Books of Prophecy

Prologue 1 (Eric)


By Corwin

Commentary (and advisory): These are the authentic texts that chronical the beginning of our third age. They contain acts of violence that characterized our second age, particularly under the reign of The Tyrant. Novices and others not of age or of an appropriate disposition shall not read these words. -- The Council of Masters

>From the Journal of Eric Young, August 28, 2000

Mr. van Dyke,

I think this journal of your idea rocks. You want to know what I did today? The same thing I'll do to you if I don't get an A in your shit class. The same thing I'll do to you if you show this to anyone or talk to anyone about this.

Tonight, I totally decimated this kid. My pal Todd and I had heard he'd been bragging about how strong and studly he was. He was a wimp, and I don't give a fuck about any of the roids and growth hormones he took during the summer. Ya, Todd and I tell people that I bench press 400 pounds, but I can do that single handed. I've lifted a couple tons with no effort. I'd brag about my max weights if I could, but ya see, I ain't never been able to max out.

When we got to the wimp's school, he was closing up the gym. I have to admit he was built better than Todd and looked like he might even take me. As if.

He was pretty to look at. He had a bull neck, with pulsing veins that tempted me. His neck stretched the collar of his shirt, but not as much as his pecs did. With each breath, his chest tested the limits of the fabric. There were small tears that revealed his tan skin, and proved that the shirt was failing in its task. I could tell, he thought he was hot shit. I know I love to flex hard enough to rip my XXL shirts.

He looked us over and snickered at our challenge. The wimp bragged that not only were his muscles bigger, stronger and harder than both or ours, but his dick was bigger than either of ours too. That's what really got to Todd. Ain't nobody got a bigger cock than him, 'cept his father and that's only temporary.

The wimp opened the gym back up, let us in, then locked it from the other side. That's when he decided to show off. With his back still to us, he started to flex his lats. They were pretty, connecting low on his waist so that it made a wide V. Of course, the shirt couldn't take the hardness of that much muscle, and split down the back. "Oops." The asshole tried to pretend like it was an accident or something. He turned around then made a double bi that shattered the sleeves of the shirt. This guy was symmetric and big. "Can you beat these 23s?" He moved his hands to the neck of his shirt and tore it, revealing huge teardrop shaped pecs and abs that resembled rows of cobblestone. Then he flexed a most muscular. He was cut and his muscles looked dense. If I didn't know better, I might actually have been worried.

That's when he turned to Todd. "And muscle ain't all this MAN's got. My docs and coaches came up with a nice little drug cocktail. Made me real big everywhere. I got over 14 inches of superman dick -- fat and hard. And it squirts forever cause of my huge nuts." He had unsnapped his baggy pants, and peeled them down to reveal massive legs and huge calves. He wore skimpy shorts that didn't even pretend to hold his nuts and fat dick. Like his shirt, he whipped that thin fabric off, and his dick shot out. It was a good 10 inches soft. "I'm gonna enjoy plowin this up your muscleboy asses. So, do ya just want to give up now that ya seen the best sophomore body in any high school in the country?"

Todd and I laughed. I have to admit that I was worried about Todd. I ain't never seen his dick break 14 yet. But then Todd had a big grin on his face as he stripped off his shirt and pants. I could see his huge cock and balls, and they seemed ready for the challenge.

For my turn, I decided to show the wimp what real muscle flexing was. I was wearing a sweatshirt that looked loose. Heh. "You got a pretty bod but I got the muscle here." I took a deep breath and flexed. Hard. My muscles pumped, filling the shirt. It must of looked like a balloon to Todd and Mr. Wimp. The sweatshirt couldn't take it and exploded. Pieces of cloth flew everywhere. Then I flexed a thigh and let it Hulk out of the pants. Unlike that lame TV show though, my glutes tore the denim to shreds. Flexing the other thigh freed me from the confines of clothes. Now he could take in my huge muscle. He didn't look impressed. He didn't get it. Yet.

I began to walk over to him, and the jerk actually started walking toward me. I was everybit as cut as him. He may look bigger, but my muscles were denser and stronger. Ain't no fuckin sophomore is stronger than me. I was gett'n hot when Todd got between us. "No fair stud. If you kill him, I'll never get to show him who's got the bigger schlong!"

"Hey man, ain't no skin off my nose who I beat first. Ain't had any real competition since I turned 13 and Dad began started given me the 'roids. But for me to get hard, I got to have something to look at. You guys are too small to get me excited. With that, he strode out of the room and into another. We followed him into a weight room with lots of mirrors on the walls. He was flexing and jerking his meat. It was already getting big.

Todd began jerking his meat too, and soon it was clear that this was going to be a contest. Both dicks were huge, easily breaking a foot and then longer. Both growing quickly. I was getting hard watching their manhoods thicken and lengthen. I heard guys brag about being thick as a beer can, but Todd and the wimp were at least that thick and hugely long. Todd seemed to slow down, and I thought the wimp would best him. Man that made me hot. I think even the wimp thought he had it in the bag, but Todd just closed his eyes. I couldn't believe what happened next. Todd's dick began to grow -- fast. He caught up to the wimp and in seconds was at least an inch bigger. Man, he looked like he had his father's cock! His old man wasn't no where near that big at Todd's age. Even the wimp was impressed, but still cocky.

"Man, looks like I'm gonna need to up the GH for my cock. No sweat. I can gain a couple more inches this year. Thanks kid, gave me something to work toward. But ain't no way your bud can beat these muscles, and I'm gonna love having that huge cock in my mouth when we're through." Todd just laughed. He knew.

The asshole made a pair of double biceps and his cock was standing at a 45 degree angle from his 8 pack. I went behind him and grabbed each wrist. I could see the muscles tighten and become more defined as he prepared. "No way man," as if anticipating what I was going to do. I flexed slowly. I loved watching the chords in my forearm become super defined as my grip tightened. When he whinced, I let up but began to flex my arm backwards, slowly. My torso grew with the pump, becoming as large as his, then larger. I could feel that I was approaching the limit of his flex. His arms would soon begin to move. At the first sign of the realization that he couldn't hold his flex against me, I made my move. I flexed hard and fast, bringing his arms down in one fast motion. He never stood a chance. He screamed in pain as his steely hard biceps popped and nearly ruptured from my power. I freed his hands and his arms hung sore by his side.

"Now I can have some fun." I flexed hard in a most muscular, my dick becoming hard. The wimp tried to run. Good.

I tackled him easily. Then I let him maneuver to get his legs around my torso. His dick wasn't hard anymore, but it was handy. I began to stroke it. He compressed his legs against my chest and abs. Man, he was strong for a normal guy. His quads were bigger than that body builder Paul DeMayo, and his calves were defined. Too bad for him that his legs had hit a steel wall -- my abs. Actually, it kinda tickled as he struggled in vain to crush me.

His cock was getting hard from my expert hand job. When it was big enough, i bent over to suck it. So, the stud yelled as I crushed his knee against my back as I twisted to get a good suck. Man, he tasted sweet. I looked up and could see that Todd was ready, so I stopped my fun for a second. I twisted around and grabbed the wimp's ankles and pulled his legs apart. Ya, sure he struggled. I could see his muscles strain, but I told him I was a lot stronger than him. He shoulda believed me.

I grabbed his nuts in one hand, my iron grip forcing him to his feet. The wimp was hung, his balls were almost too big for my hand! I forced him over and Todd came up behind him.

"Dad told me to be careful cause we have such horse cocks. Well, buddy, this is how careful I like to be." Todd's cock is hard as a pipe, and he shoved it all into the wimp's ass. Todd calls it his missile, and even this dude's hard ass couldn't stop it. Bet he never thought he'd ever scream as loud as when Todd rammed his meat in. The wimp screamed and sweat poured from him as Todd drove inch after inch into him. "Oops." Todd whispered in the dude's ear.

I went down on wimpy's mule cock. He struggled a bit, but a punch to his gut stopped that. Todd was really ramming the guy when wimpy shot his load in my mouth. He must have liked this. Todd pulled out and shot his jizz onto the mirrors from the middle of the room.

"Ya done buddy?" I asked Todd. He smiled and told me to have some fun.

"Hey wimp, ya know how ya brag about how much of a man ya are. Well, make that were." I grabbed his nuts in my hand and squeezed. His face turned white as I crushed harder and harder. Whatever this guy was taking, his nuts were huge and hard, but I've crushed metal balls like clay with my fingers. I squeezed until his nuts nearly burst and the wimp started to cry in pain. Making guys who think they are tough cry gets me off. That's when I grabbed his cock and yanked, hard, nearly ripping it in half. With my other hand, I began to batter the guys abs. He was so out of it he didn't even try to flex against the power of my fists. Ribs began to crack as I battered his body more.

In the mirror I loved what I looked like. My huge body was pumped as I beat the wimp into tomorrow, bruising his once powerful body with my stronger punches. I was hot.

I grabbed the wimp in a bear hug and crushed his ribcage. I counted as ribs popped and buckled under my power and his spine cracked. When I dropped him, he fell to the floor.

I reached over to one of those pretty blue veins that pumped in his bull neck. "Good night, big boy." I grabbed the artery and compressed. The blood flow through his brain stopped. He was out in 30 seconds. Once he lost consciousness, I picked him up and threw him against a wall, just for good measure. When he wakes up, if he wakes up, he's gonna be one sore boy.

You may hear about this in the news, Mr. van Dyke. Remember. You tell anyone, and I won't be as nice to you as I was to this wimp. I can cause a lot of pain before I knock you out. Remember that. •

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