Family Values

By FanTCMan

Today I got to Venice, California to visit my brother, Rusty. Did I ever get a shock. He picks me up at the airport with Travis, and when they pull up at the curb, I don't recognize them. They are both so big I can't believe it. They're wearing Levis and T shirts and they look like a couple of bodybuilders. Real bodybuilders. They've both got real heavy stubble on their faces. He had to honk. When he steps out of the car, I say Holy shit.

All the way back, I keep staring at them from the back seat. Rusty tells me they're taking some kind of new, amazing stuff that can make you get incredibly muscular. It also does some other pretty amazing things. I can see they both have real hairy arms, which neither of them did before, so I guess that's one of the things he's talking about. Second big shock. When we get to his place, it's a one bedroom apartment. He tells me I can have the sofa. Then he tells me that he and Travis are sleeping together. It takes me a minute, but he finally makes it clear that they do more than sleep together. I'm blown away. My brother Russell and Travis, two of the straightest, most popular guys in our town. But I'm totally in awe of how they look. Even how they act. They love having such massive bodies. As soon as we get to the apartment, they strip off their clothes and they're just hanging out with me wearing these little bikini trunks. Another shock. They're both hairy dudes. They look like a Baldwin, only better. Not only that, but they both look like they have socks stuffed into their trunks. Several socks. At first I try not to stare, but the way they are standing and sitting, they look like they're wanting me to look, to notice. Finally, they tell me that what I'm seeing is another effect of this stuff. They ask me if I want to see, and before I can answer, they both pull of their trunks and show me their dicks. Now, I've seen them both naked lots of times, but I can't believe what they are showing me. They've both got these really big balls, like lemons of something, and their dicks are bigger than mine is when it's hard, like a whole lot thicker. And then they let them get hard, and they have these fucking hard-ons that are like fat cucumbers, really thick ones, and really, really long. Russ says its been growing over a half an inch a week, and it's up to thirteen inches and still growing. Then they excuse themselves, holding on to their dicks, and go into the bedroom. I still can't believe they're gay, but I can almost understand them getting off on those bodies. I think I would. Well, all I can think about is being like them, what it must feel like. If my brother can look like a muscle freak and enjoy it, then I want to try it, too.

Russ says you can't just try it. You have to do it or not. Once you start, it makes you want to keep going. He's afraid of what Mom and Dad would think. But I tell him I don't care. I could just do it for two weeks, it wouldn't make that much difference that they could see in that time, but he says I'd be surprised. Travis says they should introduce me to some guy named Gavin, that if I really want to do some, why not let me. So tomorrow, they're going to take me to meet Gavin and then to the beach. I guess they take their stuff together and then go work out. I hope they're going to give me some. Russ says if I take it, I better be prepared for some unusual feelings, feelings that are impossible to control. I think I can guess what he's talking about, but if that's what it takes to get as hot looking and acting as they are, then I think I don't really care. Russ is so cool that, as far as I'm concerned, anything he does is cool enough for me.

Man, I guess they got me going now. This morning they take me to Gavin's place. When I see Gavin, I'm completely blown away. He's like Russ and Travis, big everywhere, only he's much bigger. I've never seen a man as big as he is. He doesn't look real. When he goes to get the stuff they take, I ask Russ if he's gay, too. Russ says he is. I guess I kept saying no way, because Russ kept saying major way. So they all take this stuff under their tongues. Then Travis says aren't they going to let me see what it feels like too, and Russ says if I'm sure I want to. I tell them I'm sure. If I can show some great pecs and arms in a T shirt, I'm definitely up for it. And if it can add even little more of a full load for my underwear, I'm definitely up for that, too. So Gavin winks at Russ and fills the dropper and gives it to me. For a few minutes I don't feel anything. Travis is the first one to say he feels it. He says oh, man, here it comes, and he starts getting a hard-on in those little bikini briefs. Then both Rusty and Gavin say they feel it, too, and they both start getting hard. I feel very uncomfortable for a minute, with all three of them standing there getting hard-ons in front of me. Then I start to feel this rush. It's like the hottest, most extreme sexual feeling I've ever had. My whole body is suddenly revving up to a million miles an hour, my heart is beating, I'm so amped it takes my breath away. I can't even describe how sexual it feels, but my dick suddenly gets hard, too.

They all laugh.

It makes me laugh, too, it feels so good. I've never felt so good, so hot. I feel like I'm part of the party, and I like getting a hard-on in front of them. I just wish I was as big. Their muscles look so hot to me, Rusty and Travis with their huge arms and pecs, and Gavin, like some kind of muscle god. I want to feel them, to see what they feel like. They are feeling hot, too, because they pull their cocks out and then they get naked, showing me their huge cocks and asking me what I think of all this. Gavin's is unreal.

He says it's grown to almost sixteen inches, and he loves having a big cock so much, he hopes it grows to twenty inches, at least. In fact, he says, why don't we all try to get to two feet of thick, throbbing cock, just to see if it can be done. Of course, by then, he says, our muscles will probably be so massive it will be hard to walk, but what the fuck. Then Russ says if I'm going to get into this, why don't I come over and find out just how fun it is to play with all this muscle. They didn't have to ask me twice. If licking Gavin's thirty inch arms while I bury my face in the deep, hairy crevice between his gigantic pecs means I'm gay, then I guess I'm one fucking gay slut. I'm in love with all three of them. They are so hot to me, I could suck their big dicks and feel their muscles all day.

Today I was supposed to go home if I was going to go to college, but I'm not. In two weeks, I'm already starting to get bigger. I'm starting to look like a real bodybuilder, and I love how I feel. I love how I look. I love the way my trunks bulge bigger. And I love how I turn on the guys at the beach. They call me a whore, but I don't care. I just can't get enough. I think they're all happy I'm staying, because I think they're really all getting off on making me grow. But that's okay. They're not getting off on it as much as I am. Twenty four inches. Imagine! •

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