Interview with a Teen Muscle Jock


By johnd7102000

So after I beat up those two bullies and saved your little ass John, word got around real fast. I guess you told everyone what happened. Lots of little fourth graders came up to me and thanked me for protecting them from those bullies. Then a bunch of little dweeb fifth graders and sixth graders came up and asked me to tell the bullies not to pick on them either. I guess the bullies were leaving all the fourth graders alone but they felt they still had open season on the fifth and sixth graders. So I found the two thugs during lunch period. They were talking to a little fifth grader. I think they were getting ready to pound him. I just walked up and punched them both real hard in the chest. The force of my punches knocked them both to the floor. "My orders go for fifth graders and sixth graders too," I said. "You lay a hand on `em and you're toast." I hit a double biceps shot and flexed my quads as I stood over them. They knew they couldn't mess with me. They just looked up and said "Yes sir." Their bullying days were over. The little fifth grader gave me a big hug too, just like you did. I flexed my pecs and lats for him so he could feel just how big and hard the muscles that were protecting him were. He kinda sighed, both from relief that the bullies were history and from awe when he felt my muscles. Well, John, after that I was the hero of the whole school, as you well know. It felt great to be the hero. There I was, the strongest kid, the best athlete and the hero of every kid in the school. God I felt great. I just couldn't keep the girls away from me. It seemed like every minute some girl was coming up and wanting to talk to me and feel my muscles. They wanted me to flex and show `em how big and hard my muscles were. I loved doing that. I felt like such a stud.

After football season, I played basketball and then track and field. I was a power forward on the basketball team. I could jump real high and I was real fast and coordinated. Plus I was so strong I could just charge towards the basket and knock any pathetic defender out of the way. Sometimes I'd get a charging foul but most of the time they'd get the foul for blocking me. That was great. I'd knock `em over with my muscular body. Then I'd score easy. Then I'd get the extra point. I love the rules of basketball. If you're big and strong you can do just about anything you want. Those skinny little guys don't stand a chance. Well I was the star on my basketball team. Yeah John, I know. I'm always the star. That's just the way it's always been. In track and field I ran sprints and also threw the shot put. I was definitely the fastest kid in our whole school. I set records in the 100, 200 and 400 meters. All my hard running in my workouts really paid off. My legs were super strong and super fast. And in the shot put I broke the previous fourth grade record by 10 feet. I was way stronger than any other fourth grader who had ever gone to our school. Yeah John, I'm a total jock. Always have been. Always will be.

I kept up my workouts for another year and I was the star on every team I played on. My 10 year old football team was undefeated again. When played the Raiders I smashed Joey even more than I had the year before. I was a much better player and I was way stronger too. He had gotten a little bigger, but he was nothing compared to me. I just wiped out that big asshole. In basketball I was so dominant the other teams had to double-team me every game. But even with two players tryin' to guard me, I just muscled `em out of the way, drove to the basket and scored. There was nothin' those skinny little wimps could do to stop me. I was invincible. And in track and field I set records again for the fifth grade. This time my shot put was 15 feet longer than the previous record. My chest, shoulders and arms were really strong. And I was way faster in the sprints than any of the other kids. I was a total jock.

Well I turned 11 that spring and I kept up with my workouts real good. I was doing more pushups, pullups and situps than ever. During the last year, I had added a more exercises, like one armed pushups and parallel bar dips. And I did handstand dips too. Pushups were so easy for me that I'd do a handstand with my feet balanced against a wall and lift my whole body up and down with just the strength of my shoulders and arms. I could see my shoulders getting a lot bigger after I did those for a few weeks. I could do one-arm pullups too. Regular pull-ups were real easy, so after my three sets of regular pullups, I did two sets of one arm pullups. Even after my muscles were all exhausted from the regular pullups, I could still do one set of ten and one set of six one arm pullups with each arm. Fuck, I was really strong. And for my legs I jumped over benches and ran sets of 50 yard sprints with an old tire tied to my waist with a rope. My legs got a lot more muscular and a lot stronger. I could jump higher than any other kid in school. I won the long jump in track and set a new city-wide record for 11 year olds. I also set city-wide records in the shot put and in the 100 meter and 200 meter dashes. My school won the city track meet and it was all because of me. I carried the whole team. Yeah, John, that's the way it's always been. I've always carried the teams I've been on. I've always been a total star. Yeah, John, you remember I know. You were there watchin' me set all those records. You were there watchin' my muscles as they flexed and bulged. You were there checkin' out my every move, admiring my buff athletic body. Yeah, back then I didn't know you had a crush on me.

During that summer between fifth and sixth grades, my family went on vacation to another state and we stayed with my uncle and aunt for a few days. They had a 16 year old son named Jeff---my cousin---who I hadn't seen in about three years. I remembered him as this big 13 year old stud and he probably remembered me as this little eight year old kid still covered with baby fat. I had always looked up to him `cause he was five years older than me. He always treated me like an annoying little pest, not worth his time. Well, when my family got to their house I said hello to my aunt and uncle and then asked where Jeff was. His mom said he was out in the garage working out. She said he had gotten a set of weights for his 14th birthday and had been working out for more than two years. So I went out to the garage to see Jeff. I was wearing a baggy t-shirt and some jeans, so you couldn't really see much of my body. I walked in and saw Jeff doin' some bench presses. He had a bench and a rack and he was liftin' a bar with some weights on it. He wasn't wearing a shirt. Just some workout shorts. When he saw me come in, he racked the bar and jumped up from the bench. I had always thought of Jeff as this big stud, but when he was standing there he looked like a pretty ordinary teenager to me. Nothing special. "Hiya runt," he said. "Good to see ya. Hey, you've grown a little. You're not a just a little runt any more. You're a bigger runt!" Jeff laughed at this joke. I just stood there smiling. Jeff was a lot taller than me and weighed about 140 pounds. "Of course you're always gonna be a runt compared to me. I'm a 16 year old, so I'm a lot bigger than you. And I've been workin' out, so I'm pretty strong too. That bar weighs120 pounds. I can do three reps with that. Maybe in five or six years you'll get as strong as me. It takes a long time to get strong enough to lift that much weight." Jeff flexed his pecs and rubbed his hand over them. I could see some muscle flexing under his skin, but he had a layer of fat on his body, so he didn't have a six pack or anything and his pecs were kinda hidden under the fat. And those pecs didn't look very big at all. He sure didn't look very muscular to me.

"Yeah that's pretty good, I guess," I said. "Can I try it?" Jeff looked really surprised. "Shit no, Mike. You're just a little kid. This weight's way too heavy for you. You shouldn't even be lifting weights at all at your age. You might hurt yourself." "Ah, come on," I said. "Let me try just once. I've never lifted weights before. But I've done tons of pushups and pull-ups and situps. Lemme try it." Jeff was now looking at my body more closely. He stared at my forearms, which was the only part of my body he could see. I don't think he could quite figure out that what he was lookin' at was solid muscle. "Well, okay," he said. "I'll stand behind you and spot." I jumped up and almost ran over to the bench. I was so excited to be able to lift weights for the first time. I got on the bench and lifted the bar off the rack. Then I lowered it to my chest. Geez, the bar didn't feel heavy at all. It felt real light. I pushed it back up with ease. Then I cranked out 20 reps with the 120 pound bar. Jeff just stood there with his mouth open. After the last rep, I put the bar back on the rack and jumped up from the bench. "Piece of cake!" I yelled. Then I ripped off my t- shirt. Jeff looked at my upper body in total disbelief and said "Oh my God." I flexed my pecs. They were nice and pumped from the bench presses. The striated muscle bulged under my paper-thin skin. My pecs were way bigger than Jeff's pecs. I ran my hand over my pec muscles and then down over my shredded, washboard abs. "Those pushups and pull-ups and situps have built up these muscles real good," I said. "Looks like I'm already stronger than you." Jeff just stood there with his mouth open. He couldn't speak. He just couldn't believe what he was seeing. "I wanna add some more weight," I said. "That was too easy."

Jeff just stared at my bulging pecs and said, "Uh, okay." Let's put five more on each side." So Jeff put a five pound plate on his side and I put a five pound plate on my side. I had never handled weights before. It was real fun. I got under the bar and lifted it off the rack. Jeff was standing over me, ready to spot. He kept staring at my chest and my shoulders and my arms. I lowered the bar and pressed it right back up. It still didn't feel that heavy. I cranked out 12 reps, slowing down a little bit for the last three. I didn't need Jeff's spot at all. God I felt great pressing up that heavy weight. My whole body felt great. I jumped up off the bench and stood next to Jeff. "My muscles really like your weights. They're gettin' real pumped. They really like pushing up that heavy iron. They've never done that before and they're gettin' real big and real hard. I think my muscles were born to pump heavy iron." I ran my hands over my pecs and I couldn't believe how big and pumped they had gotten. They were rock hard too. I could see striations of fiber running all through the round, bulging muscle. They always get a good pump when I do pushups and stuff, but they had never gotten that big and pumped before. Jeff was still having a hard time speaking. "Yeah, they look pretty big," he said. "Fuckin' right they're big," I said. I was really proud of my muscles and I was all charged up seein' how strong they were. "They want more weight. They want even heavier iron. Let's put on another 10 pounds." Jeff kinda croaked and nodded his head. We took off the five pound plates we had added and put on 10 pounders. The bar was now up to 140 pounds, 20 pounds more than Jeff's max. I got under the bar and looked at the heavy plates. I wasn't afraid of them at all. I lowered the bar to my chest and pushed it up. I could see Jeff with his mouth open looking at my pecs, delts and triceps as they bulged with super strong muscle. I pumped out a total of eight reps, slowing down for the last three and with Jeff giving me a little spot for the last one. God my body felt great. I felt like such a stud pressing up that heavy iron. I got that hurting feeling in my pecs, but it was a real good hurt. I was forcin' those pecs to the max, forcin' them beyond the pain barrier. That hurt meant I was really challenging those muscles. I knew they would get even bigger and stronger after those brutal bench presses.

I jumped up off the bench and flexed my pecs right in front of Jeff. My skin was red because of all the blood surging into the muscle underneath. Veins were crisscrossing on top of my pecs and the striations of muscle were like steel cords under my thin skin. Jeff couldn't believe what he was seeing. I smiled. "Go ahead, Jeff, feel my pecs. Feel how big and hard they are." My 16 year old cousin put his hands on top of my 11 year old pecs and rubbed his fingers over the hard, round muscle. I looked down at my bulging pecs. . "A lot bigger than yours, aren't they cuz? And a lot harder too," I said. Jeff kinda gulped. I reached over and felt Jeff's pecs. He had just finished his bench presses, so they should have been pretty pumped. But they were kinda flat and kinda soft. Not round and bulging and hard as rock like mine. "Geez, my pecs are way bigger and harder than yours," I said. "It's hard to believe you're 16 and been liftin' weights for two years and I'm just 11 and ain't lifted weights at all." Jeff gulped again. And he kept feeling my bulging pecs. Then he moved his hands down to my abs and ran them over my rock-hard six pack washboard. I proudly flexed for him. His hands kinda jerked when he felt the hard muscle flex under my paper thin skin. "Pretty hard and ripped, huh," I said. He nodded his head. He was realizing that unlike him, I was made of solid muscle. I wasn't the little runt anymore, he was. I was now the dominant cousin. I could kick his teenage ass any time I wanted.

"I wanna add more weight," I said. "Let's add another 10 pounds. That'll make it 150. That's 40 pounds more than I weigh." I weighed about 115 pounds---pretty big for a 11 year old---so I was gonna be benching almost half again as much as I weighed. Pretty impressive, since Jeff couldn't even bench his own weight. We added another five pounds to each side of the bar and I got on the bench. I lifted the bar from the rack and lowered it to my chest. Jeff had his hands ready in case I was too weak to push it up. But I wasn't too weak. I was real strong. I pressed up the bar and locked my elbows. "Yeah!" I yelled. Then I lowered it and pressed it up for a second rep. It was real hard. My pecs were cryin' for mercy. But I didn't give `em any mercy. I forced that fucking bar up for the second rep. Then I went for the third. I lowered the bar and pressed the fucker up. I got it about half way and then started slowing down. Jeff put his fingers under the bar and gave me just a little spotting help. I powered the bar up and locked my elbows. Then I crashed it onto the rack. "Fuckin' strong!" I yelled as I jumped up off the bench. Jeff just couldn't believe it. He stood there with his mouth open. I flexed my arm right in front of him. All my muscles were totally pumped and bulging from the heavy bench presses. Even my bicep was pumped. My triceps were almost popping out of my skin. I looked over at the huge bulging muscles and smiled. "Yeah, feel it cuz," I said. "Feel what you've been workin' so hard to get". Fuck, John, I had never lifted a weight in my life and even though I was only 11 years old I already had muscles way bigger than my 16 year old cousin, who had been workin' out more than two years. And I was way stronger too. Just looking at Jeff I knew he was never gonna get an arm like mine. I was naturally strong and muscular and he was naturally weak and puny. He reached over and felt my throbbing baseball bicep and my big, pumped tricep. "Fuuuuccccck," was all he could say. He kept his fingers on my bicep for a long time. I don't think he could believe how big and hard it was. Then he moved his hand over to my pec and I flexed the pumped, round, sweaty muscle. The muscle bulged with the biggest pump I had ever had. The muscle was huge and it was rock hard. Blood was surging through the muscle and the veins were popping under my skin. That skin was red hot. He rubbed his fingers over the rippling striations that felt as hard as steel. "Geez," was all he could say. I looked at him and smiled. It felt real good being able to bench 150 pounds the first time I even tried. It felt real good being way stronger than my cousin. He was lookin' at me like I was some kind of superior human being. Like he had never seen a kid with muscles as big and strong as mine. And ya know, I felt superior compared to him. I always feel superior when I show up some older dude who can't believe how strong I am. I felt great. I felt like a fucking stud. It really feels great to be strong and muscular. Stronger than kids who are five years older than you. It feels fucking great! How much can you bench John? What? Only 50 pounds? Shit, even when I was only 11 I was three times stronger than you are now. Yeah, I'm just a natural born muscle stud John. Yeah, I know.

So Jeff and I continued the workout, my first workout with weights. I did all the exercises he did. But I didn't use his puny weights. I was so much stronger than him that I let him do his exercise first. Then after he had barely managed to crank out three or four reps in his third set, I took over and used that weight as my warmup weight. It was like he was the little beginner and I was the big stud advanced weightlifter. Real funny since this was my first time liftin' weights. The next exercise was military presses. Jeff maxed out at 65 pounds. That was a piece of cake for me. A fuckin' little warmup. I added 20 pounds for my second set and cranked out 10 easy reps with the 85 pound bar. Remember, I had been doin' handstand presses, so my delts and arms were used to handling a big weight---my own body. Jeff just couldn't believe how strong I was. I added another 20 pounds, making the bar 105 pounds, almost what I weighed. I lifted it easily to my shoulders and then pressed up on the heavy iron. Jeff stood in back of me to spot. He didn't think I could do it. I took a deep breath and pushed up. The bar went up. When I got it to the top I locked my elbows and yelled "Yeah!" Then I lowered the bar and cranked out five more reps, with Jeff helping a little for the last two. God I felt strong. I have since found out that only one guy in a thousand can press his own bodyweight the first time he tries. For an 11 year old it's almost unheard of. And I wasn't done yet. I told Jeff I wanted 15 more pounds on the bar. Fuck, who was he to say no? This was more weight than he could imagine. But I was the boss. His 11 year old boss. We put on the plates. I lifted the bar to my shoulders. Then I pressed. Jeff had his hands under my arms. But I didn't need his spot. I pressed that 120 pound bar all the way up and locked my elbows. "Fuckin' strong!" I yelled at the top. Then I lowered the bar and pressed it up one more time. My shoulder muscles bulged as they pressed up that heavy bar. My delts and arms were aching with pain as they struggled with the huge weight. But it was that good pain again. That muscle growin' pain. I got to the top and yelled "Stronger than shit!" Then I lowered that heavy bar again. I told Jeff to feel my shoulders and he ran his hands over the bulging muscle. The striations of rock-hard fibers were popping up under my skin. Blood was gushing through my veins and through the muscle. "Jesus Christ," he said as he felt the thick, rock-hard muscle. I grinned, took a deep breath and pushed up the heavy bar again. Now my shoulders were wracked with pain. I was blastin' through the pain barrier. And I wasn't gonna stop. I was gonna push that fuckin' bar all the way up again. I got half way up and then slowed down a little. My muscles were totally exhausted. Jeff helped with a spot, just a few pounds of help. And I blasted the weight up with the sheer force of my will and the power of my big, strong muscles. I locked my elbows and yelled "Stud!" Yeah, I was. I knew it. Then I lowered the weight to my shoulders and let it crash to the floor. I had just pressed five pounds more than my bodyweight and 55 pounds more than my 16 year old cousin could lift. I was almost twice as strong as he was. I looked over at my delts and saw the muscle twitching under my skin. Every fiber was flexing and veins were surging with blood. My delts looked like cannonballs of muscle capping my shoulders. They were totally pumped---beet red and flushed with blood. My arms were bulging too. Jeff reached over and felt the rippling muscle of my shoulders and arms. "Fuuucccck," was all he could say again. I felt great. I felt like a total stud.

Well the rest of the workout was fantastic. I just toyed with Jeff's little poundages and then I blasted the weights beyond what he could imagine was possible. His maximum curl was 50 pounds. I could curl 90. He could barely do 10 pullups. I could do 20 with a 50 pound dumbbell hangin' from my waist. I was like a little Hercules compared to him. The funniest part was when we did squats. He maxxed out at 140 pounds, the same as he weighed. Geez he was weak. Yeah, I used that as my warmup weight. I cranked out 20 reps easy. Then I asked for 30 pounds more, makin' it 170 pounds. We picked up the last plates in the garage and put them on the bar. I cranked out another 12 reps. I was still just warming up. I wasn't anywhere near my max. My legs were super strong. They had done countless sets of jumping over benches and pulling tires for 50 yards. They were super strong and they were big and buff. I looked down and saw the muscles bulging. I flexed and the striations popped out of my skin. They were thick and hard. And they were now covered with veins, flowing with tons and tons of blood surging through the big pumped fibers. "Another 30 pounds," I ordered. Jeff looked at me kinda helpless, and then he said he didn't have anymore weights. I was too strong for his little weight set! Jeff had run out of weights! He had this little beginner set and I was gonna blast through it the first time I ever lifted. So we looked around the garage for something to add more weight to the bar. More weight for my big quad muscles. Finally we found two concrete cinderblocks that weighed about 25 pounds each. Fifty fucking pounds of concrete. Thirty pounds, fifty pound. Who the fuck cares. I knew my legs were strong enough to squat with that all that weight---220 fucking pounds of iron and concrete. We tied the cinderblocks onto the bar with some rope. I got under the bar and lifted it off the squat rack. Then I cranked out six reps, with Jeff giving me just a little spot for the last rep. I crashed the bar onto the rack and yelled, "My fuckin' legs are fuckin' way stronger than that fuckin' iron and concrete!" I was totally stoked. I flexed my legs for Jeff and he ran his hands all over the thick, rock-hard muscles. Muscles that had just squatted with twice my bodyweight the first time they had ever lifted weights---for six reps! Muscles that were so much stronger than his that it wasn't even funny. Jeff just mumbled stuff, like he had never seen anything like this in his life, like I was so strong he couldn't believe it, like my muscles were so big and hard he couldn't believe I was only 11 years old. I just smiled as he felt my big muscles. I really felt great. Then I got under the bar and cranked out another four reps, with Jeff givin' me a little spot for the last two. By then my legs were so pumped and shredded they looked like rippling tree trunks. Blood was surging through my veins and when I flexed my quads the big slabs of muscle looked like solid cables of steel under my tan skin. Fuck I felt great. How many 11 year olds can squat with over 200 pounds? How many 11 year olds can squat with almost double their bodyweight for reps? And how many 11 year olds can squat like that the first time they lift a fuckin' weight? Well, I did it! My muscles were fuckin' big and fuckin' strong! I felt like a total stud. Jeff still couldn't get over it. He kept lookin' at my body and feelin' my rock-hard quads. He was havin' a hard time getting over my muscles and my strength. I looked down and saw a bulge in his shorts. Jeff had gotten a hard-on lookin' at and feeling my muscles. "Yeah, check out those muscles, cuz," I told him as he ran his hands over my legs for the umpteenth time. "They're already stronger than your legs are ever gonna be. I got muscles and you don't. Deal with it, cuz." Hey, I was just tellin' the truth. He was never gonna get muscles as big and strong as mine. His bulge got real big under his shorts. I smiled. He knew and I knew that I was such a stud compared to him.

After the workout, we went inside the house. I was starved and ready for dinner. I was so hot and sweaty I didn't put on a shirt. I hardly ever wore a shirt. My body looked better than any shirt. My parents knew how good my body looked so they never made me wear a shirt. They kind of got off on it when everyone stared at my muscles. They were really proud of my body. So I was just wearing my workout shorts. Jeff didn't wear a shirt either. He looked like a wimp compared to me. Jeff's parents stared at my body as I walked into the living room. They could see I was way more muscular than their son. They started asking questions about how I got so big and muscular. So I told `em about how the third grade substitute teacher spotted my potential when I won the physical fitness contest and started me on my training program. Then I told `em about all the exercises I did. They were amazed when I told `em I could do over 500 pushups non-stop and I could do 40 one handed pushups. Their mouths dropped open when I told `em I could do 150 pullups and 20 one- handed pullups. My parents smiled proudly as I told `em about football, basketball and track and field. How I was the star of every team. How I could smash any opposing player into the ground in football. How I could jump higher than any other basketball player and muscle all the defenders out of the way like little toothpicks when I charged the basket. How I set city-wide records in the 100, 200, long jump and shot put. Jeff's parents kept starin' at my muscles as I talked about what a total jock I was. They were totally ignoring their own son. They were only interested in me. Hey, that happens all the time. I'm always the center of attention. Jeff was just sittin' there listening too. His boner was really showin' under his shorts. I guess he was gettin' real turned on by listening to me talk about what a big jock I was and everything.

Then I looked at Jeff and said, "Yeah, and I'm a lot stronger than Mr. Universe over there. I never lifted a weight in my life and I'm already way stronger than him. His whole weight set wasn't even big enough for my strong leg muscles." I stood up and flexed my quads. They were still pumped and shredded from the heavy squats. There was a loud gasp from Jeff's parents as they took in the size and hardness of those muscles. Even my own parents looked surprised. I don't think they had realized just how big and muscular my legs had gotten. "Yeah, I squatted with 220 pounds---- for six reps! Jeff's little weight set only goes to 170, so we had to tie two big concrete blocks onto the bar. That's twice what I weigh. These legs are frigging strong! Mr. Universe there could only do 140. He's so weak!" All the eyes in the room were fixated on my legs. "Yeah, and I benched 150 and curled 90. Way more than Jeff could do. And I could do sets of pullups with a 50 pound dumbbell hangin' from my waist. Jeff can barely pull his own body up for 10 reps. I'm way stronger than him in everything. My muscles are way bigger too. Get over here cuz." Jeff came over and stood next to me. "Flex," I ordered. He flexed his arm and a little lemon-size bicep made a slight bulge under his fatty skin. I smiled. Then I flexed my own arm. My big bicep sprang to attention. It was the size of an orange, much bigger than Jeff's. And it had an incredible peak and was rippling with fibers and covered with veins. I had absolutely no fat on my body. "Yeah, way bigger," I said as I looked at my big, rock-hard bicep. Fuck, even my forearm was bigger than Jeff's upper arm. It was writhing with muscle and covered with veins. "Yeah, way bigger," said my dad. He was really proud of my muscles. Then I hit some more poses, showing off my pecs, my lats, my delts and of course my quads. Jeff hit the same poses too, and it was funny watching his puny little muscles next to my big ones. There was sure no doubt who was the stud between the two kids. His parents just kept staring at me. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. That's always been a common reaction of adults who see my body. They just can't believe how big and muscular I am. Yeah, John, it's always been that way. It's a great feeling John, having people stare at your body and admire your muscles. You've never had that feeling have you John? No, you've always been puny and weak. People look at you and turn away. Or they look at you and feel sorry for you `cause you're so pathetic. But when people look at me they can't take their eyes away. It's like my body is a magnet for their eyes. It's like my body is so muscular they just can't stop looking at it. And when you put my muscles together with my drop-dead good looking face and my big hazel eyes, it's just too much for most people to handle. They just stare. It's like they are thinking about how strong my body is, how athletic I am, how good looking I am, what I stud I am. I don't know what's going through their minds, but they just keep looking at me. Fuck, I don't mind. I like it. It makes me feel like a stud. Like I'm the top dog. I've had a great lookin' body and face since I was a kid. I've always been stared at and admired. Yeah, that's just life for me John. I'm a big, strong muscle jock that everyone wants to look at and talk to. Everyone wants to be my friend. Yeah, it's great John bein' on top.

After the flexing, we went into the dining room for dinner. Jeff put on his shirt and I said I'd get a shirt from my suitcase, but his mother said that's okay, you don't have to wear a shirt for dinner. I think she just wanted to keep lookin' at my muscles. We had steak, potatoes and vegetables for dinner. I gobbled up my steak before anyone else had finished even a quarter of theirs. Then I finished off my potatoes and vegetables. And I drank two big glasses of milk. Jeff's parents couldn't believe my appetite. I asked for seconds. I was still real hungry. Jeff's mother said there were lots of potatoes and vegetables but there weren't any more steaks. Then she cut off half of her steak and gave it to me. My mom did the same thing. So I got a whole second steak from the women at the table. I wolfed that down too, plus all the extra potatoes and vegetables. "I'm still hungry," I said, staring at my clean plate. I had an appetite like a lion. Jeff had really slowed down his eating as he watched me eat more food than he imagined was possible for an 11 year old kid. He still had half of his steak left. "Here, you can have mine," he said. "I'm pretty full." I stabbed his steak with my fork and put it on my plate. "Thanks, cuz," I said. "Gotta feed these muscles." I flexed my arm right in his face and he stared at my bulging bicep and tricep muscles. He nodded his head in agreement, with his eyes riveted on my rippling muscles. So I wolfed down the rest of Jeff's steak and some more potatoes and vegetables. Plus two more glasses of milk. In one sitting, I had eaten two and a half big steaks and tons of potatoes and vegetables. I had eaten five times as much food as Jeff ate. Jeff's mom said he had never eaten more than one steak. She couldn't believe how much I could eat. No wonder I had such big muscles. I fed `em real good. Oh yeah. Plus I had fantastic genetics and I worked out like a wild man. I had the whole package John. •

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