Interview with a Teen Muscle Jock


By johnd7102000

I worked out all summer and my muscles kept gettin' bigger and stronger. My friends just couldn't believe how muscular I had gotten. I found out that peewee football was going to start at the end of August and I knew I wanted to play. I had played soccer since I was 5 years old, but now I wanted to play football. You couldn't really use your muscles in soccer except to kick the ball. You couldn't hit other players or anything. In football you got to hit other guys as hard as you wanted. The harder you hit `em the more the coach liked you. And when you had big muscles you could hit other kids real hard. And when they tried to hit you, if you had big muscles you could just blast right through `em, knocking them over with your big strong body. I knew I was gonna love football. I convinced my dad to sign me up. My dad was real proud of how big and strong I had gotten. A lot of parents were afraid their son might get hurt, but my dad took one look at my body and knew I wasn't gonna get hurt. Maybe some other kids were gonna get hurt by my strong body, but I sure wasn't gonna get hurt. During the summer I had put on another 8 pounds of muscle. In the three months after I won the physical fitness contest and started working out, I had gained 15 pounds of muscle and an inch in height. Puttin' fifteen pounds of new muscle on a nine year old is a lot of fucking muscle John. As a percentage of my bodyweight, that's the most muscle I've ever added in three months. Like a said before, my muscle growth switch was definitely turned on. It was on and runnin' at full throttle. My genes were tellin' my body to get bigger stronger. Like I told you, I was already a muscular kid before I started workin' out and eating big. After that three months I was incredible. My friends called me the Terminator `cause my muscles were so big and strong.

When I showed up for the first day of football practice I was wearin' just some workout shorts and sneakers. I wasn't wearing a shirt. I never wore a shirt. I walked up to the man who looked like he was in charge and said I wanted to play football. He looked at me and said. "Sorry son, the tryouts for the 12-14 year olds are tomorrow. You're a day too early." I looked at him and said, "Coach, I'm only nine." His mouth dropped open. "You're only nine? I can't believe it. I've never seen a nine year old that looked like you." I smiled. "Well, you're seein' one now," I said. Then, just to show off I raised my right arm and flexed it. My arm was huge for an nine year old. I had gained another half inch on my arm during the summer. My arm was probably bigger than the arms on most 12 year olds. "I've been doin' pushups and pull-ups and situps all summer coach and all that work really paid off. I've put on 15 pounds of muscle in four months. I can do 300 pushups, 60 pullups and 750 situps without stopping. I've gotten real strong." I put my hands on my hips and flexed my pecs, my lats and my abs. The coach's eyes almost popped out of his head. I'm sure he never saw muscle like that on a nine year old. Then I made my hand into a fist and pounded it a couple of times into my abs. Then I pounded it into my pecs. There were loud smacking sounds as my fist hit the rock hard muscle. "My muscle's really hard," I said. "It's strong and it's hard." I wasn't bragging. I was just telling the truth. The coach didn't say anything. He just stood there with his mouth wide open, slowly nodding his head. "And I've been doin' a lot of hard runnin' too. My legs are real fast and real strong." I flexed my quads and the big muscles bulged with slabs of hard fibers. The coach's eyes just stared at my big legs. "Feel `em coach." The coach's eyes were bulging out of his head as he looked at my big quads. Slowly he reached over and put his fingers on my hard muscle. I flexed extra hard and the slabs of quad muscle really bulged with striations like steel cords showing through my tan skin. He rubbed his hand up and down the hard muscle. Then he pushed his fingers in as hard as he could but it was like he was pushing on rock. I grinned as I saw how impressed he was with my body. Then I flexed my arm and put it right in front of his face. Almost by reflex, he pulled his hand away from my leg and put it on my flexed upper arm. He felt the big, hard muscle bulge in his hand. My flexed bicep and tricep were so big that he could hardly get his hand around my upper arm. He squeezed his fingers into my bicep, but just like my quads the muscle was so hard he couldn't make even a tiny dent. "Oh my god," he said in a low voice as he saw and felt my big nine year old muscles. "Do you think I'm big enough and strong enough to play on your team?" I grinned because I knew I was definitely bigger and stronger than any of the other players. The coach ran his hand slowly up and over my delt and pecs, feeling the bulging muscle the whole time. Then he said, "Son, you're big enough and strong enough to BE the whole team. Welcome to the Tigers!" He reached out and shook my hand. I gripped his hand real hard and he seemed surprised at how hard I could squeeze. I kinda crunched his hand I was squeezin' so hard and he made a face. That was real fun, squeezin' that big man's hand so hard like that. I thought to myself that I was really going to like being a Tiger. That's what I felt like, a strong young tiger. So being one of the Tigers was perfect for me.

Then I walked over to the other players. I knew a lot of them from school. They took one look at me and started yelling "Holy shit, Mike's gonna be on our team. Mike's gonna be a Tiger! We're gonna win! We're gonna kick everybody's ass! The Tigers are gonna rule. Mike's on our team!" I felt real great as the kids came over and gave me high fives. It felt real good being treated like the star player before I had even made one play of football. But that's the way I've always been treated. I've always been treated like a star, like a big stud star. And fuck, John, as you can see I am! Hey, if you got it flaunt it, right? Well, I got it. And I've had it since I was a little kid. God, John, you're attacking my body again. You wanna feel my muscles just like the coach did when I was nine. Yeah, you can feel `em all you want, John. Feel that big arm. Feel how big and hard and strong it is. Yeah, it's been big and hard and strong ever since I was a kid, John. My arms have always been big and hard and strong. Now they're the biggest, hardest and strongest arms in the whole fucking high school.

Yeah, John. I've always been big and strong. That's just the way life has always been for me. Big and strong. And what about you, John? Oh yeah. You've always been puny and weak. That's the way life has been for you. Always puny and weak. Well, John, now your little puny and weak body gets to do whatever it wants with my big and strong body. Yeah, you've been dreaming about this since third grade, haven't you John. You're starting to pant again John. Your little cock is so hard. Now you're licking my big bicep. Ohh, that feels good. Kinda tickles. Yeah, lick my big muscles John. Lick that huge tricep too. It gets jealous sometimes when the bicep gets all the attention. But that tricep is even bigger that the bicep. Oohh that feels good John. My tricep is lovin' it. God, the whole front of my arm is wet with your spit. Yeah, it's real slick. Yeah, rub your face all over those muscles John. Feel how big and hard they are. Yeah, they feel like warm rock don't they. Yeah, they could crush your little face real easy. Yeah, go ahead and bite the bottom of my arm. Try to bite that big tricep. Hehehe. Just kind of tickles. Doesn't hurt at all. My tricep's way too hard for it to be hurt by your little bites. Feels like a little mouse biting it. Oooh, now you're moving your face down into my big armpit. Smell that sweat, John. Yeah, that armpit sweat has a real strong smell doesn't it. I worked out real hard and my armpits got real, real sweaty. The sweat was just drippin' off my body and my armpits just oozed with sweat. Yeah, they're still sweaty aren't they John. Yeah, lick off that sweat. Tastes real salty doesn't it. Yeah, I know. You think it tastes great. And you think my big armpit smells great too. Yeah, that's the smell of a big muscle jock John. That's the smell us big jocks make when we work out our muscles with weights so heavy you can't even imagine it. Our big muscles push and pull those heavy weights and they get so pumped and hot it's incredible. The sweat starts pourin' out of our skin `cause our muscles are workin' so hard and gettn' so pumped and hot. Yeah, smell that sweat John. Lick that sweat. Smell and lick the sweat of a real muscle jock. Now I'm lowering my arm and crushing your face inside my big armpit. My armpit's about four times as big as yours, ain't it John. Yeah, that's because my muscles are so big. Big muscles mean a big armpit. Yeah, feel all that muscle wrapped around your little face. What? You feel so safe and secure with your little head buried in my big armpit? You're getting all turned on by the feeling of all that muscle wrapped around your head? Yeah, I bet you are. Your little cock is so hard it's twitching. Yeah, smell that sweat John. Feel all that muscle. Feel how hard it gets when I flex it. Hard as rock, ain't it. I could crush your head if I wanted to. Yeah, I'm a total stud. You don't have to tell me, John. I know it already. But its kinda fun when you keep telling me all this stuff. Like how big and muscular I am. How much bigger and stronger I am than you are. How hard my muscles are. How strong I am. How good looking I am. How beautiful my eyes and my face are. How you love to feel my body and smell my sweat. How good that sweat tastes and smells. How you can hardly wait to suck my big cock and feel that monster pound up your little ass. How I turn you on more than anything or anyone you've ever seen or touched in your life. Yeah, I get the idea John. With all this worshipping I feel like I'm like a fuckin' God to you. What? I am your God and you want to worhip my body with all your heart? You want me so much you can hardly stand it? Geez John, I guess I really turn you on. And I'm gettin' into it John. I kinda like all your worship. Makes me feel like a stud. Makes me feel like a total muscle stud. Makes me horny as hell. Yeah John, we're both gettin' totally turned on. You're gonna cum so much today your cock's gonna almost fall off your body from all the cumming it's gonna do. Yeah, you're so excited I know. You want my big body and my big cock right now. Yeah John, we're gonna have totally wild sex. But you gotta wait, little man. I'm not done with my story yet. You asked for this story and you're gonna get it.

So I joined the Tigers football team. One funny thing that happened on the first day of practice was when the coach started handing out the shoulder pads. They didn't have shoulder pads that were big enough for me! My chest and shoulders were so big that those little pads that fit the other nine year olds didn't even come close to fitting around my big shoulders. The coach had to get some pads from the 12 year old team that would fit me. The nine year old uniforms were too small too. My big legs wouldn't fit into the pants and with the big pads, my chest and shoulders wouldn't fit under the jerseys. So he had to get a 12 year old uniform for me too. Luckily there was a Tigers 12 year old team so the uniform was the same color. I chose Number 44. I still wear that number. Number 44, Mike Savage, All- American stud jock. That's me. John, did you know the number four means "death" in Chinese? Yeah, it does. Some Asian guy told me that once. So my number 44 means "double death" in Chinese. And believe me, that's what the opposing players think when I hit `em. They think they're gonna die when they get hit by my big body.

Some of the kids on the team had been playing football for two years, but right away I became the best player on the team. It only took me about a week to learn how to throw, catch, run with the football and tackle other players. I guess I was a natural born football player. I could throw the ball the farthest of any of the players. I could jump up real high and catch the ball. I could run with the ball right through the defense. I just mowed `em down like they were toothpicks. It took two or three kids to get me down. And I could tackle like a monster. I was so big and fast and strong I could tackle any kid who came anywhere near me. Sometimes I'd just hit him with my big shoulders and smash him to the ground. Other times I'd wrap my arms around him and throw him down on the ground like a sack of garbage. I was invincible. I was a total stud. I played running back on offense and linebacker on defense. I was bigger and stronger than any of the defensive linemen, but by playing linebacker I had the most flexibility to get to the player with the ball and smash him. I had to watch myself when I was practicing with my own teammates, `cause I didn't want to hurt `em. They knew that even though I was way bigger and stronger than them, I wouldn't hurt their little asses `cause we were all on the same team.

Well, after a couple weeks of practice, we played our first game. We played the Raiders, a team from the other side of town. The Raiders wore silver and black uniforms with pirates on their helmets, just like the pro team. They were from a tough part of town, and my friends on the team told me they had beaten the Tigers last year by the score of 35 to 0. They had kicked our little asses. They had one player on their team named Joey who was their star. Joey was big and strong and last year he completely dominated the little eight year olds on the Tigers. My friends were talking about Joey like he was some kind of gorilla. Big, strong, tough and mean. He loved to hit the smaller kids hard with his big body and make `em suffer. He was a real mean dude. They were lookin' at me while they talked about Joey. I knew they were wondering if I was as big and strong as Joey, maybe even bigger and stronger. Boy, they were sure hoping I was. They knew how big and strong I was, but they didn't know how much bigger and stronger Joey had gotten from last year. After they were done talking about Joey, I just calmly looked down at my body and said "That fucker's a piece of toast. I'm gonna kick his fat ass all the way across the field." I was totally confident in my body. I've always been totally confident in my body. Joey didn't scare me in the least. I was looking forward to smashing my big body into his big body.

The Raiders arrived at our field and right away they started giving us trash talk. Real ugly street trash talk. I wasn't used to hearing nine year olds talk like that. "You little Tiger pussies ready to get your asses whipped again? We're gonna fuck you up read good. We're gonna smash your little pussy asses so bad you'll wish you stayed home with mommy. Joey's even bigger and badder than he was last year. He's gonna wipe the field with your little asses. We're all gonna wipe the field with you little dorks. You're gonna wish you never put on a football uniform." Those Raiders were the most obnoxious kids I had ever met. I looked over and spotted Joey. He was pretty obvious. He was a big kid all right. He was about the same height as me and he probably outweighed me by about 10 pounds. But I could see that a lot of his weight was fat. Unlike me, Joey still had all of his baby fat, and he had a lot of it. He was a big kid who was used to using his bulk to push around the smaller kids on the field. He didn't know yet that I was all muscle. I just stood there smiling as the Raiders gave us their trash talk. I could hardly wait to hit Joey's big body. My teammates didn't say much either. But after another round of insults, one of them yelled "We're not the same team as last year. We got a player who's bigger and stronger than Joey. He's gonna kick Joey's ass." My whole team looked over at me and so did the Raiders. I was as tall as Joey, but to the Raiders I must have looked a lot smaller than him. My waist was real small and my big shoulders and chest were hidden under my shoulder pads. If they had looked carefully they would have seen how big my legs were, but I don't think they noticed. They just knew Joey was huge and he was gonna kick my ass. "Yeah, right," said a Raider. "Joey's way bigger than that kid. He's gonna grind that new kid into the ground." Joey looked at me and snarled. "I'm gonna smash you into a bloody pulp, dork," he said. "You little punks ain't shit to me." I looked at Joey and just smiled. Then I raised my arm and flexed my bicep. Even under my football jersey, all the kids could see my big bicep bulging like a baseball. "Holy shit!" yelled one of the Raiders. "Little punk, huh. We'll see who's the punk," I said as I stared at Joey, who all of a sudden didn't look so cocky.

We kicked off to the Raiders and one of their small players made it back to the 25 yard line before he was tackled by my teammates. Then they lined up for their first offensive play. Joey was the running back, the same position I played on offense. He was used to taking the ball and just barreling his way through the defense. I lined up as a linebacker. When the ball was snapped I burst forward through their line so fast they didn't know what hit `em. Not only was I really strong, I was really fast. There were a couple of offensive linemen in my way and I just pushed `em aside like little insects. The quarterback handed the ball to Joey and he started to take a step forward. But just then I hit him so hard and with so much power that he instantly went backwards. I just lowered my big shoulder and smashed it into his body as hard as I could. I don't think he could believe what hit him. I bet it felt like a Mack truck rather than a nine year old kid. My hit was so hard the ball came flying out of his arm before he landed on the ground on his back. It was a fumble. I scooped it up and ran the 25 yards to the goal line. I held the ball high over my head while all the Tigers yelled. The score after one play---Tigers 6, Raiders 0. I walked back to Joey and dropped the ball on his pulverized body, which was still stretched out on the ground. "You still gonna smash me into the ground, fatboy?" I said, standing over him like a conquering warrior. As Joey stared up at me in disbelief at what had just happened, I pulled up the bottom of my jersey and flexed my abs. Now they could see what my small waist was made of. Joey's eyes got real wide and all of the Raiders gasped as they saw my rippling, shredded washboard of muscle. "No fat on that body, Joey," said one of my friends. "Mike's solid muscle. And that solid muscle's gonna have a lot of fun today smashing into you. Last year you had a lot of fun smashing your big body into us. Now you're gonna feel what it's like to get smashed by a big, muscular kid. Mike's gonna have tons of fun hittin' you, right Mike?" I smiled and nodded my head. I was gonna have tons of fun hittin' Joey.

So after scoring the extra point, we kicked off again. This time our team was so jazzed that my friends tackled their guy on the 15 yard line. On their first offensive play, they tried handing the ball to Joey again. I guess their coach thought the last play was a fluke. After all, Joey had never run for less than five yards in his life. He was their star. This time he grabbed the ball with both hands so he wouldn't fumble. He tried running forward, but I got to him just as fast as the first time. Before he could even cross the line of scrimmage I wrapped my big arms around him, kinda lifted him up, and threw him on the ground. He hit the ground with a loud thud, I had thrown him so hard. The force of my tackle knocked the wind out of him and he was slow getting up. Well, the Raiders tried to run the ball with Joey for two more downs and each time I smashed his fat body into the ground with my strong muscles. By the time it was fourth down, they were backed up to their three yard line. They kicked the ball. I probably could have run in and blocked the punt. Their little linemen were nothing to me. But I wanted a chance to play offense. I wanted to run with the ball.

They managed to kick the ball about 25 yards. So we started first and ten at the Raiders' 20 yard line. A piece of cake. I lined up as the running back. Joey lined up as a linebacker just like I had done with him. We snapped the ball and Joey came charging through the line. Our little linemen were no match for his big body. But then our quarterback handed the ball to me and things changed for Joey. I tucked the ball under my right arm and started charging forward. I knew my legs were big and strong from all those hard running workouts. Now I'd see if they were big enough and strong enough to blast through Joey's tackle. My legs were movin' like big pistons. Joey hit me with his shoulderpads and wrapped his arms around my waist. I'm sure he thought the force of his big body would push me back. But it didn't. My butt and my legs were so strong that I just kept moving forward. I just powered my way forward, dragging Joey along for the ride. After about three or four steps dragging him along, I twisted my waist and literally threw him off, tossing him off my body like a sack of shit. Then I ran into the end zone, scoring another touchdown. My legs and my butt were so strong that Joey's tackle didn't slow me down at all. Geez I felt great after that run. I felt like a total stud. I knew my body was so strong that I was gonna be a great football player. Joey tried over and over again to tackle me but I was way too strong for him. It took Joey plus one or two more players to bring me down. I felt like such a star. A big, strong, fucking star. And yeah, John. I still am. I've been the star player on every team I've ever played on.

Hey John, why don't you pretend you were Joey and try to tackle me. I'll run forward in your room here and you try to tackle me. Yeah, I know you've never played football before. Just hit me as hard as you can with your shoulders and grab me by the waist. Try to pull me down. You'll get to see just how strong my butt and legs are. Okay John here I come. God, I could hardly feel your hit. You're so weak it felt like a feather hitting my body. Yeah, try to hold on John. Look how easy it is for me to drag you along. You're nothing to me John. My legs and my musclebutt are so strong they can drag guys who are twice as heavy as you. You're just like a little twig holding on to my big body. There. I twisted my waist just like I did to Joey and you just flipped off. Too weak to hold on, huh John? Yeah. Most guys are. When I'm runnin' down the field at full power nobody can hold on and stop me. I'm way too strong.

Let me show you my musclebutt John. The power for my running comes from both my big legs and my firm, round musclebutt. I can leg press over 1,000 pounds for reps. My butt is really strong. Yeah, look at those muscles, John. See how big and round they are? Those are called glutes. Yeah, feel `em John. Yeah, they're really hard aren't they. Round and hard. Watch this. See the striations of muscle when I flex? Yeah, even my butt is ripped. No fat on that butt. Oh John that feels really good when you roll your fingers all over my musclebutt. Real sensual. Yeah, try to put your fingers into my crack. Haha. Yeah, the muscle's way too hard ain't it. You can't get your finger in even a fraction of an inch. It's like my crack is sealed with steel. Okay, now let me relax the muscle. Okay, now try. Ummmm. That feels real good. Your little finger got in about two inches. Now feel this! Hehehe! I just about broke your finger, didn't I John. I flexed my big glutes and I bet it felt like a steel vise clamping down on your little finger. Hehehe. And you can't even pull your finger out. It's trapped by my hard muscle. Okay, I'll relax now. Oh, John, that feels so good. You're licking my butt and running your hands all over my abs and my legs and my cock. Oh John, you really know how to turn a guy on. Now you're sucking on my glutes, trying to suck that muscle into your mouth. But my glutes are way too hard for that. Even relaxed those muscles are really hard. But it sure feels good having your mouth sucking on the muscle and your tongue licking all the sweat off my hot skin. Yeah, my butt's really round and hard, ain't it John. All the girls really like my butt. They say it's totally sexy. A real round, firm, muscle butt. Yeah, try to bite the muscle John. You can't get your teeth into that muscle can you. It's way too hard. I can feel your teeth trying to bite, but that bite doesn't feel like anything to my hard glutes. My muscle's way harder than your bite. Oh, John. Now you're rimming your tongue into my crack. How's that taste, John? Lots of sweat in that crack ain't there. I bet it tastes real salty. I bet is smells good too. Smells like the crack of a real muscle jock doesn't it John? Yeah, lots of sweat oozing out of that crack when I work out my big muscles with huge weights. Yeah that sweat smells real good, doesn't it John. Tastes good too, huh. Yeah, and that crack's real tight ain't it John? It's as hard as rock. No way anyone could fuck that crack unless I wanted them to. It might be kinda fun for me to let someone put their little cock in a couple of inches. Then I'd flex my glute muscles and crush their little cock like a piece of fruit. That would be real fun. Would you like to try that when we're done with the interview, John? You would? You wanna get your little cock crushed by my big glutes? Well, if I let you do that you're gonna have to let me fuck your little ass. Except your little ass won't be strong enough to keep my big hard cock from going in all the way. Your little ass is way too weak to hold back my big dick. My big cock would just bash through your weak little crack muscles and I'd thrust my crotch back and forth and up and down, using all the power of my huge muscles to force my thick, hard cock in and out of your little ass. I'd fuck the shit out of you John. God I'd love to fuck the shit out of your little ass. What? You want me to fuck the shit out of you? You want to feel my big cock all the way inside you? You want to feel my big muscles while I'm fucking the shit out of you? Well, okay John, you got a deal. I'm gonna fuck you so hard your gonna think you got fucked by a bull. Oh John, now you're just ravishing my body with your tongue and your hands. You're all over me again. Your little cock is harder than I've ever seen it. And my big cock is real hard too. You're really turning me on, John. I can hardly wait to have wild sex with you. But I'm not done with the story. •

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