By Muscl4life

Ben spoke for over an hour. He told Tommy all about the secret city he discovered at the southern part of the island, and the giant muscular old man who was mysteriously awaiting his arrival, knowing that Ben was the HUWANA KUTUR, a legendary protector who would came down from the skies riding a Fire Bird. The giant teen described all the incredible experiences he had among the Kutur, and how such experiences were responsible for his abnormal growth. Ben told everything to Tommy, except the “bad omen” part – he still couldn’t tell his little brother such horrible thing. Tommy listened intently to all Ben had to say, paying close attention to every detail. At the end, Tommy came to a conclusion that made his jaw drop. “You’re saying that you’re some kind of GOD?” “No, I wouldn’t say that.” Even Ben couldn’t explain the whole situation properly. “All I know is that they have been helping me growing bigger and stronger all these years because they believe I am their legendary leader -- even some kind of savior.” Then he spoke tenderly as he held Tommy’s hands “They accepted me as one of them, allowing me to become a Kutur as well.” Ben kissed his blond brother hand, “But, I am your brother, above all else!” Tommy stood up and studied the colossal body of his muscular brother as he walked about, trying to assimilate all the things he was told. A secret society of huge black men, and Ben as their legendary king, coming from the sky. But mostly he still marveled at the mere sight of his gigantic brother! He was so unbelievably muscular, so thick and ripped! Tommy understood now that his feelings about Ben’s size and power weren’t just his own imagination, and that his brother was BEYOND being a normal human. No matter how isolated from the world they were, Tommy knew that Ben really was the BIGGEST MAN ON EARTH! Suddenly, Tommy felt very warm deep inside, like he had figured out something very, very, important. The blond hunk just smiled and hugged the impossible thickness of his brother and stepped back. Ben was surprised at the unexpected display of affection.

“You really ARE the strongest man on Earth, Brother,” Tommy repeated out loud. He looked straight into Ben’s still questioning eyes. “Remember when I said that yesterday, and you told me we couldn’t be sure?” Ben nodded his head, and Tommy ran towards his brother and jumped into his arms. “But now you’re so much bigger---, there’s no way to deny that you are definitely THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD! YOU are my hero, Brother! And I love you! Whatever it was that made you grow for me, it can’t be a bad thing! I don’t have to forgive you, Ben -- you didn’t do anything wrong! Come on! Don’t be too hard on yourself!” Tommy smiled and grabbed Ben’s huge biceps and squeezed and fondled the inhuman large, impossibly hard muscle. “If you were given such powers, it’s because they’ve recognized you are special, and you deserve such honor!” Tommy said almost in trance from feeling his brother’s muscles. Ben smiled and gently flexed his gigantic arms for his blond lover. The onyx titan considered his brother’s words for a while,. Tommy was right -- he was being too hard on himself. Ever since he was a kid, Ben always expected too much from himself. After his father’s death, he felt responsible for Tommy’s safety above everything else and it made him forget about his own needs. Fortunately, Ben realized that his principal need was to be near Tommy and make him happy. Ben touched his forehead to Tommy’s. “I wanna give you a present!” the enormous black teen said tenderly, brushing the hair on his beloved little brother: “Present? What for,” the blond brother replied, still entertaining himself with his colossal brother’s brawn? “Just to prove to you that I am here to please you! I’ll do anything you’d like, -- anything, just ask me!” Ben gently put Tommy down and stood up revealing all his glory: “Come on! I wanna test this new BODY!” Ben said with a glint in his eyes, but Tommy remained silent, then he smiled excited: “Can I ask for two things instead of one?” Tommy said meanly, knowing that Ben could never deny anything to him, Ben smiled and nodded “Sure, OK, two wishes, but that’s it,” he laughed! Tommy rubbed his hands together in excitement: “First, I want you to show me your MUSCLES as usual!” Tommy said happily. Ben smiled and grabbed him in his arms: “I can do better than that!” He walked into the forest carrying Tommy along with him. They walked to the place where Ben used to train for his Kutur training matches, an area strewn with huge boulders which he used to lift and throw to enhance his strength. Ben gently lowered Tommy on the ground and turned his enormous back to his brother, walking towards the boulders: “You know, Tommy, all my life I’ve dreamt about being super strong! And now, I think I can do many things that were impossible until yesterday…” Ben turned his head to look at Tommy and blinked at him. He squatted and grabbed the first boulder with just one gigantic hand. Ben breathed deeply and pushed up hard with his legs, expecting it to take a huge effort, but to his own surprise, the boulder lifted from the ground like it weighted almost nothing! Ben’s eyes widened at the mere sight of his impressive arm carrying a huge boulder. “Big deal!” Tommy mocked Ben “I just saw you lift a rock five times that big back when you saved me from the panther. Do you think I’m impressed now?” The blond boy laughed out loud, but Ben was serious: “It’s not that --it’s just that -- it seems too light!” The gigantic teen looked at the boulder and realized that he was even stronger than a few hours ago. He’d had to use both hands, and make a great effort to lift the rock to save his brother, but now he realized he could do the same thing without even breaking a sweat! Ben started throwing the enormous rock up and down, noticing the enormous BULGE on his biceps each time he caught the astounding weight easily in his thick, powerful hand –“Tommy, stand back!” Ben said, and with a superior, almost nasty smile he looked at the ocean, then he prepared to throw the rock as far as he could --“One, two, THREE!” The titanic onyx teen took a deep breath and threw the boulder with all his might.

What happened next shocked not just Tommy, but Ben as well. The rock looked like it was being launched into outer space! The enormous projectile took off with incredible speed and flew directly into the blue sky. Ben gulped as he watched the boulder as it kept going up and UP before finally turning downward and falling in the vicinity of the atoll, which meant Ben had just thrown the rock MILES AWAY FROM THE ISLAND! With just one arm! Tommy felt dizzy, and while his brain still fought to accept the idea that his brother now had super-human strength, his cock had certainly accepted the idea and was already hard again. His whole body tingled at the mere sight of such a colossal man. Tommy came running at his brother and climbed into his beloved’s arms (as he so often did) so that he could talk to him at eye level.

“BEN! YOU SAW THAT? THAT ROCK! YOU THREW IT ALL THE WAY TO THE ATOLL!” The blond brother kept repeating, “ …to the atoll!”, in a bewildered but awed way, yelling louder and louder as he caressed the muscles of his heroic black brother as if trying to convinced himself that it was true. It even took Ben some time to assimilate the truth – he was no longer a mere human! He had power beyond what he should for his size! - and it suddenly hit him that he wasn’t done yet, that he would ultimately be much more than he is now. He tried to downplay what had just happened. “What’s the matter? You just said it was no big deal!” said Ben, responding Tommy’s joke earlier

Tommy was speechless. He dropped his jaw for just one moment, but for one moment only, right after that he hugged his brother, realizing that Ben was pulling his leg.

Tommy got into the act. The bond hunk smiled sweetly up into his brother’s eyes as he invitingly--, encouragingly caresses his brother’s torso, squeezing both nips especially hard for emphasis. “Could you do that again for me…, please?” Ben laughed out loud, saying “Sure, Tommy,” as he threw his little brother up and down in his arms. “Just hold on for a minute,” as he walked over to some more boulders, still bouncing Tommy around playfully, still chuckling. After putting Tommy on the ground, he squatted down, slid his hands under the two biggest boulders he could find and lifted them up – one in each hand. He smiled mischievously at Tommy and then flexed both biceps while holding the massive rocks. Tommy watched, with awe, as every muscle fiber, every vein, popped into sharp, deeply-cut relief all over his monster, forty-two-inch guns. Then Ben moved into a modified most-muscular pose, hunched over, chest and shoulders almost grotesquely, yet beautifully inflated, his arms seeming to bulge even bigger, looking twice as hard as the huge boulders he somehow still held out in front of him. Tommy felt his cock twitch; looking down, he saw that a large dollop of precum was already sliding down his stiff, quivering tool.

Ben noticed. “Man…, this really DOES turn you on, doesn’t it,” he chuckled. He dropped one of the rocks and raised the other one up to his shoulders in shot-put position. The rock had to be five times the size of Ben’s head. With a big, cocky, self-satisfied smile on his face, Ben announced, “Yes, sir! – this teenaged, super muscle-stud is always ready to show off for his little Bro, Bro.” Balancing the rock perfectly, he reared back and heaved it upwards with a huge, loud grunt. Both men watched in joint amazement as it sailed ever farther, finally disappearing just over the horizon before splashing down.

For some while they stood still as rocks, staring wordlessly out at the sea, each trying to assimilate the significance of the feat. Eventually they sat in the sand, Tommy nestled snuggly in Ben’s lap. “Ben, after what you’ve just done, you can’t deny what you are” Tommy mumbled as he caressed his beloved brother’s cheekbones. “You’re right, Little Bro!” Ben said, still marveling at his feat of inhuman strength. Tommy knew that Ben had understood him, and his eyes glistened as they met the gaze of his beloved mammoth sized black brother who stood up, easily holding his blond hunky brother in his amazingly powerful muscles. “I AM THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD!” Ben yelled at the magnificent sunset, laughing out loud. Then, he faced Tommy once more, and they touched their foreheads together in a tender display of brotherly love. “And I love my little brother, too -- with all my heart!” Neither spoke. Ben sat down once again, where they simply cuddled and hugged, and thought about all that had happened on this day. They sat there until it got dark, Ben finally suggesting that they get some sleep. “But you’ve totally wrecked our hut!” Tommy laughed, realizing that the poor house simply couldn’t handle Ben’s astonishing new proportions. Ben looked at the piles of wooden shreds that used to be the front part of the hut, and scratched his head. Then, he minimized the situation – “I can fix it tomorrow morning; we’ll sleep outdoors tonight!” the behemoth brushed his blond brother’s hair. “What about the animals, and the cold?” Tommy asked immediately, and Ben had to control himself not to laugh at his little brother’s worries; he pulled his studly lover closer and hugged him tightly. “Did you forget that I am HUWANA KUTUR? No animal will dare to fight me, no harm will come to you as long as you’re with ME!” Ben made a strategic pause “As for the cold, you can sleep on my chest! I’ll keep you safe and warm!” Ben lay down on the sand and invited Tommy to join him, which he quickly did, and they lay still, quietly enjoying each other until they finally fell asleep. The next morning Tommy awoke well before Ben but didn’t want to wake him, figuring he probably needed a lot of sleep after growing so much. He thought a great deal about Ben’s story, especially about Ben’s somewhat brief description of all the sex he’d had. And for the first time he felt something different about Ben. He felt insecure! Until yesterday, he’d thought he and Ben were the only humans on the island! But hearing his brother’s revelations, he knew why Ben had left him alone all those nights -- he went after SEX!, because Tommy could NEVER completely satisfy him as those huge muscular man could! What if the only reason Ben still lived with him was pity? Pity for him? What if Ben only had REAL pleasure with his fellow huge black muscle men? He couldn’t help having such bad thoughts: he felt so fragile. Was he loosing Ben to those muscle men? Maybe he had already. Once Ben was awake, they shared breakfast, but Tommy couldn’t eat a single bite, so disturbed was he by his jealousy, while Ben ate up every it of food present. Ben tried to joke about it, saying “Little Bro, if I’m gonna be eating like THAT, I’d better start gathering four times as much food” as he burst into laughter! But Tommy remained quiet, looking extremely serious. The huge muscle teen quit laughing and went silent. Something was obviously wrong. He waited until Tommy was ready to speak up.

“Ben?” “Hmmmm?” “About those other big guys…, the um-m-m.., Kutur….” “Yeah?” Tommy spoke with great hesitancy. “Well, uh-h-h-h…, when you…, uh-h…. Well, you said you…, You know!” “I fucked them.”

“Well, yeah…, right…. When you did that…., how did it feel? To you, I mean.”

“Aww , man – Terrific!” Ben was quickly getting carried away, remembering. Most amazing sensations I’ve ever felt! Oh yeah – can’t wait to see them again!” He gave a loud wolf-whistle of approval.

When Tommy said nothing for a while, Ben looked at him and saw tears running down his face. “Hey. What’s wrong? What’d I say?”

“Well.., it’s just that…,” he stopped to sniffle. “It’s just that I want to be able to give you that kind of pleasure. I want me – your brother, to give you as much pleasure as those other guys do – more even…., but I can’t, Ben. I’m too small! There’s no way you can get that huge fucking cock of yours up my ass - but you can with your BIG, KUTUR FRIENDS!” Tommy had gotten pretty loud by now, his voice getting stronger and faster as all of his anger and frustration came pouring out. Ben hadn’t expected this one bit..

“So GO ON!” By now he’s shouting in Ben’s face, from all of two feet away. “Run off with your big friends and have yourself a FUCKING GOOD TIME – and I use that word very purposefully – have a FUCKING WONDERFUL TIME! I understand -- you’ve got your needs, and after all, I, ME! – your own brother, can’t begin to satisfy those enormous needs, now can I!” He kicks the sand HARD a couple of times and stomps away. “TOMMY!” He stops and gives the sand another healthy kick as he turns back to Ben and yells, with all the anger he can muster, “WHAT!?!” Ben waits a moment and says quietly, “You know what?” Tommy looks up, his face a big question mark. Softly, and tenderly, Ben says, “You’re right – I can’t do that to you.., but you CAN do it to me…,” his voice heavy with suggestion…, invitation…, and with a slight question.

Later, after making love, Ben would kid Tommy about the very dorky, yet totally priceless expression on his face at that moment. The eyes slowly widened with disbelief as comprehension dawned and as his jaw sagged dumbly toward his feet. It was the last thing Tommy expected to hear, and he forgot to breathe for a long time as he recovered from the shock of Ben’s words.

Eventually, Tommy managed, “You mean…, you mean you’d let me…, uh-h-h…”

“Well sure. Why not? Ruthar did.”

“Yeah, but that was because…, I mean….”

“And you know what? As nice as it was, I’d much rather it be you.”

That stopped Tommy, but it also pleased him, though some concern still nagged him. “I mean…, it doesn’t feel as good that way, does it? Tommy was having a hard time expressing his feelings. His mind was occupied remembering the amazing sensation of having his dick squeezed between Ben’s hard, massive glutes, and it was spinning slowly out of control trying to imagine how it must feel to go even deeper, and be squeezed even harder in that warm, wet place he’d never dared even dream of visiting. What he could not imagine was that it also felt pretty dam good being on the other end, and he was, after all, wanting to give Ben as much pleasure as he’d gotten from his very big friends.

Ben laughed out loud. “Oh-h-h yeah; -sure does, and you know what? I don’t know which I like better.”

Tommy looked unconvinced. “Here – I’ll show you…,” Tommy looked a little wary. “…if you’ll let me.”

Tommy leaned away and looked at Ben with a little fear in his eyes. “W-, w-, wait a minute. You’re not thinking of trying to put that thing inside of me, are you?”

“No, Silly – not even close,” Ben laughed. “Just this,” as he held up his middle finger.

Tommy was confused and wrinkled up his nose and came out with an involuntary “Ee-yew-w-w-w-w. Why?”

“Don’t worry – you’ll see. Trust me.” Saying that, Ben got them into position, wet his finger and inserted it just a bit. “Feel anything?” “Not much.” Ben keeps moving in very slowly. “Now?” “No.” Moving in deeper, Ben can tell he’s very close, “Ah---, here it is.” He makes a short but sudden plunge. “How about..” “Ah – AHH! – Hs-s-s-s-s-s….” “…now…?” H-n-n-n-n-n…, s-s-s-s-s-s… a-h-h-h-h…. ………Oh, Fuck!” Ben rubs the prostate gently a few more times and stops to see Tommy’s reaction. He gets it, as Tommy immediately spits out, “Please don’t stop,” as fast as he can. Ben resumed and within seconds, Tommy was on the verge of cumming. “Oh – what the Hell,” thought Ben, “…he’s enjoying this too much and besides, he’ll recover fast enough,” and so he finger-pumped him hard and fast, and within a few strokes, Tommy was loudly spewing his seed over the sand. As his breathing normalized, Tommy looked at Ben, a bit of wonder still in his eyes – along with something else…. “Not so bad, was it,” Ben smiled. Tommy’s mind was already elsewhere, thinking about pleasuring his brother. “Ben?” “What?” “My cock’s a lot bigger than your finger.” What’s that all about, wondered Ben. “You think so? My hand is so damn HUGE now, that I think this finger is almost as big as your pecker,” Ben smiled mischievously, but Tommy suddenly got this very concerned look on his face, so Ben quickly added, “Just kidding, your cock is HUGE little bro!” Tommy’s smile slowly returned. “So does that mean that it’ll be even more fun for you?” Ben was caught by surprise. He wrapped his arms around Tommy as he burst out laughing and rolled him playfully in the sand. “Yeah, Li’l Bro; I do believe it will,” still laughing. After a bit of horsing around, Tommy stands up saying, “O.K., Big Bro, my turn.” Ben looked at Tommy’s long but relaxed dick. “Ummmm…, not yet, Horndog.” ”What…? …oh…,” as he took Ben’s meaning. He looked a little lost. Ben laughed as he walked over and grabbed him by the shoulders, saying, “Worry not, Li’l Bro – we’ve got all day. There’s plenty of food stock-piled, so we’ve got nuthin’ to do but wait.” On the other hand, although Tommy had cum his morning, Ben hadn’t, and his need was great, so after several minutes of lighthearted playfulness, Ben picked Tommy up in his arms -- with Ben’s huge mass, Tommy seemed to weigh almost nothing -- curled his brother up to his face and said, “You know--I can probably speed things up a bit,” and promptly inhaled every bit of Tommy’s male parts and began licking, sucking and probing. It didn’t take his frisky tongue long to reactivate his brother.

Once Tommy felt ready, he got down and Ben explained how they might position themselves, given the size difference. When that was settled, Ben suggested he “slick it up” once more, so he grabbed the hard dick, preparing to coat it liberally with saliva, but when he grabbed it, the dick jumped and a huge gob of precum emerged and started sliding downwards. “Whoa, Dude -- looks like you’ve got plenty of your own,” he said as he spread it all around.

The two big men got into position. Tommy placed his hands on Ben’s huge muscle-cheeks and was spreading them apart when Ben asked, “--think you can find your way?” He expected Tommy to give him grief for that comment, but Tommy was busily standing still, staring into Ben’s rather deep cleavage. After a bit of a pause he replied in a slow, reverent tone, “Oh, yeah-h-h..” He continues to stare.

Ben: “Hey man -- are you gonna study it or use it?”

“It’s just that you’re so BEAUTIFUL!” Tommy kept whispering it as he came closer the absolute beautiful hardness of Ben’s muscular mega bubble buttocks. He caressed them tenderly – “I can’t believe how perfect you are, Big Brother!” The blond hunk was literally drooling at the sight of the soon to be his muscle butt. Tommy lifted his head a little, searching for Ben’s eyes, but due to his brother’s incredible size and bulk, he couldn’t even see his face – “Can you just wait a minute? There’s something I’ve been dying to do…” Tommy said as his saliva drooled onto the right cheek of Ben’s arse. The blond stud stuck his searching tongue into the muscular cleavage of the hard butt, trying to reach the glorious hole he would soon be fucking. He savored the musky odor and the sweet flavor which came from within. The butt hairs tickled his cheeks, but he ignored that and mashed his face into Ben’s arse and continued to lick and savor his big brother’s muscle-butt. Ben was stunned by his little brother’s sudden kinky instincts and could only moan with pleasure in response. Ben placed his feet on ground and pulled himself a little higher to help Tommy with his delicious worship. He could feel the head and the soft silky hair of his blonde lover caressing the inside of his thighs as his hot wet tongue explored the depths of Ben’s sensitive valley of glute muscle. The blond worshipper massaged the hot velvet hardness of his onyx titanic brother as he managed to insert his tongue even deeper. Then Tommy blew softly into Bens’ ass and kissed his glorious cheeks while he struggled to open Ben’s butt and reach for the delicious man-pussy. Ben helped Tommy all he could, trying to relax his butt as much as possible, but whenever he felt the hot tongue reaching deeper and deeper, he would automatically clench his cheeks together, pressing Tommy’s tongue in between, making both of the lovers moan with pleasure and horniness. Finally Tommy managed to make his way to Ben’s anus and played with the sphincter for a while before pulling back and then inserting first one finger, and then another, trying to do just like Ben had showed him. Ben, however, decided he didn’t need much stretching out. “If I were you, I’d cut the foreplay now, and get the job done!” Ben said kind of impatiently, so desperate he was to cum for the first time on this day! Saying not a word, Tommy gets his tongue out of the hole and quickly pushes the tip of his cock up against the entrance and lets go of the glutes, allowing them to close down onto him. They did. Tightly. He inhales sharply, “S-s-s-s-s…oo-oo-oo-ooo. Uh-h-h, say, Ben, don’t squeeze yet, OK?” “I’m not.” “Oh-h-h-h…uh-h.., OK, then..I guess I’d better…unnhh.” He pushes the head of the cock in with one move. Recalling Ben’s question earlier with the finger, he says, “Feel anything yet?” -expecting a “No.”

“Uh-h-h.. your dick maybe?”

Tommy dope-slaps Ben across the back of the head, unintentionally hard. “ASSHOLE!”

“Ow-w-w! Hey, fella -- don’t forget who’s bigger around here.”

Tommy was quickly learning to enjoy his new status. “Don’t you forget who’s on top around here!” -as he surprises Ben by shoving his dick almost fully inside with one fast thrust.

“NNNNnnnn!” -he catches his breath -- “Holy shit!” Tommy’s surprised, too; he grunts at the effort as an, “Oh fuck!” is forced from his lips.

After a moment, Tommy says, in a rather superior way, “Did’ja feel that?”

“Oh, yeah!” Tommy holds still until Ben, thinking Tommy needed some encouragement, teases him with, “…but is that all ya got?”

“Hmmpff! Let’s just find out…,” and so he tries again. It was easier this time, and after a few more experimental pushes, he finds h is stride and gradually pumps faster and harder -- hard enough that Ben was quickly reaching his limit. “Hold on a sec, Bro -- I’m already gonna…Unngh! --“ Tommy gives another thrust. “Jesus, Tommy! I’m gonna hafta…S-s-s-s-sss…Nn-n-n-n…s-s-s-s-s…”

Tommy’s going faster now. “What’sa matter? My big stud of a brother isn’t losing his control, is he,” as he gives one last strong thrust and holds it briefly, and then, using all of his thick glute muscle, gets in that last millimeter as he flexes his dick as hard as he can, screaming out a victorious, “Ee-y-a-a-h-h-h!” He knew what was coming.

Ben was a goner - creaming his own pecs and face as he powerfully splooged his overnight load. Ben’s body jolts with every shot, but Tommy holds on, his arms tightly wrapped around Ben’s abs as he keeps his cock fully implanted throughout Ben’s climax, making tiny motions that keep Ben over the edge. Of course, having just recently cum, Tommy didn’t, and so he stayed hard, and no sooner had Ben finished shooting than Tommy was at it again -- using slow, short movement at first.

“Hey, Bro -- hold it, would’ja?” Thrust. “Why?” “Uh!…Uh-h, I’d like to catch my breath “But I don’t want to -- I’m still hard,” THRUST! “Ung! -- I noticed.” “..and it feels so damned good…” “G-glad you’re…Nnghhh…, enjoying yourself up there.” “So -- ya want me to stop?” That made Ben think. The only other cock he’d experienced was Ruthar’s, and Tony’s was way smaller. So why did it feel so much better? To be sure, Ruthar’s had hurt like hell at first, but it had been great after that. Today, however, had been sheer pleasure the whole time, actually even nicer than any of his earlier experiences, and it had been one hell of an orgasm -- enough so that he still felt weak. Did he want Tommy to stop? Hell, no!

Tommy had stopped, and was holding still inside. “Yo! Ben! You there, Man?” He moves in and out a little to help say, “Wake up!”

“Uh-h-h.., yeah! Yeah -- I’m here.” -and still thinking. “And???” Another small thrust, for emphasis. “NO!. No…, don’t stop.” Tommy chuckles with new confidence, “Ha! I didn’t think so!” For the next half hour, Tommy experimented freely, varying speed, depth, and angle, adding a little rotation here, a little flexing there…, and carefully noted Ben’s reactions to each and every move. Not that Ben said much -- just a lot of noises that kept encouraging Tommy to try new things. Ben had gouged depressions in the sand for his knees, and had spread them wide to put his ass at a good height for Tommy. But after thirty minutes of propping himself up by holding onto Ben’s hard, corded glute muscle, he decided he needed to rest and let himself down onto Ben’s very broad back.

While trying to find a good hold, he realized that his waist was actually narrow enough that he was able to reach around and grab onto Ben’s huge cock with both hands, a cock that he repeatedly squeezed hard in time with each thrust. By now the precum was flowing freely and dripping onto the ground, but Ben’s cock was so long that Tommy couldn’t reach the tip to grab some good lube in his present position, so he let himself slide off to one side, holding onto Ben’s lats with one hand, and then stretched his other hand upwards to reach the tip of the heavily-dripping cock. After spreading several little handfuls of precum liberally down the length of Ben’s huge meat, Tommy shifted back and now had two hands sliding sensuously up and down the slippery, vibrating dick. By now, he was ready to blow and so, as far as he could tell, was Ben.

Ben hadn’t figured out that his as was capable of giving extra pleasure other guy behind -- after all, his only experience was with Ruthar and he was so big that about all Ben knew to do was to ‘hang on’ and passively receive whatever Ruthar had to offer. Still, he expected Tommy to be the one being overwhelmed with new sensations; instead, it was Ben. About all he remembered about being fucked by Ruthar was “BIG” - but with Tommy…, there was so much more. Each time Ben got used to one sensation - one motion, one rhythm, Tommy shifted to something else, and the feeling changed. Each feeling was new, each caught Ben by surprise, and each was H-O-T!, - and each brought him closer to yet another climax that seemed to be building to be even bigger than the first.

As his arousal grew, his passion grew louder -- “Oh my God! … Tommy!…, Oh Fuck!!”, and his body jerked more and more spasmodically, carrying Tommy along as he held tightly onto Ben’s torso just as Ben’s ass held tightly onto Tommy’s thick, hard nine inches.

Finally, and by chance, the two lovers reached their limits at the same time, and booming their pleasure into the forest around them, each shocked by the intensity of their orgasms, they began their release. Whether by fate or because of the close emotional bond between these brother-by-accident, their ejaculations came in synch, each one rocketing out his load as Ben’s glutes clamped down hard on Tommy’s fortunately very hard dick, and Tommy squeezed his hands as hard as he could around his brother’s immense, strongly pulsing weapon.

Being of such intensity, their orgasms couldn’t last long, but while they did, the two big men were not of this Earth -- they were lost within one another; nothing else existed for a time. When Tommy awoke, his first thought was, “What am I doing lying on a rock?”, and so he shifted slightly at this thought. Ben had recovered a bit earlier. He hadn’t moved one bit -- enjoying, among other things, the sensation -- but more, the satisfaction of having Tommy’s still half-hard cock part way up his fuck-chute. When he felt Tommy move, he flexed his ass muscles slightly; he could have just said, “Hey,” but his seemed a nicer way to say it.

Tommy’s immediate, dream-like reaction was, “...Oh shit! - it’s stuck in the rock!” He even uttered a small, involuntary scream.

“Hey! -- It’s just me, Bro.”

Awareness flooded quickly back and Tony relaxed, and responded with a long, slow, happy, satisfied, “I’m-Too-Tired-to-Move’ groan.

Ben laughed, jiggling Tommy a bit. “You sound happy,”

“Oh yeah-h-h-h….,” he admitted sleepily.

Ben thought for a moment. “Uh-h-h…, Tommy?”


“Exactly what happened there -- I mean -- at the end?”

Tommy thought before saying, “There’s only one thing I remember.”

“What’s that?”

“…that it was --- spec-tac-u-lar!”

Ben laughed. “For me, too, Bro. For me, too.”

Tommy was suddenly very alert. Maybe Ben wouldn’t always be running back to his other friends for his sexual pleasures, though Tommy found that hard to believe, but he said, “Really? You mean it?”

Ben rolled him off and hen picked him up and held him up above his chest at arms’ length looking straight into his eyes. At first he was smiling; “Of course I mean it, Silly,” shaking him gently as he spoke. Then he grew serious -- and held him very still -- very tightly, and very possessively. “Listen. Sure, I had sex with those guys, and sure it felt great, but it was all done as part of the rituals, --- well…,” he smiled here briefly, “…most of it, anyway…,” giving a brief chuckle. But now he got deadly serious: “… but I swear to you this: it was as nothing compared to what just happened between us. I have no words for what we just experienced. Do you?”

Not expecting such a question, Tommy paused and finally said, as he smiled, ”Well-l-l, spectacular comes to mind -- again.”

Still looking seriously and even piercingly into Tommy’s eyes, Ben asked, “Is that all?”

Now Tommy thought. No -- it wasn’t. There was some incredible connection between them that was, to be sure -- beyond words to describe. Ben could see the thoughts passing through his eyes and waited patiently, with Tommy still hanging overhead, his knees lightly on Ben’s stomach.

“No, you’re right. That’s not all. Something happened between us…, something that I can’t explain either.”

“And that, Dear Brother, is what raised the sex from mere greatness to something -- inexplicable.., - to something that I can experience with exactly one person. And that person is you.”

They both stayed very still, and Ben kept staring up until Tommy began to cry. Ben lowered him and the two brothers simply lay there and hugged, very tightly, for a very, very long time. Then Tommy felt he needed to be sure if Ben loved him the same way Tommy loved his colossal brother:

“Ben, if I ask you for something will you do it for me?” The blonde spoke without looking at his brother’s face. Ben waited, so Tommy after seeking out Ben’s eyes said, “Will you be mine?” “What you mean by that?” Ben asked, a little shocked, but Tommy was serious he reached for Ben’s lips and silenced the before he could say anything else. “I know you’ve fucked lots of guys, but only one of them got to fuck you, right? And you’ve just told me not even with this guy was the sex as good as what we just shared, right?” “Tommy, you know that’s true! I love you, and you’re the best fucker I’ve ever had!” Ben said, trying to lighten things up a bit. “If that’s true, then promise me that you won’t let anyone fuck you again, except me! Only me! You’re MINE! You can fuck all the KUTUR you want, but no one will get the chance to fuck your huge, perfect ass except me! ONLY ME! Your ass is MINE! ONLY MINE! From now on -- I OWN that huge, rock-hard, wonderfully perfect ASS of yours!” Tommy spoke loud and he kept punching Ben’s torso as hard as he could but Ben didn’t feel a thing! At least, not physically, but the giant was crushed on the inside, because the look on Tommy’s face almost made Ben cry right there! He grabbed his brother strongly in his arms: “Tommy! You know I love you! You must FEEL how much I love you! Why are you being so irrational?” The blond kid was sobbing “It’s just, that I- that I am so small and so fragile! You have to take care of me all the time! And those Kutur are so strong! You obviously would rather be with them than with your skinny little brother!” Ben almost broke out laughing.” Skinny? Small? You? You really have no idea, do you? Tommy was still sobbing. “Tommy!” Ben said in a mandatory voice tone “Stop crying!” The blond kid gulped his cry, almost losing his breath. Ben looked seriously into his eyes: “First of all -- you’re way bigger than most men. And you’re certainly not fragile! And number two -- it really doesn’t mater, anyway. I AM YOURS! ONLY YOURS! No one will ever fuck me again! I promise you! But not because you’ve begged me, but because it just isn’t worth to break your heart! I can’t bear the idea of making you suffer, don’t you realize that?” Tommy smiled dimly, but it made Ben’s smile shine once more. His full lips and his white teeth were sheer beauty! It felt like looking at the sun! He could almost hear a calling! Ben’s mouth was so invitational, welcoming, and most of all, kissable! Tommy didn’t know why, or how, he just knew he had to kiss his brother deeply! He managed to reach up to Ben’s face and pull the lips of the giant Kutur down toward him, instinctively touching them to his own set of lips. Then it happened. It felt like a lightning bolt passed throughout them! The mere touch of their hot lips ignited something totally unpredictable for both Tommy and Ben. As the giant teen felt the lips of his brother touching his thick full ones his heart suddenly accelerated, his breathing became heavy, and his whole powerful body tingled from head to toe! Tommy couldn’t explain how he knew what to do. He was instinctively reaching for something both indescribable and at the same time solid, and he found Ben’s powerful tongue engulfing his own. After that, he just lost control! From this point on, everything was just feeling -- no thought or comprehension. He felt energy building within and passing through him and flowing into Ben’s impressive figure.

The giant Kutur embraced his brother tightly as the same unexplainable feelings overtook him. He had only felt that way once in his life -- and that was when Ruthar transformed him into Huwana Kutur! What was going on? Ben felt his body burning inside, like a huge power was growing inside him. And Tommy’s continuing kiss only intensified that situation. He saw things he never had before!

He could see the whole forest, each and every living animal, the trees, the flowers and of course his beloved fellow Kutur. He saw everything from above! He was above everything! He felt the POWER building within and spreading into his whole glorious physique! Ben only had time to lower Tommy to the ground. Still dizzy from such powerful experience, Tommy opened his eyes, and his jaw dropped as he noticed what was happening:

“BEN! YOU’RE GROWING!” That was all he could as he watched the increasing BULK of his brother bulging and flexing involuntarily. Ben was breathing deeply. He felt like he was experiencing that precious moment just before climax, but it went on and on! His body shook and his muscles were burning, but it felt so fucking good! He took a quick look at Tommy, and from the blissful look on his face, he knew he was growing once more! Ruthar said it was bound to happen, but he never expected it would come so soon! He was lost in his thoughts of power and strength, but through it all he could feel Tommy’s nearby presence!

The growth spurt happened just like a summer storm! Ben grew wider and stronger by the second. His lats were so wide it was like he could actually feel them pushing his arms out to the side. His chest unfolded as his pecs broadened and deepened even more than they already were. The legs bulged and thickened at each heartbeat. His abs hardened and became even more pronounced, as if ridges of boulders, smoothed by eons of flowing water had been glued to his flat washboard stomach. The neck became so impressively thick that Ben felt momentarily like his head was too small. But then it all changed. Ben started growing taller, correcting all of his proportions. His limbs grew longer as fast as they grew thicker and progressively more densely muscled. The size of his shoulders was at first sight outrageous, but when compared with the stupendous size of his new biceps on one side and the thickness and height of his traps on the other, they were exactly right! Tommy watched with awe as the peaks of Ben’s guns -- make that cannons, peaked higher and higher --and Ben wasn’t even flexing them! Then he dared to touch the muscles, but at the mere touch of his hand, Ben screamed in ecstasy, scaring the hell out of Tommy, who then could only watch in awe as Ben’s growth continued at an even faster pace. Ben was burning so intensely he thought he would melt down! But he also felt the power building and he embraced it, and as soon as he felt Tommy’s touch, he screamed, because it felt ten times worse -- and ten times better! He opened his eyes wide and reached out -- No! - down! -- way down, for his brother, picked him up and kissed him desperately. He felt the energy increasing! Tommy WAS CAUSING HIS GROWTH! He could feel his power growing,…, and something else, too…, between his pecs…., and why was he wet underneath his chin? He and Tommy broke their kiss and looked down. There was Ben’s cock -- bigger than ever, the head pressed into his deep chest cleavage by the pressure from Tommy’s own massive pecs, and happily spurting out volleys of precum. Ben put Tommy down and stared at himself. His giant pecker was so insanely huge now that even Ruthar would have trouble handling it. But the strange thing was that it seemed to change direction by itself and was now pointing directly at Tommy, all but poking him in the eyes. Tommy moved a few steps away, and it seemed to be trying to stretch out in his direction. It was pulsing and thickening, and was now thicker than the arms of most very big men. Tommy moved to the left and the giant mushroom head twisted and pointed into his direction. Tommy walked to his right side and the cock followed his movement precisely. “What’s with that THING?” Tommy asked laughing, until he realized that Ben was still getting bigger. He suddenly went quiet and quietly worshipped his growing black brother. Then, because of an intense feeling coming from his groin, he looked at himself and found that his own nine inches was at full mast -- rigidly vibrating, and pointing directly towards Ben’s mammoth sex. The cocks seemed charmed, as if they were locked into each other’s direction! Both Ben and Tommy tried moving a little, and the cocks would soon point back to each other once more. Ben and Tommy laughed, and since Ben’s cock was pointing downward, they were able to touch the tips of the two cock heads together. And BAM! Ben felt his body bulging with even more POWER and size. His muscles responded to Tommy’s touch by growing even huger and freakier! Ben’s muscles were so thick and cabled his skin glistened with power and his cable corded limbs grew even longer and thicker, and in that very moment. Ben knew deep inside what to do. He kneeled down and positioned himself, feeling each muscle flex and bulge with the mere movement! “TOMMY, YOU GOTTA FUCK ME! RIGHT NOW!” Ben commanded looking deep inside his blue eyes. The blond kid felt scared, but he couldn’t deny Ben anything. Amazingly, his own cock was so hard it seemed even bigger! Ben folded at the knees so that Tommy’s cock could reach his waiting hole. Tommy wound up standing on his brother’s thick calves to reach and then inserted his cock all at once. Ben screamed in ecstasy and raised up, suspending Tommy up in the air by his body. And he began to grow; he could feel himself getting thicker and heavier. He screamed as he felt Tommy’s desperate thrusts into his gloriously growing mega-bubble butt. Tommy managed to hang onto Ben as he fucked his brother, and magically made him grow! Ben raised himself off the ground, into a sort of bent-over-rowing position and FLEXED his muscles wildly, feeling each one growing at a humongous size. Tommy held himself in position lying across Ben’s nearly horizontal back as he continued fucking his brother as deeply as possible to make him grow even more! He fucked him as hard as he could, but slowly he felt that Ben’s anus was growing wider and his ass muscles were thickening so much that his cock was being pulled out of Ben’s fuck chute. And then it happened -- even his cockhead slipped entirely out of Ben’s love passage. That made Tommy furious! “FUCK!” he yelled, and thought to himself, “Nine fucking inches of rock-hard fuck-tool and even that’s not enough to make it through his damned thick butt!” He closed his eyes and focused on his cock, desperately willing it to grow so he could please his brother and make him grow more, and to his amazement, it seemed to be happening! He moaned as he felt the head touching the entrance to the love canal once again, and pretty soon, Tommy was once again pushing the right button! Ben suddenly felt his body blowing in size and power as he felt a bolt of energy starting from his butt! He felt Tommy’s cock getting deeper inside of him, but he knew he was growing bigger himself, meaning that this couldn’t be happening, unless… Tommy’s cock grew longer and thicker by the second; he kept focusing as hard as he could on growing so that he could stay in contact with Ben’s prostate. Tommy’s body ached in pain and pleasure as his cock strained to maintain contact with his target, all the while getting longer and thicker, the head itself growing wider still to provoke in Ben the delightful feelings of fulfillment that Tommy wanted Ben to have. Due to the unexpected growth of Tommy’s cock, Ben’s whole body growth continued and the black behemoth now could only moan as his prostate was being savagely pummeled by Tommy’s growing cock. Ben could feel his body growing thicker each time the joy button was pressed by his brother’s thick, hard pecker. He moaned, groaned, screamed, yelled, and so did Tommy, who had never experienced anything this intense, and pretty soon, neither brother could hold off any longer: Two huge, hard, very horny brothers yelled as one. “Nnnnn! NNNGGH! E-e-e-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” They literally roared in ecstasy --especially Ben, as he stood straight up and in a show of instinctive male dominance flexed his both enormous guns in a “most muscular/double bi” pose and released his enormous load up in the sky, bathing both of them with his thick white liquid as he fountained over his head, the warm fluid coming back down both on him and Tommy. Tommy was releasing his own huge load - way beyond his normal production - straight into his brother, causing Ben’s growth to increase phenomenally. As Tommy held onto Ben by wrapping his arms around his obliques, he could feel his arms being pushed apart and sliding lower as Ben got wider, thicker, and taller. But he didn’t let go, and so long as his orgasm continued, he kept pumping his magic juice into Ben, and Ben kept growing. At some point, without really thinking about it, Tommy opened his mouth to receive some of the precious brotherly fluid raining down on him from above. The blond kid was at last able to savor, for the first time, the taste of his brother, and although it was just a sample, he felt his body quickly tightening. To his amazement, his muscles grew somehow stronger and he now had more power to pound his brother ass. And he did, repeatedly, until finally, after who knew how long, the orgasms ended. The growth faded out as the orgasms ended, but in spite of his longest orgasm ever, Tommy didn’t go soft, and so he continued pounding his brother’s butt with all the considerable power at his disposal. Ben finally awake from his growth trance, only to notice that his ass was still being severely pounded by his brother, and wondering where Tommy was getting all his energy from. Tommy was still hanging on many feet up in the air, still fucking his brother’s ass, with his eyes closed and mumbling “I gotta fuck him! I gotta fuck him!” Ben laughed and the birds all sang in unison with his powerful laughter. He smiled and the flowers near him blossomed. “Curious,” he thought. He felt somehow reborn, he felt everything different, especially Tommy’s cock, which felt amazingly big -- and amazingly hard -- still! -- inside of him.

“YOU CAN STOP NOW! I AM DONE!” His voice was so damn powerful, the whole forest seemed to stop and listen to him. Ben looked around and noticed the whole situation He looked at his limbs, realizing they were so powerful they could put down a mountain, and his legs could jump higher than some birds could fly! His cock! His cock was now insanely huge even to Kutur standards – 56 inches! That’s right 4’8” long and 27 inches wide! Ben crouched back down on the ground so that Tommy’s feet could reach the ground once again, but he kept on pumping his man meat inside of Ben, and if he kept going on like that they would be fucking all over again, and Ben was afraid of hurting his now even smaller -- by comparison, brother. “PULL IT OFF TOMMY!” Ben said laughing and Tommy opened his eyes. He was dizzy, but he managed to pull his cock out of his brother. And he pulled, and pulled, and PULLED! Tommy’s eyes widened just as Ben’s as the blond kid realized his cock had indeed grown! He felt it HARD and long; in fact it was just as long as Ben’s cock had been previously 27 inches long and 15 inches around. He felt the incredible weight of his endowment, and he couldn’t believe it! He was about to ask Ben how it was possible, but when he looked up…., and up…., and up to look at Ben, he went silent. HE WAS IMMENSE! If Ben had been a colossus before, now he was just impossibly BIG! He was more than twice tall as Tommy with bulges that looked overly big even on him! Ben kept looking at Tommy from up there. He was smiling, marveling at his recent transformation. The look on Ben’s face was calm and peaceful, inspiring total confidence, like POWER always does. He reached for his brother and then he lifted the pretty blond boy up, holding him by the waist with just one hand. He brought his beloved kid brother near his chest and kissed the tip of his head. “WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?” he asked, kidding, as he rubbed his brother’s huge erection with one giant paw. Ben lowered him back on the ground and stood tall and proud showing himself to his lover. Tommy could only drool all over his gigantic brother. He noticed the unmatchable hardness and size of his uncanny muscles and kept worshipping his massive thighs with his hands. “His thighs?!?!? I’m reaching straight out and touching his -- thighs???” 12’7” inches tall – Ben was so tall now that Tommy’s head didn’t even reach his waist! And he was so WIDE, and THICK! His muscles were astonishing! The size of his chest could hold a full grown man lying over it! His arms were now so long and thick they could throw a boulder at the other side of the ocean, if Ben wished so. His legs had the power to jump and reach for the stars! His beauty was now so intensified, his skin glistened and his wide nose, his thick lips and his white teeth were the epitome of manhood. Tommy just kept looking at his brother’s imperial figure, until his attention once again returned to his own over-sized man-meat. He was shocked once again when he saw his 27-inch pecker wagging back and forth at his eyes level. “WHAT DID I DO TO YOU? WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?!” Tommy shouted, surprised at the size of his own cock! He touched the head, feeling the thickness and the hot hardness. Tommy realized his cock was just TOO BIG for him now! He could suck right on his cock head! How could he sustain such an immense erection? “WHATEVER IT WAS TOMMY, NOW YOU HAVE THE TOOL TO RULE MY ASS!” Ben said in his new voice tone and carried his brother In his arms to the sea for a bath. •

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