Forced Change of Lifestyles, A

By jumpingbassflash

The gym was as crowded as I'd ever seen it the day I met the jerk who did this shit to me and my friends. To say we were changed by the experience would be an understatement, all three of us are way different now. Our very life styles have been altered by this mad man. Try as we have we just cant get back what he took from us.

My name is Rick Bellington. Me, Dallas and Cal all used to be pretty big guys. Me and Dallas were professional body builders. Not any more though! Now I'm not anywhere near that anymore. Let me tell you my story. So before I tell you what I look like now let me tell you how we used to act and what we looked like and liked to do. So here goes, this is the story behind our forced changes.

First our descriptions of what we once were like. I'll start with Cal, he was my best friend. He was so cute in every way, he wasn't really that big as far as muscles went but he had a body that was to die for. If you liked shorter muscular guys that is. He was about 5'8"inches tall just out of the so called short range for a guy. But he was built like a brick shit house, his body was as muscular and well toned as any I've ever seen, not to big though. He had good definition to him, he weighed in at a good 165Lbs. Not bad for his height, he didn't look like those shorter muscle freaks looked. That is to say he wasn't to big for his height. But he did have some big tight chest dominating pecs on him, and his biceps, well lets just say they were huge for his size, they were 19 inches around easy, and his forearms were the thickest for his size that Id even seen. His legs were thick and muscular and he always wore tight fitting jeans that showed them and his fine perfect ass of nicely. His face was and still is to this day one best looking I've ever seen, Next to mine of coarse. He had a thick head of hair, we all did then. It was light brown and softly graced with the suns energy, that is to say it was sun bleached to a light almost blonde color here and there. His nose was the small unobtrusive type, it was cute and sloped to a small blunt point. And his face was angular and strong looking, with the deepest of green eyes and bushy eye brows and mustache and well kept goatee his teeth were perfectly white, he had an infectious smile that just caused you to smile back when he smiled at you. The only real problem with Cal was his arrogant attitude. He hated gay guys with a passion, we all did. We would go out of our way to harass them if given the slightest chance to do it. But he was the worst about it. He liked to pick on the shorter guys though. I think it made him feel superior to them, I know he didn't like being as short as he was. Even though his body looked perfectly symmetrical in every way. Not to stocky and not to small. He looked just right to everybody but himself.

Then there was Dallas, Now Dallas was a classic looking type of guy, he had the lowest body fat of us all at 4.5 percent he owned the record at the gym. Try as they might nobody ever got their body fat count lower then Dallas's was. And he was also both handsome and very well built. He had a classic body if anyone did. He was 6'2" and weighed in at an easy 220Lbs of rock hard muscles. He had the smallest waist of us all. It was 29 inches around. A tight 8 pack of super tight abs dominated his mid-drift, and huge muscular pecs dominated his front of his upper torso, they were thick and muscular and stuck out from his hairy chest. He was rather hairy. He still is to this day. But back to the story, from behind he was the best looking guy Id ever seen, not that I was a slouch or anything, I looked pretty damn good myself from the front, and the back. I just did'nt look like he did. I mean he looked Adonis-like. I think he won some of the body building contest with his looks rather then his size. I mean how could you not be prodigious in lue of his classic good looking face and perfect body. He looked as good in jeans as he did in a Speedo posing brief. His only real problem was that he had to buy a thirty two size jeans to let his muscular bubble butt and thick muscled legs have the room that their thick circumference needed, the waist line never came close to touching his fine body's waist, it was the only thing that caught your attention to the way his jeans fit him, the rest of the jeans were as tight as they could be. He always wore a belt to pull the waist line in and that helped a bit, even though you could see the folds in the matrial's waist line. Hell most of were just jealous of that fact alone.

Now about me since this is my story after all! I was very good looking, if I have to say so myself! I had the body from heaven. I was toned and fit and built to the max! I out weighed My friends by fifty pounds. And it was all muscles, well most of it was. I did have a good looking mid section trust me my only problem was that I carried a 10 percent body fat count. It made my waist line bigger than I would have liked it to be but it wasn't like I was fat or anything, I just had a bit of a roll to my rock hard abs. It was cut alright, but it was thick at the same time. I had a six pack ab section that jutted out a bit from my waist line. If I wore a tight fitting shirt it sort of looked like I might be a bit bigger in the waist then I would have liked to look. I think it kept me from ever placing any where but second or third in competition. But I was confident I would loose the body fat and eventually I would be snatching the first place trophies that Dallas got almost everytime he competed. I was good looking though and I knew it. I had the classic face guys wished they had square angular jaw line strong and forceful looking, your eyes were drawn to it. I had deep dimples that showed even when I didn't smile, they were a stand out feature to my handsome face. I have deep dark blue eyes that seem piercing to some people and my hair was a dark almost black color, it was thick and well cut I kept my bangs long for that extra touch, you know the let them hang in your face type thing. I figured anyone would love to be with me and or be me! I figured they felt that way about anyone of us three! And so did the guys! We were the shit and we knew it!

We all had that "Better then you!" attitude thing going for us, and why not we were better then anyone else as far as we were concerned. I was the bully type all my life as far back as I can remember I had the little guys as I called them doing my bidding or paying the price for their insolence. And you definitely didn't want to pay the price. It was a punch to the gut or a good ass whopping if you didn't do as I ask, or stay out of my way. No one fucked with me! No ONE! And I loved it. I do miss that part of my old life. Hell I miss everything about my old life! I miss being the big guy! Well I might as well tell you what happened to me and my friends now. I'm fighting back tears as I write this. I wish I could go back and change something and make it all better, I should have been nicer to people, little people that is but I wasn't and its to late to change things now! He made sure of that! I'll never be the same again. Fucker!

Well like I keep saying, it all started that day at the gym we dominated as the STUDS! Like I said it was so crowded. It was late in the month of May last year, Me and the guys were going to go on a camping trip together to Yosemite and we thought we would go to the gym and get all pumped for the trip and then we would shower and change into our jeans and tees and head out for the trip from there. That way we would all feel like we kept up our routine and none of us would feel guilty for not working out! Anyway, we went in like we always did. Our strong necks supporting our inflated egos high and strait for the world to take notice of. I wasn't watching where I was going as I walked in the place My friends were close behind and they weren't watching either as we just plowed though the crowd. This was our god damn gym! Who did these little guys think they were using our equipment and all anyways! I bumped right into this instructor who happened to be spotting a heavy weight for this twig who was trying his damndest to get a lousy 75 pounds up from a laying position. The trainer had his hands around the bar and was assisting the guy with his lift. Probably doing all the real lifting for the weakling! Anyway I hit the trainer with all my forward momentum I had built up to push through the crowd. Now I was a real big guy mind you 6'4" and 270 lbs of muscle hit the guy and knocked his hands loose from the bar he was gripping! Well the bar went down to the guys chest instantly! Apparently, the guy wasn't really holding it up! The trainer was doing that. Well the bar came down on him like a ton of bricks! It broke four ribs and caused the guy to have the breath knocked out of him. At the time we didn't know about the ribs but we did see his breath being knocked out of him! He winced in agony and tried to get his breath back at first he couldn't! And he couldn't even move the bar off his chest he was just to skinny to do that.

We all laughed our ass off at this pathetic weakling, god how pathetic can you get I thought as I watched the angry trainer try to lift the dead weight from the guys now excruciating painful broken rib cage. He got weights off and placed them on the bars holder and turned and read me and my friends the roit act! This little guy was his private customer and paid him handsomely to help him lift the weights and make the guy look good. He was such an asshole about it that me and the guys just flipped him and the now gasping little guy the bird. I didn't even apologize! I figure it was a lesson learned by this pathetic excuse for a man and his he-man servant! I thought personal trainers were for losers anyways! I was always big and never need a guy to tell me how to get bigger! To me it was pathetic at best!

Me and the guys went about our workout routines like we always did and we ignored the ambulance and all the paramedics that came rushing to the gym to help the little guy. Why should we have cared if the guy had been doing his own lifting this wouldn't have happened to him in the first place! I sort of watched it out of the corner of my eye as they put the helpless weakling on a stretcher and wheeled him out of there.

Cal started to laugh at the whole site. He mockingly blamed me for the whole thing with a big smile on his handsome face as he did it. I laughed back and so did Dallas. The little guy over heard us and he knew it truly was all my fault! But he was also very powerful! Not that I knew it But he was. I had no idea who he was And I really didn't care either. My fault or not he was in the wrong place at the wrong time! So fuck him I said to the guys They laughed and so did I.

We finished our work outs and headed for the showers. I loved the showers I thought tit was a chance to show off my other very big muscle! My DICK it was an easy 8 inches limp and a full 11 erect! The others were as close to if not even as big as I was down there. We all liked the looks we got from the envious group that usually shared the shower with us. We were, SO THE SHIT!

We finished our showers and I looked around the crowded shower area. There were guys who actually had hard-ons over just watching us take a shower! It was unreal! But I'll tell you that felt great! To be able to turn on a guy in the shower with just your body! MAN there is nothing that comes even close to that! I was a strait guy then, but it was great to have that kind of an effect on guys.

We went to our lockers and got dressed down to us. We all put on our faded jeans and some really tight fitting muscle tees! Why hide perfection from the viewing audience right? Well we looked great if I had to say it myself! We strutted out of the locker room to the envious stares of every guy there! We did look good. We walked out with a confident swagger to our walks like movie guys do, our powerful bods moving up and down with each step we walked as if we were in a well choreographed play, and this was our part of it! We looked good as hell! Our perfectly built bodies walking out. Big strong guys in great shape dressed for the rugged outdoors Big powerful 'V' backs with tight bubble jock ass's and powerful strong legs to get us where we wanted to go! And the might of strong thick chests tight abs and big as hell, lift what need to be lifted biceps to our work for us. We were ready for the great out doors!

We got to Dallas's Jeep and climbed in Cal had to ride in the back there was now way I was going to be the back-seater. We still had all the plastic windows all zipped up and we were just about to wind them down when a Cadillac Seville and two limos pulled in the front and the back of our jeep! I couldn't figure this one out! Who were these guy? What did they want with us? Theses four guys jumped out of the limo in front of us and two jumped out of the one behind and they all had guns pointed right at us! We were defenseless against this shit Muscles be damned we couldn't fight bullets!

What was weird was the fact that everybody in the crowded parking lot seemed to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to this whole seen! One guy he was a strong looking guy kind of good build, well he puts his one hand up in the stay where you are type gesture. We froze dead still as we watched the one guys pull a canister out of a nap sack and he walked up to our jeep and with a razor knife he slashed the plastic passenger side of Dallas's Jeeps still closed plastic window and popped the top of what looked like a shaving cream can and some kind of smoke started to pour out of the top of it! He threw it in our Jeep and we frantically tried to get rid of it! And then I cant remember what happened, at least not while I was in the jeep that is.

I woke up from what seemed to be the deepest sleep I'd had in years! My mind was humming it own weird tune when I finally woke up! What the fuck is what I thought first! I wanted to reach up and put my hand to my aching forehead But I couldn't move my arms! What the fuck I thought! Then I tried to lift my head but it to wouldn't move! I could wiggle my toes and fingers so I knew wasn't paralyzed but everything else was immobilized, I was strapped down! I started to get feeling back to my limbs and body and realized I was in bondage!

I did feel weird though, like I was weaker for some reason I felt more tired then I should have! I could look around the room but I couldn't lift my head up. I could move my head from side to side though and I was lying stuck in an almost up right position as well just slightly elevated with my feet hung down wards toward the ground I was slightly leaned back, and I could see Cal and Dallas as I looked around the brightly lit room. It was huge it looked like I was strapped to a gurney somewhere in the middle of a warehouse! Like I said I could see Dallas and cal but they didn't seem to be positioned like I was. Dallas was lying on a flat horizonttal gurney with a tube stuck in his mouth, ass and another stuck through the fly of his jeans! I assumed it went into his dicks head why else would it be there! I had some kind of thing in my ass as well But I couldn't tell if I had something in my dick too I couldn't feel it and I couldn't lift my head to look down to see if I did there was a band of steel just an inch from my forehead it didn't touch it but if I tried to lift my head it did! It stopped me from being able to look down to see if I did. I must have had one too Both cal and Dallas did? What the hell was going on I thought as I looked as best as I could at the guys! Dallas was laid down flat on his back on a gurney strapped like I was tightly to tight to even try to move You could see the straps were tight on him and I could feel they were tight on me!

But not Cal he was covered in what looked like a nice silk sheet on a regular looking bed It was as if they left him unstrapped? Something looked really wrong with him though! He was either in a really long looking bed or his legs were tied down with his knees slightly bent or something because he was halfway down that bed or he was shorter it had to be one of the three I knew that much. •

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