Man I Always Wanted to Be, The

By Tommy

Our house was old, maybe 400 years old for all I know, located in southern France. My dad had business with the US State Department as a diplomatic official, and this was to be his off-house. That means it's where the family stayed while dad is doing his thing. I was alone a lot; the house was in the country and I didn't attend school, thanks to the internet and a tutor who came by three times a week. This left me much time for exploring. It was hot that summer, so i usually wore only my underwear around the house; after all no one was home. Dad was away for a week; mom was visiting in the town; and i had at least half a day to myself. By 1300, it was so hot, I stripped to my boxers, and decided to explore this old mansion. I had been to the basement, damp and dingy, so today I decided to venture into the attic. I searched for the access door and finally found it in one of the six upstairs bedrooms. We only used three of the rooms so this room had not been entered in a long time, judging from the dust on the floor. But there it was, the attic access door. I pushed the heavy chest across the room, with great effort, and situated it under the ceiling door. I climbed onto the chest and was now barely able to reach the door. I heaved against it, but it didnít' move. I needed to be higher, I concluded. I found a chair and positioned it on top of the chest. "That's better, I thought." I climbed onto the chest, and then onto the chair. I pressed my shoulder and back against the door and it moved. I pressed harder and it popped open so swiftly that I nearly lost my balance. With a lot of struggling, I managed to move the door to one side and pull myself into the attic. "I should be a wrestler!" I thought.

I always wanted to be a built boy; the one who gets the medal, but Iím stuck with a little boys body; cute, but small. The attic was huge, enormous actually. I had never seen a room so large. There was plenty of light from the dormer windows, so I could see quite well. Dust covered everything, mounds of dust. There were boxed and trunks spread across the wood floor. One object caught my eye. It was leaning against an interior wall and covered with a quilt. I stepped quickly toward the quilt; it had red, yellow and blue patterns in it. As I faced the quilt, I felt as if someone was watching me; I held my breath and slowly turned around. "Ahhhh!" I screamed. I wanted to run; but my legs didn't move. Then I realized what had scared me. It was a huge mirror. I looked at my puny body and started to cry. Then I got angry. "What a puny boy! Look at your nothing muscles!" I brought both arms up and flexed but not much happened. Then, I noticed something that startled me. My reflection had changed, it had muscles. I flexed more, and the muscles grew.

"What is this!" The longer I flexed, the bigger the reflection got. I glanced at my own body. The reflection was of my own body; transformed into a handsome muscular young man. •

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