Mama's Little Darlings Go to Computer Camp


By johnd7102000

Blake grabbed my wet towel and cleaned off his cum-drenched body. Then Brandon did the same thing. Then they reached into their bags and pulled out identical white wife beater tank top shirts, another pair of Joe Boxer briefs, and red board shorts, the kind surfers wear. They put on their wife beaters, briefs and shorts and turned to me. The white wife beaters were about two sizes too small for them. The tight fabric gripped their torsos. The bottom part of their pecs bulged out into the fabric and their abs were clearly visible. The white cloth highlighted their incredible tan upper bodies, revealing their thick traps, their broad, muscular shoulders, their flaring lats, their muscular arms and the upper part of their big, round pecs. And the board shorts bulged with the big muscles of their quads and the firm round muscles of their glutes. They looked fantastic. "I'm hungry," said Brandon. "When's dinner?" I looked at my watch. "Hey, we should go down to the dining hall right now. Dinner's almost ready to start." "Great!" yelled Blake. "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. Get dressed, wimp. You're holding us up." I hurried to throw on some clothes. I didn't want to piss off these young muscle studs.

We walked downstairs to the dining hall. It was full of campers from all the floors, plus the counselors and my boss Philip, the owner of the Computer Camp. As soon as we walked in, all conversation stopped. The word had spread about the incredibly muscular 14 year old twins and when they walked in all eyes were on them. The campers pushed themselves aside to make way for these two buff young men as they walked confidently into the room. "Where's the food?" said Blake, looking around at the empty tables. "It will be ready in about 10 minutes or so," said Philip, not able to take his eyes off the muscular twins. "Just relax for a few minutes." Blake looked at him with scorn. "Relax? Relax? Nah, I don't wanna relax. I wanna get a pump." He turned around and spotted a flabby kid about eight inches taller than him. "How much do you weigh, dweeb?" he asked. "About 120, I guess," said the kid. "Perfect, same as me," said Blake. Without hesitating a moment, Blake grabbed the kid by his armpit and his crotch and pulled him off the ground to shoulder height. Then he started pressing the startled kid up and down. "Piece of cake," said Blake as he pumped out rep after rep. His delts and arms bulged with striated muscle as they got more and more pumped. All the other kids stared in a state of shock. They had never seen anything like this in their lives. After 12 easy reps, Blake gently dropped the kid on his feet. "Nice pump," he said as he raised his arms up and down, looking at his delts bulge.

"My biceps want a pump," said Brandon, looking around the room. He spotted a kid about his own height, but way way skinnier than him. "How much to you weigh, kid?" he said. "About 80 pounds, I guess," said the kid, kind of trembling. "That's five pounds more than I weighed six months ago, ya know that? Now it's a perfect curl weight for these big mothers." He flexed his biceps right in the kid's face. The kid looked in awe at the baseball biceps bulging in front of him. Then Brandon picked up the kid under his arm and his legs and started curling his body up and down like he was a broomstick. The other campers stared at his arms as the huge 14 year old muscles curled the kid's body up and down. Brandon's biceps got noticeably bigger and bigger as he pumped out rep after rep. Blood was surging through the muscle and the muscle was getting bigger and bigger like a rock- hard balloon. After 15 reps he dropped the little nerd on the floor and hit a double biceps pose for the admiring campers. "Fuckin' strong!" he yelled as the campers stared in awe at the bulging muscle, rippling with fibers and covered with veins. Then he lowered his arms and placed his right arm next to the little arm of a kid who was about six inches taller than him. The kid's arm looked like a twig and Brandon's arm looked like a big ham. A big vein as thick as a pencil sat atop his bulging bicep, going all the way from his forearm to his shoulder. Other smaller veins criss-crossed his bicep and forearm. Wow, I thought to myself, as I stared at the stark comparison between weakness and strength. A puny, weak little twig next to an incredibly big, strong, mass of muscle. Then Brandon flexed his triceps. All three heads of muscle sprang to attention under his thin, tan skin, bulging with striated power. "Fuckin' strong," yelled Brandon as he compared his huge, muscular arm to the kid's little stick.

"Time for some pushups," yelled Blake. "Hit the floor, bro." The two muscular twins jumped down to the floor in pushup position right next to each other. "Go!" yelled Blake. The boys took off doing pushups so fast that I almost couldn't count fast enough. Within 15 seconds they had already done 20 pushups. Within 30 seconds they had done 40. In one minute they had done 75 pushups. None of the campers could do more than five pushups total. The thought of these strong boys doing 75 in a minute was absolutely mind-boggling. When they got to 100 they stopped. "That was too easy," said Brandon. "We need more weight. Two of you geeks get on our backs. We don't care how heavy you are. It won't matter." At that, there was a mad scramble of the campers to be the lucky ones to get on the muscular twins' backs. The two winners each weighed about 160 pounds.

The boys climbed onto the muscular backs of the two twins. They positioned themselves so that their cocks were right on top of the twins' firm, round musclebutts. They grabbed on to the twins' big, muscular shoulders for balance. "You ready, dweebs?" yelled Blake. "Yeah, I guess so," said the kid on top of him. In an instant, both Blake and Brandon started pumping out pushups, with their human weights along for the ride. They didn't do them as fast as the first time, but they cranked them out steadily. They were each lifting a nerd who outweighed them by 40 pounds. A hundred twenty pounds of pure muscle pushing up itself and 160 pounds of skin, bones and flab. Of course some of the weight was being borne by their feet, but the big pecs, arms and shoulder of the muscular twins were pressing up about two thirds of the combined weight----about 185 pounds---and they were pressing that weight up and down like it was nothing. The muscular butts of the twins bulged right into the nerds' crotches. I could only imagine what it felt like to be riding on top of all that muscle. The nerds held on tight to the big shoulders of the twins as they pumped the combined bodies up and down. Those shoulders were thick with hard, throbbing muscle. One of the nerds moved his hands down to feel Blake's big triceps as they worked and then he moved his hands over to feel his bulging pecs as they pressed the huge weight up and down. I could tell the nerd was getting really excited feeling all that hard muscle. Finally, the twins had finished 15 weighted pushups. At the top of the last one, they both jerked and twisted their backs, throwing their human weights off them onto the floor. Then they stood up and moved their big arms back and forth, flexing their totally pumped, striated pecs. "Nice pump," said Brandon as he reached up and felt his bulging pec muscles. "Can I feel?" said the nerd who had been riding him. "Sure," said Brandon. "You can feel these big muscles as much as you want. They like to be touched, especially when they're pumped. " The kid's eyes lit up with joy and he immediately started running his dainty little hands all over Brandon's big chest, shoulders and arms. "The muscle's so hard," he gasped. "It's just so fucking big and fucking hard." The rest of the kids were staring in total jealously. Finally two more kids walked up and started feeling Brandon's muscles. Then three went up to Blake and started feeling his muscles. The two muscle kids started flexing for their admirers. Before long, all the nerdy kids were standing around these two young musclegods, trying to touch their big, hard bodies.

Philip, the owner of the Computer Camp, turned to me and said "I thought those twins were supposed to be small and fragile. Their mother was so concerned they might get hurt. But just look at them. They're kind of short, but they're packed with muscle. I'll bet they could each beat up ten of these campers without breaking a sweat. They could take out this whole room if they wanted to. Those kids are fuckin' strong!" I smiled. "Yeah, I can vouch for that. They've been lifting weights for only six months and they've put on 45 pounds of muscle and four inches in height. I think their mother is living in some kind of time warp. She must remember them as little toddlers or skinny little boys. They sure aren't skinny little boys any more. They're big, muscular young men. And they're so strong it's not even funny. They can bench double their bodyweight and squat with even more. They're four times stronger than me. They're fuckin' muscle machines. I tried to wrestle one of them and he manhandled me like I was a fuckin' toy. Then he and his brother wrestled each other in our room like a pair of wild tigers and smashed everything in sight. Those kids are total bundles of strength and energy. They sure aren't computer nerds. But the other kids seem to like them." Philip watched as the nerds fought with each other to get a touch of the twins' muscles. "Yeah, I'm sure these nerds have never seen or touched anything like them in their lives," he said. "But they may be too much for us to handle."

Then somebody yelled "Dinner!" Plates of food had been brought to the tables. When they heard the magic word "dinner," Blake and Brandon pushed all the dweebs in front of them out of their way with big sweeps of their muscular arms. The force of their push was so strong that several of the dweebs fell to the floor. The twins ran up to the table, knocking over any nerds that were in their path. They sat down and started wolfing down the food in front of them. "Fuck, this ain't anywhere near enough food. But we'll take care of that, won't we bro." Brandon smiled and gave his muscular brother a high five, all the while chewing big bites of his food. Before some of the other kids had even sat down to their dinners, Blake and Brandon had finished devouring their food, their first helping. They immediately turned to the kids sitting next to them. "Arm wrestle for your dinner," they said simultaneously. The two kids looked kind of stunned. These two muscle kids were going to take their dinners. There was no way they could win an arm wrestling match with these two strong boys. But before they could answer, five or six other boys started yelling. "Arm wrestle with me! I'll arm wrestle you for my dinner! I wanna arm wrestle you!" Blake and Brandon looked around and smiled. They were gonna eat real good tonight. They figured they could eat about four more of these little dinners apiece, so they needed 8 little nerds to arm wrestle them. And now more than 15 dweebs were yelling for the chance to feel the power of their big muscles. Yeah, they were gonna eat real good. Blake walked over to one of the kids who was yelling the loudest. The kid was about 8 inches taller than him but was skinny as a rail. Blake put his right arm down on the table and the kid did the same. Blake's forearm was three times as big as the dweeb's forearm and also three time as big as his upper arm. The muscle twin's big bulging biceps and triceps just dwarfed the stick that was the kid's upper arm. The muscles of his shoulders were fully revealed by his wife-beater tank top, and those big muscles twitched and flexed with every little movement of his arms. His delts were so big and thick. The little dweeb didn't have any delts at all, just little bony knobs at the ends of his narrow shoulders. As their two hands locked together, the contrast was incredible. Blake flexed his bicep slightly and the big muscle almost jumped out of his thin tan skin. The kid didn't even have a bump for a bicep. He stared at Blake's arm in awe. "Say go," said Blake. The kid kept staring at Blake's arm. He was literally trembling as he took in the raw muscle power he was feeling and seeing. "Go!" he said. Blake smiled as the kid pushed as hard as he could against the brick wall that was Blake's muscular arm. He could hardly feel the pressure of the kid's struggling. It felt like a feather pushing against solid iron. He kind of moved his arm back and forth, toying with the weakness of the nerd's little arm. All the while his bicep was flexing and bulging at his command. The kid's eyes were almost popping out of his head as he watched Blake's muscles. Finally Blake said, "Say goodbye, nerd." Then he smashed the kid's arm down so hard it made a loud crash. He held the kid's arm there for a few moments, flexing his triceps as the kid stared in envy. "Thanks for the dinner, dweeb," he said as he grabbed the kid's plate and put in on top of his own. "Who's next?" he said as he walked over to his next conquest. He was going to arm wrestle for three more dinners right now and then eat all four at once. If he was still hungry he'd take another one. "I might need more meat, so don't eat yours yet," he said, pointing to one of the dweebs who wanted to arm wrestle. The dweeb nodded his head in obedience to this order.

Meanwhile Brandon was arm wrestling for his extra dinners. He turned and faced two of the computer nerds who were lining up to sacrifice their dinners to this young musclegod. "You little nerds are so weak I'm gonna arm wrestle two of you at the same time. Two dinners for one arm wrestling smash! And to give you little dorks a fighting chance, you can both use both of your arms. My big right arm is gonna take on all four of your puny dork arms." The two boys looked at Brandon's thick, muscular arm and then at their own flabby arms. Brandon smiled and flexed his arm right in their faces. "Do you think this mother is four times as strong as your little arms?" The boys gulped. That huge monster was way more than four times as strong as their arms. They could tell just by looking at all that bulging muscle.

Brandon sat down at the table and put down his right elbow. He flexed his bicep and the big muscle popped to attention like a shredded baseball, ready to smash anything in its way at the command of its young master. Brandon smiled as he looked at that huge bulge of living rock, muscle that had grown from a skinny nothing to a big ball of rock-hard, superstrong coiled steel in just six months. He relaxed his flex, but even relaxed the big muscle bulged in his arm. It was always hard and ready to smash. The two nerds sat on the other side of the table. They first put down their right elbows and locked their little right hands with Brandon's thick right hand. Then they placed their left hands in back of their right hands. They had four hands pressing against Brandon's one hand. There was still more muscle in Brandon's hand than in all four of the dorks' hands. Brandon's tan forearm and upper arm bulged with muscle. The lily white forearms and upper arms of the two boys didn't bulge with anything. They were made of nothing but flab. Brandon's shoulder was thick with muscle, covered by inches of his big delt, which was striated and rippling with his every move. The boys' shoulders were nothing but skin and bone. "Say Go when you're ready," said Brandon, looking with amusement at the four skinny arms next to his one big muscular arm. The two nerds were also staring at Brandon's arm. They could see the fibers of muscle twitching underneath his tan skin, waiting for the order to flex. I looked at the arms of the two boys. Brandon's arm was so much thicker and bigger than their little arms. It was just bristling with muscle. But there were four of their skinny arms up against his one big arm. I thought they at least had a chance.

"Go!" yelled one of the boys. At that, the two nerds started pushing with all their might against Brandon's arm. I saw Brandon's bicep bulge slightly, resisting the force of all four of their arms without even flexing hard. That big arm didn't move a bit. It was like they were pushing against a brick wall. Their eyes were riveted on Brandon's bicep as they pushed as hard as they could. Their faces started getting red from their enormous strain. They started breathing hard and little beads of sweat were forming on their foreheads. These nerds were really pushing with every ounce of strength in their bodies. Finally Brandon's arm slowly started to bend down. The eyes of the nerds lit up. They were wearing him out! They were starting to win! His big arm moved down until it was only about an inch from the table. One inch away from victory, they thought. Then all of a sudden the downward movement stopped. It was like Brandon's arm had hit a wall. They strained even harder, but just couldn't budge that arm another millimeter. They were now panting. Their faces were beet red and covered with sweat. "Did you really think you could win against that big muscle?" said Brandon calmly. The nerds looked up at Brandon's face and their jaws dropped open. His face was calm and relaxed. He looked at them with his beautiful blue eyes with a look that said, `I can hardly feel that, you miserable little wimps.' The good looking kid wasn't straining in the least. These two nerds were using every ounce of energy in their two flabby bodies and the handsome musclekid wasn't even trying hard. Brandon smiled confidently as he saw their shock. "Get real, weaklings. Your little stick arms ain't shit to my big gun. Feel some real power, dweebs." Brandon looked down at his big bicep. "Crush the nerds," he said to the throbbing muscle. Immediately the big ball of muscle exploded into an even bigger ball in his arm. The individual fibers of red muscle almost burst out of his skin. Veins were everywhere. His arm started moving up slowly and steadily. The two dweebs pushed as hard as they could but Brandon's big arm just kept moving up, completely unfazed by their efforts. It was like his arm was a big steel machine, completely overpowering the puny human resistance of the two boys. His arm slowly raised up to the vertical position and then stopped. The two nerds again thought they had some hope and pressed their little hands as hard as they could against Brandon's thick hand. They were now sweating profusely and panting like dogs. Brandon smiled as he felt their puny pushes against his powerful arm. "Time to die, wimps!" he yelled. Immediately his huge bicep jumped and bulged to an incredible size and in a split second his arm came crashing down on the table, with the four arms of the computer nerds underneath. SMASH! Brandon's big gun had completely crushed the four arms of the two boys. He held his arm down for a few seconds, squeezing his thick hand into the hands of the hapless nerds. They watched his triceps bulge with incredible muscularity and strength.

Then he let go and grabbed their dinners. "Piece of cake," he said, flexing his right arm in the faces of the incredulous nerds. "Who's next?" There was a stampede of dweebs wanting to be Brandon's next victims. He picked two of the bigger ones and smashed their arms with equal ease. Then he took his four dinners and joined Blake to wolf down all the food. The two muscle twins finished their dinners in a matter of minutes. With each dinner they had drunk a glass of milk. They had eaten a total of five dinners and five big glasses of milk apiece. Blake looked at the kid he had ordered not to eat, who sat frozen, not eating a bit of his dinner. "I'm still hungry," he said. "Gimme your meat and your milk." The kid handed over his meat and milk. Blake flexed his arm and the kid reached over to feel it. He knew this was his reward. He had been waiting for the chance. "You're feeding these big monsters," said Blake. "They appreciate it." He flexed extra hard and the kid almost fell over at the feeling of the rock-hard muscle. "I want another meat and milk too," said Brandon looking across the table at a kid who had not eaten one bite, he was so transfixed watching Blake and Brandon eat more food than he could comprehend. He quickly handed over his meat and milk and the muscular kid wolfed it down in four bites and six swallows.

Then the two twins sat back in their chairs and patted their full but still rock hard rippling stomachs. "Feels good to feed the muscles," said Blake. "They like to be fed real good. They're gonna get even bigger `cause we're each gonna eat five or six of your puny meals every time. You nerds are gonna hand over all the food these muscles want, right?" He flexed his big chest and looked around the room. All the dweebs were nodding their heads. "These muscles need to keep liftin' heavy iron to keep gettin' bigger and stronger. Where's the fuckin' iron in this camp? We need iron!! Lots of iron!! Fuckin' heavy iron.!!!" Blake looked around. He was demanding an answer. He wanted to know were the weights were. Sadly, I broke the news to the muscular kid. "We don't have any iron or even a gym here at Computer Camp. All we have are computers. Everybody here except you is a computer nerd. They don't lift weights. They hate weights." "FUCK!" they both yelled together. "No fuckin' weights? They hate weights?? We gotta spend two fuckin' weeks at this fuckin' dweeb camp with a bunch of fuckin' dweebs and no fuckin' weights???" I nodded my head. "Shit! yelled Blake. "We need weights! Our muscles crave the pump they get when they lift heavy weights. We'll just hafta use you fuckin' dweebs and the computers as weights. We'll lift whatever we can find. We need to keep these muscles growin'!!! After dinner we're gonna have a workout and all you dweebs are gonna be our weights. Tomorrow we'll use the computers too. We'll turn `em into dumbbells! We're still gonna keep these muscles pumped!" The other boys said `yeah, yeah' and nodded their heads in anticipation. They could hardly wait to see these incredibly muscular twins work out. Philip looked at me and cringed. These two superstrong 14 year old blond musclegods were taking over the whole camp. And the other campers seemed to like it! They wanted to be taken over by these two young studs.

Well, for the next half hour the kids finished their dinners, that is the kids who had dinners. They all kind of shared because 10 of them had had their food eaten for them by the two muscle twins. The twins, who had gobbled up their food with unbelievable speed, sat at the table talking about how they got so big and strong. They talked about how they had started lifting with their little friend six months ago and how they had put on 45 pounds of muscle and 4 inches of height. And their little friend Danny was still only benchin' 70 pounds. They thought that was really funny, especially since they could bench 240 for reps. They talked about their workouts, how they beat up the six tall kids who tried to mess with them, how strong they were, how much they liked to wrestle, everything about their bodies and their muscles. They figured at the rate they were growing and putting on muscle, by this time next year they'd be at least five feet 8 inches tall and 180 pounds of solid muscle. Their bodies were just shooting up and bursting out with muscle. They were getting huge! They explained how they really wanted to go to Wrestling Camp, but their mother wouldn't let them because she still thought they were frail and little. Blake turned to the kid next to him and flexed his arm right in the kid's face. "What a joke," he said. Our mama calls us `her little darlings.' She thinks we'd get hurt if we went to Wrestling Camp. Does that muscle look like it could get hurt at Wrestling Camp? Fuck no, that muscle would kick ass as Wrestling Camp." He moved his arm up and down watching the big baseball bicep flex at his will. "We're so fuckin' strong there's no way we'd get hurt at Wrestling Camp. We'd be the ones doin' the hurtin'! But no, our mama made us come to this fuckin' Computer Camp. We're just gonna have to work out our muscles with what we got here. Our muscles are gonna keep growin'." By now, the other kids were virtually panting, listening to all this muscle talk. They could hardly wait for the workout to begin. I could see that most of them had hard-ons. Philip and the other counselors went back to their rooms, leaving me in charge of the two muscle twins and their rapt admirers. Not one of the computer geek campers left the room. They were totally in awe of these two blond haired, blue eyed, good looking, incredibly muscular 14 year olds. •

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