Geek to (MUSCLE) Freak


By growinguysf

Ok, easy on the flames. This is my first story post to the continous growth stories forum. I would like to that muscl4life for his contributions and ideas to this next chapter. Hope at least some of you enjoy this. . . .

"Ok, Ryan, pull off your pants", Steve said as he prepared the syringe. "This is going to hurt isn't?", Ryan looked up at Steve. As Ryan started to unzip his pants his hands were shaking. "If you want to make an omelet, you have to break some eggs. Yes it may sting but the feeling as the serum starts to work will be worth it" Ryan pulled off his underwear, turning a deep shade of red. He had never, at least since he was 5, been exposed to his brother" "Man, if I could only get half as big as you I would be amazing". Steve smiled, "Half as big, I'm expecting you to get at least half again my size!!!", Steve laughed! Ryan's eyes widened in shock as his brother inserted the needle and began to fill his nuts with growth serum. Ryan yelped as the needle went in, then his eyes glazed over. A warmth spread from his nuts out to his stomach, down his legs, up to his chest. His nipples became hard and sensitive. The feeling spread to his arms his neck and traps, then up his spine until his head felt like it exploded!

Ryan had never felt anything like it. The intensity kept building and building. He had never felt so masculine, so alive. He felt like his brain was working 100x as fast as it used to. The feelings intensified, shrinking back to his cock, which instantly became hard and with a shout he began to shoot huge amounts of cum that hit the ceiling and dropped back down to his body and the table, covering him with his cum.

Ryan's head began to clear, he brought his hand up to his head and raised himself off the table. "Wow, that was the most intense feeling I have ever felt!", Ryan said. The intensity had diminished but he still felt different. He felt more alive, more sure of himself. He looked around the room and things looked clearer. He could smell the next door neighbors were making dinner, could smell every ingredient and the quantity. He got down from the table and put his pants back on.

"How do you feel", asked Steve. "I feel great!" Ryan smiled at his brother. "But hungry, in fact starving!" "That would be the formula. It is changing your organism as we speak. It needs raw materials and resistance training to spark the growth. I have prepared a feast for you. Tomorrow morning, at 6:00 AM we'll workout." "Six o'clock in the morning??? You have to be kidding me!!! I never get up before 9:00 AM". Steve laughed, "We'll see tiger. I put some workout clothes in your dresser" Ryan ate like he had not eaten in a week. He would finish a plate and his stomach would still be grumbling for more. He had 3 steaks, 6 baked potatoes, 5 lbs of vegetables, 6 glasses of milk, a loaf of bread, and 5 pieces of apple cobbler for dessert". When Ryan pushed himself from the table, he had to loosen his belt. "Look at me, I'm fat!!" "That will change!" Steve said with a smirk.

They both went upstairs, Steve went into his room across from Ryan's. Ryan watched as Steve pulled off his shirt. Ryan just stood there, his mouth open, eyes bulging. "OH MY GOD STEVE, YOUR FUCKING HUGE!!! Y y you mean I'm going to be as big as you?" Steve stood there wider than the doorway. He brought his arms up into a double biceps and flexed. Ryan almost fainted. "Ryan my boy, you're going to love this! Now go to bed, your going to need your sleep for tomorrow" Ryan went into his room still in awe of his brother, his dick hard in his underwear, he fell into bed, not even removing his clothes. He hit the pillow and went into a deep sleep. His dreams were violent, crushing cars with his bare hands, lifting giant boulders, bending steel beams. His body flooding with power and him screaming for more and more muscle! 6 feet 300bls, 8 feet 900lbs 25 feet 3,000lbs!!! His body was exploding with muscle his desire for growth insatiable!!! He was suddenly bigger than the planet, devouring the sun, growing into a celestial object!!! He woke up with a start. He looked over at the clock and it read 5:50 AM. He had never woken up this early. But he was wide awake. He felt like he needed something. An urge within him that he never felt before. He had to get to the gym. Ryan remembered the clothes that Steve had put in his dresser. He took them out. A large t-shirt and a pair of baggy workout shorts. He put them on and looked in the mirror. The shirt was way too big, he usually tried to find small shirts. And his legs looked like white sticks in the baggy pants. Steve knocked on his door. "I can't wear these, I look ridiculous." Steve smiled and say "Don't worry, soon these will feel like baby clothes!"

They got to the gym and Steve started them on chest. Steve started Ryan off with just the bar. At first it was awkward, even a struggle, then about the 7th rep a change came over Ryan. He began to control the weight, the reps went faster and faster, on the 15th rep his slammed the bar down. "Can you put more weight on there Steve please?" Steve pretended not to hear him. "MORE WEIGHT!" Even Ryan was surprised at his outburst. "Ok, killer!" Steve went to grab a couple 10lb weights. But Ryan grabbed a 45lb plate lifting it with one hand and put on one side of the bar. Ryan stared at Steve until he also put a 45lb plate on the bar. Ryan got under the bar. The first rep felt like the bar was going to go right through his chest! Luckily Steve was there to spot. "It's too much Ryan!". "NO!" Ryan bellowed. "I can to do it!" The 2nd rep was not as hard. By the 5th rep he was pumping out rep after rep. Until 15 reps had gone by. He slammed the bar down again. He stood up, his pecs were now visible under his shirt. He felt pumped like never before! "Another plate!" Ryan shouted. Steve complied and Ryan got back under the bar. Again the first rep was killer, then it got easier and easier. He could feel his pecs swelling, growing under his shirt, pressing against the material. The material of the LARGE T shirt!! Again 15 reps. "Steve, look at my pecs!" Ryan bounced his pecs and he heard the first seam rip. Ryan looked across the gym in the mirror. The shirt was tight around his chest, the large shirt that had only an hour before been hanging on skin and bones. "Is that me?" "It sure is tiger!" Steve said. "Here drink this." Steve handed Ryan a gallon jug of some bluish liquid Ryan looked at it questioningly. "It's a mixture of protein, amino acids, complex carbs, collagen and Vitamin E. It will feed your muscles and help to protect you against stretch marks." Ryan was still doubtful but the growling in his stomach took control and he gulped down the gallon. Gulp after gulp, he came up for air a couple times, but he soon finished the entire gallon of solution. They moved onto back. Steve setup an olympic bar with one 45lb plate on each side. Ryan looked at it with his new eyes and added another plate. Determined he grabbed the weight. It took all his strength to lift it off the rack. He bent over and somehow managed to keep the weight from falling to the floor. The first rep he barely moved the weight. Then a little higher until the 5th rep he was touching his stomach with the bar. The reps went faster, he could feel his back expanding, the resistance forcing the muscles to grow, the solution feeding his muscles. He finished and dropped the weight. He stood up and dropped his arms but they did not go to his sides like before. He actually had lats!!! He looked in the mirror and was amazed at what he saw, pecs and lats, muscle groups he had only dreamed about. They moved onto legs, shoulders, bis and tris until his whole body was pumped. His clothes were tight, seams had pulled. Ryan had drank 2 more gallons of the solution and he was still hungry! His whole body felt different. Heavier, wider, bigger. His body was on fire, all the stimulation and growth had given him the biggest hard-on of his life. It was plainly visible in his short. "Steve, I gotta take care of this or I'm going to blow in my shorts" Ryan made his way to the locker room. Walking felt different, how his arms hung out from his body, he bounced his pecs as he walked. Ryan goes into a stall and pulls his shorts down, his cock is pressing against his underwear, pushing them out from his body. It's so hard it's painful. He slowly peeled off his underwear and felt his meat with his hands. My God, he thought, it's bigger too!! He pulled off his shirt and started feeling his muscles, flexing his biceps, bouncing his pecs, it's incredible!! He ran his hands over his abs and it was too much! He stifled a scream as his cock exploded! Load after load squirted out of his cock, almost hitting the ceiling, he came for almost a full minute before it tapered off. But his cock barely got soft. He felt like he could go again. It was then that Steve walked into the locker room and called his name. "Be right out!" Ryan cleaned up best he could. It was difficult getting the shirt back on, as if he was bigger than when he had taken it off. It felt like a 2nd skin! Ryan came out of the stall and Steve gasped. "Whoa dude, don't breathe too deep, that shirt looks like it's going to explode!"

They went home and again ate, this time Ryan ate double what he had the night before. "Ok, lets measure you", Steve said. Ryan climbed the scale in the bathroom. The dial spun past his previous weight of 125lbs. The needs stuck at 190lbs. Ryan's' eyes bulged out. "Holy shit! I gained 65lbs today!!!" "Hmmm.", Steve looked pensive. He is reacting the formula a lot better than I, Steve thought. I only gained 20lbs after my first workout. How big will he get? He did not want to frighten Ryan. He smiled and said, "The formula is working better than I expected. Ok, pull off your shirt and lets take some measurements." It was hard getting the shirt off, Steve had to help him and even thin it ripped and was now only useful as a rag. Ryan saw himself in the mirror and gasped. "OH MY GOD!!" Ryan was spellbound. He looked like a perfectly proportioned middleweight bodybuilder. Somehow with his enhancements he knew exactly how to pose. Fluidly as if his body was taking control he began to go through poses. He raised his arms and blew out a double biceps. Steve wrapped the tape measure around one of his biceps and read off 18". He brought his arms down into most muscular, his traps exploding flowing down to big shoulders arms and pecs. Ryan laughed, "Damn Steve, I feel so big and powerful! It's like a drug. I want more, a lot more!!!" Steve went behind Ryan. It was then that Ryan realized that Steve did not tower over him as much as before. They measured his height. He was 5'8". He had gained an inch in height. "Oh Steve, this is the best thing that ever happened to me and I owe it all to you. I love you!!!" Ryan tried to give Steve a hug, but he could barley get his arms around his massive torso. He hugged him tight, tears in his eyes.

Steve looked down at Ryan lovingly, "So are you ready for your second treatment?" •

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