Awakening, The

Call of Nature, Voice of the Dark


By Muscl4life

The full moon shone right over Stronghold, when the carriage arrived, bringing the new guests to the marvelous palace built atop of the rugged Gray Mountains - representing the glory of the Warlord upon his enemies in the past. For over 50 years the land has been ruled with iron fist by the powerful tyrant, who emerged mysteriously and easily defeated each and every warrior who stood against him with extreme ease, and the more he fought the stronger he got, the more powerful he became and easier he could defeat his opponents – it didn’t take much time to the Warlord claim the whole Freeland as his own and establish his severe regime over the magnificent kingdoms which couldn’t offer any kind of resistance. Since then, Warlord has been known as an absolute Emperor – not one single order was given without his permission, it was like he had eyes and ears all over the kingdom, every single attempt of rebellion was suffocated even before it starts and the leaders were properly taken care, all of them were sent to the Stronghold, and they were never seen again – many said they were executed and their heads were kept to show the power of the Warlord, but they couldn’t be more wrong. The gates opened and the huge guards brought the men into the big room where they were being expected. “Good evening, gentlemen, I hope you had a nice trip?” the tall, muscular man asked with a smirk – “We have heard you were preparing some kind of confusion down the Valley, and we couldn’t let it happen could we?” “Down with the Tyrant! Freedom to the Freeland!” the five men said almost in chorus, all of them were strong, powerful fighters, and easily they could start a significant rebellion, soon to be followed by most of the scattered resistance plots around the lands, but once again the forces of the Warlord worked quickly to capture the leaders before they even had a chance to strike. “What a beautiful scene – the companions standing together till the last moment – really touching, if I may say – the man smiled once more – “The Warlord requested your presence because he decided to give you guys a last chance to apologize for doing such stupid thing!” “There is no Warlord! No one had ever seen him in less than 50 years! No man can live that long and remain as powerful as he is supposed to be!” one bald mustached man said trying to sound sure of his statement and it only caused the officer to laugh. “Indeed, he isn’t as powerful as 50 years ago; he’s more powerful than ever! Warlord is omnipotent you pathetic mortals!” the officer stood up and revealed his own muscular figure, tall and powerfully built the officer didn’t wear any kind of armor, only a leather thong, as well as every other soldier of the Warlord, they didn’t wear any armor, their muscles worked that rule with superiority and excellence, providing them more dexterity to fight over those who wore heavy armory and somehow, their rugged muscle armor was even better than the thickest plate mail in the world. “You lie! We only see your armies, but never this so called Warlord appeared! Who can guarantee he isn’t a myth! A figure made to plant fear in the hearts of those who dare to stand against your vicious scheme!” a man wearing a heavy armor shouted – his skin was milky and his hair light blond, his nose and jaw line revealed his nobility and his posture showed that he was a knight above all things. “My dear Knight, you are such a young foolish man, trying to avoid the inevitable truth…” He came closer and held the knights chin gently – “I will love to see him dealing with you!” Next, he threw the man almost at the opposite wall – “You are weak, disgusting, and most of all, ignorant, trusting your lives to metal, no shiny armor can protect you from the Warlord!” The officer laughed when the guards – two immensely muscular black man, wearing nothing but the same lion cloths, holding enormous battle axes entered the room. “Sir, the Lord ordered the newcomers to be brought into his Presence!” one of them said and the officer smiled once more – “Take them immediately!”

Dimitri finished his meal, he couldn’t believe how much food he needed now, and his last plate contained more food than he used to eat in one entire week . “Delicious!” he said with one loud belch. Zoran waved his head – “You’re still a boy, my beloved god!” he whispered. They’ve traveled all the way since Zoran’s village and now set camping in the Nearlake Forests, they’ve covered in one week journey a distance that even the fastest travelers couldn’t make in less than a month only stopping for occasional sleep. “Like I told you, we are not normal men anymore, we’ve been blessed by Khorull’s power, which means our muscles and strength cannot be matched by tiny mortals.” “I understand, master Zoran, I didn’t felt any tired even walking the whole day!” Dimitri flexed his chest and arms to prove his point, and Zoran smiled. “No, son, you still don’t understand the immensity of our power!” He said as he stood up – “Come here, Dimitri” the pupil did as told and Zoran showed him one huge boulder on the ground. “Punch it, HARD!” he ordered and Dimitri felt a rush in his guts, he attacked the boulder with an unexpected and overwhelming will, when the lad opened his eyes e had completely pulverized the huge boulder which was almost four feet thick of solid granite. “HOW?” Dimitri asked in disbelief. “Are you impressed so soon?” Zoran asked from distance and the lad watched in awe to his master holding one huge oak tree on each hand, lifting them up and down easily – “You haven’t seen anything yet, my beloved!” Zoran tossed one tree into Dimitri and the boy had no trouble to catch it, already guessing what he was supposed to do. Holding the heavy and thick oak tree over his mighty legs, Dimitri used his powerful thigh to strike the trunk, which couldn’t resist and broke in two. Next, the boy grabbed the pieces and using his huge hands he cut the timber for their fireplace. The muscle boy-god looked at his master waiting for his approval and he got even happier when even Zoran showed a little surprised to his feats – “Very well, my beloved, you are doing very well! We have timer to heat a village for one wee now!” “Thanks, master!” Dimitri said already approaching his mentor – “It feels so nice being this powerful!” “Indeed, young one, but you have to be careful, your power is truly intoxicating!” “What you mean, master?” Dimitri asked noticing the sadness on Zoran’s voice. “Nothing, let’s not forget our training!” Zoran changed his tone and grabbed a long sword, which seemed more like a child’s toy in his huge hand, and gave it to Dimitri, making the weapon look even smaller – “Now you attack me!” “What? No master I can’t attack you! You’re not wearing any armory, it could harm you!” Dimitri said worried, but Zoran simply grabbed the sword back and assumed an offensive position – “Fine, I’ll attack you then!” The blond mustached gargantuan muscular man really used his experience to successfully hit Dimitri’s muscular body. The boy expected to feel pain and he cursed in advance, but soon he noticed that he didn’t feel a thing and his body remained unharmed. The sound of Zoran’s laughter filled the air – “You really think I could harm you?” Dimitri looked at his muscle body once more – “You’ve missed on purpose?” “Of course not! You felt the blow didn’t you?” Dimitri nodded and then Zoran easily used the sword to cut the oak trunk with just one blow. “We don’t need no armory!” Zoran finally concluded – “And you need no weapon for that matter, your muscles are deadlier than any weapon in the world!” Zoran held Dimitri’s hands and kissed them gently. Dimitri felt his member hardening once more – “Master, I think I need another lesson…” Zoran and his huge pupil were soon to start another hot steamy, wild sex round, but there was something or someone watching their last acts, like they said, the Nearlake Forest has its own eyes and ears…

The rebels were taken into another room, this time it was a HUGE chamber, with clear white marble walls covered with gold and precious items to display the power of the Warlord, the room seemed to be an arena, but the odd detail was a big throne like chair, much bigger than anyone the fighters have ever seen. “What is this place? I demand to know!” The knight shouted, but the huge muscle bouncers just turned their backs and got out of the room. The rebels were scared, but they tried not to show it, why would they be taken into such a noble room? There was no sign of blood or anything that could possibly remember a torture chamber! The room was sumptuous, with huge pillows and golden big jars of water and wine, they could also see a banquet feast with lots of delicious food – nothing that any experienced combatants would surely avoid, sure to be poisoned. The officer showed up with his usual smile – but before the rebels could say anything, the sinister officer made a gesture and the men couldn’t pronounce a word. “You are not allowed to speak so close to his presence! Now you will face your destiny!” With that, the huge dark wooden doors opened, and then one man entered the room carrying a huge calyx made out of gold, the thing was just as big as a bucket and the man, although very strong built, seemed very little carrying the huge object – the servant walked among the rebels and placed it right aside of the huge throne. The Knight could sense a sinister aura coming from the object, the craftwork was delicate, yet, powerful, just the presence of the thing caused a strange sensation among them. Suddenly, the ground seemed to shake, a strong, masculine, powerful, presence approached them, quickly. The fighters felt they were soon to be facing their so called invincible enemy, but their hearts were noble and their will gave them inner strength to fight any combat – at least they thought so. Then, one figure filled the entire doorframe, and more, the enormous bulking figure had to turn aside in order to enter through the giant door. Just the sight of that body could make anyone lose any hope to win, each muscle and vein were ripped to the max, and the size surpassed any expectation, the width of the shoulders, the power of the abdomen, the width and thickness of the thighs, and the sheer monstrosity of the arms weren’t human, it had to be something else. The enormous bulging tower figure stood quiet at the center of the room, looking down, wearing some kind of giant cloak who covered his face, but not his uncanny muscles, he seemed to be waiting for the servant who brought the calyx to do something. The calyx slave was bigger than the biggest of the rebels, but yet he seemed like a child when compared to the gargantuan freak who stood there, not just in height, but especially muscle wise, it was like the servant could be broken like a tweed with just one blow of the monstrous freak, the servant made sure the throne was clean, and adjusted the cushions, then he stood aside and kneed aside the throne – “Your throne is ready, my lord!” With that, the cloak fell down and the huge man lifted his head at once, revealing his face. Not even on their worst battles, the rebels had felt such a tremendous blow, the minute they saw the face of the Warlord, they felt like they had lost the will of fighting him. “Greetings, my dear little men! I hope I didn’t make you wait for too long!” The man had a long cascaded intense red hair, but his skin was tanned and his eyes such intense blue, they looked almost purple, the lays of beauty hair reached down his back, but it just seemed perfect that way. His face was perfect in every and single way, his jaw inspired confidence, his high cheekbones showed his noble traces and features, above everything, this man had the most perfect smile, ever imaginable, once he showed his clear white teeth, his full lips gently framed by his red goatee, the world seemed to stop, and the rebels suddenly forgot why they were fighting – worse, they realized that it wasn’t worth fighting such a powerful, beautiful creature. “You call me Warlord, but I am also Darren Azrael, your caring Emperor, you wanted to see me right?” His voice was firm, but tender, it was like hearing the ocean, a soothing noise, that bring you into internal peace. “So, are you Phillip, the famous Knight? I’ve heard you were leading a rebellion, why? Aren’t you happy being under my Empire?” The Warlord asked calmly, approaching the brave knight who was soon eclipsed by his immense shadow, his muscles completely covered the prestigious paladin, towering him by many feet of height and many other in width and depth, they couldn’t even compare, it was like Phillip had shrunk into insignificant proportions. Philip had a clever answer to that man, but he simply couldn’t speak, he tried but his mouth was silent, the Warlord looked at him and suddenly he felt he could speak once more – “YOU’RE A TYRANT! YOU ENSLAVED MY PEOPLE! YOU DESTROY THE LAND WITH YOUR GREED AND ARROGANCE!” Phillip shouted with anger in his heart, but the minute he finished the sentence he felt his chest filling with fear and despair, it was like the already gigantic man had grown ten time more muscular, he now looked not only amazing but mostly TERRIFYING! “YOU ARE NOTHING BUT WORTHLESS WORMS! HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH THING S ABOUT THE WARLORD?” The officer shouted from behind, but the Warlord made him quiet – “That’s okay, captain, you may go now!” The huge man smiled – “You are indeed quite brave my young knight! I haven’t heard such things in quite some time!” The Warlord said as he took his seat at the powerful throne, Phillip noticed that even sat the Warlord was by far taller than him, and much, much more powerful – “You believe I am a tyrant? And what if I tell you, that I am no tyrant, I am a GOD?” he asked assuming an even more impressive posture, which made Phillip tremble inside his armor. “I’VE COME TO CLAIM EVERYTHING THAT IS MINE, AND YOU NEITHER YOU PATHETIC ARMY HAVE ENOUGH POWER TO STOP ME!” His power echoed around the room, and the paladin fought to resist. “I admire you will power, Phillip, you are still trying to fight where you loyal friends had already perished!” Azrael said in a deeper tone and when the young knight looked again, his companions seemed different, their eyes were empty, their expressions changed. “Tell me, Knight Phillip, you still think they’re at your side?” “What did you do to them?” “I gave them what they wanted, they are now free! Free to worship their muscle god!” Warlord said as he looked at the four men in front of him – they were removing they dropped to their knees and bowed before the much bigger presence. “What? Brothers, what are you doing? This man is our enemy, he isn’t worth your devotion!” Phillip tried to dissuade his companions as Darren laughed out loud. “USELESS! THE FIRST TIME THEY SEE ME, THEY’RE ALREADY UNDER MY POWER! MY MUSCLES ARE DIVINE, AND NO MORTAL CAN DENY THEIR POWER OVER YOU MORTALS!” “That is not true! I didn’t fall for your tricks!” The knight said bravely “Oh really? Perhaps I should teach you a lesson, little Phillip!” The next thing the knight could see was the Warlord towering over him, carrying Phillip’s sword in hi hands, covering the huge weapon completely inside his uncanny paws. He tossed the sword to the knight, who felt the power of his holy weapon once more. “Fight me, Phillip Hart, I am giving you the chance to end with my empire!” The paladin roared in anger and attacked with all his might, aiming for the chest of the huge enemy, the strike was precise, the victory was sure! “HAHAHAHA!” The huge Warlord laughed flexing his muscles, unharmed and untouched – “You think you holy sword will be able to hurt me? NO WEAPON can touch me!” Warlord said and simply sent the paladin to the other side of the arena. “Are you shocked, little knight? But I haven’t finished with you yet!” Warlord said as he came back to his throne and held the huge calyx – “You are brave my, little paladin, a worthy enemy, and Warlord appreciates that!” “What are you saying, demon!” Phillip said trying to stay on his feet. “You want to be like me, Phillip?” The question came from Warlord’s own mouth “What?” the knight asked in a mix of horror and curiosity.

The moon shone over the immense bodies of the lovers, ready to engage into another round of sex, but suddenly they heard a strange noise. “What was that?” Dimitri asked instantly forgetting that his new size didn’t fit into his usual coward old attitude. Zoran was quiet, he only stood up and assumed his impressive position aside his pupil lover. From the bushes, a huge animal appeared. Dimitri and Zoran watched as the bear surrounded them, with an intimidating look. “Shall we attack?” Dimitri whispered and Zoran just waved his head – “He is too weak, he is just afraid of us, besides, it’s not a real bear!” Dimitri was about to ask why when the bear slowly shrank and his fur turned into a golden hair, the beast became a man, and in the next minute, they looked at one tall, lean muscular man, dressed in leather clothing. He had a feather for earring and his torso showed his muscle development, nothing compared to tremendous inhuman size of the men standing in front of the recently transformed man, but yet, his muscles had a perfect tonus, with visibly size and mass, but just he looked different from the men Dimitri had seen previously – his features were more beautiful, gracious, and vivid –his eyes were a little different and mostly of all, Dimitri noticed the ears on the stranger, they were slightly longer and pointy. The stranger spoke something Dimitri couldn’t understand, his voice sounded tender and pleasant to the ears, although the look on the spokesman face was not so cheerful. Zoran seemed to understand and nodded, then he replied in the same confusing language, then the stranger nodded. “I am the Protector of these innocent lives, and I came to warn you that I won’t allow any intruders inside this sacred place!” He kept his hand rigid. “What is he talking about?” Dimitri whispered puzzled. “He is a druid, Dimitri, an ancient kind of priest who watches over the lives of the nature, they’re known for being honorable persons, I can hardly think this is man is just threatening us for nothing” – Zoran pointed to the shredded trunks at their feet – “and I believe we did not give him a very good first impression” The huge muscle boy-god stood in front of Zoran and spoke in a loud, clear tone with a firm voice, one thing he had never done before – “Listen, druid, we are not intruders nor invaders seeking for destruction, we are in the search of something much more valuable!” those words impressed even Zoran, who noticed for the first time this kid was developing much faster than he ever expected. The druid, however wasn’t such impressed. “What could be more valuable than those lives I protect? They’re the balance of this world, and the most important resource for future generations, but you humans don’t understand the complexity of long term consequences of your foolish acts” “Why is he calling us, humans?” Dimitri asked, almost whispering once more. “Because I am not one of you, foolish human, I belong to the ancient gracious race of the Elves!” He said full of himself. “I’ve heard of your people, they used to rule the entire lands, but in time, there are so few of you now, that is already becoming a legend. And as far as I concern you didn’t even introduced yourself to us, stranger” Zoran said with respect, but also with a hint of irony in his sentence. “Farewell, I am Norak, the Archdruid, and you shall retreat now, while you are still unharmed!” The elf said with a powerful tone. “We are not harmed, my dear Norak, but you seem quite stressed!” Zoran added, approaching the elf showing off his impressive physique. Zoran then kneeled down and paid his respects to the nature entities, standing up politely and pointing at his huge pupil. “We need to get through your forest, noble Norak, we are in a search for the sake of all kinds of life, you must know that, your precious animals and trees are also dying, as well as the rest of the world, only Dimitri has the solution for the menace of the Warlord!” The elf got puzzled, mostly because he noticed for the first time, how big and muscular those humans were, and they didn’t wear any armor, which only meant they were very stupid or truly powerful men. “I am listening your story, Zoran and Dimitri, and then I’ll decide if you are wroth to pass my sacred forests!”

Phillip had the taste of anger in his mouth – “What are you saying you demon?” he screamed at the top of his lungs. Warlord smiled – “I am no such thing! I am no demon, I am a GOD! A more powerful, more beautiful and divine God than the pathetic entity you worship!” The paladin went furious and rushed into the titanic figure of his enemy, but it was useless – Warlord just grabbed Phillip around his waist and started crushing him with his mighty arms around the tiny waist , while he laughed watching the pain on the much smaller man – “Where is your so called God to help you in a time like that, brave Phillip? You are nothing but a skinny powerless creature! Where are your muscles, paladin? You need that piece of metal to protect you? I could just rip it if I wanted!” Warlord throws the paladin against the wall and returns to his precious calyx. “You couldn’t even win my henchmen, what makes you think you could beat me, little man, the faith on your god? How many years have you dedicated to him? Did he make you any stronger?” Darren teased the paladin. “My soul is strong enough to fight you, diabolic one!” the paladin insisted. “Farewell, I will deal with you later! Just watch this!” Warlord waved to the other companions, all of them heavily armored but scared than ever – “What about you, brave men? You still believe the shiny armor knight will be able to save you from me?” The men were quiet, they looked at Warlord with a strange dumb expression on their faces, then, one by one, they stood up and once again kneeled before the uncanny figure of the Warlord – “You see, noble Phillip, your loyal companions are already charmed by my divine looks! They are not as stubborn as you!” The knight looked at his former army men, all of them were being controlled by the demoniac Warlord, their expressions vanished, all of them had the same looking now. “You swear to protect me? To be completely loyal to the Warlord?” The enormous man said opening his huge legs and releasing the immense appendage he had – the cock grew huge and insanely veined, like it had a life on its own. “Behold, little paladin! THIS is true POWER!” The giant muscled freak flexed his tow enormous guns and the men rushed to touch his majestic figure, the former battle companions now struggled to see who would touch the unbelievably huge endowment of their enemy. “Brothers, please, you have to resist! His power cannot affect you, if you have faith!” Phillip tried to make his friends wake up from the trance. “Have faith in what, my little knight? They’re mine now! My little weak warriors, they need more power to fight in my name!” Warlord stood up and grabbed one man in each hand, while the others hang on his thick thighs, then he ripped the armor of the first man using his thick huge fingers. He repeated that process with an arrogant attitude and simply tossed the now naked men away laughing and teasing Phillip all the time. “Now, my little men, you’re naked and unprotected, aren’t you? You’re such weak and tiny losers, hiding behind all that metal to protect your weak little bodies but you’re scared till your fragile bones!” Warlord flexed his chest and legs as he said that – “But I can change that! I can make you so strong no sword or mace will ever hit you again, I can make your muscles so big, no man will ever be able to hurt you!” “NO! DON’T LISTEN TO HIM!” Phillip tried but it was already too late, the men already kneeled before the colossal enemy, all accepting the offer without even questioning the price for such offer. Warlord just smiled and watched his new recruits of his troops. Phillip lost his temper, he couldn’t watch his fellow combatants selling their precious immortal souls to the demon – the knight roared and his sword quickly dried the lives of the hypnotized fighters, one by one Phillip killed his former companions, blind folded by the anger Warlord had built inside his heart. The room suddenly went quiet, Phillip’s deep breath was hard and stressed, his mind slowly regained conscience – and his eyes saw the horror – the scattered parts of the bodies all over the room, the blood dripping from the walls. “What have you done to them?” Phillip asked horrified, but suddenly he realized Warlord had his hands clean while the paladin was covered from head to toe in the blood of his innocent friends. The knight screamed in agony and disgust, he kneeled in the middle of the room and tried to pray for mercy, but he felt two huge hands touching his shoulders. “Poor little Phillip, you had no choice had you? They were all falling for my charm weren’t they?” Strangely, the knight felt that he wasn’t worth of mercy, he had killed his companions, he didn’t even give them a chance, he executed them with the same unmerciful anger than his hateful enemy. “That’s right, little Phillip, am I all that bad? You were the one who killed your own friends! You’ve just them because they disagreed from you!” Warlord said with a tender yet powerful tone. Phillip said nothing he just looked at his hands, and his armor, stained from his friends’ blood. “Look at you, noble Phillip, your armor; it carries the death all over you, you’re a sinner, brave paladin, you’re nothing but a sinner!” Warlord said as he returned to his throne – “And the shiny armor you wear? It carries death and innocent blood!” Phillip was dizzy, he only could see his enormous enemy, and his aura had somehow changed, like he wasn’t so diabolic anymore. “Come here, my brave paladin – I am here for you!” Darren opened his arms and waited for Phillip who suddenly felt embraced by the huge muscles of his enemy. “Don’t worry, my little knight, I don’t blame you for killing your friends, they simply didn’t deserve to live being so weak, after all you have resisted me haven’t you? The weaklings didn’t even try to resist to my powers! They were not brave like you!” “Y-yes, they’ve fallen for their own weaknesses…” Phillip mumbled. “They were not strong like you” “They were not strong like me! They didn’t deserve the glory of being so huge and muscular, only I, shall have the honor of spread your beauty and muscle, Warlord!” Phillip just said with lust in his eyes. “You swear to be loyal at my muscle and strength, little Phillip?” “Yes, Warlord, I a want your power, your strength!” the knight said smiling mischievously. Darren smiled back at him and relaxed at his throne, while Phillip started to take his armor off, but the huge titan stopped him – “Wait till I say so!” Warlord pointed to his huge cock and Phillip gasped, he reached for the uncanny cock and savored the precum of the inhumanly augmented manhood. “You will spread my word among the weak, and I shall grow stronger as you gather more and more worshippers for me!” “I’ll bring them to you, master, only the most powerful and the biggest! I promise you milord!” Philip said without taking his eyes from the cock.” “Now, little Phillip, you must give me your essence!” Darren said holding the sinister calyx on his hand. The paladin had a little trouble to reach for his cock, but Warlord just ripped through the metal with his pinky finger, which was bigger and longer than Phillip’s own 9 inches cock. Phillip jerked his cock not even worrying with the sharp metal around his cock, he only cared about his duty – Warlord kept teasing him. “Once I’ve got the essence of you, I will be even more powerful, my muscles will grow more powerful and my empire will get even bigger! Soon, every man on the land will be my loyal servant, and I shall grow each time more, until I become the only god worshipped in the world! I will rule over the magic Realms!” Phillip came looking at Warlord’s biceps, he couldn’t believe how many volleys he had jutted out of his cock, but yet, the calyx seemed empty, but Darren was satisfied – he laughed and savored the cum of the knight. Instantly, his muscles got more ripped, and his size augmented by the second, his muscles were enlarging quickly and powerfully. “COME HERE, LITTLE MAN!” Darren said as he grabbed the little paladin, and his huge cock forced its way through the metal, reaching for Phillip’s anus. “ARGHHHH!” the knight screamed in pain as the cock on the growing Warlord increased its size and width exponentially – making the little paladin each time littler, even though, Phillip could feel his own muscles growing as well. That’s right, although Phillip was growing more muscular and powerful, feeling his own shredded armor tighter and tighter around his muscles, but the size of the colossal Warlord totally eclipsed him, Darren roared and screamed as his size increased and he kept pumping his rod inside Phillip, completely raping the brave paladin and humiliating the newest servant. Phillip screamed in pain, his own growth pain and pleasure but mostly he felt the immensity of the Warlord increasing inside him, while the uncanny titan flexed his muscles and admired his own vanity muscularity. When Darren came, his hose flooded Phillip’s guts with his thick white vivid brilliant cum filled Phillip’s bleeding anus – the man passed out. “WAKE UP, MY LOYAL KNIGHT!” The voice echoed powerfully around the room. Phillip opened his eyes – he felt different, like the world has completely changed. He looked at the immense figure of his Lord. “BEHOLD YOU NEW POWER!” Darren pointed to the mirrored wall and Phillip saw the size of his muscles, he felt so powerful, bigger than the biggest man ever! His muscles felt invulnerable! His blond hair now reached his shoulders, and his cock had grown to fully 20 inches long! His biceps were bigger than his chest used to be when he first entered the temple. “Thank you, milord!” Phillip kissed the titan’s feet, hearing the sinister laughter of the god! “GO MY KNIGHT! SPREAD MY WORD, BRING ME NEW WORSHIPPERS!” He flexed his augmented biceps and Phillip kissed his hand and left!” “I shall serve you wit all my soul, my Lord!” Phillip said as he left the room. Warlord admired his new size – “That knight was really a gifted! Soon, I’ll have all of them for me and then no one will be able to question my divinity!” He said as he looked to the soldiers – “I want 25 of the biggest men in my room in five minutes!” he said as he kept admiring his improved muscles… •

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