Mama's Little Darlings Go to Computer Camp

The Workout


By johnd7102000

"All right. Enough talk," said Brandon. "Lets work these muscles." The two muscle twins got up from their chairs and all the other kids did the same. "OK, line up by weight.," he said. "The lightest one on the left and the heaviest one on the right. You dweebs are gonna be our human barbells. The nerds quickly lined up by weight, asking each other how much they weighed. The lightest one was a puny 13 year old who only weighed 60 pounds. The heaviest was a big, fat 16 year old who tipped the scale at 210. And there were all variations in between. Just like the barbell rack at a big gym. Over 50 nerds were standing in a line, waiting to be used as weights by the muscle twins. Blake and Brandon looked at the lineup of dweebs and smiled. "OK," said Blake. "Tonight Brandon and me are gonna get in a good workout with you weak little nerds as our weights. First we're gonna do overhead presses, workin' our delts and triceps." He rubbed his right hand over his left delt and tricep to show the dweebs the big muscles he was going to work. "Then we're gonna do more weighted pushups, workin' these big pecs and workin' the triceps some more." He rubbed his hand over his flexing pecs and triceps. "Then we're gonna work our lats by doin' pullups from that pipe over there, with you guys hangin' on our bodies for extra weight. Regular pullups are too easy for us." He pointed to a water pipe that was running along the top of the room. The nerds gulped when they heard Blake say regular pullups were too easy for the twins and they needed extra weight. Most of the nerds couldn't do even one pullup. The most any of them could do was three. The thought of these two muscle kids pulling up not only their own bodies but also another body was mind boggling to these weak computer geeks. "Then we're gonna do curls, workin' these big biceps. Gotta keep these biceps big and strong so they can smash your weak little arms in arm wrestling again tomorrow." Blake hit a double biceps pose. The big muscles bulged like living rocks, peaking high and almost bursting out of his tan skin. The nerds gasped. They could hardly wait for arm wrestling tomorrow morning at breakfast. They were eager to sacrifice their breakfasts to feed the growing muscles of these young gods. "Next we're gonna do squats and calf raises." Blake walked over to the big, fat 210 pound nerd and flexed his quads. "These big mothers are gonna need every pound of your fat body, dweeb. They're gonna pump you up and down like you're a feather." The fat nerd looked down with his mouth open and watched the big quads flex at Blake's command. I could see a bulge growing in his crotch. His cock was already hard. He could hardly wait to get on the broad backs of these muscle machines and feel the power of their big legs push his body up and down. "Finally we're gonna do some situps. About 300, all at once. These abs are gonna get so pumped and burned they're gonna look like they were carved with a knife, like fuckin' corrugated iron." Blake pounded his fist into his abs. It was like he was hitting a brick wall. The nerds gulped again. Most of them could only do a few situps. Some of them couldn't even do one situp. Now these muscle twins were going to do 300 in a row! The nerds looked at the six pack of muscle that was clearly visible underneath the twins' tight white wife beater shirts. I could see cocks getting hard all over the place.

Blake started moving his arms around, stretching and warming up his bulging delts. "Let's start workin' these muscles, Brandon." At that, he pulled up the bottom of his tight wife beater and ripped it over his head. Then he stripped off his board shorts so he was standing there in only his white Joe Boxer briefs. Simultaneously Brandon did the same thing. "We don't like to wear a lot of clothes when we work out. We like to see our muscles workin' and let `em pump and bulge without a bunch of fuckin' clothes in the way," he said. All computer nerds nodded their heads in agreement, awestruck by the rippling muscles that were now fully revealed to their staring eyes.

"Time for some military presses. We gotta warm up with a light weight first. Then we'll build up to our work weight." He turned to the puny 60 pound 13 year old. "OK, little guy. You're gonna be our warmup weight. You're gonna make a good warmup weight for lots of exercises. We're gonna be using you a lot. Get your puny body over here." The kid's eyes lit up. He felt like a star. He was going to be used a lot by these young muscle gods! And maybe he'd get to feel their muscles while he was being used as their barbell. He got a rush throughout his body. He walked over and stood in front of Blake. "Just relax but keep real stiff. Remember, you're an iron barbell."

The kid did as instructed and Blake grabbed him by the armpit and the crotch. Then he jerked him off the ground and held him at shoulder height. "Get ready for a ride," he said as the kid stared at the thick, striated delts covering the blond boy's shoulders. Then he lifted the 60 pound kid up and down, pressing him like a barbell. His delts and triceps bulged as they got more and more pumped. This was easy for Blake and he cranked out 15 reps without even trying hard. After the last rep he put the kid down on his feet. "OK kid, you can feel `em now," he said to the puny nerd. Blake knew what the kid wanted to do. In an instant, the kid ran his hands all over Blake's bulging shoulders and arms, feeling the hot muscle that he had helped to pump up. The kid was only two inches shorter than Blake, but Blake was twice as heavy. And all that extra weight was solid muscle. The kid just couldn't believe what he was feeling. Thick muscle as hard as rock. After a few moments of this muscle feel, Brandon grabbed the kid and spun him around. "My turn," he said. He picked up the kid and pressed him up and down 15 times. Then he lowered the little human barbell to his feet and let the kid feel his own bulging muscles. All the other nerds watched in envy. They could hardly wait for their turn to be the blond twins' weight. They knew now that their reward was going to be getting to feel the big hard muscles of these buff twins that they were helping to pump and build.

Blake and Brandon then moved down the line, pressing 80, 110, 130 and finally 160 pound nerds. They started with 12 reps with the 80 pounders and ended up squeezing out just five reps in their fifth and last set with the 160 pounders. If there were two dweebs that weighed the same, they each pressed different guys, just so the two dweebs could each get a chance to feel their big muscles after the exercise. They wanted to keep their human weights happy and they knew how to do it. Lots of muscle feeling and touching by the dweebs. At the end of their five sets of military presses, their traps, shoulders and triceps were surging with blood and pumped to the max. They drank a big glass of water and while drinking they walked down the line in front of the nerds, letting each one of them get a feel of their incredibly pumped and hard muscles. Those guys thought they had died and gone to muscle heaven.

Next came the weighted pushups. Their muscles were already warmed up, so they started with 120 pound dweebs, dorks who weighed exactly the same as they did but who looked absolutely nothing like them. They pumped out 15 easy reps with the dorks holding on for dear life to their muscular shoulders and arms. Then, after a minute's rest and muscle feel by the lucky dorks they moved up to 150 pounds. Another 10 reps. Their pecs were now busting out of their skin, the striations of muscle fibers and surging with blood. Their weights ran their little fingers over that hard muscle and couldn't believe what they were feeling. Next came 170 pounds. Now we were getting into the fatter dweebs. A different fat 15 year old got on top of each of the twins. I marveled at the contrast between their pale, flabby 170 pound fatbodies and the tan, rock-hard 120 pound musclebodies of the twins. They outweighed the twins by 50 pounds, but the twins had at least 50 pounds more muscle in their bodies than these fat dweebs. And the twins' muscle was superstrong. The twins cranked out eight reps, straining mightily for the last several reps. Then the fat dweebs reaped their reward, devouring the hot, sweaty muscles of the twins with their eager hands.

One more set of pushups to go. Blake pointed to a fat 180 pound 16 year old. He was the only 180 pounder there. There weren't that many dweebs over 170 pounds. "You're up, dweeb," he said. "We'll probably only be able to do four or five reps with all your fat on our backs, but you'll get to ride on both of us so you'll get eight or ten reps total. Wouldn't want to shortchange you now, would we?" The nerd's eyes lit up. He was going to get to ride on both of the twins! Double the pleasure and double the fun. He got on Blake's back and felt the stud's hard, round musclebutt push right into his fat lower abdomen. It felt like solid rock was pushing into his fat stomach. He grabbed Blake's arms and felt them explode as the young musclegod pushed him up. He squeezed those arms and it felt like he was squeezing solid rock. Those arms pumped him up and down five times, going very slowly for the last two reps. Blake's pecs had been worked to total exhaustion. They would be even bigger and stronger after a couple days of rest and tons of protein-rich food. When Blake got to the top of the final rep, he bucked the kid off his back and jumped to his feet. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled as he felt his bulging pecs. The kid immediately got up and ran his hands all over Blake's pecs, arms and delts. He couldn't believe how big and strong those muscles were. Blake weighed a third less then he did but he was five times as strong. The kid was just overwhelmed by Blake's incredibly muscular body. Then Brandon grabbed the kid's arm and jerked him away from Blake. "My turn," he said And he did the same thing all over again. The fat kid certainly enjoyed his double pleasure and double fun.

Next came the pull-ups. There was a water pipe crossing the room about two feet below the ceiling. Blake hopped up, grabbed the pipe and pumped out 15 fast pull-ups. Then Brandon did the same. The computer nerds watched in awe, since most of them couldn't do even one pull-up. They couldn't believe how wide and thick the twins' lats were. The big slabs of muscle flared out like wings as they pulled their bodies up and down with obviously ease. The V-shape taper from their wide shoulders down to their narrow waists was phenomenal. None of these dweebs had any lats at all, so the sight of the twins' big thick lats was almost unbelievable to them. Blake walked over and grabbed the little 60 pound nerd by the arm. "You're up again, little guy. We need extra weight for our pull-ups. They're too easy for these strong mothers without some fuckin' weight hangin' on. He flexed his lats and put the dweeb's hand on the flaring slab of muscle. The kid gulped. Blake hopped up and grabbed the pipe. "Jump up and hold on to my waist," he said. "And keep your feet off the floor." The kid did as instructed, wrapping his little arms around the solid muscular waist of the hanging superboy. Blake's body was very hot and sweaty and the kid had a hard time holding on. The twin's hard musclebutt hit him in the chest. The white fabric of the Joe Boxer briefs was wet with fresh, warm sweat. That sweat rubbed all over the geeks little chest. The muscle in Blake's round butt felt like rock The dweeb just couldn't believe what he was feeling. Hard, rippling, sweaty abs with his hands and a hard, round sweaty musclebutt with his chest. He was hanging on to solid muscle. Then Blake started pulling their two bodies up. His lats and biceps bulged incredibly as they flexed to pull up the heavy weight. Slowly but steadily the super strong twin did ten complete pullups, not slowing down at all for the last reps. Then he dropped gracefully to the floor. The dweeb fell on his soft butt. "Nice set," said Brandon. "You looked real strong." Blake smiled and gave his brother a high five. Then Brandon hopped up and grabbed the pipe. The dweeb knew what to do.

The muscle twins did a total of five sets of pull- ups, working up to lifting an 80 pound nerd on their bodies. This was the equivalent of lat pull-downs with 220 pounds. But in actuality it was much more, because it's a lot harder doing pullups with a guy hanging on your waist than pulling down a steel bar. I stood there just stunned as the blond, good-looking, muscular 14 year olds cranked out those weighted pull-ups. Never had I seen such strength in my life. After each set they let their human weights feel their bulging lats and arms----and whatever other muscles they wanted to feel. "Fuckin' strong!" yelled Blake as a dweeb ran his dainty little hands over Blake's bulging lats "Fuckin' big and fuckin' strong." The kid nodded with his mouth agape as he felt the rock-hard flaring slabs of the young musclgod's incredibly pumped lat muscles. By now all the kids were in a total frenzy over the twins' pumped and bulging muscles.

After the last set of pull-ups, the boys' biceps were nice and pumped. But they were going to get even more pumped. It was time for curls. Brandon grabbed the 60 pound geek. "Your turn again," he said to the very happy kid. Never in his life did the kid think his puniness was going to result in this much pleasure. Brandon curled the dweeb for 15 reps and tossed him to Blake who cranked out his own 15 reps. "You're the warmup again, little guy. You don't weigh enough to really challenge these big guns." He flexed his right bicep in the dweeb's face and the dweeb grabbed it with all his might. The big, pumped muscle was red with surging blood. Fibers and veins were visible everywhere. The little dweeb tried to squeeze it, but he couldn't make the slightest dent in the rock-hard ball of muscle. "Yeah, you ain't nothin' to this big muscle," said Blake, comparing his huge gun with the nerd's little body. He probably had more muscle in one of his arms than the nerd had in his whole body. And that muscle was strong! The twins moved up in weights, using the 70, 80 and 90 pound boys for their curls. Then they each grabbed a 100 pound boy. This was going to be a real challenge, because 100 pounds was their maximum work weight with a barbell. They grabbed their human weights by the armpit and crotch and lifted them off the floor. Then they ordered their big biceps to curl. The muscles in their arms looked like steel cords as they raised their forearms upwards, lifting the 100 pound nerds up. The other dweebs gasped as they saw the muscle just explode in their arms, pumping and bulging to an incredible size. When they got to the top of the curl, those muscles looked like big oranges. They were now bigger than baseballs and were pulsating with blood and power. The twins slowly lowered their human weights and then curled them up again. This time the muscles were clearly straining, almost bursting out of their skin. They barely made it to the top and then slowly lowered their arms all the way down, giving their totally exhausted biceps one last moment of total strain. Then they dropped the dweebs on the floor and flexed their biceps. There were yells and screams from the dweebs as they saw those incredibly big and pumped arms. The 100 pound weights jumped up and grabbed those muscles. They wanted to feel just how big and hard they were. "Feel the power of those big guns, wimp," said Brandon as he looked at the skinny dweeb feeling his huge arms. "Those big guns got more muscle than you got in your whole fuckin' little body. Those big guns could rip your little dweeb body to shreds." He flexed extra hard and the muscle bulged to an enormous size. The dweeb was drooling, his tongue was hanging out of his mouth, as he saw and felt the incredible size and hardness of Brandon's big arms. Yeah, those big guns could rip him to shreds.

Next came the squats and calf raises. The twins chose two 140 pound dweebs as their warmup weights. The dweebs stood behind the twins, marveling at their broad shoulders, wide backs, narrow hips and firm, round musclebutts. Then the twins lowered their muscular bodies and the dweebs hopped on their backs, wrapping their legs around muscular waists and holding on to thick delt muscle with their hands. The twins squatted back up and then did 15 easy squats with these nerds who outweighed them by 20 pounds. They faced the lineup of human weights so all the dorks could see their quads bulging as they pumped the human weights up and down. Those quads looked phenomenal, pumping up to thick slabs of shredded muscle with veins pulsating with blood under the thin skin. It was easy for those big muscles to push up the little 140 pound human barbells. After the young blond musclegods finished their set of squats, they immediately did 15 reps of calf raises. Their calves bulged with incredible cuts of muscle. The two heads of massive muscle were clearly visible when they were on their toes. When they were done, they bucked the dweebs off their backs and the dweebs rushed to feel their pumped-up quads and calves. And just for good measure they felt the rest of the twins' big muscles too. They got their full reward.

After this warmup, the twins did four more sets. In their last two sets, they used the 210 pound fat geek. They would have gone heavier, but he was as heavy as they had. He got to be the weight for both Blake and Brandon and he got to do two sets with each. After an hour of just standing around and watching the smaller nerds get their turn, he finally got his chance. He hopped on Brandon's back and the superstrong twin started pumping out the squats. "You ain't nothin' to these big mothers," yelled Brandon. "You ain't shit to them. These big quads could crush the life out of your fat body. These big muscles like to crush things." The kids eyes grew wide with excitement as he listened to Brandon brag about the power of his quads. And he was personally feeling that power as they pushed his big, fat body up and down. Brandon pumped out 10 reps in squats and then another 10 reps in calf raises. When he was done, he bucked the fat nerd off his back and stood over him. He flexed his quads over the fallen dweeb. The huge masses of muscle sprang to attention, instantly exploding into shredded slabs of raw power at his command. "Feel `em," he ordered. The fat dweeb got on his knees, reached up and felt Brandon's incredibly big and incredibly hard quads. Then he felt those bulging calves, calves that were striated with muscle fibers and covered with veins. He gulped in total awe. "Those big legs could crush your fat body like a cracker," said Brandon. "They're so strong your dweeb bones would snap like twigs when they started squeezing. You better not piss me off or I'm gonna wrap these big mothers around your pathetic fat body and crush the life out of it." The kid looked up at Brandon in awe. He knew he was nothing compared to this blond young musclegod. Then he stood up and felt all of Brandon's pumped body. Sweat was pouring out of every pore on the blond muscleboy's skin. His whole body was pumped and dripping with sweat. The dweeb ran his hands all over the hot, sweaty muscle. I'm sure it felt just like hot wet rock. Brandon smiled with a look of total superiority.

After a few moments of this, Blake grabbed the dweeb by his arm and jerked him away from Brandon. "Enough of my brother's muscles," he said. "Now you gotta work my muscles." So the dweeb got on Blake's back and Blake did the same thing. Blake bragged about his quads too, and said his quads were bigger and stronger than Brandon's, although he knew they were exactly the same. At the end, the kid got to feel Blake's big legs. And the rest of Blake's body too. And he got to hear Blake brag about his strength and how his big legs could crush the fat nerd like a grape. And then the kid got another set of this with both twins. At the end of his four sets, the kid looked like he was in total muscle heaven.

The twins drank more water and walked slowly up and down the line of human weights, letting the little nerds feel their hard, hot, sweaty bodies. Then Brandon said, "Time for situps. Are there any of you dweebs that haven't gotten a chance to be a weight yet?" Two of the nerds raised their hands. They were the only ones who hadn't been used by the twins as human weights. "OK, you two are gonna hold our feet while we're doin' the situps. Then you get to feel our abs when they're all pumped and rippling and rock hard. Get your asses over here." Blake and Brandon lay on their backs on the floor next to each other and bent their knees slightly. All the nerds circled around them to watch. The two lucky ones held on to their feet. "Go," said Brandon. The twins started doing rapid-fire situps in tandem, raising and lowering their muscular torsos in unison at an incredibly fast pace. Just like with the pushups, this was very easy for them.

The computer geeks counted out the reps, yelling in a frenzy. Ten, twenty, fifty, on hundred, two hundred. I stared in amazement as the two blond musclekids pumped out the situps. Their abs were glistening and dripping with sweat and were shredded like hard steel. With each rep, that steel contracted with the power of a strong machine and lifted their muscular torsos as if they were nothing. When they got to 250 reps, they started slowing down. The last 50 reps were brutal. I could see the pain reflected in their faces as their abs cried out for mercy. But these two boys didn't give their muscles any mercy. They ordered those abs to keep working, to keep lifting their bodies up and down, to keep working beyond the pain barrier. To work themselves to total exhaustion. Beyond total exhaustion. The last ten reps were very slow. Their abs were now bright red and crisscrossed with veins and fibers. They were totally engorged with blood and the muscle fibers were incredibly pumped and hard. Sweat was pouring off their tan skin. Their white Joe Boxer shorts were now drenched with sweat. The wet cotton clung to their hips and crotches like another layer of skin. The muscular twins started grunting with each forced rep, willing their totally exhausted ab muscles to pull again and again. The pain must have been enormous, but these muscle twins were now well beyond the pain barrier. They had obliterated the pain in their unyielding quest to build ever bigger, harder and stronger muscles. Finally they lifted their torsos one last, tortuous rep and the nerds counted rep number 300. They were done with their brutal ab workout.

They lowered their chests to the floor and rested their exhausted muscles, breathing hard and with sweat pouring off their pumped bodies. Their washboard abs undulated up and down as the hard muscles powered their deep breaths. The two dweebs who had been holding on to their feet quickly moved over and started rubbing their hands over those rippling abs. The musclekids' skin was so paper- thin that I could see the fibers of muscle twitching underneath as their abs undulated. The muscle was red hot and flushed with blood. Veins were everywhere. Sweat was pouring off their hot skin. Their abs must have felt like hot, corrugated, wet steel as the dweebs rubbed their little hands over them. Even relaxed and resting the muscle was rock-hard. I could tell the two dweebs just couldn't believe what they were feeling.

The twins looked up at the little nerds and smiled as they felt the rubbing on their hard, rippling muscles and saw the awed expressions on the faces of the dweebs. They knew their abs were incredible. Within about 30 seconds, their breathing was back to normal. That's all it took for their athletic bodies to fully recuperate from the grueling 300 reps of situps. The dweebs rubbed their hands all over the twins' abs and then moved up to their chests. They were giving the pumped muscles of the two musclegods a fantastic massage. They dug their fingers into their hard pecs, kneading the muscle which even relaxed was as hard as thick clay. I could see big bulges forming under the twins' soaking wet Joe Boxer briefs. Their cocks were getting hard as the dweebs massaged their pumped muscles. The dweebs massaged their bulging pecs, their thick delts, their big arms, their red-hot rippling abs and their huge, muscular legs. All this time, the cocks of the twins were getting bigger and harder under their soaking wet Joe Boxer Briefs.

The other nerds were standing in a circle around the two young blond twins, staring at their incredibly muscular, pumped bodies in total awe and watching their cocks grow under their briefs. I could see bulges growing under the shorts of most of the geeks as they took in the awesome sight. After a couple of minutes of the sensual massage, the twins were fully rested and their cocks were rock hard. They jumped to their feet, pushing aside their dweeb masseurs. Their bodies looked absolutely radiant as they stood in the center of the circle of nerds, their rock-hard cocks pushing out against the wet fabric of their briefs. Then in a flash, they simultaneously pulled off their briefs, threw them on the floor, and stood buck naked in the middle of the circle of dweebs with their rock-hard cocks standing at full attention.

Then they grabbed their cocks with their right hands and started stroking the big, hard weapons. At the same time they flexed their muscles at each other, just like they had done in my room. Their bodies were dripping with sweat and all their muscles were incredibly pumped. They looked like young Greek gods, only better. They flexed their arms, their lats, their delts, their quads, their incredibly shredded abs, every muscle in their bodies. All the while they were stroking their big hard cocks.

The computer nerds who were standing in a circle around the young gods at first couldn't believe what they were seeing. They had never seen anything like this in their lives. Then in less than 30 seconds, two of the dweebs stripped off their shorts and grabbed their own hard dicks. Instantly, all of the other dweebs ripped off their shorts and started stroking their already hard cocks. I couldn't be left out, so I stripped off my shorts and grabbed my own dick, which had been rock hard from the minute we went down to dinner. We all watched the two muscle twins flex and beat off. I had never been so excited in my life, and I could tell the other dweebs felt the same way. There were yells and screams as everyone worked themselves into a total sexual frenzy watching the muscular bodies of the young, blond gods as they reveled in their own muscularity and masculinity. Finally Blake and Brandon let out a loud yell, like animals, and spurts of cum started gushing out of their cocks onto each other's body. The sight of this hit all of us dweebs like a bolt of lightening surging through our bodies. Our cocks twitched with incredible arousal and we instantly came at the same time. Spurt after spurt of cum gushed out of our dweeb cocks. We were in total ecstasy. I know none of us had felt anything as good as this in our entire lifetimes.

The next morning the twins and I were just waking up when I heard a knock on the door. It was Philip. He looked at the two musclekids, who were dressed in just their Joe Boxer briefs, another clean pair. "I've got good news for you guys," he said. "I talked to your mom last night and told her how big and strong you were. I explained to her that you weren't her little darlings anymore. I told her how you beat two kids at a time in armwrestling, letting them use all four of their arms to one of your arms. I told her you were so strong that pound for pound you would probably be the strongest kids in the whole fuckin' Wrestling Camp. There's no way you're gonna get hurt. You're gonna be the ones doin' the hurtin'. So she said you could go to Wrestling Camp. I've arranged for all the money your mom paid me to be transferred to Wrestling Camp and the owner said he is really anxious to meet you. I'll take you there right now. They've got a big weight room there and you can eat all the food you want at their meals. All the kids there are muscular jocks like you, so they'll be more fun to fight with. I don't think Computer Camp could survive you two for a whole two weeks." He looked around my room at the trashed furniture.

"Fuckin' yeah!" yelled Blake. "That's great! Let's go!" Blake and Brandon were obviously very happy to be going to Wrestling Camp. They quickly packed up their things and threw them in their duffel bags. Then they said goodbye and shook my hand. Again I felt their strong grip. A bolt went up my spine as I realized this was the last time I would get to feel their strong bodies. I knew the other campers were going to miss them a lot too. As they left the room and walked down the hall with Philip, a tear rolled down my cheek. Then I walked back into my room and closed the door. I looked over at my bed and saw two pairs of sweaty Joe Boxer briefs lying on my pillow. Mama's little darlings had left me something to remember them by! Every day, the pungent smell of those briefs has brought to my mind the wonderful memories of my 18 hours with those muscle twins. And I still beat off at least twice a day to those fantastic memories.


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