Foreman, The

By myoder

I was walking by the new office towers going up and stopped for a moment to watch the guys. Hunks all of them and sweaty hard-working men. Younger and older, most of them huge with bulging muscles from all the hard labor. But there was one guy who seemed bigger than the rest.

He looked to be about 45 years old with a weathered face. He wore a yellow hard hat that fit tightly over his short, brown curls. He had sunglasses and a thick bristly mustache with several days growth of stubble that looked like the beginning of a beard. He wore a T-shirt that hugged his massive frame and jeans that fit snugly over his huge thick thighs. Soft brown hair billowed out from the top of the t and his arms were enormous! The biceps bunched and flexed as he moved, and his back was amazing - thick and muscled. A real stud construction worker. I watched him moving around the yard. He seemed to be the foreman. He was giving instructions to the other guys who jumped to attention at his command. I was struck by his macho attitude as he strode around.

There was a crane attempting to lift several big steel beams - they looked like they weighed a couple tons. Just as the foreman was walking under them, I heard a loud snap! The cable broke and the beams started falling to the ground. Quickly the foreman reached up, and I couldn't believe what I saw.

He caught the beams in his bare hands and they never hit the ground! I started to get hard seeing the power in this man.

The other guys gathered round and cheered the strength of the foreman. The foreman held the beams over his head and rested them on his shoulder. All the guys watched in amazement at this show of pure power. The sleeves on the foreman's shirt ripped open as his arms flexed with the weight of the beams. He slowly let most of the beams down and his shirt buttons popped with the pump he was getting. There he stood with one of the beams across his shoulder, the tattered shirt exposing his massive hairy pecs, and a growing bulge in his dirty jeans! He walked around for a minute with the beam across his shoulder and then -

He bent it in two! All his power bent a fucking steel beam over his traps! His power and strength was superhuman! This god of a man was huge with rock hard muscle and a confidence that was completely sexy. He tossed the bent beam off his shoulders across the yard and the guys cheered. I was so hard I thought I'd cum right then, but then the business got back to normal and I left, thinking about this powerhouse and how much I'd love to service his massive muscle. How much I'd love to feel the power in his arms and chest as he bent iron bars and fucked my brains out with his muscle cock.

Later that day, I walked back by the construction site hoping to get a glimpse of that superman. As I approached, I noticed they were closing the gates. It was him! He was locking the gates and getting ready to go home. As I passed him my heart raced, and I did my best to avoid looking right at him. After I passed him, I glanced back. He was looking at me! And smiling.

I paused and smiled back. He locked the gate and came over to me. "Scott Sanders," he introduced himself. "I was just heading home for a cold one. Care to join me?"

"Sure!" I jumped at the chance. We climbed into his truck and drove off.

"I passed earlier today," I said. "Saw you bend that beam. Woah! You must be really powerful." I was getting hard and covered my lap with my knapsack to hide my growing erection."

He grinned back, "Yeah. I'm strong. Strong as a fucking bull! Feel this arm." He let go of the steering wheel and flexed his huge arm. The biceps bulged and twisted. His forearms were massive and hairy. "Wow! Your arms are huge. They must be what - 23 inches?" "Twenty-seven. Twenty-eight and a half when I'm pumped. Pretty hot, huh? I like being big, man. It really impresses everyone. Turns me on, showing it off. Look at that." He glanced down at his crotch. His hardening cock was snaking down his pant leg. It looked thick and long.

"Shit!" I gasped.

"Like it?" he asked. "That isn't even hard - yet."


Let's get home then. We drove to his house, a little bungalow with a couple of cars in the drive. Once inside, he led me into the living room. "Let's forget the beers, okay?" He grabbed me and pulled me to him. His lips met mine and we kissed. His hot tongue was halfway down my throat. "Nothing like a muscleman to make love to, huh? Feeling the power in my fucking guns. I could crush you with one hand, man. But I'm fucking gentle. Real man, muscle, baby. Feel it. All of it." My hands roamed inside his shirt, running my fingers through the bushy hair that swirled over his massive pecs. I touched his nipples, erect and hot. I unbuttoned his shirt and felt his rock hard abs, covered in the same silky hair. My hands couldn't fit around his wrists let alone his incredibly huge biceps, which he tensed and flexed for me. "I'm your fucking muscleman, baby. I'm gonna show you what a real man feels like. A real fuckin' stud fuckin' your hot throat. You want it don' t you?"

"Yeah," I whispered. "Show me those huge muscles. Show me what you can do with them."

Scott led me into the bedroom and I stripped for him. Then he took off his sweaty work shirt and I saw the expanse of his chest and shoulders. This man was HUGE! His shoulders were wide and striated, veins snaked into the hair on his huge pecs and down over his 28" biceps. He unzipped his pants and let them down. His cock was encased in a pair of worn briefs. It pushed the front out and threatened to break through from the sheer weight of it. My own 7 inches was hard as a rock and bobbing up and down in anticipation.

He stood back and started posing, talking all the while.

"Yeah, I work out a lot. Every chance I get. It's freaky to watch, man. Pumping fuckin' huge weights, and feeling my body expanding. Look at these fucking pecs!" He flexed them and waves of muscle rolled through them. "And these arms, man. Look at these fuckin' guns!" He raised his arms and pulled them down into the most incredible double biceps. "Feel the power in these arms, baby." I ran my fingers over the bulging muscle and traced the veins in his forearms. His eyes followed my fingers as they worshipped his huge muscle, he was turned on by himself and my fingers showed awesome respect to this superman of muscle. "Yeah, touch that muscle. Feel it! Feel these hard abs, baby. Punch 'em!" I punched his gut, as hard as I could. He didn't move an inch. "HARDER!" he shouted.

I punched as hard as I could, but it wasn't hard enough for him. He grabbed a 2x4 from the corner of the room and pulled it across his rock hard stomach. "LIKE THIS, MAN!" The board cracked in half across his gut, and splintered. Then he grabbed a piece of chain and wrapped it around his neck. "WATCH THIS, BABY. YOUR FUCKIN' MUSCLEMAN'S GONNA BREAK OUT!" He tensed his huge thick neck muscles and his face went red. His neck thickened and strained, and the chain snapped and fell to the floor. Showing all this power and muscle was making his cock stretch his briefs, tenting them out obscenely.

His muscle was turning him on! "FEEL THIS FLEX, BABY!" He hit a most muscular pose and I watched as one by one his muscles tensed - traps flared and bunched beside his thick neck. Delts squared off and striated beside ripped hairy pecs, deeply cut as each cord of muscle defined itself. Veins and thick biceps popped, Cords sprang out in his hairy forearms. Huge tree trunk quads tightened and his calves split in 2 as the flex ended in this monster's feet. "YEAH!!! FUCKIN' POWER, MAN!! FEEL ALL THIS FUCKIN' MUSCLE, BABY!"

I touched every inch of him, glorying in his huge mass and definition. He gritted his teeth like a savage animal, more monster than man, pushing all his superhuman stength into the flex. He growled as my hands and lips worshipped his huge body, which was rocking back and forth like he was showing it off for a room full of adoring people. His cock strained at the shorts and when he stood up - they tore open! There was a thick 12 inch monster, veined and heavy with a purple head, the piss slit stretched open with his excitement.

"SUCK!" he ordered. "SUCK THAT MONSTER!" He picked me up and turned me upside down and I grabbed his huge rock hard bone. He tongued my asshole and licked my balls while I took more and more of his muscle dick in my throat. I sucked hard and he groaned throwing his head back in ecstasy. Finally he put me down and we lay on the bed to 69. He grabbed my hard dick and sucked like an expert, his cheeks pulling the cum out of my aching balls. I licked his hairy nuts and thighs. Tongued his shaft and finally deep throated this hardest of dicks! He got over top of me and thrust his hard cock down my willing throat. "SUCK THAT MUSCLE! SUCK THAT MUSCLE!" he chanted.

I went at his dick with fervor and he went back down on mine. We both couldn't take it anymore and sat up to finish off. He pulled my cock in his huge hairy hands and I shot an incredible load over his thighs. Then he flexed his biceps and I licked them while I jerked his massive prick until it shot all over my chest. Now when I pass construction sites I have to carry my knapsack in front of me. I can't help getting hard, thinking about all the muscle and power working in those yards. •

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