Family Ties


By Muscl4life

I was checking my old files and found this story, maybe somebody likes it after all - if they can still remember

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Two weeks later, Randy was pretty well adjusted in the 9th grade. He had even made a few friends, and now had become very popular at the school. People were getting used to his enormous size, and they didn’t get so scared as he entered the school wearing tight spandex shorts and skimpy tank tops, they know those are the only clothes which still fit him, and most of all, they’re his favorite clothes. It seemed Alex’s plan was finally working. Jamie wasn’t so rebellious now, accepting the fact his brother was just trying to give Randy a so called normal life. In fact, Jamie had also become quite popular, after all he is the younger brother of the School biggest player, everybody wanted to meet Randy, and most of the times it could only be possible because Jamie introduced them to the behemoth kid, mostly because Randy was still very shy, he wasn’t used to be the center of attentions. There has never been such commotion regarding the beginning of a High School football championship. Mostly because of the rumors of a huge new player so muscular and strong that he could play as a fast quarterback and even defend as the biggest liners! The rival schools didn’t buy that story, saying it was all a great joke, because their star player was Nate Phillips and he wasn’t that good after all! The rumors, however, didn’t stop, and soon lots of Coaches came to the city to see if they could find this new phenomenal player. Fortunately, Sanders managed to keep Randy unseen until the debut match. Randy was nervous, he didn’t know why couldn’t he go training all these days! Sanders told him that the other teams were trying to spy on their secret tactics. “Is it anything with me coach?” He asked nervously. “NO! Randy you’re the best player I’ve ever coached! Let’s just keep you as our secret weapon! You don’t have to train the tactics because you’ve already mastered them! Just stay at home, eating, resting and training, to be as HUGE as you can for the big night! Coach also wanted to prescript a very special routine program for Randy to follow, this way, the very next day he asked the big boy to see him after the class finished. Randy was very nervous, and he poured more than ever – “You wanted to see me Coach?” “Yeah, Randy, come on in!” Cliff opened the door and the huge athlete entered the small office. It was a real mess, lots of paper boxes and magazines all over the place – “Randy, I wanted to make a physical on you, for the team’s records, we gotta be very sure about your stats in order to help you with nutrition, exercises, work out, the usual stuff. “Okay, coach!” Randy seemed a little relieved. Cliff grabbed a few things on his drawer and asked Randy to follow him to the training room. It was the very same school gym, with old equipment a wooden floor – “I’m gonna ask a few things about you, OK?” Randy nodded and the coach smiled back at him. “How tall are you?” coach asked taking a few notes on his clipboard – “Something around seven feet tall”, Randy answered not very sure. Cliff looked at him. “And you know how heavy you are?” Coach asked a little skeptical. Randy remembered Alex’s instructions about his weight – “320 pounds!” He sounded more secure about this; but Cliff didn’t buy it either – “320? Only? Are you kidding me? I gotta a couple of defense players who are over 330 pounds are they look little next to you!” He breathed out heavily and pointed to the scales – “Hop on the scale, Randy, I’ve seen that you don’t know how big you are!” Cliff set the machine and Randy, very hesitating, finally got up. The coach read measured his height – “Seven feet, two inches and a half! You’ve almost three inches taller than you said!” Then, he prepared to read the weight. Sanders was prepared to read something near 350 pounds, since Randy was by far the biggest guy he had ever trained, but when the got the result his eyes widened. He checked it again, and then once more, only in the third time he checked he was somehow convinced – “437 pounds! FUCK ME! I’ve never saw anything heavier than you! And you don’t seem to have much fat on you!” Randy was embarrassed – “Well coach, I’ve always been very stocky!” He tried to disguise, but the Coach was already intrigued – “You don’t seem stocky, let me check this!” Sanders grabbed a funny gadget that Randy only have heard of, it somehow measured the body fat percentage and tried to “pinch” the boy’s skin, but it was impossible, there wasn’t almost no skin left, it was so damn tight! – “Fuck, what the hell are you made of? Steel? I can’t even use this shit on you!” Sanders busted into laughter – “You’re a real powerhouse kid!” “Frankly, Coach, I’ve already knew that, I was just embarrassed, because I know that I am some kind of freak!” Randy was noticeably sad as he spoke this sentence. “Hey, Randy, you don’t have to be ashamed of your size! You’re the strongest, biggest and tallest motherfucker I’ve ever seen! And I know you’re gonna blow the other teams with your amazing power! I just need to get your data so we can help you properly!” Randy’s face shone and he grabbed the measuring tape – “I think you’re gonna be even more impressed by my other stats!” Truth to be told, Sanders was more than impressed, he had planned it all. He knew Randy was by far bigger than his alleged stats, he was willing to see the hulking teen’s true size – And he finally managed to see them by himself! Randy’s might 82 inches chest, his glorious 34 and half inches biceps, the amazing 43 inches legs, the mind blowing 14 pack ultra ripped and veined washboard stomach. At the end, Randy was still flexing his enormous guns when Coach called it a day and asked the kid to go home “We have a very important match very soon! Just be sure you eat right and have plenty of rest, you understand me?” “Coach, could I ask you a favor, could you please keep those stats as a secret? I don’t want people thinking that I am some kind of Freak of the nature!” Randy said a little embarrassed. “Don’t worry, kid! Those data won’t leave my drawer! Now go home!” “I hope you got what you wanted, Coach!” Randy said as finally went home. Sanders smiled “I’ve got it, and much more!” He said in his low voice and went to his private bathroom, completely hard, ready to spend hours jerking his enormous rod. Two days later, the so awaited match finally arrived. The whole school was anxious to see the giant player in action for the first time, and so there wasn’t another thing being discussed in the hallway, the restrooms, the cafeteria and even in the teachers lounge. Everyone was curious to see how would Randy behave in his debut play. Such pressure was really frightening to our 11 year old behemoth, he woke up with butterflies in his stomach, he had cold sweat, goose bumps, everything! During the whole school day, he couldn’t help but listening to the many comments as he walked around the hallway. All of this was too much for our Randy boy and he couldn’t help but bursting into tears in the boys restroom. He sobbed and his tears rolled down like rivers. He was just a kid, a huge muscular gargantuan kid, but still a kid. “Randy? What’s the matter with you?” Jamie asked worried as he entered the bathroom. Randy was crying sat under the shower. The smaller brother hugged his behemoth sibling and tried to drag him out of the shower, but Randy was stuck, he could only cry so nervous he was. “Randy, calm down, please! You know you’re gonna be just fine!” Jamie didn’t bother he was being soaked along with Randy. He tried to reach Randy’s face and look right into his eyes – “YOU ARE MY SUPER KID BROTHER! YOU’RE MY SUPER HERO! I KNOW YOU’RE GONNA GIVE THE BEST OF YOU, AND I WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! YOU’RE GONNA KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS TONIGHT!” Jamie hugged Randy and they kept silent for quite time, just feeling their brotherly love fill in their hearts. Randy calmed down and he finally could speak. “Jamie, everybody is expecting to see me playing tonight, what if I am not that good, anyway, what if Coach was wrong about me?” Randy said still sobbing. “I am not wrong about you, neither is Alex, we both know that you’re the best! You’re stronger and faster than those players of the other team! Just give your best, I know no one will be able to handle it!” Jamie just smiled at him – “I know I am always criticizing you, but I am sure you’re the best player in the whole world! No one will stop you, Randy!” “But I am so afraid!” Randy started crying again and this time Randy had to laugh. “Randy, there’s nothing to be afraid of! When those guys see you in the field, they’ll be wetting their fucking pants! Come on, let’s get out of here, we are soaked!” Jamie finally convinced his kid brother to get out of the shower. “Thanks Jamie, I don’t know what would be of me without you, big brother!” “Hey, that’s why I am here kid!” Jamie answered smiling, Randy carried his older brother in his arms, then he made him seat on his back and they left the bathroom, Randy with his naked wet torso exposing his giant chest to the whole shocked world. Meanwhile, Coach Sanders finally came from the back of the restroom, still shocked with the scene he had witnessed just a few moments ago. He knew Randy had some emotional issues to deal with, but he never expected him to act like, like a child! And that was exactly how he behaved in the shower, he was crying like a child, a big boy who needed support. Most impressive was that Jamie, his alleged younger brother came for his help, and they talked like Jamie was indeed older than Randy and much older to be honest – “What the hell was that?” Coach Sanders asked to himself as he made sure Randy and Jamie had left. That night, the school’s stadium was completely packed, everyone in the city wanted to see the Giant Ferguson in action. There were rumors about his actual size, or even his true strength, many people thought Randy was just an enormous blob who would play as a defense liner, but when they got to know that he would actually play as a quarterback, taking the place of the former star Nate Philips, the whole town got crazy to see if that giant was that good! Alex and Jamie drove Randy to the stadium, all the time giving the huge kid emotional support, because Randy was still very nervous. “Hey, Randy, you know those wimps can’t hurt you, you curl their bodyweight in just one arm! You’re just one mean motherfucker; no one can take you down!” Alex said as he parked the car. Randy was still very nervous but he hugged his two brothers at once, squeezing them as light as he could, but trying to get some extra confidence for himself. “Gotta go now! Thanks bros!” Randy left to the player’s restroom. Jamie and Alex exchanged looks and went to their seats at the audience. The players were ready to enter the field, they were really excited and anxious, but paying attention to Coach’s final advises – “Listen, we are a team, no one here has more or less responsibility than the rest” He looked right at Randy “ Just give your best and we’ll be victorious!” Randy felt that everyone he cared about was there to support him, and it made he finally overcome his fears, anxiety, and hesitation. Randy lifted and called the team for action – “COME ON GATORS! LET’S KICK SOME ASS!” Definitely, it was Randy’s night. The Gators destroyed the Wildcats by 56-0. Randy had scored nothing less than eight touchdowns, and when it comes to defense, Randy has completely blocked every single attempt of the wildcats to score. The audience went completely nuts watching Randy’s performance. They cheered wildly, but they also got shocked with the power that Randy kid had, sometimes he dragged the whole defense line along with him, not even the huge liners could toggle the giant player. Alex and Jamie were completely blown away watching their 11 year old brother kicking the asses of those guys who almost seven years older than him. Each move, each touchdown Randy scored, every time he managed to run and block the adversary’s attack, the elder brothers looked at each other in a mix of proud and apprehension. Randy was too good to be true, and soon people would start asking… But that night they would just celebrate! Randy was cheered and they tried to lift him in the shoulders, but he was simply too heavy. Coach Sanders was one of the most excited people. When the referee finished the match Sanders came toward Randy and hugged the boy tightly, then he kissed him in the cheeks, no one seemed to bother, they credited such act to the emotion of the victory, after all the Gators had never such a striking victory over another team before! When Randy finally got out of the restroom, his brothers were anxiously waiting for him outside – “Congratulations, Randy!”. But Alex barely had the time to speak, because Randy quickly grabbed him and Jamie, hugging them tightly, and lifting the two of them as high as he could – “THANK YOU! IF IT WASN’T FOR YOU GUYS, I’D NEVER MAKE IT!” Randy repeated as he dragged his brothers all the way to Alex’s car. “Randy, can you put us down?” Jamie asked pretending to be angry to the behemoth kid, but Randy didn’t bother with that. “I see you guys are having fun!” Coach Sanders appeared out of nowhere. The Ferguson bros. blushed and Randy finally put his brothers down – “Randy got carried away, as usual!” Alex said as he opened his car. “You’ve totally wracked them tonight, Randy!” Sanders complimented his new star player, then he went to his own car. “Thanks, Coach!” Randy waved from inside the car. He filled the entire backseat now, so Jamie had to go in the front with Alex. The elder brother complimented the Coach. “If you didn’t insist like you did, Randy would still be stuck and treated like a retarded… Thank you! Thank you!!” Alex hugged Coach Sanders as strong as he could and the big man noticed that he was actually crying – “Don’t worry, Alex, you’ve done a great job rising him, this kid is great, but thanks to you!”. “Alex, stop being such a wuss!” Jamie said from the car, but Randy quickly reproved his behavior – “There’s nothing wrong about crying!” Alex finally recomposed himself and got in his car – “Coach, Randy’s birthday is coming up, and we are having a little party for him, we would be very pleased with your presence!” the young blond man invited Sanders, and the other two brothers just nodded – “Yeah, coach, it would be great!” Randy added with enthusiasm.

Randy’s birthday came one week after the season opening and the Ferguson brothers made a barbecue to celebrate it. Randy invited Coach Sanders and the four of them ate lots of burgers, hot dogs and T-bone steaks. Of course, they didn’t tell Sanders about Randy’s real age, officially Randy was turning 18. The coach was surprised about seeing such importance given to an 18 year birthday, and so few people to celebrate, since Randy was so popular at school. Anyway, once more, Cliff Sanders got surprised at Randy’s appetite. The kid could eat over half of the food Alex prepared for them. And he practically ate the three ice cream cakes alone. As always Alex had already saved some for the guests, who could argue with such a big birthday boy? Randy clearly showed his anxiety when it was time to open the gifts. Coach Sanders was the first one to give him his gift, it was a HUGE uniform, made especially for him, with a peculiar name printed on the back “Powerhouse Ferguson!” – “I thought you needed a more appealing name for the beginning season!” Randy also gained matching sweatshirts, training clothes and a big jacket with the team logo – “Hope you liked, champ!” Sanders blinked meaning more than he said – “WOW! It’s great Coach!” Jamie gave him a whole new set of his now favorite clothes, tank tops, spandex shorts, bandannas, overalls, skimpy jeans shorts, all included in the package – “Since you’re already outgrowing those clothes, you’d better get new ones!”. Randy was more than happy, he kissed Jamie in the cheeks – “Thanks bro!” “Well, I guess it’s my turn now, isn’t it?” Alex asked and then he gave Randy a blue print. The kid didn’t understand and the blond brother smiled – “You’ve always said that you needed a bigger place to train, with heavier loads, so I’ve decided to build a gym for you!” Alex said smiling – “Go check the garage!” Randy smiled and ran to the place and saw lots and lots of metal plates, iron bars, heavier equipment, everything for a heavy duty gym. Randy’s eyes shone and he literally grabbed Alex and tossed him up and down – “FUCKING COOL! THAT WAS THE BEST PRESENT EVER! THANKS ALEX!” “You really support your brother, Alex!” Sanders said as he checked the quality of the material Alex had purchased – “only the best for my BIG kid brother!” “Well after this, I won’t settle for anything less than my own car!” Jamie said pretending to be jealous about Randy’s gift.

Randy excused himself and rushed to his gym to assemble his new equipment, needless to say that he almost carried all the boxes under his immense arms. That same day he trained hard for two hours before going to bed – “The season is there, I gotta be prepared!” Coach Sanders consulted Alex if it was OK for Randy to follow a special diet, because he wanted to be sure if the big boy was eating the proper things to allow him sustain his enormous body in the field. Alex didn’t mind, because his brother was really spending lots of energy training, and since he wasn’t going on roids, it was all safe for Randy. The other day, Sanders asked Randy to start working out a the school gym, but Randy protested “Why do I have to train here, with this old equipment, if my gym at home is ten times better?” Sanders widened his eyes – “Oh yes, you have your own gym at home!” Randy grinned proudly “Yeah! Maybe you could give me some pointers there? What do you say coach?” Randy’s eyes were sparkling – “You could have dinner with us!” “I don’t know Randy, isn’t your brother gonna be upset?” “Alex? No, he won’t matter about that! I’ll call him and explain everything!” Sanders tried but he couldn’t say no to his biggest and best student, so about 4.00 pm Randy and Sanders arrived at the Ferguson’s. Randy proudly showed Coach Sanders around and led the big man to his favorite part of the house – The room! “That’s your home gym? You’ve got yourself quite good equipment, son!” Sanders said as he checked the equipment and the state of the art machinery. Randy approached him, towering the buffed gym teacher – “So are we gonna train or what?” he said preparing to pump some serious iron. “All right, Randy. The most important part is focusing. You have to be focused on your muscle groups, train hard and slowly, feeling each fiber flexing and stretching while you perform the exercise!” Sanders said as Randy got ready to warm up with bicep curls. “You should start with a medium cargo for warm ups, then you can go heavier! I’ll show you!” The coach loaded himself two bars with almost 120 pounds each. Sanders struggled and performed almost twenty reps, he felt his almost 19 inches guns burning, almost giving up but he managed to do three more reps just to feel the pump! “See?” Was all Sanders could say, he was very tired because in order to give Randy a good example he used as his “medium” cargo, almost the same as his usual maximum cargo. But it seemed to work, given the look in his pupil’s face – “WOW! Coach, you’re so strong!” Randy approached and felt the size of his coach’s guns. The important thing is focus, it doesn’t matter the number of reps you can do, the key to growth is doing them properly!” Sanders concluded with an authority look. “I got it!” Randy said as he loaded the bar. Sander’s eyes widened as he saw the amount of weight that the giant kid fixed for himself: almost 300 pounds! “Randy, I think you’re making a mistake here! Those are bicep curls, not bench press!” Randy smiled – “I know that, look there are two bars!” Coach was shocked, the look on Randy’s face was definitely happy. His light brown hair almost at shoulder level, and his big green eyes sparkling, he was the symbol of muscle power! His muscular development was beyond belief. Randy blinked to him and started lifting the enormous bars, loaded with almost 300 pounds of iron! He kept pumping them, nice and slowly, doing as Sanders told him to. The coach was in awe as he saw the sheer size of Randy’s biceps curling and peaking insanely huge! The enormous guns and the oversized veins grew freakish in front of Sander’s eyes, and fifty mind blowing reps after Randy finally finished his “warm up” session. – “I think I can max now!” Randy looked at Cliff who could only gasp as Randy showed his “maximum” cargo 500 pounds! Sander’s almost fainted as Randy could easily curl the bars up and down, his ballooning biceps peaking bigger and bigger, as his body assumed this lustful reddish tone, glistening and sweating, increasing the feeling of hardness his physique had. The coach sat down at one chair, speechless! “Say, coach, why don’t you sit here and let me do my routine, than you can correct whatever is wrong! I think this way we can go easier, and you won’t stress yourself trying to prove me that you’re strong! I know you’re the biggest and the strongest man I know, besides me!” Randy blinked and FLEXED his now 36 inches biceps! Coach Sanders had always been a big man – 6’2” 275 pounds (he should get his b.f. lower, but even so he is very ripped), 55 inches chest, 32 inches legs, 18 and ¾ inches biceps. He was used to be a role model for his students and his players! At the age of 35 years old, he still could beat most of the big teenagers of the football team at bench press. It had been his proud being so strong and beating the much younger guys, even realizing that most of the times it wasn’t because of his superior strength, but due to his longer experience. Anyway he had been the “ROCK” as the players called him. Over the years, he was used to be worshipped from afar, the many boys who dared to look at his muscular body when he showered, and even the many times he had been sucked by some of the hottest jocks who studied at his school. And now he watched in awe as his newest acquisition for the football team completely overpowered him! Sanders almost couldn’t believe in his own eyes. After almost 100 reps with 500 pounds in each arm, Randy bench pressed over 2000 pounds for over 50 reps, then his leg press max hit practically 4000 pounds. Randy dumbfolded Cliff with his impressive and ultimate display of strength, making the coach feel insignificant near his gargantuan muscles. When Randy finished his last rep, he was completely PUMPED! His body glistened, his veins pulsing, the sweat running down his muscles and his hair, completely disarranged, his breathing was heavy, but he managed to keep smiling – “PRETTY GOOD PUMPING, HUH COACH?” Randy lifted his both thumbs up and smiled. But his coach wasn’t looking at him. Coach had his back turned on him. Randy didn’t know why. Did he do anything wrong? Why was Coach acting like that? Because Sanders had his hardest erection in years! His cock was completely hard, aching under his pants, he could feel the enormous 10 inch rod stretching under his tight lycra shorts. Randy approached him, still breathing heavy from his outrageous work out. “Is something wrong coach?” Randy touched his shoulders and Sanders took a deep breath and turned to Randy, hoping the kid didn’t notice his woody, but it was useless. “WOW! Your cock is HUGE!” Randy looked at Sander’s face and the coach looked sad – “You made me hot kid! Your muscles are just too much for me! I’ve never seen someone so strong as you!” Randy kept silent, trying to figure out something, but Sanders feared the worst. “Look, Randy, I am so sorry! It doesn’t have anything to do with you!” Sanders said looking at Randy’s impressive chest. The coach took a deep breath – “I’ve never seen guns so HUGE like these two motherfuckers!” his hands grabbed the enormous peaks and squeezed them hard. Almost at the same time, Randy brought his biceps into a double biceps pose – “You think I am hot? Really?!” the kid had a glint in his eyes. “OH! FUCK YEAH! You’re the best Randy!” Sanders squeezed Randy’s gigantic biceps as hard as he could, but couldn’t even dent them! Randy was completely marveled, his huge muscular coach was completely amazed by his muscles and he had an erection just looking at him – “Your cock is hard because of me?!” Sanders nodded smiling and the huge kid had a mean smile – “Can I see it?” Sanders smiled too, but he was worried . “What about your brothers?” he asked looking at the hallway – “Don’t worry about them, Jamie is at the school for a Match club reunion and Alex won’t be home until seven! Come on, I wanna see your big cock hard, coach!” Sanders smiled, he got his shorts down and his underwear, finally exposing his hard ten inch monster to an astonished Randy. The kid was marveled, he had so many questions to make, but his child curiosity was stronger, he touched the hard cock and gave it a nice and slow squeeze, making Sanders moan in pleasure – “DAMN, kid! You have a strong grip!” He said through his teeth. “I am so sorry, did I hurt you?” Randy asked carefully – “Hell no! You are the best!” Sanders sat on the bench and waited for Randy take his action, but the kid only stayed there looking marveled at the coach’s cock – “Does it hurt when it is so hard like this?” Sanders laughed “You should know it! You monster should get really hard, doesn’t it?” For the first time, Randy thought about his own overgrown cock. “It doesn’t get as hard as yours, coach!” Sanders laughed. – “You’re just amazing Randy! You have the biggest cock I’ve ever seen and you’re scared at the size of mine! Come on! Show me this big log of yours!” Randy got ashamed – “But I will never get as hard as you!” “I can help with that!” Sanders reached for Randy’s pants and ripped them out of the muscular teen, then he grabbed the package and gave it a nice and strong thug! Randy moaned. He had never felt that way before! He felt his hear racing, his mind flying and suddenly he felt his cock alive, getting each time longer and warmer, and his heart beat accelerating. He felt the warm touch of Sander’s hand around his manhood, and then it all seemed so natural! Randy allowed Sanders to squeeze and play a little with his growing cock, but soon it was Sanders once more the surprised one! “FUCK KID! YOU’RE HUGE THERE TOO!” The coach moaned as he realized the 16 inches still growing anaconda he had in his hands. Randy was scared – “WHOA! How come it got so BIG?” Sanders smiled and fondled it carefully. “It ain’t done yet, kid!” The coach realized the shaft growing past 18 inches easily, it was enormously wide! And the veins were popping out like the rest of Randy’s body! Randy felt so alive, it was the best feeling he ever had! He wanted it to last forever. The coach, on the other hand was almost done. Seeing such a huge cock reaching the unbelievably mark of the 20 inches, and then growing even longer, he couldn’t help it anymore and started jerking his own cock fiercely. The kid remembered that scene quite well, it was the same thing Alex had done two weeks ago! He was jerking off! And because of Randy! The giant muscular kid was in awe, and he felt so good about himself and his muscles! Sanders kept moaning and jerking himself, since Randy didn’t blow on his cock as he wanted. But the 7’2” 435 pound behemoth knew exactly what to do. He smiled and grabbed Sanders in a bear hug. He squeezed the muscular frame of his coach against his own muscular body – “Why don’t you feel me a little closer, coach! I know you want to know how strong I am!” Randy said as he gently crushed Sanders. The coach could hold no longer and he finally spewed his cum all over Randy – “Oh Randy you’re so fucking HUGE!” It was all he could say at the verge of orgasm and the giant kid felt his body being soaked in the thick warm cream. Randy kept holding Sanders feeling his body going limp at his grip and hearing the moans and groans of his coach. The gargantuan football player gently laid the Coach on the bench and kept looking at him curiously. Then he couldn’t avoid noticing the SIZE of his own cock, which was harder than ever! He ran and grabbed his measuring tape, and the result was rather impressive – 24 inches! TWO FEET EVEN! His cock could reach two whole feet long when it got hard! He read the width – 10 inches! He was thicker than most of men were long! “You’re colossal Randy!” Sanders repeated looking at the incredibly huge teen. Randy smiled and looked at him, and Sanders eyes almost popped out! “Come here kid! Let me take care of this for you!” Sanders offered to suck on Randy’s alabaster cock, and the kid was thrilled to know what the coach was up to, when they heard Alex’s parking. “Randy! I’m home!” Alex said as he entered the kitchen and put the groceries on the table. Both Randy and Sanders were scared, but they managed to get their clothes, although Randy’s hard was harder than ever! “I don’t know what to do!” He said pointing at his gigantic cock, and his soaked chest! Sanders eyes got wide – “Go hit the shower! Cold water should work, go now and I’ll clean here and talk to your brother!” •

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