Tommy blossoms


By Muscl4life

Sorry guys (and Deadlifter) this story is one of the best things I've ever done, mstly because I was helped (thanks again Deadlifter) by this amazing co-author, on whom I turned my back, maybe because I just felt that story was too good to end ?

Anyway, here you have one of the latest parts, I still have to write the eniding, but maybe you can help me with ideas and suggestions!!!!



The brothers horsed around in the water for some time, Tommy greatly enjoying having a giant for a playmate, and then returned to shore to rest in the shade. Ben propped himself lazily up against their favorite huge palm tree, his legs together, crossed at the ankles while Tommy curled up on his abs, thinking quietly about the day's events. After a while Tommy turned onto his back so he was seated deep in Ben's groin, his legs stretched out either side of his brother's huge sex, which lay placidly across the large, quickly re-charging balls pointing toward Ben's feet. He curled himself forward, reaching down with both hands for his brother's thick meat and pulled it up so that the foot-thick flexible snake flopped down with a dull slap against Tommy's flat, hard belly, the tip of the enormous cockhead reaching up even with his nipples even in its relaxed state. Wrapping his arms around the object he dreamed of feeling inside of him, but knew he never could, he began idly moving his finger tips up and down its currently soft underside. Ben's mind was dwelling on other matters, so his dick wasn't responding to his brother's attentions; Tommy's thoughts were elsewhere, too.



"You told me that receiving the Kutur's..., uh, what did'ja call it?"

"Mahogany -- at least that's their word for it. We'd call it 'sacred cum' or something."

"OK.., well, the Kutur's cum made you grow. But I'm not one of them, so how..., I mean..., I made you grow even more than they did. How can I do that to you?"

That was exactly the question that Ben had been pondering, and he had no answer to offer his brother. He drew a deep breath as his mind turned back toward his brother - and to what his brother was doing with his dick, which immediately began responding to what it was feeling. "Uh-h-h, I don't know - it probably surprised me even more than it did you." Privately, he had his own thoughts on the matter, but he wasn't ready to talk about it as yet. He also was having thoughts about his cock, which was quickly working its way up between and over his brother's large, hard mounds of chest muscle as Tommy began putting more pressure on Ben's dick as he slid his hands --now with fingers clasped together -- back and forth, taking longer and longer strokes. this, in turn, made him think about his brother's rather amazing dong.

"I've got a question of my own." "Which is...?" "What did you do to make your dick grow so much? That's not exactly natural, you know."

At about that time, Ben's happy tool had begun to stretch and freely exude some precum; Tommy retorted with, "Talking about growing dicks..," as he squeezed Ben's cock hard against his chest and simultaneously drove his tongue along and into the leaking piss-slit, which was by now even with his chin, provoking a sudden loud, "SSSSSSSssssss..." from its owner. He relieved the pressure on the cock and licked and sucked gently for a minute or so as the flow subsided - and the tip of the cock reached his forehead.

"Actually, I've been thinking about that. I've been thinking that since you've been getting the um-m-m, 'sacred' stuff from your Kutur-pals, you're own cum is probably pretty special now as well. And I did suck down quite a bit of it before fucking you, and so I wondered if maybe....?"

He didn't need to finish the thought -- Ben had exactly the same idea, and yet, if he'd understood Ruthar correctly, his cum shouldn't have had any effect on men who weren't somehow tied to the Kutur people. He began to wonder if Ruthar and the others hadn't misinterpreted their "omens," but then his thoughts turned quickly to other, more immediate matters as he realized that his once again leaking dick was now at self-suck length - all he needed to do was tilt his head forward a bit, which he did until....

"Hey! - That's mine!" -as Tommy's hand shot up, wiped some fresh fluid into his palm, after which he greedily licked it clean.


"Oh yeah-h-h! Remind me to always keep a giant brother around, would'ja?" as he reached up for another helping.

"Careful, Bro -- no telling what that stuff might do to you," he chuckled.

"Are you complaining about the size of my dick or something...? 'Cause if you are...."

Ben laughed hard. "No way, Bro -- I like it just fine the way it is -- believe me, heh, heh."

"That's good to hear, because I'd really like to have some more..," as he again grasped Ben's now activated dick hard and started jacking it for all his worth as he simultaneously pressed his own hard meat up against the bony side of his brother's rod.

"Tommy - Wait! I don't think we should...," but it was too late. "Aw-w-w, f-u-u-u-c-k," said Ben as he slid off of the tree trunk and stretched himself out rigidly on the sand as he and Tommy both emptied their balls. As Ben got bigger, his orgasms seemed to get more intense, and this was no exception -- all he wanted to do afterwards was lie still and recuperate. As he once again grew alert to his surroundings, he became aware of a heavenly pressure on his softening dick, and of..., "What's that noise...?" he wondered. Tommy had climbed up to where he was sitting on and straddling Ben's dick and was leaning forward, happily licking/slurping up his brother's cum from his upper pecs, his traps, his face.... Ben wasn't so sure it was a good idea. Opening his eyes, he grabbed Tommy by the shoulders and pushed him up

"Whoa, little fella. I think you've had your fill." Too late again - Tommy had already done a pretty thorough job of cleaning up his brother.

"Hey, what's the matter? Are you afraid I might grow up big and strong like you," Tommy laughed?

Actually, that is exactly what Ben was concerned about. There ensued a few minutes of brotherly play-fighting, during which time Ben decided two things: one - he was going to try to convince Ruthar to accept Tommy; two - he needed to tell Tommy the rest of the story - namely, that the Kutur thought Tommy was an evil threat to their people and their culture. So after returning them both to serious conversation, he explained the rest of the omen. Tommy started laughing at the absurdity of the notion - until he saw the Ben was not. "So now what?" Tommy asked.

"I'm going to talk to Ruthar. When he sees how much I've grown - and especially how it happened, I think he'll have to admit that he's wrong about you. After all, if you were really a threat to his people, why would you make me, their protector, even bigger?" Ruthar, it turns out, would not see it this way, but after a little more discussion, which included convincing Tommy that his presence might be too upsetting to the Kutur to allow them to think clearly about what Ben had to say, the two brothers reluctantly parted company as Ben left by himself to make his case.

At his original height, this trip would have taken about an hour - moving fast. Now it took -- at least twice as long. He was thinking very hard about how to persuade the Kutur that Tommy wasn't their enemy, so he walked very slowly, often stopping for long periods as he tried to think through his problem. But because of his slow progress, he noticed things he might not have otherwise -- namely, that nature seemed to be responding to his passage. As he moved into new areas, the jungle noises seemed to increase dramatically -- and not just the animal noises either; even the vegetation seemed to be reacting to his presence. Tree branches would sway as he passed although there was no discernible breeze. He got the distinct impression that the jungle was greeting him as he passed through, giving him the eerie sensation that he was a part of the island---, and that it was part of him, as well. A couple of times, as he grew angry thinking about what he saw as Ruthar's unreasonable feelings about his beloved brother, the bird screeching grew harsh and the trees began swaying almost violently, as if being blown about by (non-existent) hurricane winds. Realizing that he had this connection gave him added assurance that he really was this Huwana Kutur as Ruthar had told him so positively. It filled him with a warm sense of purpose, but he chuckled momentarily as he thought, "I wonder what would happen if I got really pissed!" He would soon find out.

Still lost in thought, no closer to knowing how to approach this discussion, he was within the village before becoming consciously aware of it. What he saw was a large group of people staring up -- way up, at him with mild shock, which was quickly followed by a burst of cheering and shouting, leading up to a chant-like repetition of, "HUWANA! HUWANA!..." Ben looked over the tops of the nearby buildings towards the very large structure within which were held the Kutur rituals and saw Ruthar step outside. He immediately broke into a huge smile when he saw the cause of the crowd's loud chanting and quickly threw his arms open in welcome. Ben walked through the village streets until he stood facing Ruthar.

Ruthar was still smiling, obviously quite please with himself. "I welcome you, my Son. Did I not tell you this would happen?" Ben just nodded his head one time. Ruthar continued, "I am surprised at one thing, however; I did not expect it to happen so quickly." Ben stood quietly. "I assume that you have no further doubts that all that I've told you is the truth," wondered Ruthar? Very carefully, Ben allowed, "That is mostly true."

As Ruthar briefly puzzled over Ben's reply in continued stiff formality, Gwankyu appeared at the door. His eyes and mouth both flew open when he recognized Ben, and seeing absolutely no need for formality he started laughing as he ran past Ruthar, severely breaching the Kutur's code of conduct, ran straight up to "HUWANA!" (he yelled happily) and very firmly hugged the thick, dangling cock that hung all the way from Gwankyu's head to his crotch. Not being very formal himself, Ben laughed, reached down and picked Gwankyu up and hugged him tightly to his huge chest.

"It's nice to see you to, my friend!" - briefly filling Gwankyu's mouth with the tip of his tongue before putting him down. "Perhaps we can talk, later, but right now...," as he looked up towards Ruthar, "I have much to discuss with our Shaman," he said with great seriousness.

"Perhaps we can do more than just talk," Gwankyu chuckled as he backed away. Ben looked down at his truly enormous man-piece, and then at Gwankyu, and said, "I think we will have certain difficulties, my friend,' - a point that Gwankyu acknowledged with a raised eyebrow and a nod of his head as he returned to his position behind a severely scowling Ruthar.

"This sounds serious," stated Ruthar. "It is," said his Huwana. "Then come inside, and we shall talk," and so the entire group went back into the building that had seemed ridiculously huge to Ben on his first visit here. Now he barely fit.

Once all were properly seated indoors, Ben spoke -- slowly, carefully, and solemnly. He reiterated the whole story of how Tommy came by chance to be with him here, on this island, hoping that logic alone would be enough, finally, to convince the Kutur than Tommy's presence here was completely accidental and coincidental -- that he couldn't possibly be the "evil" being portrayed, at least in their minds, in their legend. He purposely left out the rather important and telling facts surrounding their recent sexual encounter. He concluded by saying this: "You have asked me to come live among you so that I may be near at hand to defend you if the need arises. I would very much like to do that. However, my brother and I are very much in love, and I do not wish to live away from him; nor would I ask him to live by himself. I must ask you to welcome him to live among you -- not as a new member of the Kutur people, but as a member of my family."

At first Ruthar said nothing, but the other Kutur seated in the large room began talking loudly among one another, every single one signaling his belief in the omen, and his belief that Tommy was a danger to them. Ben's anger began to build within, slowly and quietly. He noticed, incidentally, that the wind had suddenly begun to blow outdoors and that the bird noises were much louder than before. Gwankyu was the only Kutur who was voicing no opinion, and the only one who noticed the changes going on outdoors. Once the concerns had been voiced and the commentary came to an end, Ruthar spoke.

"My Son. We have heard all of this before. You have told us nothing new. What you have said changes nothing. Your presence here today, in your newly acquired huge body, confirms that at least that part of the legend is true, just as we thought. There is no reason to believe that the rest is wrong, just because you love Tommy. We cannot agree to allow his presence among us."

Ben's anger increased two-fold. Gwankyu had been watching Ben's face and correctly read his instant angry reaction. He also noticed the wind increase greatly in strength outdoors, the louder screeching of the bird life, and now the roaring of several large jungle creatures rarely heard from near the village. The other Kutur began to notice the connection as well. Ruthar remained staunchly quiet.

"There is more," said Ben. For many years now, I have, with great difficulty, curbed my passion regarding my brother -- a passion, a mutual passion, that we have recently begun to express. Yesterday, for the first time, my brother drank significantly of me." There was no doubt in anyone's mind of the meaning of Ben's words, and Ben could see the growing concern on Ruthar's face. Our first coupling occurred early this morning, and I received the fluids of my brother for the first time." He paused and looked around at each Kutur in turn to read their reaction before returning his steely gaze back to Ruthar. As he bored deeply into Ruthar's eyes, he offered his key bit of evidence that Tommy was in fact good, and not bad, for the Kutur. "As soon as he began to fill me up within, I grew -- and grew, and grew..., until well after his offering subsided. That is why I grew sooner than you expected. My brother helped me! And in turn he has helped you by giving you, sooner than expected, the protector -- the HUWANA!, that you have sought these many years. I believe that you have misinterpreted the omens. My brother is NOT evil. I ask you to this of this and reconsider your decision."

Though Ben had kept his tone of voice carefully controlled, his angry emotions were apparent, and the winds outdoors were still howling. There were even sounds that might have been building collapsing. Ben could see some doubt among the faces of the Kutur, and even Ruthar was taken aback by Ben's revelation. He, too was paying attention to the outdoors activity and was becoming visibly worried now, but he still remained sternly adamant in his belief. After a period of thoughtful silence, he restated his position. "This must be a trick of some kind -- a clever effort on the part of this person whom you call "brother," but who is not really your brother, to remain close to us to better destroy us. I cannot allow his presence in our village, and if you will not live without him, then you are not welcome in our village, either. I must ask you now to leave us -- for one last time."

Ben's anger went off-scale, unable to believe Ruthar's narrow-mindedness - of his reluctance to accept the new evidence and consider the possibility that he was wrong. He sat very still for a minute or so, until a loud explosion - followed by terrified screams, was heard from outside. "The volcano!" yelled Gwankyu. He was right. All of the Kutur ran outside, leaving Ben facing Ruthar, staring sharply-pointed daggers into his "Father's" eyes. "So be it!" said Ben as he quickly stood up, turned, and ran out. Paying no heed to the chaos within the village as hurricane-force winds wrecked a good bit of havoc and dense smoke billowed visibly from the nearby volcano amidst loud rumblings, he immediately headed back to the north although it meant that he would be skirting the volcano on his way -- for some reason, it didn't worry him at all. But he was concerned for Tommy's safety, and it was this concern that hurried him along, but luckily thinking of Tommy replaced his feelings of anger toward the Kutur with feelings of love for his brother, and as that happened, the volcano quieted down, and aside from a few volcanic bombs that he heard land in the jungle as he ran, the eruption never became life-threatening. So when he burst out of the jungle to find a very agitated Tommy pacing about near their hut, his only thoughts were of joy at being back with his brother, and the two were quickly locked in muscular embrace as they rolled about on the sand, under their favorite palm tree, speaking few words beyond, "I love you," as each one rejoiced in the manly physicality of his brother and lover.

After an hour or so of alternately rough and gentle rolling, squeezing, feeling, and kissing, Tommy found himself in one of his favorite positions -- curled up on top of his giant brother, with hard, muscular, giant arms wrapping him lovingly and holding him firmly and protectively in place. Ben decided it was time to get up, and gave his brother one final, quick squeeze-and-hug when he suddenly noticed that Tommy seemed..., well..., a bit thick in the..."Oh, Shit!" he thought.

"Whoa! What's happened here?" he said, as he grabbed Tommy by the lats and held him straight up above his chest in order to carefully examined his brother.

"What's wrong, Ben. I - ..., oh. I guess you noticed."

"But it sure took me long enough. When the hell did that happen?" The 'that' to which Ben referred was the new, improved, bigger, t-a-l-l-e-r Tommy!

"well..., uh-h-h, I don't know -- maybe an hour after you left? Just, all of a sudden I started feeling pretty weird; then I felt my thighs getting thicker and then..., it happened. Didn't take long -- kinda like when you grew, so I figured it must have been your..., you know. Your special cum. I guess...."

Ben stood up and put Tommy on his feet. Well, it could be worse, he thought to himself. When he left, Tommy was maybe 6-foot two or three; now he was probably seven feet - tops. He looked straight at Tommy's relaxed dick. "I suppose THAT grew a little as well?"

"Actually, yeah -- I think so. Not much, though." Tommy suddenly got worried. "You don't mind, do you?!?"

Ben broke up with laughter. "Don'choo worry, Little Bro'; I can take all you've got to give."

Tommy looked his brother in the eye and said, somewhat sheepishly, "You can't to put your money where your mouth is?" Ben thought for a moment, finally saying, "I'll haven't got a lot of money (in fact, he had none, of course), but I do something I'd like to put where my mouth is. Saying that, he knelt down, bent over, and quickly made Tommy's entire relaxed foot-and-a-half'er disappear. It was just the beginning of the most wonderful week the two of them had shared the whole time they'd been on the island. Fortunately, in spite of a frequent exchange of fluids, neither man grew much more; Ben reached perhaps thirteen feet, while Tommy added only an inch or two. Ben vaguely recalled having heard Ruthar say that fluids from several donors were needed for additional growth, and figured he must be right. But that was the only thought Ben had of that other part of his life during the entire week, and he was very happy for it, spending the whole week hunting, fishing, sleeping, and of course, loving -- and growing closer together than they ever could have imagined. •

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