Flexing Out of Clothes

By Manning

Eric came home from a long day at work. He's in construction and it shows. He walked in the housewearing his dark shades, hard hat, faded blue jeans, brown loafers, and beige button down shirt. He removed his shades and hard hat and greeted me. I was on the sofa watching the evening news and enjoying my seedless watermellon chunks. "Hey! What's up", I greeted, "Dinner is in the microwave keeping warm". "Thanks, man. but dinner can wait. I've got a surprise for you", Eric said as he knelt down to kiss my forehead. "What surprise is that," I asked. "In a moment; you'll see." I noticed that Eric was quite shiny and and had an excellent smelling fragrance that brought the house to life. "It's time, man", Eric said. Eric brought his left arm upward and flexed it. The shirt sleeve filled out quite nicely as the steely hard bicep bulged. He brought up the other arm, displaying a front double-biceps pose. He extended his right leg forward for a decent pose.

Eric turned around to show me the pose from the rear. "Watch this", I heard him say. He turned to face me and all of a sudden I heard the sound of fabric tearing. His shirt which was once capable of containing his torso lost its ability to do so. Eric's 23.5 inch biceps exploded out of the seams. The tear in the sleeves continued to grow like a peeling banana. He began twisting his wrists to show the thickness of his forearms. Eric grabbed his left wrist and bringing his arms out to the side for an amazing side-chest pose. His shirt became flimsy as his enormous pecs ballooned outwards. The buttons began vibrating like glass in an earthquake.. I heard the same tearing sound as the buttons flew every-which-way across the room with his chest and abs ripping out the front of his shirt. Eric struck a lat- spread pose that destroyed the back of his shirt. Pieces of the shirt fabric were falling to the floor. For the final upper body pose, he did an impressive, or should I say, most impressive most-muscular which ripped the shirt collar off his neck and trapezius muscles. This pose destroyed the rest of the shirt fabric exposing his massive deltoids. Eric wasn't finished with his posing routine just yet. he still had his lower body to flex. He flexed his feet which burst out of his brown loafers. He next flexed his massive quads. Those quads, like his biceps which filled out the shirt sleeve, filled out the thick denim jeans and burst outwards. His calves ripped at the ankles of his pants legs with the tear moving upwards. Raising his legs, Eric flexed his hamstrings and glutes to destroy the ass and back of the pants.

Eric flexed another most-muscular to remove all the fabric on his lower body. Before me stood one god of a man: 6'2, 265 lbs of rippled striated contest muscle that the top pros like Andreas Munzer achieved--only better, 25 year old blonde hair. Eric only wore a pair of skimpy bright red (fluorescent) posing trunks that accented the tan and oil quite nicely. Now I knew why Eric was so shiny and smelled great: He was using the Jan Tana posing and tanning oils. They give off a great fragrance and shine. Eric asked me to, "Oil me up, man". I'm going to give you a great private muscle posedown you'll never forget." I love this part: I oiled him up. Wherever my hands roamed on his body as I oiled him, he flexed. He flexed so hard that the veins were becoming more visible and engorged with blood. His chest was the most exciting part. Eric loves his chest and is a chest man.

"C'mon Tim, oil my pecs. Oil my fucking pecs. Yeah, all over my chest, man. Rub it on my chest", Eric requested. I did what I was told and dipped my fingers in the oil to oil up his navel. I love Eric's very well developed and defined abs. He's got an 8-pack and very vell developed obliques. His abs are hard and taut over that navel of his. I finished oiling him up and he carried me to the bedroom. I was in such ecstasy that my dick was a lot harder than ever before. I've seen Eric in contests and private posedowns, but nothing like this.

"What's this, little buddy", Eric asked. I replied, "It's called a hard-on. A huge 10 inche hard-on". he gave me a few gropes and strokes and I damn near had an orgasm. "I've got one last pose to show you. I just invented it about a week ago." "What pose is that?" Eric said, "Abdominals, cock and thighs".

"Let's see it", I said. "Here goes, but be warned: this will have a tremendous effect on you." Eric flexed the abs, cock, and thighs pose. As he flexed, his red posing trunks grew tighter as his crotch grew bigger. Before I knew it,

Eric's glutes were ripping out the ass of the posing trunks as his huge 11.5 inch cock popped out the front and sticking straight up. His cock was veiny and striated in all its glory as his arms were behind his head flexing the abs. His big dick caused me to erupt in so much mancream. I couldn't stop cumming. The more I came, the harder, longer, and more rigid my member grew.

I had to touch his dick and it felt so I had to warm it up. . As my dick continued cumming like a waterfountain that wouldn't quit, I devoured Eric's member. His dick was so hard and hot it was turning deep red and purple. I could feel it surging harder, longer and more rigid than ever before. "Oh, suck my dick, man. My cock is getting larger with each suck. OOHHHH!!!". Before long, Eric's dick was 13 inches long and still growing. "Fuck!! I've never been this hard before or this long long and thick", he said. I reasaw Eric was still growing as I was still shooting. He stopped at 15.5 inches long and screamed. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! OOOOOOHHHHH!!!! AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!"

Eric blasted an ocean ful of cum everywhere and he couldn't stop . I finally stopped cumming after 5 minutes and his lasted 10 minutes. This was the most incredible muscle session I've ever had. Eric flexed out of his clothes, posing trunks, came in my mouth and shot for 10 minutes. When his orgasm ended, pools of cum were on the floor and he crawled on top of me with his dick still rigid. It felt like an iron bar. This huge, 6'2 25year old, 265 lbs musclestud dominated my smaller muscular build. I'm a stripper part time and weigh 153 lbs on my 24 yr. old, 5'11 frame. Eric was on top of me kissing me with my eyes reeling and head rolling. My hands roamed his broad yet very muscular back and chiseled gutes. My 25 year old bodybuilder muscle- hubby gets all the care in the world and he does the same for me.We're in love and made for each other. "So what did you think about that little session, Tim?" "Wonderful, Eric. Just Wonderful." •

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