Family Ties


By Muscl4life

The saga of the Ferguson Bros continues

Alex went upstairs and entered the gym room to meet Coach Sanders finishing clean up the messed room. The 5’11” blond guy felt sorry for his messy brother! “Sorry for the mess, Coach!” Alex said ashamed as the huge coach cleaned the gym equipment and there was no sign of Randy around to help him. “Don’t bother with me Alex! Sanders said as he finished cleaning the gym – “Randy was so drenched in sweat I told the boy to hit the showers, I just couldn’t stand at his smell! And I’m a gym teacher for heaven’s sake!” Sanders laughed out loud and Alex joined him. “Say, Cliff can I offer you some juice or would you like a beer?” Ale asked a little shy. Sanders approached and shook his hands – “Just a glass of cold water will do fine!” Both of them got downstairs and engaged an joyful conversation. “I told you your brother would be a hell of player, but I’ve never ever considered he would be so incredibly good!” Sanders smiled as he gulped down the water. Alex watched marveled the big Adam’s pommel going up and down, and the bulge on Sanders’ arms. “Randy had always been very fast and strong for his age” Alex casually commented, and Sanders quickly answered – “Very strong for his age? FUCK! This boy is surely the strongest man ever!” Sanders got up from his chair – “Have you ever seen your brother working out? He can curl 500 pounds in each arm! That’s why he had such huge biceps!. Alex got a little worried; he never wondered Randy was THAT strong! “What are you two blabbing about?” Jamie asked entering the kitchen. “Hey, Jamie what’s up?” Sanders greeted the teenager. “We were talking about Randy’s work out, Jamie! Coach says Randy is gonna rule this season!” Alex said with a lot of enthusiasm. Jamie smiled mischievously – “I didn’t know Randy’s fan club had a meeting today!” and got upstairs. “Don’t bother with him, he pretends to be indifferent at Randy’s talents, but he is totally amazed by our brother’s capabilities!” Alex commented and started preparing the ingredients – “I hope you stay for dinner, Coach! We’re having baked chicken!” Alex invited Sanders, but the coach seemed somehow concerned – “I am sorry, Alex, but I had some unfinished business to attend, maybe some other time!” Sanders shook Alex’s hand and left through the kitchen door – “Tell Randy we’ll train again some other day!” Randy’s elder brother smiled as he saw the muscular figure of the coach entering his car and left. Jamie threw his bag on his bed and prepared to take a bath, but the door was closed. He knocked – “Randy, are you still there? Come on! I wanna take a shower!” The door opened quickly and a huge hand dragged young Jamie inside – “What the heck?!” When Jamie opened his eyes he was inside the bathroom facing his brother, I mean facing his brother’s arched figure. Randy had this, towel wrapped around his torso and a scared look in his face. “Jamie, you gotta help me! Please, please!” Randy said still arched. “Randy? What happened? Are you in pain?” Jamie tried to calm down, but he was just as scared as his kid brother or even more – “I can’t make it go down! I just can’t!” Randy was almost crying, and then Jamie realized he wasn’t hurt at all, so he took a deep breath – “Randy, what the fuck is going on here?” The huge kid looked deep in his brother’s eyes, then he stood up, freeing his engorged member. Jamie’s eyes popped out as the boy realized the immensity of Randy’s cock completely hard in front of him. His jaw dropped and he couldn’t even think about anyone so gifted as his kid brother. The huge 24 inches alabaster cock bobbed up and down, the giant mushroom head should almost one foot in diameter! The veins covered the gargantuan manhood of his 12 year old monster brother. Randy’s look was confused he seemed like he didn’t know what to do… “Help me Jamie!” Randy sobbed “ I can’t make it get soft again!” Jamie looked at Randy’s face and he wanted so badly to laugh – His freak kid brother had the grandfather of all the erections and he didn’t even know what to do about it? At that moment he concluded Randy had the looks of a freakish muscle man, but the brains of a child, discovering his own body. “Randy, calm down! You just had an erection, a “woody”, although in your case we should call it a “sequoia”! Jamie laughed as he finished the sentence. “There’s nothing to laugh about! I can’t get soft!” Randy protested and Jamie decided to be a little more comprehensive – “Look, it’s very normal to sport a hard on, it means you’re just aroused by something you’ve just seen or did, can you remember?” Randy’s face frowned “I didn’t do anything wrong, Jamie! I was just training upstairs with the Coach and then…” “Coach Sanders saw you hard?” Jamie asked shocked – “NO! I got down as soon as I felt this thing growing hard!” Randy lied, he didn’t want to put Sanders into trouble. “That’s better, but you know the word around school, they say the coach has a thing for big muscular players like yourself!” Jamie smiled and continued “Look, if you can’t get soft normally, why don’t you beat that thing at once?” “You want me to beat my cock against the wall? Ain’t it gonna hurt?” Randy asked nervously, which made his older brother laugh once more – “No you dumb! I mean, you should jerk off! You know how to do it, don’t you?” Randy’s face clearly showed that he didn’t and Jamie felt it was the best opportunity to teach him “the facts of life” Jamie was also hard himself, like he’d always been near his over muscular kid brother. He got his pants down “ Just do exactly as I do!” and grabbed his underwear, freeing his good 7 inches and a half hard cock! Big dicks really run in the Ferguson family, and Jamie wasn’t an exception, although his more than average cock less than one third of Randy’s manhood. When Randy saw Jamie’s cock hard and oozing precum, the huge kid smiled meanly – “I got your hard, didn’t I?” and his brother smiled “As always, you huge fucker! Now look at me, grab your pecker and squeeze it, then spit on the head” Randy did as told “Rub the cock in your hands slowly at the begging” Jamie showed his enormous kid brother exactly how to jerk his cock, but Randy’s size was really a detail to be observed, Randy kept rubbing it, but it was too long even for his long muscular arms. “It feels so GOOD! But I want more!” Randy suddenly demanded. Jamie smiled – “Let me give you a hand!” He came closer and started jerking Randy’s cock strongly, squeezing all the way from the head till the sac, feeling the huge balls inside his scrotum. Randy moaned, and his cock seemed thicker and longer. Jamie looked at the huge mushroom head and licked the huge amount of precum which fountained from Randy’s cock. The kid almost yelled such pleasure he felt, and Jamie kept on licking and biting the head of the giant cock. Suddenly he stopped. “I wanna ride that cock of yours!” Jamie climbed up the cock, forcing as much as he could the erect dick down a little, so he could pass one leg up and then he was sit on Randy’s mighty cock, using his 150 pounds to tease his brother as much as he could. Jamie squeezed Randy’s muscles, and took a bite on the gigantic nipples and Randy kept moaning. Jamie felt so powerful, teaching Randy how to feel pleasure with his muscles. “Flex for me!” He demanded and Randy soon obliged, flexing his huge biceps near Jamie’s face and the 15 year old squeezed it hard. “You’ve always been my superhero! So big and muscular! Randy, I love the fact that you’re so fucking huge and muscular! I can never imagine that you will get “too big for me”! Jamie repeated as he squeezed the thick globes of muscle on Randy’s chest. “It feels so good! Please don’t stop!” Randy begged with his eyes closed, and Jamie kept squeezing his legs around his kid brother’s two feet long cock, using his whole body to jerk off the oversized kid. Randy stood up fully inside of the bathroom, and he could see that he was holding Jamie hanging over his cock. He smiled and eased his grab on him, allowing Jamie to look at his face – “You’re so fucking huge! I can’t wait to see you even bigger!” Jamie had this mischievous look – “Come here, stud!” Randy leaned his face and was warmly rewarded by giving his first French kiss. Jamie’s lips touched his and the huge kid felt the desiring tongue of his brother invading his mouth and giving him the pleasure he never felt. Randy reacted by grabbing his brother by the waist and lifting him closer to his mouth, but Jamie kept his legs firmly crossed around the behemoth’s cock, which made Randy feel the real sensation of jerking his mighty big cock! Jamie smiled and said through his teeth – “Keep doing this!” And so did Randy, repeating the same thing over and over, each time feeling his pleasure building inside, Jamie’s legs squeezing and rubbing his colossal dick, feeling his tempo increasing, his movements quicker, his anxiety growing each time he used his brother to jerk his cock. Until he felt his chest getting soaked with Jamie’s own fluids, it was then he couldn’t resist any longer and for the first time Randy had an orgasm. A mind blowing orgasm it was by the way. He saw his cock, spewing volleys and volleys of the thick cream like an old geyser! It splattered all the way to the bathroom ceiling and heavy drops of his still warm man milk covered them, messing up the whole bathroom. Randy moaned heavily and felt light headed. He smiled and looked down at Jamie who kept massaging his muscular torso soaked with their combined emissions. “Thank you!” Randy kissed Jamie the way he had just been taught and gently grabbed his brother in his arms – “I’ve never felt like this! It’s so GOOD!” Randy kept repeating to his older brother – “Your very first orgasm, big boy! I hope you’ll have many more!” Jamie licked some cum of Randy’s fingers with his tongue. “Are you kidding? I wanna have another one right now!” Randy said pointing to his still hard cock, it was spewing cum like never before, but Randy never got any softer! “Look, I think we’d better clean up after our party, then we can go downstairs and have dinner! We have the whole night to play!” Randy obliged, he didn’t want to bother Jamie now, he had so much to learn! Alex had the dinner ready and served when his brothers came down. They had a strange look, but Alex couldn’t tell what was going on. They sat and ate, Randy almost vanished with the entire food, as usual, and Jamie kept teasing him by making jokes about his size and strength. But at least this time, Randy didn’t seem to bother, he actually smiled at such silly jokes – “Maybe he’s finally maturing!” Alex thought as he ate the food.

From that day on, Randy started jerking off, at least five times a day. He spewed his enormous load down the drain, but it was such a massive load, Randy used to cream the entire bathroom, which forced him to clean after his mess. Alex got very happy that Randy helped around the house, especially cleaning the room, or even his bedroom so often! It was a new sensation for him, he felt so fucking good about himself that Randy decided he could barely held for his next opportunity to jerk his immense monster, and he was many times helped by his coach, who offered him his private bathroom. Sure, many times Sanders was there peeking on him, but Randy didn’t care, in fact he really liked and was willing to let the coach take some action, but Sanders said they should enjoy the things as they were. At home, Jamie was more than happy to help his little brother with this BIG problem. Jamie and Randy jerked off together very often, playing with their bodies and kissing each other hard and deeply. And Randy had never been happier in his whole life. He finally liked that people looked at him as a freak! His muscles gave him most of his pleasure and as he grew in size and strength he was each time happier, and hungrier for more pleasure. He became addicted to his impressive body, and it was obvious. Randy started wearing very little to cover his immense body, and most of the time he wanted to go out with his chest naked. His pants were each time tighter, especially around his bulging package, his arms were always at sight, and their enormous bulge only attracted the gazes. The giant boy really had a rush after each time jerked off. He noticed the enormous amount of cum he was producing, as well as the increasing size of his balls, if they were already enormous before, each day they seemed to be filling with weight and content! They actually felt sore every morning, but it didn’t prevent Randy from his morning three rounds of masturbation, each time cumming more fiercely than the previous time. Randy’s twelfth birthday became an important milestone on his life. Some would say it was the begin of his pubescent times, other could imagine that it was provoked by his initiation into the sex games, but the fact is that Randy’s body changed dramatically, even more than you could imagine. The first signal of such changes appeared in one cold Tuesday morning. Randy woke up and directed to the bathroom to release the enormous pressure on his bladder. He could barely believe the time he spent peeing, after all he jerked off seven times this night. The enormous kid opened the cabinet and grabbed his toothbrush, squeezed some paste on it and closed the cabinet. Only then he noticed the irritating scratch on his face! He casually scratched it, and his face felt somehow weird, it was not soft as it was until last night! Randy quickly closed the door of the cabinet too look at his image in the mirror and went instantly amazed – He had a BEARD! Not any kind of peach fuzz, nor the pathetic excuse of hair Jamie insisted to call a mustache; Randy had a complete man beard all over his cheeks. He caressed the respectable beard which covered his beautiful face giving him this virile look, some macho attitude, a completely different feeling for our giant 12 year old. Randy heard Alex passing the corridor – “Alex come here!” “What?” Alex entered with his usual morning bad mood, but he quickly changed it – “OH MY GOD!” He said as he looked at his 12 year old, 7’2” 435 pounds bearded brother! BEARDED! How come Randy got a full beard! His lips were deliciously covered by the same dark chestnut shade which filled his head. Randy’s smile was completely changed, if once it was sweet and tender, now it seemed so intense, so superior, like Randy was becoming some kind of alpha male! Alex caressed the beard, admiring the perfection it showed, like it had been trimmed by the most talented barber – “Randy, how come I didn’t notice you were growing a beard like that?” Randy grabbed his brother’s hand and helped him to feel his perfect beard. “I wasn’t! It grew overnight, I swore!” Randy looked at the mirror once more – “I can’t wait to show the other guys!” Randy was so proud of this clear sign of his aging process. “What the hell is going on here, WHOA!” Jamie’s eyes were wide opened as he took a look on Randy. He noticed the full beard, which obviously grew overnight because he had been jerking of with Randy until three in the morning and he was smooth as a baby. “I told you some day I would have a full beard, before you!” Randy teased Jamie doing some weird dance, shaking his enormous bubble butt and singing a childish song. Alex took a deep breath –“You can’t go to school with that beard, Randy!” The kid stopped at the same moment – “Why?” And the elder brother made him seat down. “Randy, a beard like yours takes months to grow, you can’t just leave one day smooth faced and sport this full beard in the other!” The giant kid seemed to calm down. He smiled once more and said – “Will you teach me how to shave? I guess I’ll be doing this everyday now!” Alex and Jamie left Randy enjoying his very first shaving season and went downstairs for breakfast. “WOW! He is already shaving!” Jamie commented as he drank his chocolate milk. Alex just smiled, but Jamie knew that look very well. “What’s wrong now?” Jamie asked seriously. Alex took a deep breath and finally spoke – “Well, frankly, I was hoping it wouldn’t happen this year…” “What?” Jamie asked curiously. “Haven’t you noticed it yet? Every year a little after his birthday, Randy has these strange changes! I mean, he seems a little bigger everyday, but during these periods he has major growth spurts, and they make him HUGE! I was kinda hoping that this year they would stop, which means he would stabilize and finally stop growing, but I guess I was wrong!” “Alex, you’re saying that Randy can actually grow more than he already did?” “I don’t know Jamie, I really don’t know” Alex said in a low voice And over the next couple of days, Randy’s body developed an amazing amount of thick dark hair all over his mind blowing musculature, it was like he had became a caveman, with muscles so big, cut and ripped covered by a thick layer of this dark chestnut long hair, which only increased the depth and definition of Randy’s physique. Even so, the boy started to shave most of his body hair, because all that man hair was uncomfortable and it itched, he smelled worse than ever, and his clothes all got soaked in his sweat the minute he put them on! It became a morning routine – Randy woke up at 5.00 in the morning to shave his whole body before going to school. Frankly, he decided not shave his groin, after all what would be cooler to a 12 year old kid than having a thick forest around his 14 inches flaccid cock? Randy’s new features didn’t stop there. When he started taking the supplements Coach Sanders instructed, the Ferguson family entered into an unknown zone. For starters, Randy’s appetite simply doubled. He could eat now, twice the amount he could until last week, with the same voracious hunger which forced Alex to do groceries everyday, and the amount of food only increased each time the poor guy had to go the supermarket. Randy couldn’t tell why he was eating so much, but he wasn’t lying about his hunger, you could hear his stomach making loud noises just after Randy’s latest snack, and here he went again after more food to cease his incredible appetite. The abnormal amount of food Randy was eating could probably make him to gain fat and loose his incredible definition, but it didn’t happen at all! Randy was cutter than ever, his skin was tighter than the week before, and his muscles looked ripped like they’ve never looked, where was all this food going to? The answer didn’t take long to come. During the next days Randy never stopped getting bigger, heavier and more muscular every single day! And if his previous growth spurts had been familiar to his brothers, this time everything was fresh new to all of them! First was his height – Randy had grown from 7’2” to astonishing 7’9” in just fourty five days! He had gained seven inches in less than two months! Randy was now almost two whole feet taller than his brother Alex, and the house had to undergo a major reform to accommodate the enlarging sibling, the doors were replaced by arches all over the place, so Randy would be able to duck and enter the rooms easier. Randy had to sleep on the floor, because no bed was big enough to handle his ever growing size. Jamie moved his stuff to Alex’s former studio and Randy started to sleep alone, because there wasn’t enough space for any other person in the room. The gain in height was the lightest among the changes. Randy’s bodyweight increased everyday by the pounds, and all in MUSCLE! From his already impressive 437 pounds, the wonder boy now weighed 554 pounds this morning! He was over 5 feet wide! His shoulders were so big, you could build a house over each one! And his chest got so wide, every time Randy breathed, the sheer masses of his pectoral muscles flexed insanely hard, tearing his far too tight clothing, after all 86 inches chest can’t be held by any kind of fabric! And speaking of size 52 inches would be a respectable size to any bodybuilder’s chest, but when we are talking about biceps, this number is just unbelievable! Randy’s guns were thicker than both Alex or Jamie’s body, and much more ripped! The pillars read 64 inches and they were so thick, Randy walked funny, he had this strange walk way, each enormous leg struggling for space against the other, even so, it seemed so proud, so confident and at the same time lustful. And the POWER Randy developed over his inhuman growth was even freakier! His gym was completely useless for him now! Alex ordered a whole new set of plates and weights, but it would take over months to get it, and the boy couldn’t wait that long! He started curling the equipment, completely loaded for warm ups! Then he would do the most ridiculous things to “get in shape”. He asked Alex to bring old cars, those no one will ever buy, and let him “play” with them. The elder brother couldn’t say no this giant muscle kid brother and even so he didn’t have any “old car” to give to Randy, Alex went to a junk yard and bought lots of old cars, those which were about to be destroyed and towed them to his beautiful house, where Randy was more than happy to play with them, curling the cars up and down, till he realized he could do a better use of them if they were “”cubes”, so he started pressing the cars with all his impressive might, stomping them, punching, and finally modeling the metal scarp into huge cubes of steel, that he started to use as new “weight set”. Randy had sexually matured in a matter of weeks. His balls had grown into melon sized versions of testicles, and they hung down his legs along with his now 16 inches flaccid cock! Randy proudly said that he could easily get 3 feet long hard cock, and both Jamie and Alex didn’t doubt that. Growing at this rate, it didn’t take long before everyone in the school realize that Randy was gargantuan! His school desk simply broke down when he sat on it, and they had to bring a teacher’s desk in order fit the immense student. Even so the chairs couldn’t handle his enormous weight, so he started attending classes sitting on the floor, and due to his enormous height it was so uncomfortable at all. The other students were kind of used to Randy’s peculiar habits, for example, during each class he opened a huge basket and pulled out great amounts of food and vanished it in less than five minutes! Being so huge, really made Randy went through some embarrassing moments, like the time his shirt simply exploded in the middle of his History exam, the poor guy only scratched the back of his head and his shirt went into shreds just like a cartoon. All the other students watched in awe as his enormous chest was flexing finally free from the flimsy clothing. Randy didn’t know what to say he just went – “Darn! That’s the third shirt this week!” And he went back to his test. The immense size of Randy was the reason of the team’s successful campaign this season – weighing almost 600 pounds the huge player was faster than most of the quarterbacks of the adversaries, and yet he could handle the entire defense lines by himself, it was almost like Coach Sanders didn’t need the other players! Clothing was another major problem in our titanic kid’s life. He simply outgrew all of those bodybuilder’s clothing they’ve purchased such little time ago. Everyday, Randy’s bis grew so gargantuan that no shirt would ever fit in his enormous arms, that he had to abolish anything with sleeves from his wardrobe – and it REALLY drawn attention to Randy after all, very few people didn’t stare at the size of his 50 inches guns. The Ferguson’s routine went through severe changes. First, Randy had to be feed exactly each two hours, otherwise he would go crazy so hungry he was, and you wouldn’t like to see Randy in a hunger mood But the kid was never gentler and more considering in his whole life. Then, came the training, everyday he woke up at five in the morning and shaved, then he went to his gym and trained from 5.30 to 7.00 all that time eating something to hold his tummy; then he finally had a huge breakfast and rushed to school, literally carrying Jamie with him. Alex started working at home the most he could, because he had to be there to cook lunch, and snacks and every other things Randy ate during his day. When the super kid was back from school with Jamie, Alex had already fixed them lunch and prepared to start dinner, while Randy barely finished his enormous share and hit the gym for over five hours, always grabbing some snacks Jamie or Alex brought to him. It became a vicious cycle. The more Randy grew, the more he trained, the more muscular he became, the more food he ate and so it went on and on… It was a hot Thursday afternoon, and Alex was almost done checking his pending business at the office. He managed to pass by the office quickly before he started dinner and sign some contracts. He gave the paperwork to his secretary and prepared to leave. “Hey boss, are you already leaving?” Greg Thousand asked. He was a nosy bold salesman, but Alex kept him because he made good deals with old cars. “Just passing by!” Alex said trying to reach his car. “I can’t wait to the next game! Randy really taught those Sharks a lesson last week! He scored over five touchdowns!” “Yes, he was excellent!” Alex tried to sneak out but Greg grabbed his hand “Alex, my brother-in-law is a spotter from the 49ers. If you want I could give him a call, and I am sure…” “Greg I told you before, Randy is too young, he has to finish High School and get in college!” Alex answered a little exhausted. “But, Alex, your brother is fucking unreal! He’ll blown away every NFL player!” Greg tried one last time but Alex had enough - “So long, Greg!” The eldest Ferguson drove back home as fast as he could. He dropped at the market and grabbed some groceries. When he got home, both Jamie and Randy had already arrived. Alex entered and witnessed the funniest scene – Jamie was actually chasing Randy because the muscular kid had eaten the whole food Alex left for them both. “I’LL KILL YOU, FREAK! YOU’VE VANISHED THE FOOD!” Randy only ran from Jamie bumping in everything. He actually tried to hide behind Alex and dragged the blond brother along with him. Then, Jamie finally got his target, he managed to tickle Randy’s overmuscular ribs, he was so fucking gargantuan that his ribs were covered by huge nods of muscle, but he was very tickle in that area. “STOP! JAMIE, PLEASE!” Randy tried to escape, but Jamie kept on his torture. “That’s enough, Jamie, I brought some burgers!” Alex calmed his middle brother while Randy was still laughing hard on the floor. “Next time, I won’t be so merciful!” Jamie threatened Randy and reached for his burger. Alex got his one and then he threw the bag on the table – “There’s five burgers here, I hope it lasts for two hours, at least!” Alex said smiling. “Thanks, bro!” Randy said wiping his tears. The brothers sat at the table, sharing a cheerful conversation. “I was the cover of the School paper, once more!” Randy said proudly! “Really? Let me see it!” Alex asked and Randy quickly grabbed the paper in his bag. “It’s no big deal! It’s another article about “Randy’s enormous size, strength and muscles!” Jamie tried to diminish the importance of the article, but the truth is it covered almost the whole issue! “That’s me with Coach Sanders, here!” Randy pointed with his fingers greased form the burger – “I’ve never thought Coach Sanders could look so small before!” Alex commented looking at the picture, Randy completed dwarfed the beefy Coach. “Today, came this guy from the local news channel, he wanted to do an interview with me!” Randy said proudly. “Randy, you didn’t…” Alex showed his fears – “Chill out, will ya? I’ve taken care of the situation, I told Randy was too shy to give an interview. “That’s true! I am afraid of the cameras!” Randy smiled and returned to his burger. Alex tried to free his mind of his preoccupations, but the truth is that he is so afraid someone finds about their secret – what if anyone sees this article? What if someone reveals that Randy is only 12 years old? “Alex, are you alright?” Randy asked brushing his blond hair with his clean hand “I’m fine thanks! Just need to check a few contracts!” Alex said getting of the table. “Well, I’ll finish packing for the Math club excursion!” Jamie said as he washed his plate. – “Good luck for you, guys!” Alex complimented as he went upstairs to do his work. A few hours later, Randy was still training curling 700 pounds in one hand, for the fifth series when he realized his water gallon was empty. He went to the kitchen to grab more water, but since he had been training for the last four hours, he decided to take a break. The humongous kid got upstairs looking for something interesting, when he noticed his brother Alex sitting on his desk lost in his own thoughts. Randy approached and noticed that Alex was reading the same thing once and a while, the newspaper which sowed their parents’ accident. Randy noticed his brother’s tears – “Alex, why are you crying?” •

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