For a Good Cause

By chubbymascot

"Serve your country. Fight for a good cause. Willing and ready subjects needed for government-funded military project. Stipends included."

'Hey', Jim thought to himself, 'That doesn't sound bad at all'.

Jim was just the kind of guy would answer a newspaper ad like that. He actually cared so much about other people that he would definitely be willing to do anything that could possibly help. Of course, that seemed to be the only way he could find to help. He wasn't a very big guy, kinda scrawny. He could never really help in the ways he wanted to, which, to Jim, consisted of building a homeless shelter single-handedly. He had high hopes for service.

But Jim did what he could. And, that day, he followed the newspaper ad to a small building in the country. The whole place was metal from the ceiling to the floor. Very secretive.

Jim made his way inside, wearing his usually white t-shirt and shorts. He approached the front counter and asked about the project. A receptionist sent him to a dark room in the corner of the building. It was a little frightening. Jim was left alone to stare at the metal walls for what seemed like hours. Finally, someone got to him.

"Hello, Jim. My name's Captain Schneider," said a tall, older man, grizzled enough to have been born into the military. "Are you ready to help us out?"

Jim nodded. He didn't know what he was getting into.

"Please take off your shirt," asked Schneider. Jim conceded, and stood across from the captain, revealing his concave chest and boney arms. "Oh, good," said Schneider, "You look like you'd appreciate this."

Suddenly, Schneider took out what appeared to be some kind of odd laser-like firearm. He reached out, aiming it directly at Jim.

"What the...?" Jim squealed, running into a corner. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Of course not," said Schneider, "This is part of the experiment. Now hold still."

Jim was still ducking in the corner when Schneider once again set his target. He fired the beam at Jim.

After what seemed like hours, Jim awoke slowly. He looked around. 'Where am I?'

Jim was on a beach. He wasn't sure how he got there, but his head sure hurt. It must've been something from the gun.

He felt a bit different, though. Like he was a little bigger. He looked at his body. Something had changed. His muscles were slightly larger. Nothing very noticeable, but something definitely had happened.

'This is weird', thought Jim, before crying out, "Is anybody there?"

That's when Captain Schneider once again approached Jim from the distance. "Oh, good," he said, "I see you made it here all right."

Jim rose. "What did you do to me?"

"You'll see," said Schneider, "You're now a part of the government's newest Super Soldier project. Soon you will single-handedly be able to defend our country."

"But what if I don't want to?"

"Of course you do," said Schneider, "We wouldn't have sent you that newspaper if we hadn't known you liked helping people so much. By the way, you better take off those shorts before the changes start taking effect. You wouldn't want to rip them. They're nice."

Schneider began away. "Wait!" Jim called, but it was no use. Jim stood there in front of the water. He couldn't think of anything better to do, so he did what Schneider said and removed his shorts, revealing a pair of stickly legs in some tighty-whities. 'Now what?' Jim thought.

That's when it began. Something felt strange. "Ow, my stomach!" exclaimed Jim. It felt like it was burning. He looked down. The first thing Jim could feel was his ass slowly expanding outward, bubbling into two firm muscular bubbles. He touched them. "What's happening to me?"

Next, his calves began growing, as if someone was just pumping muscle directly into them. They inflated from the bottom-up, working their way towards his knees and then into his thighs. His thin thighs that you could once have wrapped a hand around quickly ballooned outward, being pulled larger and larger, till his lower body was as tight as it could get.

Jim grabbed his stomach. The burning was starting again. A firm, muscular set of abs began forming, forcing his stomach outward. He could feel his obliques forming deep grooves in his side. His chest began swelling outward. The muscle pushed against his skin, almost causing Jim to double over. His pecs were now huge and firm. The muscles in his shoulders pushed outwards, forming a powerful slope to his upper arms. His biceps filled with strength. He had turned into a muscular model - as sexy as he could have ever imagined.

"Wow!" Jim yelled. "This is great!"

He was pleased with his new body. He could finally do some good in the world with what he was given. That's when he noticed a forest to the side of the beach. 'I bet that's the way out of here', Jim thought.

As he approached the woods, he noticed an army cap on the ground. He set it on his head. "Jim, reporting for duty!" he proudly stated, ready to help.

But he wasn't ready quite yet. As soon as he put on the hat, more changes began. His arms crinkled into a six-pack, giving his upper body a "V"-like quality. His biceps grew even more massive, widening, expanding. His pecs burst forward, shaping his body into a muscular, powerful, military man!

Jim reached down and felt his new chest and abs.

"Finally, I can do some good." •

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