Geek to (MUSCLE) Freak

Ryan's growth continues


By Muscl4life

Steven was thrown away by his grown little brother – he only took a few seconds to recover but when he got back on his feet, Ryan had already drank half of the protein drink. “RYAN! NO PLEASE DON’T!” Steven yelled, so worried with his little brother he was. “You don’t understand big bro! All my life I’ve dreamt to be huge like you! All my life I’ve been eclipsed by your huge shadow, I wasn’t good enough, or strong enough or even big enough to anybody, it was always you! And now you gave me the way to finally become BETTER, STRONGER and BIGGER than you!” Ryan spoke slowly and his voice became deeper and deeper with every single word he pronounced. His muscles were still absorbing the power of the enhancers overdose Ryan had undergone. They were swelling at each heartbeat, he grew stronger and more powerful each second, Steven only looked at Ryan’s eyes and saw a sinister glow, a morbid happiness. “Ryan, we have to be very careful, you can’t grow that fast! Maybe your system is not prepared for such sudden change!” Steve said trying to look calm. “Prepared? All my life I’ve been prepared to grow, Steven!” Ryan said looking at his growing muscles, he was now just as big as Steve, every muscle matched the size, definition, power and strength of his idolized older brother . Then, it happened.

Ryan doubled over and kneeled – he screamed out loud and had his arms around his guts, he cried painfully loud, and Steven thought he would lose his brother right there, he ran to his brother and hugged him, Ryan hugged him back, and for the first time, he felt a much powerful strength crushing his muscles, Ryan was literally smashing Steve’s muscles with his powerful and growing hands, but the 16 year old teen didn’t mean to do that, hw was just trying to let the pain wear off, but it only increased. Steven held on – he only saw his brother growing in a freaky unstable way. Every part seemed to be ballooning in a different rhythm, and ALL of parts were growing faster and faster, his back widened, his hips got smaller, his shoulders widened by the second, his chest unfolded and packed with more and more muscles, the grip on those huge hands only increased its intensity, and biceps only got bigger and bigger, bulging inconstantly, growing huger and huger just as Steven felt they getting stronger, and the stronger they were, the more they hurt Steven, but it didn’t matter now, Ryan was in pain, he needed to release it someway! Steve felt that the growth was not only muscular now, he could feel Ryan’s legs lengthening, but they were much thicker than a few seconds ago, also Steven could tell that Ryan was growing taller too, his head was coming each time higher and higher, and the taller he got, the wider he seemed to be, and his muscles only increased in size, definition – becoming inhuman, even more than Steve’s own impressive physique. “Don’t worry, bro! I am here for you!” Steve mumbled as he felt Ryan’s crushing his with his bare hands, he felt so painfully hurt, but he couldn’t even try to break free so, powerful that grip was, Steven never knew a challenge he couldn’t win, until now. Suddenly, Steven realized he was looking at Ryan’s face at eye level, Ryan wasn’t smiling, he was in pain, he had his eyes closed, his mouth tightly closed and his forehead was frowned – he had pain written all over his body, which kept growing and growing more and more muscular, the sweat pouring down like rain, his breath was hard and deep, his nostrils were widely opened and his hear accelerated, the pressure was too intense to resist! Ryan only opened his eyes once and saw Steve’s worried look, he smiled back with all his strength – “I am GROWING!” Steve could not help but laughing at Ryan’s speech, the kid was so marveled he didn’t bother to pain or whatever side-effect, if it would make him grow. And the growth lasted longer, the width of his chest and the thickness of his pecs made Ryan’ whole upper body lean forward and Steve didn’t know if he could hang on for much longer because now he was supporting most of his brother’s immense weight. When it was finally over, Ryan felt that his pain had faded out to a almost pleasing dizzy feeling on his head and a good warm sensation all over his body. It was then he opened his eyes too look once more at his brother’s face, but the only saw the opposite wall, he looked down and saw Steve’s head top – when did he stood up? When did he get taller than Steven? That’s when he felt his knees touching the floor – Ryan gulped down, slowly he stood up, and he saw Steve getting each time shorter, until he only reached his very lower chest, well, not even that, Steve only reached his upper uncanny abs! “RYAN! YOU’RE AMAZING BROTHER!” It was all Steve could say opening his arms wide and hugging his little brother. Ryan reached for the wall sized mirror, he saw a huge muscular Steve hugging a muscle titan which made him look incredibly small – and that titan, that behemoth was … “ME? FUCK HOW BIG AM I?” Ryan screamed in his new deep powerful voice. “Let’s find out shall we?” Steven said smiling – “But I know you’re already a huge motherfucker!” The brothers went back to the lab, where Steve took the new measures – Ryan was 8’6” tall and weighed precisely 787 pounds of pure muscle power, his chest read 105” around and each gun tapped at 45 fucking massive inches, his legs were 63” each and his waist only 39” which meant his arms were thicker than his waist and his chest was twice the size, giving him a powerful wide “V” look. Ryan had also developed a 10 pack abdomen in time, and the size of his cock now really scared him – 16 huge inches and completely (or at least it felt like that) soft with huge orange sized nuts. “WOW!” Steve said as he finished taking the notes – “You’ve blown away every expectation I had about those enhancers!” “I am sorry Steven, I didn’t know what happened to me, I felt so intoxicated!” Ryan said brushing his brother’s head, in a pity gesture, then he realized Steve had a dark bruise on his arm, he checked the other arm and the same marks appeared, they seemed like someone had squeezed Steve’s arms very badly… “OH GAWD! OH STEVEN I AM SORRY!” Ryan said hugging his brother and lifting him, not even bothering that his head had almost gone trough the roof – “I DIDN’T MEAN TO HURT YOU, BIG BRO!” Ryan kept repeating over and over. “RYAN, PLEASE PUT ME DOWN!” Steve asked and the younger brother suddenly noticed the unexpected scene – he was holding a 6’8” 435 pounds muscle man on his arms like he was a mere kid! “SORRY!” “Well we have bigger things to worry about right now, Ryan, for instance, we gotta be careful with your feedback growth!” “Feedback growth? What is it?” “Well basically, the enhancers make the body grow one time and it will keep growing over the days, due to the hormonal feedback of your organism, if you had grown so much just because of the initial step, what you think is gonna happen when you work out, or have a huge meal, or get sexually aroused?” Steve asked seriously. “You mean, that all those things are gonna make me grow again?” “Precisely, that’s why I didn’t give you so much formula?”

For the first time, Ryan felt this whole thing was just beginning. •

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