B2B (Brother to Brother)

By O'Melissokomos

This story is for jockmorphr and zulator. A little inspiration goes a long way.

Dan was fed up with his older brother Frank and dearly wanted to get back at him for all those years he had been picked on. Sometimes their not-so-friendly verbal arguments would escalate to downright-ugly physical confrontations where he would usually lose to his much-stronger sibling--a fact that Dan hated. Even though now that they're well into their teens, it seemed that Frank hadn't grown out of tormenting him and, in fact, his abusive behavior had gotten worse especially when Frank got wind of Dan's homosexuality. There was only so much Dan could take and today was the day he would make sure his brother could never hurt him again.

That fateful Friday afternoon, Dan was patiently waiting for Frank to come home from school. Although it didn't help matters that they've been sharing the same room since they were kids, at least now it made things easier for Dan--he didn't have to come up with some contrived reason to get him and his brother alone in one place. Also, since he knew that his jock of a brother had plans for the evening with his friends, tonight would be the perfect night for him to get his revenge. It was just a matter of time; all Frank had to do was show up.

As if on cue, Dan heard his brother clomping up the stairs and barging into the room.

"Hey, loser," sneered Frank as he dumped his stuff on the floor with a loud thud. "Why aren't you out with your faggot friends? Oh, that's right, you homos don't have a life."

Gee, right off the bat, thought Dan. "Frank, you can insult me all you want, but please don't bring my friends into this."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I hurt your feelings? " feigned Frank in mock surprise. "You stupid cocksucker; you wanna make something out of it?" Frank pumped up his chest like a gorilla demonstrating his alpha-maleness.

Dan simply gave his brother a cursory glance and looked away. He wasn't going to let the cat out of the bag now that he was so close. His brother snorted and roared in triumph. "Didn't think so."

Frank went into the bathroom and started taking a bath as Dan hoped he would. When he came back into the room, he just wearing a towel around his waist and drying off his hair with another. Despite all his brother's blustering and overbearingness, Dan had to admit that Frank had one heck of a body. It was built like a brick house from years of exercise and hard work. Dan's eyes ate everything up of Frank's sexy bod from the knotty neck down to the rippling abs, from the solid shoulders to the massive calves. To his disgust, he remembered the many times he had jacked off over his brother's body over the years. Never again thought Dan. Never again.

"What the hell are you looking at, asswipe?" Frank was drying himself off and had caught his brother staring at him.

"Apparently nothing. You blithering dunderhead."

Frank shook his hands close to his wet face. "Oooooh. I'm soo scared."

"Yeah, not now. But you will be," muttered Dan under his breath as he went back to reading his book.

"What was that, pussyboy?" Frank was preparing the snap the towel he was using to dry his hair at Dan.

Dan glanced up at his brother and replied, "I didn't say anything."

With a scoff, Frank turned around, swung the towel over his shoulder, and headed for the drawer where he kept his clothes. He and the guys were going to a wild party at a college frathouse and wanted to get some college gal in the sack to fuck her brains out. He was planning on wearing something a little different from his usual fare, something older, since the last thing he wanted to look like was some kid from high school. As he was about to slide out the top drawer, he felt dizzy all of sudden and grabbed on the cabinet for support.

"Uhhn..." Frank felt like blacking out and started taking in deep breaths.

Dan's eyes lighted up at seeing his brother's predicament. "Are you all right?"

"What the fuck... do you care?" Another wave of dizziness passed through Frank. If he hadn't been leaning on the drawer, he would already collapsed on the floor.

"Maybe you're coming down with something," offered Dan as way of an explanation.

Frank didn't want to show any more signs of weakness and tried to stand on his own two feet. "N-nah... I'm not... sick."

"Oh," Dan was giddy with excitement and was finding it difficult keeping himself in check. "Maybe then it's the little something I put in the shampoo and the soap you just used."

"Wha-?" Frank looked at his brother, not quite sure he understood what he heard.

Dan was smiling broadly. "Don't worry, it wasn't poisonous. Or at least that's what the website said."

"Web... site?" Frank didn't know what was happening to him but now he knew one thing: his brother was responsible. He was about to make a lunge for Danbut he staggered on the first step. Dan was able to catch him before he fell on his face.

"Here, let me help you to your bed so that you could lie down," said Dan in faux compassion. As he was placing Frank onto the mattress, he couldn't getover how his big bruiser of a brother had become weak as a kitten. This was actually working, this was actually fucking working, he thought.

Although Frank was fuming inside, he couldn't lift a finger to stop whatever Dan was doing. He simply didn't have the strength to do so. "You... fucking... queer."

"Now, now. We'll be doing that in a moment," interrupted Dan. "For now, just behave and be quiet." He went to his desk and brought out four handcuffs. He then positioned his brother in a spread-eagle fashion, grabbed his wrists and ankles, and handcuffed each of these to every corner of the bed.

Frank was too weak to resist, much less to talk properly. The most he could manage was to whisper out his words. "S-stop... it. What... are you... doing?"

"This is just a precaution, for my sake. You'll be feeling a bit better soon when the potion hits its full potency. The last thing I want is you jumping off this bed and trying to kill me with your bare hands. Also, if I don't do this right, we're both gonna end up dead, so shut the hell up and let me do this. As they say, an ounce of prevention..."

When he was sure his brother was fully secured, Dan took off his shirt and shorts and stood naked in front of Frank. Although he had some definition on his skinny frame, his physique was nowhere near Frank's as he spent more time in the library than in the gym. But then, it was there in the library while he was surfing the net that he learned of a potion that could change his life forever. After studious research, he was able to piece together what exactly he needed to prepare the potion. Some components were easier to get than the others. Surprisingly, the easiest one was retrieving a sample of Frank's semen; the boy had regularly been jacking off ever since he had his first wet dream and would sometimes forget to dispose of the evidence properly. He had more trouble securing the other ingredients, some of which came out of state, and now finally, after months of careful planning, everything was about to pay off for Dan--big time.

After retrieving a vial from his desk and pouring its contents into his hand, Dan sat down on the side of Frank's bed and rubbed the liquid all over his brother's torso spreading the concoction around evenly.

"If you're wondering about what's going to happen to you, let's just say this is payback for all those years you've tormented me. I've spent a lot of time, effort, and not to mention money, in this." He then tugged at Frank's towel and swiped it off his brother's well-defined body exposing his dick that was huge even though it was still flaccid. Dan got more of the potion and applied it generously on powerless teen's genitals. He made sure he covered every square inch of his brother's jewels from the tip of the dickhead down to the heavy-set balls.

Whatever stuff his brother was putting on him was starting to heat up and make him feel good. He watched helplessly as his brother stroked him into an erection. He could feel the blood flowing in and quickly filling his member to its full 8" length. Whereas a while ago he was beset by nausea and exhaustion, he was now slightly more alert. Also, he could feel his strength returning bit by bit. He tried to free himself from his handcuffs but to no avail. Dan had locked him in too tight.

"S-so... is this what you wanted, you fucking cunt?"

Dan was clearly enjoying the moment as he was now rubbing both his hands over his brother's muscular pecs and abs. "This and more, big brother. This and more."

"I knew you were one perverted homo but this takes the cake. I swear to Godthe second you let me go I'm gonna make you wish you were never born."

Dan just grinned and slid down between Frank's legs. He placed his hands on his brother's beefy thighs and bent down to breath in the newly-showered smell of his loins. He gave the hard-bodied teenager a wink and then drove his tongue right into the jock's ass. Frank's butt leapt as far as it could from the invading probe but Dan pushed his legs down to the bed and held them there. He was still too weak to fight back.

"Oooh. Oooh. Oh my God. What the fuck are you doing, you sick piece of shit?" As if in response, Dan pushed in harder into the hole and the overwhelming sensation sent Frank reeling.

"Fuuuuuck... " He couldn't believe the what he was feeling. Here was his wimp of a brother rimming him and to his horror he was enjoying it. At first, he was trying to avoid the tongue from entering but his body soon betrayed him and was giving Dan full access to his asshole. It wasn't long before Frank's cock was leaking precum profusely and his balls had become tight in anticipation for his impending ejaculation. He was also moaning and had his eyesshut tightly the entire time, probably in an attempt to distance himself from what was happening.

Suddenly, the feeling disappeared. He opened his eyes and saw Dan repositioning himself on the bed.

"What's... what's happening? Why'd the fuck you stop, you queer?"

"It's my turn to have some fun," Dan replied with a mad gleam in his eye ashe lubricated his own penis with the potion. When he was done, he whispered into Frank's ear, "I'm going to rape your virgin ass, big brother. And you're going to love every minute of it, too."

Frank was furious. "No fucking way!" Once again, he tried breaking his bonds but the bedposts were too strong. He struggled as best he could--shouting and cursing all the way--but his brother had all the leverage he needed. Dan was practically chortling as he guided the tip of his 5" penis into the waiting orifice. Frank tried to resist the intrusion but somehow the potion had affected him more than he realized. His sphincter put up no defense whatsoever and Frank could feel Dan's dick entering him inch by inch. When his brother was all the way in, Frank tossed his head back from the sensation of having something up his ass the first time in his life. His throbbing penis reacted by getting even stiffer and craved for release even more.

"Fuuuuuck... please... God... let me cum..."

Dan propped his arms on the bed for support and started pushing in and out of his brother's chute. He was taking it slow at first but once he got into the rhythm, he picked up the pace and was soon pounding Frank's ass with wild abandon.

"How'd you... like me now... Frankie-boy," grunted Dan in between breaths. "Don't... worry... the best... is still to come."

Frank couldn't understand why he hadn't cum yet. Every muscle in his body was poised to explode but something was holding him back. The pain and the pleasure was excruciatingly wonderful--even he had to admit that--but he knew he would go crazy if he didn't shoot soon. He could literally feel his balls churning.

"Ah... ah..." Dan was slowing down his pumps and for a second stayed still. Then came a shudder, then the shouting. "I'm... I'm... I'M CUMMING!!!" Dan arched his back and blasted his hot seed into his helpless brother. "Fuck, yeah... that's it... oh my God!"

As he spent his last spurt, Dan collapsed on top of the jock with his dick still inside his ass. After a minute of rest and recuperation, he pushed himself off his brother and pulled himself out. He took a look at Frank who still hadn't been able to cum.

"Man... that was intense."

"I-I hope... you're happy," Frank's voice was straining from the sexual pressure. "Now... please... for God's sake... Let one of my hands free... so I can..."

Dan reached for Frank's cock and started stroking it softly and laving the precum all over the shaft. Frank was fucking Dan's hand to get off but nothing was happening. Then Dan replaced his hand with his mouth and swallowed his brother's cock whole. Frank went nuts.

"Aaaaaaaaaah! Jeeeezus!" He couldn't take it any more; he just wanted to shoot so badly. He didn't care anymore what his brother had done to him; he wanted to cum, pure and simple. "Yeaah... that's one hot and nasty mouth you've got, you fuckin' homo! Suck that meat!"

As Dan was giving him the blowjob of his life, Frank finallly sensed a feeling that started at first with his balls, and then it quickly spread throughout his entire body. It was as if his body was being electrocuted and the sensory overload short-circuited his brain. Then, it happened--his body burst into an explosive orgasm that had him screaming at the top of his lungs.


And all the while, Dan was sucking. Boy, was he sucking for he was making sure he didn't miss a drop of his brother's juicy jism that was literally pouring out of his penis. This was the very moment Dan had been waiting all these months and he wasn't going to let any of it go to waste. At first, he wasn't sure the potion had worked or not, but he slowly came to realize that it did. The more he drank Frank's cum, the more he felt the change happening.

Even though he had stopped shooting, Frank was still too caught up with his post-orgasmic bliss to have noticed something happening to him. If he had just opened his eyes, he would have seen that while his brother was slowly growing, he was getting smaller. As Dan's body expanded and hardened with tough, steely muscles, his own body was deflating and shrinking in size. With every minute that passed, the transformation became more and more apparent.

Dan spit out Frank's shrunken cock and sat down on the bed and relishing the rush of the growth he was experiencing. Muscles were bulging everywhere and he could feel his body stretching outward. At the same time, he saw Frank's frame diminishing even further and he could see his brother's face molding itself into a facsimile of his. He knew his own face would soon become wha this brother's looked like. In a matter of minutes, it was finished; the transference was complete. This was the power of the potion.

"I think we done now, Dan."

Frank was startled at hearing his own voice, and when he opened his eyes, he was shocked to see himself looking down at him. "What the fuck?" He watched "his" naked body stand up and get a set of keys from Dan's desk. One by one the handcuffs were taken off and Frank-who-was-now-Dan was rubbing his wrists when he noticed something terribly different about them. They were thin, wiry, and bony.

"Holy shit." He ran to the nearest mirror and gasped at seeing "Dan" looking back at him. He raised his hand and felt his face for the first time and realized that was really he. "What the hell did you do to me?"

"Isn't it obvious? I thought you'd be smart enough to figure that out."

"This, this isn't possible..."

"I suppose it'll take a while for your feeble mind to fully comprehend what's going on so let's make this simple for you. From now on, I'm Frank, and you're Dan."

Frank was stunned. He inspected his full naked form from chest to toe. He definitely wasn't him anymore. He had his brother's body, and Dan had his. "No... I'm, I'm going to let everyone know..."

"And who's going to believe you? You've pretty much ruined my... no, make that... your reputation with the lies you've been spreading." Dan was visibly upset. "Even to Mom and Dad."

"Change us back, you fucking faggot." Frank was almost in tears.

"The potion only works once for two individuals. Once the swap occurs, we can't swap back. I've checked." Dan went to his brother's drawer and started picking out some clothes. "Now, let's see. If I remember correctly, you were going out tonight, weren't you? Hmm, what to wear, what to wear..."

The former jock was sobbing. "You can't do this to me, Dan..."

"I can, and I did. *I'm* Frank now. You're Dan. Will you please get with the fucking program?"

"But, but what will I do?"

"I don't give a rat's ass. Flunk out of school and flip some burgers, for all I care." Dan put on a pair of Frank's Joe Boxer shorts and a tight-fitting shirt. He particularly enjoyed the way the fabric wrapped around his new muscular figure. He then picked out a pair of black Levi's that definitely highlighted his new best assets: his package and his butt. As he was finishing up, a thought suddenly came to Dan's mind. "You know what? I've always liked your friend, Mark. He's been really nice to me... well, to you. I could tell that he's not all that he makes himself out to be."

Frank looked up in consternation. Dan rolled up his eyes in amusement.

"God, you're so dense."

Suddenly, Frank finally understood what his brother meant and tried to stop him from leaving the room. "You wouldn't, you goddamn queer."

"Like there's anything you can do about it. And, by the way, just who are you calling 'queer'?" Dan-as-Frank grabbed his brother's throat with his large hands, squeezed Frank-as-Dan's windpipe tightly, and lifted him off the floor. "I can beat the shit out of you now. Just remember that." He laughed and let him drop.

"Bye, loser." And Dan left Frank on the floor gasping for air. Revenge was sweet. •

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