form. I didn't remember ordering anything, but figured i didn't want to bug the guy.

"Thank You sir. Here's your package." He took the clipboard from me. "Have a good day!"

"Sure, you too" i yammered, bewildered by the small brown box i held in my hand.

Curiously i ran back to my computer desk and sat on my chair. i grabbed a pair of scissors and sliced the tape open. The box contained a golden-colored mass inside of a plastic bag, and a folded up piece of paper. Upon opening the bag, i found that it was what looked like a pair of bikini underwear, oversized, light and stretchy. The folded page told me what it was.

'You have been selected to recieve this magic posing strap. It's unlimited powers must never be taken for granted, and you must never give it to anyone else. Any unlawful or immoral use of these powers will cause you to return to your original state, and the strap will disinegrate.'

They looked like any other piece of underwear, and the washing instructions said the same. "Return to my original state. What does that mean?" I wondered, pinching the soft spandex-type fabric between my fingers. "Maybe i'll find out if i put it on." There was not tag or markings, but i easily denoted the wider part went in the front.

I ran to my bedroom and took of all of my clothes. I was still in my PJ's, on a Saturday where not much was to be done. I was in decent shape, nothing special. I ran and lifted the occasional weights, but never seemed to gain any real muscle mass. Staying in shape was a plus, though, and my regimine showed in my full-length mirror on my closet door. Since working out while playing baseball a few years ago as a senior in High School, i'd continued to stay in shape at my local gym.

Slipping one foot and then the other into the leg holes of the garment, it felt warm to the touch. Pulling it up around my waist was actually a little stimulating. The bagginess of it was a little uncomfortable, but i admired myself in the mirror, the golden color of the strap shimmering and gleaming as i twisted my body and the light from my window shining on it.

Then something strange happened. like static, the strap suddenly tightened and seem to for around my waist, the back pushing in between my ass cheeks, and the front hugging my not-so-endowed groin. "That's wierd!" murmered from my lips, and i snapped the waist, which i found to be a little tighter than i though before. The once oversized posers now seemed to fit me perfectly. Their warmth and comfort was also welcomed, and i began to flex my body, though there wasn't much to show. Still, my tight form was complimented by the lycra, and i was pleased by the result. I returned to my computer chair to finish my story, still curious what that 'magic' talk was about.

'His big, beefy hands encircled her firm waist as he prepared to enter her. lifting her up with no effort, his mighty arms lowered her on to his member. wrapping her legs around his waist, she instantly felt pleasure while rubbing his well-developed chest, and sliding up and down his equally-impressive sex organ..."

This story was getting hot, and i pulled the strap down around my not-too-impressive sex organ, already half hard, and began stroking. The story continued with her screaming and orgasming while he heaved deep into her and moaned and grunted. An average story to say the least, but my imagination kicked in as I visualized the built dude driving deep into this hot, tight babe. I was nearing an orgasm of my own when i thought about how cool it would be to even have a big cock like that, enough to drive someone wild, and have your way with them. He looked down at his own member, and began to wish it were bigger.

The tingling feeling was one he never felt while masteurbating before, and the blood pumping through his penis' vein seemed to be increasing. What felt like an oncoming orgasm, hardness and blood flow increasing to my member, continued without any outcome, my hand stroking harder. My fingers seemed to be pushed outward by a strange force, and i soon realized what was going on.

As if being inflated by an air pump, my penis was increasing in length and girth. Slowly, but unmistakeably, it was getting longer and thicker with each beat of my heart and throb in the vein running down it's length. My body began to quiver as my once 5" cock slowly grew and grew. The tingling continued as i stopped stroking, and i watched as my fingers spread apart and the head inched away from my fist.

"Is this happening cause of the strap?" I thought, remembering that i mentally wished for a bigger cock right before the sensation began.

"Ten inches!! Grow to ten inches and thick!" I said outloud. I also thought about making the transformation go faster, and was pleased to see the pace of my expanding meat quicken at my command!! Soon, my big meat was just the way i thought it to be, big and long with veins and striations all up and down it.

"This big meat needs some big balls, too!" i thought as a big smile came over my face! I felt a tingle in my scrotum as my testes also obeyed my command, again growing to just the size i wanted them to become! gripping my newly-enlarged member, i began to stroke it up and down it's now amazing length, my fingers no longer touching my thumb as was nearing an explosive orgasm. Reaching down in time to grab a discarded bath towel from that morning on the floor near my chair, the ejaculation came with so much pleasure that i didn't even notice it's volume. Looking down at the towel once my eyes were done rolling back in my head, i was shocked at the amount of cum!

"FUCKIN'-A!! LOOK AT THAT LOAD!" it was dripping down the towel, and covered quite a few square inches of the cloth.

heading for my bedroom, my softening cock still fit snuggly into the posers, and taking them off in front of my mirror proved that the change was permanent. Slipping back into them, i figured i would need the rest of my body to match the power of my member.

"How about a grow four inches taller first?" I said to myself, watching as the crotch-hugging fabric remained in place while my legs and torso elongated. The tingle throughout my body was similar to the one felt a moment ago in my cock and balls. My skin stretched over my longer frame as the cuts between my muscles became slightly more defined as the muscled themselves stretched to keep up with my larger bone structure.

"NOW FOR SOME FUN!!!" I bellowed, admiring my now 6' 2" frame, looking skinnier than it had before, and peering down at the bulge in the front of the strap.

I lifted my right arm into a bicep flex, concetrating hard on the slight bulge on upper arm. The skin started to tingle on both arms as their forms expanded to my liking. The skin once again stretched around my bicep as the more-defined muscle grew before my eyes.

"Some nice 20" guns will do, for now anyway!" My triceps followed the lead and too began to grow. That elusive tingle made me glow even more as i witnessed the change. The growth spread to my forearms, where their once boney forms began to be layered with hard, solid meat, tapering down to my fisted hand, i gave the bicep a rolling flex, causing it to bulge hard and firm. I reached up with the other hand to find that it was nearly rock solid. TIME FOR MORE!!!

My chest heaved foreward as i continued the growth through the rest of my body. I became more turned on as my nipples hardened against their will from the bellowing muscle below them, and the crevice between my chest muscles began to take shape. I stopped the growth at 45 inches, nicely complimenting my bulging arms. My lats were next, widening just enough for my arms to begin spreading away from my body. My traps climbed the side of my neck, while by shoulders blew up to become boulders of power. The whole package including my thick arms had to total over 65 inches. My abdominals crammed together as they became thick and cut, also adding another row to beneath my pecs. Their round forms glistened in the mirror below my thick chest, And my heavy breathing made them stretch and contract in the studliest way possible. I was truly turning myself on, as the snake in my magic posing trunks began to harden again.

My legs were ready to grow as I widened my stance, and just by imagination caused my quads to balloon in size, nearly touching eachother though my legs were pretty far apart. i continued to grow my thights to 26" while causing my calves to swell to a perfect diamond shape, 18" in diameter each.

My now super-sculpted form was a sight to be seen. i looked like an amature bodybuilder who'd been training durring an exuberant and determined off-season to win the upcoming trophy. sweat pellets dripped of my frame as i felt full of energy and vigor. Flexing this time was all-but-mediocre, admiring every single muscle group and putting on one hell of a show for my self. Putting my fists on my waist, i bounced one pec and then the other, and grinned again at my enhanced physique. I wondered how much more muscle i could stand on my already big body! I turned around, craning my neck towards the mirror to admire my wide, sinewy and writhing back muscles. I felt like it was time to head down to the gym for a good workout, to see how much power i now posessed. •

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