Sons of Hercules, The


By John

Once again, our muscle brothers find themselves divided in their tasks. Two are in the clutching hands of the evil ruler. Two have fled with the daughter of the destructive king. And the last of the five has his own unique adventure in store for him.

The skills that Goliath possessed as a great tracker served King Numitor well as they made their way back out across the hilly landscape surrounding the main city of Tiberius. Even though the King had known Maciste as a loyal subject and become as accustomed as one possibly could the amazing muscular size and strength the man possessed, the idea of the existence this second muscle giant now leading him through the woods and his three equally proportioned half brothers was staggering.

This dark skinned creature moving silently through the trees and fields was a marvel to behold. While the King had no disposition toward the sexual ways of Maciste, he had to acknowledge the spectacular physical beauty of his muscular subject and of this half- brother now guiding him. King Numitor was awed by the vastness of the muscle that covered every exposed element of the naked, sleek black figure.

Flawless displays of unbelievable muscular motion rippled through the body as it moved and twisted along the path it carved between branches, reeds and bushes. Each muscle seemed too huge for the graceful dance of light and densely packed tissue as they interacted with the shadows of leaves, branches and clouds. Each motion seemed to drive the power of each muscle ever bigger and ever harder.

Opposing muscles seemed to play with the viewer as they shifted from extended pleasuring to contracted glory. The darkness of the silky skin enhanced the difference between the whitely lighted reflection from the sweat polished body and the black shadows cut and etched between each muscle grouping.

Goliath paid little heed to the observations of the King. His task was to bring this man safely to the nearby hills and help in re- gathering the King's old soldiers and loyal guards. They traveled well into the twilight and camped in cool darkness so as not to alert anyone as to their position.

King Numitor was awakening the following morning and, in his half- asleep state, reacted with a startled scream at the initial sight of the sharp blue eyes in the huge, shadowy nude figure looming over him. Anticipating just such a reaction, Goliath's hand quickly covered the mouth of the King, stifling the emission of any sound.

"We are being followed." Goliath whispered softly. "There are scouts on our trail and, surely, there are soldiers not far behind. We must leave quickly and move on as fast as we can."

The King nodded his understanding and the two collected their belongings as quietly as possible and went about destroying any evidence of their camp. Without pausing to eat, they were on their way toward the waiting hills and, hopefully, waiting friends. The day moved slowly as the two men cut a wandering course through the woods and fields. The more they meandered the better the chance that they might throw the scouts off from their trail.

At first, King Numitor had been reluctant to be separated from Rhea. It was only after they had been traveling for a few hours that he shared with Goliath that he had vowed to protect Rhea at all costs. He understood the value of the plan, but he felt he was forsaking his promise - especially now with her being on the verge of giving birth.

Goliath, assuming the unspoken words, said that he hoped someday to have someone that special to love and care for in his life.

King Numitor burst into a surprising laugher.

"Oh, no!" He chuckled to the confused muscular onlooker. "Rhea is my niece! Once I ruled both lands of Tiberia and Alba until Amulius, my own brother, forcefully removed me from Alba. Now he seeks to finish that job here in Tiberia. Maciste has always been the main obstacle in his way. He thought that the threat of our deaths might cause your amazing brother to surrender to him but the actions only heightened the resolve of Maciste. Then the surprising pregnancy of his daughter just added to the complications."

Goliath had to admit that this seemed all too confusing and just didn't completely add up. If they were such a threat to the rule of Amulius, why not just have killed both Numitor and Rhea anyway. Numitor merely said that it was not that simple at all but chose not to elaborate. Goliath figured that none of this really mattered to him anyway, he had a task in which to participate that was considered important by his father and he would honor that assignment.

By mid-day they could see their goal. Across one more valley and then they would come to the old rope bridge that, before the construction of the dam down river, was the only way to go from Tiberia to Alba without having to make a several day journey up past the rapids. Now the dangerous bridge was only used by thieves and remote farmers. Numitor believed that many of his most loyal men had sought refuge here in the remote wilderness on the far side where they could easily observe anyone seeking to capture them.

The far side hills were filled with caves and offered many opportunities to hide. Unfortunately, it also meant that you could be observed re-entering Tiberia just as easily. The hopes they had now was that, with the King as bait, they could lure the group of Amulius' guards that were surely following them across the bridge where the former soldiers of Numitor could make quick work of them.

Goliath just wanted to be sure that they got to the bridge first so that the King would have time to gather enough of his men before Amulius' troops arrived. Once across, he hoped to be able to leave the King to organize his men on his own so that he, Goliath, could rejoin his brothers. Ever since they had left the palace, Goliath had sensed a feeling of ill and doom looming about.

By late afternoon, they had reached the bridge. Goliath's dark body served him well as he took a few moments to scout around in the shadows afforded by the shielding trees and bushes to ensure that there was no one waiting to entrap them. Once secure that they had arrived at the bridge alone, Numitor sounded out with the secret bird whistle that would notify any waiting listener of their friendly intentions to pass.

On the second try, a returning sound caught the ear of the King. He nodded the approval to Goliath and the two men darted out of cover and to the edge of the bridge. As the King stepped to the edge of the tattered old bridge, several men came out of cover on the far side waving with joy at the re-appearance of their trusted leader.

"This bridge is old and worn." Goliath stated the obvious to the King.

"Yes, but it has served me well in the past and I trust that it will do that today." Replied the King. "Besides, it is best that I go first so that the sight of you does not startle my men."

Goliath could not argue with that logic. While the bridge was long enough to make any arrows launched pretty ineffective from this distance, as they drew closer to the other side, a man the size of Goliath would be an easy target. Plus, it was almost certain that the others had never seen the likes of this amazingly muscled man with skin the color of the night. In addition, Goliath needed to ensure that no one could get to the King from behind.

Numitor strode out boldly and launched his way onto the bridge. It began to sway and creak under the burden immediately. Two ropes as thick as Goliath's aroused cock stretched across at hand height. A series of vertical roping wove a netting down each side. Short planks of weather dried lumber extended horizontally between the two rope frames.

The King moved as a man in command. His belief in the strength of the bridge proved true as he reached the far side and the welcoming hands of his waiting men. Words were exchanged and soon the King was waiving to Goliath to come forward.

Even over the great distance of the bridge and above the sound of the rapid filled river crashing noisily far below, Goliath was sure he discerned the gasps from the men as they witnessed the appearance of his impossibly muscled dark and naked body. Then, as they had previously discussed, all the men vanished back into the adjacent cover and only the King remained in the open. Now it was time for Goliath to help set the trap.

While his waist was narrower across than that of the King, Goliath's shoulders hung out far beyond the distance between the two guiding ropes. As he approached the opening to the bridge, the swell of his brutally muscled thighs rubbed heavily against the side ropes pushing them outward around the ballooned masses. His soft cock swung long and heavy from side to side as he placed one foot in front of the other and banged into the stinging ropes on each side.

One foot stepped out onto the first of the planks that overhung the gorge, The plank groaned with loud cracking under the enormous weight it was being asked to support. Sensing the danger in this maneuver, Goliath placed his next step so that his foot crossed over two of the planks. Though still not seemingly too happy, the wood accepted the densely packed burden more comfortably.

Goliath used the cock-thick rope to lean upon as he shifted his weight from one step to the next. This way the wooden members would not need to take his full body weight on their own at any one time. The action of leaning upon the spanning ropes pushed the muscles of his stupendous arms into action. His triceps flared outward into rich crescents of corded muscle twisting into knots as dense and defined as the surface of the rope itself. The late sun reflected like a series of slatted lines from the tensed volumes of muscle.

The upper back muscles expanded ever further as they were invited to assist in carrying much of the transferred muscle weight. The latissimus muscles carved into a billowed fan of bulging fibers compressed as they were between the distended triceps and the small of the canyon-deep spinal column. The lower back formed into the vision of a strong evergreen as branch after branch reached out and pulled the bottom of the lats back in toward the center of the tiny waistband.

Foot after foot, the colossal body moved forward. The pecs were pounding into global relief maps of veins and striated muscle. They, like their brother lats, were pushed outward into head-thick sculpted masses as the pressing arms left the forward bowing of the meat as the only available choice. the valley between the meaty breasts appeared to rival the depth of the chasm below.

The combination of rubbing muscle against rubbing muscle and the feel of all his thickly structured meat pumping itself ever harder pushed Goliath's gonads into a lustful reaction. His cock began to descend further down in front of this ripped thighs as it widened and heavied itself with aroused stimulation. As it expanded, it began to arc outward cascading over his quivering testicles.

By the halfway point, the muscled giant was carrying fully pumped muscle and a fully erect cock. Lust to relieve himself drove the monumental body forward more than the cause upon which he was traveling. As the heat of arousal spread through the body of Goliath, it began to consume his mind too. His eyes moved down to the vision of the head of his rigid cock. Only the forward third of his magnificent erection was visible over the swell of the mounded pec meat undulating deliriously under the results of its own efforts.

The sound of an arrow embedding itself into one of the wooden members several steps behind him brought Goliath back to reality. A quick turn of his head acknowledged that their goal of luring the enemy soldiers here had worked. Forgetting his lustful needs, Goliath vaulted the rest of the way across the swaying and straining bridge.

No sooner was he across then the soldiers, who had undoubtedly noted the lack of any weaponry present on the King or the Nubian muscleman, began their ill-fated assault. As instructed, the King and Goliath made their way off into the woods to catch up with their men. Once across, the King and soldiers would lure the attackers over to a nearby opening between two vertical rock walls. There the soldiers would be contained and held. It was the hope of all that they would not be forced to kill anyone and that, with ultimate knowledge of the fall of Amulius, they would chose to surrender.

Goliath had already informed Numitor of his intentions to return to the palace to help his brothers.

The plan moved forward just as outlined. Soon, Amulius' men were across the bridge and following the trail being carefully crafted by Numitor and his men. Goliath waited until almost twilight before daring to step back out onto the bridge. It had been silent for some time and he was sure that the soldiers were now far into the hills or, probably, captured..

As he stepped back onto the bridge, the memory of the excitement derived from the stimulation of the first crossing came back into the mind of the black muscle marvel. The fresh feel of the pushing ropes and the creaking of the dangerously challenged planks pushed the muscle and cock back into their previously stiffened state.

Once again, about at the middle of the swaying span, Goliath felt the lustful desires for orgasmic release. He cast his eyes over the preponderance of bold meaty flesh that had erupted across his visionary body. There was the marvelous cock head beating heatedly out ahead of the writhing globes of pec meat. Sweat ran down the center of the cavernous cleavage like the water rushing by many body lengths below.

Then, once again. Goliath was shaken back to reality by the whizzing sound of an arrow as it sung loudly past his ear. Turning his head, he witnessed the presence of three of Amulius' bow men. Apparently not all had been lured forward as they had hoped. As strong and muscular as Goliath was, an arrow could still do fatal damage even to his dramatic body.

Goliath sprung forward and neared the far end of the bridge. It would only be a few more steps before he was out of the range of immediate danger from the arrows. His surprise at the lack of additional volleys being launched toward him was soon provided with an answer as two wonderfully muscled men stepped out onto the bridge in front of him. Goliath thought that he recognized them but could not place the source.

As they moved out of the shadows, their own desirously honed bodies showed themselves to be as naked as that of Goliath. Clearly, they must have been watching the marbled muscle creature crossing the chasm for some time because they both sported fully enraged cocks. Neither cock was a match against that of the weapon pointing back at them from the groin of Goliath but they were formidable in their own right. Each was almost two hand lengths long and both were unusually thick around.

As their gazed moved with leering keenness over the writhing body of muscle that was Goliath, his eyes drifted up and over the collection of muscle challenging him. Goliath outmatched and outsized each one in every dimension individually, but together they formed a fascinatingly beautiful display of matching, cut muscle that could challenge Goliath or any one of his brothers with the possible exception of Maciste.

The very thought of Maciste sparked Goliath's realization. These were the same two twin soldiers who had served as the chariot drivers charged with destroying the magnificent body of his brother on the day they had first met. Now, as their threatening movement apparently indicated, they were charged with the destruction of Goliath.

The two men came ever closer. Never once did either of their faces show any signs or give any signal of their attack intentions. About two body lengths away from Goliath, they paused. The bridge moaned and groaned louder than ever under the combined pressures being applied by all the muscle mass gathered upon it.

As if to issue a sensuous warning to the pumped and excited gargantuan creature in front of them, the two men began to contort and constrict their densely defined bodies in a delirious muscle show. Double sets of pecs and delts bounced flexed in ominous beauty cutting themselves into pairs of corded, veined striations. Demonstrating amazing control, the thickly plated pecs undulated in waves of alternating delighting motion. The tips of the large, stiff nipples reflected with pointed light like the first stars of the coming evening.

Identical sets of finely muscled legs twisted outward and inward, rubbing loudly across the dried boards, as deeply cut thighs and calf muscles banged into marble hard formations. The expansive swells of upper leg mass made heated contact between the twin flexing challengers. The calf muscles pulled themselves up into lined, ridged clusters of muscle that were sharply pronounced by the deep crisp shadow as the base of the clenched muscles cut back sharply into the lower legs.

Tight waists wriggled with snakes of fibered muscles as obliques and abdominals danced in clear definition under the handsomely stretched skins. Pushing their fissured abdominals down hard on top of one another forced the lower girdle to create their own shadowed arrows pointing down onto the glowingly hard veiny cock shafts.

To further challenge the onlooker, one of the flexing assaulters brought a largely muscled arm into a full upraised position. The attached bicep jumped high and rounded into a large and deeply cut roughened ball as the clenched triceps arced laboriously full and rich from elbow to shoulder. Veins moved thickly to the fibrous surface to demonstrate the power contained within the body of the clenched meat.

Then the second of the twins reached up and grasped the delightfully balled biceps display of his brother and squeezed until a grimace formed on his own face. The meated bicep demonstrated no sign of yielding to the applied pressure as the flexed arm owner smiled out his comfort under the pressure of the attempted assault. Defiantly he brought the second bicep into a matched vision of heated contraction, his brother stepped behind him and capped both domed forms with his taunting hands.

The heat of seeing these two identical, handsomely muscled forms united in their muscled pleasuring was almost too much even for the likes of Goliath. Then the two separated once again and finished their taunting challenge as both men forced their arms down straight, extended hard and solid at each side of their bodies. All four triceps and pecs crushed themselves into multiple divisions of coiled cords filled with densely divided meat.

While the two wonderfully muscled road blocks had been engaged in their alluring display, they had been stepping back ever so slowing away from Goliath. At first, Goliath had been drawn unconsciously toward the erotic challengers and the end of the bridge. But, now he stood in solid resistance refusing to permit them to succeed in their taunting.

Then, in one motion Goliath returned a display of his hugely etched muscle to show his own conviction. As he shifted and flexed, he could not help but fill with the remorseful knowledge that one or more of these three dazzling compilations of muscle would need to be destroyed in the challenge now established between them. To demonstrate his own conviction, Goliath tensed into a full body crunch that removed the smiles from the lusting challengers. Muscle upon muscle assumed inhuman proportion and stoned themselves into crystallized clarity covering the totality of the body of Goliath.

Goliath returned his own smile as he witnessed the awed responses to his display when both of the pointing cocks leaped with excited approval at the image before them. Not to be outdone, Goliath forced his own superior member to push itself as high and hard as the rest of his flesh. The response was swift and not unpredictable as the two gawking twin bodies began to convulse and quake in spasms of uncontrolled muscle contortions. The already magnified displays of stratified muscled fissured and shook as erotically thickened displays.

First the petrified cock of the front twin and then that of the rear one erupted as steaming fountains of handlessly stimulated cum. Groans of blissful release belched from the two assaulters echoed across the width of the chasm. The dry wood planks began to soak up the rich juices fed upon their surfaces. Goliath pounded the cumming figures with crunch after visually explosive crunch of his purified preponderance of chiseled muscle. The cascade of cum continued as the testicles of the two muscular bodies were provoked to completely devoid themselves of every drop of precious semen they contained.

The posing and posturing by the sweating muscular behemoth had done its job and gave Goliath the time he needed to assess the situation. Soon the two muscle fountains would cease their release and be free again to turn their attention to their presumed primary task. Goliath could not go back without inviting his own demise from an array of carefully launched deadly arrows. Down the many lengths into the crashing waters certainly did not seem to be a viable option. That only left forward as the direction in which he had to travel - and success in the forward movement meant the elimination of the spent, twinned muscle pillars obstructing him.

Then Goliath remembered the voice of his father, Hercules, telling them that the power of their minds was as important, if not more so, than the power of their bodies. He also knew, somehow, that his part in their task was no longer critical. He had delivered the rightful King back to his own men.

With surprising swiftness, Goliath turned his impossibly huge back to his prospective assailants. Before they had the chance to respond or, even, to begin to move in on their victim, Goliath clasped both cock- thick spanning ropes solidly in his grasp. Tensing every muscle as he never had before, the godlike compilation of massive muscle yanked back on both ropes simultaneously. The cords ripped out from the anchoring ground on the far side at the feet of the bow men and the far end of the bridge began to plummet downward taking the three muscular creatures with it. •

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