Interview with a Teen Muscle Jock


By johnd7102000

So we beat the Raiders by the score of 70 to 0. They had beat us the year before 35 to 0, so we doubled the score on them. I scored all the points in the first half, but in the second half I let my teammates do all the scoring. I just kept hitting Joey, taking him out of every play. He couldn't get anywhere near any of my friends to tackle them, because I'd smash my shoulders or my arms into him, blocking him into the ground. Before the end of the game, he could hardly walk. His coach had to take him out. His whole body was totally pulverized. But I was still fresh and energized. I wasn't tired at all. When you're built with solid muscle and had worked out as hard as I had all summer, you can keep hitting guys and you never get tired. And my muscles were like steel armor. I didn't get a single bruise, `cause every time Joey tried to hit me he just bounced off my hard body like nothing. That was a great game. All the other Tigers came up to me afterwards and we gave each other high fives. We felt great. And I felt like a total stud. It felt really great being able to kick that fuckhead Joey's ass the way I did. He sure knew who the punk was after that game. And it sure felt great being the star of our team. Shit, I've always been the star of every team I've been on. And I've never been on a losing team. My teams always win. The Tigers had an undefeated season that year. We won the city championship. Every Pop Warner team I played on won the city championship. Coaches were beggin' me to join their team. They knew I was the franchise. Geez it felt great being a 10 or 11 year old and having coaches begging you to join their team. You never had that feeling, did you John. You're such a wimp no coach would ever try to get you on their team. Well believe me it feels great being a total jock. A buff, muscular total jock. The star on every team I've ever played on. Hey, when you're me, that's just normal.

Hey John I remember another thing that happened right after school started that year. I'll bet you remember it too. I know you do. We were both nine years old and had just started fourth grade. I was walkin' to school and I saw you about two blocks ahead of me also on your way to school. Then I saw two big sixth graders come up to you and start hassling you. One of `em grabbed your arm and jerked it up your back. I'll bet that hurt a lot. The other one made a fist and held it in front of your face. Then he punched his fist into your gut. I'll bet that hurt even more. I could see you buckle over in pain. You looked real helpless, John. The first thug pushed your arm even further up your back. Then I saw you reach into your pocket with your free hand and pull out some money. Those big thugs were stealing your lunch money! And they were torturing you just for fun. By this time I was almost caught up to you. I ran up and jerked the kid's hand off your arm. Then I jumped in front of you, facing the two bullies. "If you wanna steal John's money, you gotta steal mine first!" I yelled. The two sixth graders were about four inches taller than me and they were pretty big, but I wasn't afraid of `em. The two thugs looked down at me and grinned. "Fine with us punk," one of them said. "We'll take both." He reached over and tried to jerk my arm up my back, the same way he had done with you. Except my arm wouldn't budge. It was way too strong. By then I could do five one arm pushups in a row. My triceps were really strong. "What the fucků.." he said. When his friend saw he was havin' trouble, he made a fist, pulled back his arm and punched me in the gut, real hard. I flexed my abs just in time and his fist hit a fuckin' brick wall. My brick wall of muscle. There was a loud smacking sound as his fist bounced off my shredded abs. He grabbed his wrist with his other hand and yelled out in pain. He had hurt his hand by punching my rock-hard abs. "My body's a little harder than John's" I said. "My body's a little stronger too. Let's see how you like some of your own medicine." Instantly I smashed my right fist into one thug's gut and my left fist into the other thug's gut. Their flabby abs were no match for my strong arms. My fists drove deep inside their guts. They buckled over in pain. One by one, I stood `em up and smashed my fists into their chests and their guts. After I hit one of `em a couple of times I'd let him drop to the ground and then I'd pick up the other one and hit him a couple of times. Those two big bullies were like punching bags for me. I must have hit each one of `em about 20 times. And my punches were really hard. I had a lot of power in my fists. I was really mad at how they picked on you and they were payin' the price. I could have smashed their faces too, but I didn't do it. I didn't need to. Their bodies were so fucked up by my punches I knew they'd be in pain for days. When I was done punchin' `em, I threw `em on the ground. I ripped off my shirt and stood over them like their fucking master, which I was. They looked up at my muscles in awe. My muscles were all pumped and they were really bulging. Their mouths dropped open as they saw the big nine year old muscles had just smashed their bodies. "If you two punks even think about laying a hand on little John again, I'm gonna make this beating look like a love-fest," I said. "Your ugly faces are gonna get a lot of bones broken by these muscles." I hit a most muscular pose and their eyes bulged out of their heads. "Okay, okay," they said, trembling in fear. "And that goes for all the fourth graders," I said. You touch any fourth grader and you're gonna get smashed by this fourth grader. You got that?" "Yeah, we got that," one of them said. "We got that, SIR," I yelled. "From now on you call me SIR!" I put my foot on one of their chests and started twisting my shoe into his bruised flesh. I know that hurt real bad. "Yes SIR, we got that SIR," they yelled. "That's better," I said.

Then I turned around and looked at you, John. You were standing there with your mouth open. I saw tears in your eyes and streaming down your cheeks. They were tears of joy. You were crying `cause you were so happy. I smiled at you and then I flexed my right arm, showing you the muscles that had just pummeled those big bullies. My bicep bulged like a rock-hard baseball. You stared at that big muscle while the tears were still running down your cheeks. I'll never forget what you did next. You leaned over and kissed my bicep. You put your mouth on that big muscle and gave it a big kiss. At first I was surprised, but then I realized that my muscles had just saved you from a year of torture by those big thugs. I flexed extra hard so you could feel the size and hardness of that bulging muscle with your little lips. Then you gave me a big hug, wrapping your weak little arms around my big, muscular chest. I flexed my pecs and lats for you and I remember you held on extra long, feeling the big muscles. Yeah John, that must have been quite an experience for you. That was just the second time you got to feel my muscles. What? You have re-lived that moment hundreds of times. Yeah I bet you have. On the way to school you told me those two bullies had been picking on you for years. Because of me and my muscles, you were now a free man. You were free of the bullies. God John I felt really good being able to help you like that. I felt real good being strong and muscular so I could protect you from those bullies and smash their fuckin' bodies. I just wish you had told me about them earlier. I could have smashed their bodies in third grade. But I guess you were too shy to ask. Yeah, I know.

Well, John, why don't you re-live that moment again. Only this time you don't have to re-live it in your mind. You get the real thing. Here, I'll flex my bicep. Just pretend we're standing there in fourth grade with those two big bullies on the ground. Yeah John, go ahead and kiss it. Oh, John, I can see tears running down your face. You're starting to cry. This is bringing back all your memories of that day and you are so happy. Well, John, I'm glad I can make you happy. Kiss that big bicep. Kiss it as long as you want. Yeah, it's really hard isn't it. And it really bulges up to a tremendous peak. It bulged like that in fourth grade too didn't it. It wasn't as big as it is now, but my bicep has always had a real good peak. And it's always been real hard. Ohhh. I can feel your tongue licking my skin. You're French kissing my bicep. You can feel those hard fibers can't you John. My skin's so thin you can feel the individual fibers of muscle. Yeah, I know they feel real hard. Like strands of solid steel. Your little tongue is pressing in on them, but they're so hard they don't budge at all. Those tears are really comin' down now John. Pure joy, I know. It's like you're re-living that day in fourth grade. You are so happy. Yeah, now wrap your little arms around my chest and hug me just like you did when we were nine years old. Yeah feel how big and hard my pecs and lats are. Yeah, bury your face in between my pecs. Feel the huge muscles surround your little cheeks. Rub the tears off your face onto my hot skin. Yeah, my big body will take your tears away. Yeah John, you feel so safe and secure hugging my big body and burying your face between my pecs. That muscle's always gonna protect you John. You'll never have to worry about bullies. You're my friend. And I'll smash any kid who tries to pick on you. Just like I smashed those two bullies in fourth grade.

Okay, you've been hugging for a long time. You all better now? All the tears gone? Good. I wanna show you how I don't have to worry about bullies. Just like I did in fourth grade. You pretend you were one of those big sixth graders. Try to twist my arm and punch me out. Ha ha ha. Yeah, I promise I won't punch you back. One of my punches in your flabby gut would send you to the hospital. Okay, try punching my gut. I won't even flex. Yeah, I know. My abs look like a fuckin' washboard even when I don't flex. Pretend you're that sixth grade bully and punch my gut as hard as you can. Just be careful you don't break your hand. He he he. Smack! Did you hear that sound John? Your fist made a smacking sound when it hit my abs, just like the bully's. Yeah, I know it felt like you hit solid steel. Corrugated steel. My abs are like corrugated steel John. Fuck, I could hardly feel your punch. It felt like a little tap hitting my abs. You are so weak John. I keep forgetting how weak you really are. Try punching my pec. Yeah go ahead and do it. There's no way you can hurt me. Ha ha. Another fucking little tap. Yeah, my pec is just as hard as my abs and I wasn't even flexing. There's about four inches of thick muscle there John. Rock hard muscle. Yeah, those bullies didn't stand a chance trying to punch this muscle. This muscle's been rock hard since I was a kid.

Okay, now try twisting my arm. Jesus, John I can't even feel that. Try harder. What? You're trying as hard as you can? Geez, you're weak. Here, I'll let you twist my arm up my back. Okay, now grab it with both hands. Try to keep it up there. Ready? Okay. Hold it hard. Geez! Did you feel that John? I just jerked my arm down and it felt like there was nothing holding it back. It felt like there was just nothing there. Your little arms were nothing to my big arm. Yeah, my triceps are really strong. Well just look at that muscle. My triceps are huge. And when I flex `em the muscle pops out under my skin and you can see all three heads bulging. Yeah, and the fibers show real clear under my skin don't they John. Yeah, solid muscle. Put your arm down next to mine. God John. Look at the difference. Your arm looks like a little stick. No triceps there at all. My arm is big and thick. Look how big those triceps are. I'm not even flexing `em and they bulge like a big ham. I got more muscle in one of my triceps than you got in your whole fuckin' little body. And these mothers are real strong, aren't they John. You just felt how strong they are. Your little arms were like nothing to them when you were trying to hold back those big monsters when they flexed and straightened my arm. Well, I had big strong triceps in fourth grade too. That bully was real surprised when he couldn't twist my arm. Nobody's ever been able to twist my arm, John. My triceps are way too strong. Yeah, and I can still do one-arm pushups. I can to about 40 of `em with each arm now. Yeah, just think about it John. Forty pushups with just one arm. Yeah, and you can do only two pushups with both arms? Jesus John. Your arms are so weak and my arms are so strong. I can do parallel bar dips with a 150 pound dumbbell hangin' from my waist. Yeah, I can do sets of six reps with that huge weight hangin' there. I bet you'd like to hang there while I do the dips, wouldn't you John. You'd love to hang on my waist while my big triceps and pecs force both of our bodies up and down. You'd be hangin' there feeling my hot, sweaty, rock-hard body as I pumped out the reps. I could do tons of reps with your little body hangin' there. Probably 20 or 30 reps. Yeah, I know. You can't do even one parallel bar dip. You can't even imagine how it would feel to be able to do reps with 150 pounds of iron hangin' on your body. Well, it feels great John. It feels really great. I feel like a fuckin' stud when I crank out those reps and watch in the mirror as my huge triceps bulge with incredible power.

Yeah, feel those big triceps, John. Feel how big and hard they are. Just think about how strong they are. Just think what it would feel like to have my big arm pound my hard fist into your body, John. Just think about the time I pulverized those two bullies. Watch my arm John. I'm making a fist and now I'm moving it back and forth like I'm gonna punch you in the gut. Hey, don't worry, I'm not gonna do it. Just look at all that hard muscle ready to spring into action. Look at that delt. Look at all the fibers in that big muscle. All coiled and ready to go. My delts must be three inches thick. Real strong and real fast. Big, hard fast-twitch muscles. Ready in a split second to help my big triceps pound my fist into your flabby little gut. Yeah, and look at that pec. It's big and thick too. Striations all over. It helps with punching too. It's got hundreds of pounds of power and it's made of fast-twitch muscle too. It a split second that muscle can flex and deliver unbelievable power to my arm. And then there's that huge tricep. Look at that huge thing John. Think about all the power in that muscle. Think about that muscle cranking out those dips with 150 pounds hangin' there. And look at that forearm, John. Look how big and thick my forearm is. It's 16 inches around. It's bigger than most guys' upper arms. Look what happens when I flex it. All the muscles writhe like a bunch of snakes. Look at all those fibers and veins. There's just nothing but solid muscle there. Real strong muscle. And look how thick my wrist is. Yeah it's about twice as thick as your little wrist. That wrist is real strong John. It can deliver all the power of my muscles to my big fist. And look at that fist. My hands are real big and real thick. My hands are real muscular just like the rest of me. Yeah, my fist is twice as big as yours, and it's real hard. Hard as forged steel. Now think about that huge tricep and forearm hooking up with that huge delt and that huge pec and smashing my big fist into your little body. That would be about a thousand pounds of force hitting your little body like a pile driver. You wouldn't just be in the hospital, John. You'd be dead. Number 44. Double death. Ha ha ha, don't worry John. Good thing you're not really a bully. I'm not gonna do it to you.

Yeah John, feel that big tricep some more. I'll flex and relax so you can feel how the muscle just pops out under my skin. Oh, you can feel the fibers under my thin skin? Yeah, I know that feels real cool. Yeah, John that muscle's real big and real hard. Oh, John, now you're licking my big triceps. Oh that feels so good. Yeah there's a lot of sweat on my arm. I was workin' out real hard today and I really killed my triceps. Yeah they're really big and shredded. Oh John, you're mouth is all over my arm. I'll flex my bicep and my forearm too. Yeah my whole arm is just solid muscle isn' it John. Suck on that muscle John Suck on every bulge of my tricep. Suck my bicep. Suck my forearm. Oh, John. That feels real good. I love to have my muscles sucked. You're a great muscle sucker John. We'll have to do this more often, John. Yow! Geez John, when I said that you bit into one of the heads of my bulging triceps. It didn't hurt. My muscle's way too hard for your little bites to hurt. But you surprised me. You got real excited when I said we should do this more often. Yeah, well I'm liking this John. You're a fantastic muscle worshipper. I can see myself coming over here once or twice a week to get my muscles worshipped by you and get my rocks off when you suck my big cock and I fuck your tight little ass. Oh, John, you're starting to pant again. You're going crazy over my body. You're attacking my muscles. What? You feel like you've died and gone to heaven? Never in your life did you think you'd get to worship my body every week and suck my cock and get fucked by my big dick? Well, you're not dead yet, John. This is the real world. And I'm a real stud. And you're gonna have a great time. And I'm gonna have a great time too. Oh John, your mouth is all over my body. Yeah, go ahead and bite some more. It kind of tickles when you bite. Fuck it doesn't hurt at all `cause my muscles are so hard. Geez, John, your little cock's so hard I think it's ready to blast off. God, I'm totally hot too. But we gotta wait John. I'm not done with the story yet. •

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