Geek to (MUSCLE) Freak


By Corwin

Ryan looked at his brother. "Ya Steve. Make me bigger!"

"OK, well you know the drill. I'll go get the serum." Steve walked away as Ryan stared at himself in the mirror. He reached down and began to stroke his dick, which came to life immediately.

"Ya, gotta get bigger." As he stroked his meat, he thought about his brother, and what Steve had said. 'Ten times as strong. Bigger than me.' Ryan wanted it, and he wanted it now.

Steve came in and saw his brother. "Shit Ryan, give it a rest. I know you're horny, but, come on."

Ryan laughed and walked over to his big brother. "Is it ready?"

"Ya, it's ready," said Steve. "Just let me fill the syringe." Steve put the needle in the vial of growth drug and filled it. He put the vial down and turned as he forced a drop of the serum into the needle. Ryan saw the vial and quickly grabbed it, cupping it in his hand.

"Sorry if this hurts..." Steve said, grabbing Ryan's nuts.

"Fuck the pain, just make me bigger."

Steve put the needle in. Ryan felt the effects immediately. They were far more intense the second time. He felt a fire pass through his body, making every muscle in his body flex into rigid hardness. He began to shake, unable to control the contractions. His cock snapped up against his abs. His mind was alive, every nerve in his body flooding his consciousness with power. He saw images and colors. He imagined himself a giant, muscular and strong. His cock exploded, cum flying over his torso, hitting his face, flying into the ceiling. He tried to stop it, but couldn't. His ejaculation lasted for minutes, a river of man juice spraying out of his body. When it stopped, his cock refused to become soft.

"Jeez Ryan, are you OK. Wow! I never expected that reaction."

Ryan was in a fog. Slowly his head cleared. He sat down, then spoke. "Ya, I'm OK. Don't worry Steve, it's worth it. Just make me bigger."

"Bro, you'd better get cleaned up and then get some sleep. Do you need some help?"

"No, I'll be fine," Ryan said, hiding the vial in his palm.

Steve watched him for a second, the dropped the syringe in the garbage and left.

Ryan stood. 'If one dose did that, why not more?' He refilled the syringe and put the vial down. Ryan took a deep breath and emptied it into his nut.

Ryan's body felt as though a thousand flaming needles had been stuck in it. He started to spasm, having what appeared to be a seizure as he lost all control of his muscles. His mind expanded, like he was having an out-of-body experience. His cock exploded, sending a stream of cum out of him. Minutes passed as his body adapted to the serum. When he came out of it, he knew he wanted more.

He looked at the vial. There was one final dose in it. Ryan refilled the syringe with serum, like an addict with an uncontrollable lust. He shot the final drops into his other nut.

It was different this time. Ryan felt a tranquility descend upon him. He moved his hands across his body, and the feeling of his muscle intensified. Through his fingers, he felt the power in his body. He pinched his nipple, and felt the firm muscle below. He knew it would be bigger and so much stronger. He felt his abs, hard muscle able to deflect any blow. His cock was rigid, a river of cum flowing from it, but he didn't care. The cum meant he was a man -- that he had power. More power. MORE!

His legs were ripped, able to run faster, lift more. His mind experienced a joy of absolute power -- a might only he would have. It would be his.

Ryan passed out.

Ryan awoke at 3 AM with an uncontrollable hunger. Dried cum had soaked the room and caked on his body. He went into the shower to quickly wash it off, then ran to the kitchen.

He didn't care what was in the refridgerator. He ate it all. Fruit, vegetables, left-overs, cheese, anything and everything. Next he went to the cabinets, pulling out cereals and crackers. He made popcorn, fried eggs and toasted waffles. He had never been this hungry.

Steve came down at 4AM. Ryan was still eating, scavenging for any food he could find.

"Ryan! What are you doing! What's wrong!"

"Steve. So hungry. Man, need food. Hey, where's that supplement you gave me?"

"Oh god! Is it the forumla? Did something go wrong?" Steve ran to get the protein drink. When he came back, not only did he carry two gallons of the protein drink, but the empty vial as well.

"Ryan, there were two more doses in this. You didn't..."

Ryan grabbed the drinks and downed both of them. "Ya, gotta get bigger. Where's more of this stuff!"

"Upstairs, but..."

Ryan pushed past Steve, who followed him.

"Whoa baby bro!" said Steve, grabbing Ryan. "Hold on."

"Let me go!" screamed Ryan, pushing at Steve. Ryan was big, but Steve was bigger. He grabbed his brothers arms and held him.

"Calm down. I'll get the drink, but first tell me what you did."

Ryan continued to struggle, and something else. He felt the resistance of his brother's body, and he felt his body growing. Like the weights in the gym, it was a struggle, but he would win. He must grow bigger. It was all he knew. "Ya," he said, trying to raise his arms. "I took two more shots." The look in Steve's eyes told Ryan something was happening. He could feel it. His shoulder's felt stronger -- wider. His back was forcing his arms further from his sides. He could see his pecs bulging, flexing with new strength. Steve had to adjust his grip. "I love the way they make me... feel." Steve was so strong, Ryan couldn't move his arms. He watched as Steve's body flexed, controlling his. It wouldn't stay that way. Ryan knew that. "I want..." Ryan forced his arms to move. "to be..." he felt them push up, but Steve regained control, forcing them down. "big. I want..." He put more force into it. Ryan's muscles bulged, surged with power. He was so hungry. His arms began to move. "to get stronger."

Steve screamed as Ryan broke free. He bounded upstairs, into Steve's room with the protein drink. He grabbed a gallon and poured it into his mouth.

Ryan looked in the mirror. Ever muscle had grown. He looked almost as muscular as Steve. His only thought was, "MORE!" •

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