Awakening, The

With age comes Wisdom


By Muscl4life

I am going EPIC this time, a medieval magical world, where we don't care for details, the old romance flame can burn quietly in the hearts of those who like this style!

With that in mind i give you -


The interior of the tiny workshop was steamy and smelled like horse stables. The sound of powerful strikes against the hot iron filled the place, it was just another lousy afternoon at the local Blacksmith shop, when the apprentice came running towards the owner.

“Master, there is a man outside who wants to see you!” The young thin man said with his eyes widened but the striking continued – “You know I don’t like interruptions, boy, why didn’t you tell him to come back another time?” the old ma had his back turned on the boy, and his enormous, wide shoulders displayed the massive muscles and strength of the older man. “Well, sir, I told him that, but he insisted on talking to you, he said he was looking for a man named Zoran!” the thin boy said apprehensively. The blacksmith stopped and looked to his boy – “How is this man?”

“ENORMOUS, master, he is the biggest man I’ve ever seen, even bigger than you sir!” The boy said using his hands to express the size of the man waiting to talk to the blacksmith. The blacksmith taped the boy’s shoulder – “I am not that big, boy, not anymore!” He said as he untied his apron and put his tools aside for one moment. – “Tell the man I’ll be there in a minute!” He said as looked for his inseparable hammer, you never knew when you would need to fight once more, no one is safe on those forgotten lands.

The blacksmith arrived that little village over 50 years ago, he actually helped the villagers to get rid of the constant assaults, that’s why people trusted and respected him, mostly because not even the strongest warrior of the village can match him in strength or fighting skills, even being almost 70 years old, the blacksmith is over 6’6” and weighs almost 400 pounds of pure muscle! People say he is so big because of his occupation, but no one never seen anyone so muscular around, until today, when the forester arrived.

“I am the local Blacksmith, how can I help you?” He said almost choking at the sight of the stranger – he was the biggest man his eyes had seen for quite some time, his muscles bulged and flexed with every single movement, his veins were ripped and his clothing could barely contain his gargantuan mass. His dark brown hair seemed almost black, his skin was tanned like the bronze, his eyes, however were light blue, and his smiles was completely white, very different from the poor sick and tiny people around him, his outstanding figure stood higher than the rest of the people, and he was taller than the blacksmith by at least two heads, but his muscles were just unbelievably thicker and much, much bigger.

“Please, I need to find the man named Zoran, it is very important!” The voice echoed around the village, every citizen looked at the incredible muscular duo talking; even the blacksmith seemed little next to enormous bulking figure of the forester.

“The man you seek died a long time ago!” The blacksmith replied holding his war hammer – “You might as well come back from where you came!”

The stranger looked puzzled – “But I was told to find him!”, although his body was incredibly muscular and powerful, his voice sounded weak and tired, exhausted to be precise. “Who told you that?” The bold man asked looking at the people, who quickly returned to do whatever they were doing. “I don’t know! There’s this voice in my head, telling me what to do! I’ve walked miles and miles, since my horse can no longer support my weight! I still can’t understand what happened at that temple!” the huge man digressed as he tried to solve his own puzzles.

The blacksmith almost dropped his precious hammer, he quickly approached the bigger man – “What temple are you talking about?” “I-I don’t know, it’s so confusing!” The huge man said and finally collapsed at the ground causing a huge noise. People gathered around as the blacksmith took the immense body of the stranger into his own house – “If you don’t want to see me mad at you, then don’t even try to peek through my windows!” The old man said as he carried the man inside with his own impressive muscles!”

The huge young man woke up a few minutes later. “You were hungry, boy, your body needed food, didn’t you know that?” The blacksmith said as he served a bowl of a thick herbal soup – “It’s not very tasty, but energetic, a big man like you needs lots of food!”

“Thanks!” he grabbed the bowl who looked tiny on his hand and vanished with its content. “Why were you looking for Zoran, anyway? And what temple are you talking about!” the blacksmith asked with an authority look. The huge man looked at the old blacksmith – “You are Zoran aren’t you? You’re the Priest of Power who disappeared all those years!” The young behemoth said almost automatically causing the old man to reach for his throat – “I TOLD YOU, ZORAN IS DEAD!” but suddenly, the young man quickly got rid of the grip and threw the aggressor into the other wall – “PLEASE! I don’t want to fight! I’m LOST! I need your HELP, Zoran!”

The old man still recovered – it’s been a long time since anyone could repel his attack with such ease – “I hate getting old!” he thought as he looked at the huge boy once more. “Who are you, and how the hell you discovered me!” “My name is, or used to be, Dimitri Oakland, but I don’t know how I know the things I know about you!” he said “Or how did I get to be this BIG!” he said looking at his huge paws.

“I have no intention to let you go until you tell me everything boy!” Zoran said as he took a chair and Dimitri started talking… “I got hired for a bunch of crawlers, who wanted to break into this abandoned temple, they were after my deceased uncle, but I saw a great opportunity to gain some easy money and finally go away from the poor town I was born in. The job seemed easy, all I had to do was helping them with locks and traps, you know, the usual things, and because I was so little, fast and skinny, they sensed they could trust me the service.”

“You were nothing but a thief?” Zoran asked with his severe look. “Not even that, I was just a beginner, but I could fool the stupid that I was one of the best! They paid me half in advance, and showed me the map to the temple, I could decode the language using my uncle’s books, it was not very far from the Great Sand Desert. When we arrived the place was completely buried in the sand, it took weeks to reach a tiny entrance, into which I squeezed in and finally got into the building.”

“That was a bad move!” Zoran said rubbing his eyes. “How did you know that? The moment I stepped in the floor I accidentally sprung one old trap and the walls started trembling, the roof was coming towards me!” “Your brave companions didn’t help you did they?” “No, those bastards, they were gone! The must have left me!” “They couldn’t do much, kid, I believe by that time they were already dead!”

“What? Who is telling that story?” “You are, but I’ve lived long enough to know it by heart! You were a thief who entered a temple after gold and treasury, but since you were too confident and immature you sprung a trap, which eventually killed your friends at the outside walls – you can’t imagine how tricky those things can be, You were lucky find the secret passage behind the second eagle statue in time – otherwise you wouldn’t be telling me this story.”

The young man looked even more puzzled now – “Anyway, I was in some sort of corridor, which lead me deeper and deeper, until I was in this HUGE catacomb!”

“That was not a catacomb, you unfaithful ignorant, that was a mortuary room, for the brave warriors who perished in combat trying to protect their beloved master!” Zoran said with an angry yet sad voice tone.

“It explained the bones, the swords and the horrible smell of death!” “I still don’t understand how you escape of the Guardian!” “You mean the creepy voice?” “Yes, that’s him, he was supposed to vanquish any threat to…” Zoran stopped talking, he came closer the huge man – “You were not this big, were you?” “NO! I told you that!”

“What did the voice asked you?” The old man asked in disbelief. “If I would regret my sins and be prepared to my trial…”

“And you said yes?” “Sure! What else could I say? I was lost, alone and frightened! Then I felt this light surrounding me, and for one moment I thought I was dead, but then I felt warm and better than ever, when I opened my eyes…”

“You saw the Room of Eternal Power!” Zoran said with a hopeful look, he stood up and reached for a pitch of water. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful place in my life, the room was covered in white marble and the pools had crystal clear water, the paintings were so relaxing…”

“You don’t need to describe it to me! I was there many times!” Zoran cut with a smile – “You were accept! Which means you saw the Presence?” “I don’t know what are you talking about, the only thing I remember was looking into this HUGE statue of a man, sitting on a throne, the water who filled the pools came from, well, you know how big was that thing!” “Then what, why did he choose you?” Zoran said touching the boy gently on his shoulder.

“I- don’t remember, all I can tell is that he said “Don’t worry Dimitri, you found me, now we shall take care of each other! I’ll guide you to find your new friends!” “I still can’t understand it, but when I opened my eyes, I was looking at the most powerful man ever! He was smiling at me – huge, titanic, enormous – he was sat in his throne, with his, well his manhood showing! It was hard and gigantic! And he rubbed it roughly, the cock was bigger than me!” Zoran said nothing, he suddenly felt weak – “You became one with him?”

Dimitri blushed – “I never felt so strange in my life! This man could scary anyone, but I couldn’t never fear him, I just needed to…” “Be with him, I know that feeling, child, but still it doesn’t explain…” Zoran stopped “You were untouched weren’t you?”

“Huh?” “A virgin, you’ve never been with any woman or man until then, have you?” “Well, I was so poor no one ever cared about me, and…” “Never mind son, I just asked” Zoran grabbed some old books “But is till didn’t tell you what happened after that!” “You bathed in his fluids! His divine sperm covered your body and he gently rubbed it all over you, then you immediately felt your body growing, your muscles, becoming bigger and thicker, you strength increasing by the second…’ the man replied without letting his eyes from his notes, then he went silent – “He made it! He actually made it! It took him almost a century, but he managed to fool the enemies and came back into this Realm!” “What are you talking about?”

“Please, milord, forgive my behavior, I was afraid, our enemies are still looking for me!” Zoran said as he kneeled before the hugely muscular boy. “Dimitri, are you ready for the truth?” Zoran asked seriously “Well, I kinda hope you could help me!” “You are the reincarnation of Khorull, God of Strength! You were born in this Realm to bring back our lost Glory!” Zoran said with tears in his eyes!” “What you mean? I just got a lot bigger, but I still can’t understand…”

“Look at your muscles boy! You’re more powerful than one entire army! Jut looking at you we can see his blessings upon your mighty body!” “Zoran, please, calm down!” “You were not the first one who manage t break into the Temple, over these years many men lost their lives trying to get the treasury, but only a few were blessed to truly find the legendary treasure – only those pure hearted could be with Khorull and bathe in his divine essence, it was that who gave you the POWER you body carries, if it was in the past, you would be chosen to spread his power among the men, those who makes others stronger, also make Khorull more powerful, but those days are far behind, ever since the Warlord appeared.”

“The Warlord? You know him?” “I once called him friend, but then he betrayed our Lord, he wanted ALL his power to himself, and I thought he had reached it, until now! If you could be with Khorull, it means he is able to commune with this Realm once more…” “NO, MY DEAR ZORAN, I AM NOT! THIS WAS JUST ONE SINGLE TRY! I AM STILL RECOVERING FROM THE PAST, AND I NEED YOUR HELP!” Dimitri suddenly said with a much deeper voice, and Zoran started crying, then the huge fingers cleared his tears –


“What can I do to help you sir?”


“Milord, you know I am not the young man upon whom you bestowed your blessings! I am weak and old, my body is not worth to be a role model for you any more…”

“I KNOW YOU VERY WELL, AND THERE’S NO OTHER ONE I CAN TRUST IN THIS REALM, YOU SHALL BE GRANTED EVERYTHING YOU DESERVE!” Saying this the divine presence faded away and Dimitri once more controlled his own body.

“What was that? The voice, you heard it? I’ve been listening it ever since the Temple!”

“Yes, young man, I heard the voice, the calling, and I am now convinced that I shall follow you, help you gathering the seed from the Gifted, and bring back the glory of Khorull to this Realm!” This time, Zoran had a serious look, and somehow, Dimitri felt he could trust him.

It was already high night when the reached Zoran’s outside the village. He prepared something to eat as they sat around the fireplace to enjoy the fresh night breeze. “Why we came here?” Dimitri asked trying to make conversation. “The village is too curious about your arrival, most of them never seen a man so big and muscular as you!” “But you are really big yourself! I am sure when you were younger…” Dimitri noticed the smile on the old man’s face – “sorry!”

“There’s no need to be sorry, milord, you are right, this body had seen better days, but now I am wiser then I was, and although my muscles are not as big, I still remain strong!” He flexed his mighty arms, thick as big men’s legs. Dimitri approached and felt the hardness of those huge muscles – “Ever since I was a kid, I dreamt of being so huge and muscular, but it never came true!”

“But you are, now, by far, the biggest man ever!” Zoran said with a smile

“What about the Warlord? I’ve heard he’s bigger than any warrior could ever be and more powerful than any army!”

“The Warlord is indeed bigger, for now!” “What you mean? What was all that Khorull talk? What is happening to me Zoran?”

Zoran hugged the bigger boy – “Calm down, lad, you are afraid, and that’s normal!”

“Now, you realize your new body wasn’t given to you by chance, you were chosen! You were chosen because you had the noble heart to bare the burden of the POWER!”

“I can’t understand…” but Zoran silenced him “You remember being with Khorull? It felt wonderful didn’t it? Well, his power lies on men like you and myself, the bigger and stronger we become, the more powerful Khorull, or you for that matter, will be!”

“But how can I be this god? I was little till sometime ago!” “You don’t need to understand, you just have to accept and believe in me! You’ve awakened the only one who can defeat the Warlord! You are now, the only one who can defeat the enemy!” Zoran said standing up

“I still don’t understand how…”

But Dimitri never finished the sentence, he was silenced by Zoran’s mouth pressing against his, their tongues meeting, wrestling and rolling inside their mouths, the experienced kiss of Zoran made Dimitri desire more and more, even though his lungs begged for air.

“There, you look much better now!” Zoran said smiling

“You, you look so beautiful!” Dimitri said at once, suddenly he didn’t see an old muscular man in front of him, he saw a powerful muscle man, in his prime days, with short dark blond hair and a thick mustache, his green eyes shone once again and his muscles looked twice bigger. Dimitri approached him and kissed Zoran once more, this time the old man had to break the kiss to get some air.

“You will be my guide, Zoran, I need your wisdom, your power, and I need your love for my muscles and my power!” Dimitri said as he ripped his tight pants revealing his own engorged manhood. The old man opened his eyes wide, and just fell on his knees, his mouth quickly reaching the huge purple mushroom head and then he felt the first drop of the liquid touching his desiring tongue, the feeling was intense and powerful, but Zoran kept on his sucking worship to the newly awaken muscle god, giving the boy the very first blow he ever had, exploring every powerful inch of the enormous cock he had in his mouth. Dimitri felt wonderful, he was feeling exactly like the time he grew for the first time, although he can’t recall it, the feeling, the sensations were there, once more.

Suddenly, his own balls ached to release their enormous content, and he felt being drained by Zoran’s sucking skills, not on drop was wasted, the old man sucked everything, but even when Dimitri was done cumming, Zoran still moaned, collapsed in the ground.

“Zoran? Are you alright?” Dimitri quickly helped him to stay on his feet, but then he noticed the old man was shaking and sweating all over, his skin felt tighter to the touch, and his body was suddenly to warm, the huge boy noticed that Zoran’s features were some how rejuvenating! He looked in disbelief, as the man he called “old” was now getting younger by the second.

“MILORD, YOU’VE BLESSED ME!” He said as he felt his features getting younger, but that was not just it, Zoran was also becoming more and more muscular!

His abs were now much more chiseled and pronounced, his thighs were bugling thicker and more veined, the width of the shoulders seemed to grow by the second, the power on his pectoral muscles increased as the chest became fuller, rounder and bigger, and the already mighty arms grew bigger and bigger, swelling into massive proportions.

Dimitri watched as his friend grew not only younger, taller and more beautiful, but also incredibly muscular, just every bit as Dimitri uncanny proportions, only one or two inches smaller, but still amazingly huge! The man who erupted from the moaning position was, in one word, intimidating!

His shoulders, awesomely big and round. The uncanny size on his traps and deltoids, the powerful sculpted looking on his now 10 pack abdomen, the sheer aspect on his meaty legs and the powerful view on his mind blowing arms, everything would already be enough, but then his cock stood. The enormous cobra like penis bounced up and high, with every heart beat, the balls still growing made huge noises with their cum producing.

Zoran said nothing, he just flexed his guns and Dimitri cam along and touched them, feeling the new hardness and warmth. “I told you were beautiful!” “Just because of you, milord! Now, I have something to teach you!” Zoran gently helped his god-lad on the ground and spread the legs a little, being sure to use the shiny precum of his now huge cock to lubricate his entrance.

“What are you doing?” Dimitri asked in a mix of curiosity and fear. “Relax, and enjoy!” Zoran said as his huge member was forced inside the boy’s anus. The rejuvenated Zoran thought his god-lad partner would scream in pain, being fucked by the first time, especially with this huge tool, but Dimitri never complained. He just moaned and allowed his sphincter to relax, causing Zoran’s cock to enter almost at once.

“OH, YES! PLEASE ZORAN, TEACH ME! MAKE ME LIKE YOU!” Dimitri yelled and sat up, hugging his fucker tight, which caused Zoran’s cock to reach further into him. The former priest intensified his pounding at Dimitri’s butt.

Zoran just roared and stood up, being extra careful to gently turn Dimitri and reinsert his cock once more, this time using his new mass and the gravity to reach further on Dimitri’s body. With each thrust, he aimed to reach the joy button on the newly born god, and his own cock felt like it would burst into cum.

“HOLD ON, MILORD! I AM ALMOST THERE!” He said that and suddenly Dimitri felt something burning inside him, as Zoran’s cock rubbed up his anus, he felt wonderful things as it reached further and further, when Zoran touched the place for the fifth or sixth time the huge boy could hold no more and exploded in pleasure, taking his loyal servant with him, they both creamed in ecstasy, as Zoran shot his load inside his God-lad, and collapsed atop of him.

Dimitri felt better than never, and suddenly he felt even better, recognizing the feelings, it was like the very first time, he was growing and growing bigger once more! How come? He felt his muscles tightening, but this time it was even more intense! He felt his muscles struggling for more space.

Zoran still unloaded inside his boy-god, when he felt that Dimitri was growing bigger once more! How could that be? He still had to find the gifted men!

“YOU ARE ONE OF THEM, MY LOYAL FRIEND! I’VE ALWAYS KNEW THAT, THAT’S WHY I CAME FOR YOU!” Dimitri said with Khorull’s voice as he started growing once more.

His body stretched over human proportions, his arms got longer and hi legs, wider, his chest and shoulders grew abnormally huge, as well as his neck, his waist shrink down and his cock seemed to double it’s weight . Dimitri’s hair got even darker and his eyes lighter, they could shine in the dark night, his skin became almost like gold, and his sweating glistening muscles, grew harder and bigger. Zoran felt the boy growing faster now and much more powerful than he had been, it felt like Dimitri’s muscle butt sucked the seed directly from Zoran’s balls and grew bigger by the second. At some point the Priest just passed out and slept over the most muscular mat he ever had.

The sun was shining when Zoran woke up , before he could even think it was all a dream, he looked at his reflection a t the clear pond, he was young once more! He doesn’t look like a boy, but yet, a young, powerful man, with a distinguish short blond hair and a matching mustache, his muscles were amazingly big, much bigger than in their prime days, and for that he was thankful to his boy-god, but where was he?

“I thought you would want some food! Big men like us, must need lots of food!” Dimitri appeared carrying a huge bag with lots of food. “Where did you get al this?” Zoran asked dumb folded

“I sold our horses, I hope you don’t mind, but I don’t think they could carry neither of us anymore! We are just too big!” Dimitri said as he sat down and kissed his blond friend.

“Milord, I am so honored to be one of the gifted men!” He said bowing in front of Dimitri.

The boy thanked him – “I am honored you taught me with such dedication, but I don’t want to be called milord, I am your pupil, you are my master, I understand I have one long path to follow, and until there I don’t deserve to be treated like something I am not!” He said with an unexpected reasonable argument. “As you wish, young Dimitri!” Zoran kissed him in the mouth, and felt Dimitri standing up, easily carrying him in his arms. If last night Zoran almost matched his boy-god in size after the “lesson” Dimitri was now at least one whole foot taller than his master, and many, many, pounds heavier than the rejuvenated Priest of Power.

“Where we go now?” Dimitri asked a little more serious gently putting Zoran in the ground.

“We shall gather our things and leave as soon as possible, we have to hurry and gather the seed of the other gifted men, and complete your growth and training as soon as possible, while the Warlord is not aware of your awakening”

“But why would he know that?”

“People in this very same village must have told other people about the huge boy who arrived looking for a man named Zoran, and the other day he was even bigger and took the old village with him!” Zoran said with a clever smile – “These things spread very quickly!”

“I am sorry, Zoran, I didn’t mean to…”

“Don’t be sorry, Dimitri, we have to use the thing in our favor, and so we shall proceed, we’ll go after the Gifted Men and give you, what is yours!”

The inhumanly huge duo hugged and kissed, and their eyes were full of lust and energy once more, their passion would soon be consumed once more! •

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