Sons of Hercules, The



By John

Just how much does it take to destroy the godly muscle of the Sons of Hercules? We last left the ultra-muscular Maciste along with Ursus and Lin in the clutches of the evil King and Eros. The King seeks to know the limits of limitless muscle and Maciste is the test.

Flames from an array of oil-soaked torches and bowls cast an eerie light through the austere chamber and reflected harshly from the heavy chains securing the hugely muscled naked figure of Maciste as he stood locked in place between the equally naked prone bodies of Ursus and Lin.

Amulius stood with Eros at his side out beyond the reach of the trapped trio. Now that the three captives had been appropriately secured, all but the two most trusted men of Amulius had been dispatched to get ready to join in the pursuit of Numitor and Amulius' daughter, Rhea, and their escorts. It had not been an easy capture. Maciste had needed to be convinced by Amulius of his sincerity and the bound bodies of Ursus and Lin served as proof of that. Eros had objected to the stinging torture and had tried, in vain, to convince Amulius to destroy them all in fully conscious glory.

Amulius had wanted the destruction of Maciste to be his to enjoy alone. Eros had begged to permitted to stay in consideration of all that Maciste had subjected him to. Amulius seemed pleased and awed with the vision he was now witnessing. The sight of the massive Maciste gloriously imprisoned with all his phenomenal muscles readied to meet its doom was enough to drive any man to erotically stimulated arousal. The addition of the slowly struggling form of his almost equally muscled oriental half brother and the aesthetically trim still body of Ursus' companion pushed the mind of the royal observer to a new height of brutal eroticism.

The oriental lovers were lying spread-eagled on their backs atop chair-high flat stone blocks. Their outstretched arms and legs were locked by metal wrist clamps and secured to the floor by matching sections of the same heavy links tethered to Maciste. The weight of the chains dragged Lin's unmoving arms down on to the ground pulling his chest wide and flat. His breathing was slow and shallow. The same chaining hung heavy and straining under the pressure being applied to tear them from their foundation by the excruciatingly muscled Ursus.

Weakened from the pricking tips of the poison soaked arrowheads that had been, one by one, scratched across the expanse of Ursus' body left it too weak to succeed against the chains and metal banding. Maciste had been forced to witness as line after line had been drawn along the surface of Ursus' translucent skin and soak into the very muscle that defined the man. The resulting weakness had numbed the ability of his mind to concentrate but had not affected the display offered by the writhing musculature. The disoriented struggling had pumped his massive flesh full and hard. Even his cock had responded to the physical stimulation coursing through his mind-weakened body.

The biceps had blossomed into fully flushed and sharply lined meat in their tensing struggles as a vine of tubular veining grew to visually surround the visceral masses. As the weakened mind fought to gain control over itself, it worked feverishly, but unsuccessfully, to provide direction to the capable muscles. The curve of the balling biceps strained into highly peaked mountained muscular form under the competition between the pulling weight of the chains and the monumental pectorals.

Pec meat rounded in high relief as the fanning cords bunched and mounded in their effort to rip the chain anchor plates out from the floor. The veining that started its mapped routing at the wrists and over the ballooned forearms continued through the magnified biceps and onto the exploded surface of the global pectorals. The surface scratches of the slow torture could still be seen. Each confused pull pushed the piled breast flesh ever higher as it arced up on an upper torso several times as thick as that of the weight wearied Lin.

The impossibly cut muscled chest thickness was even further exaggerated by the vacuumed form of the stretched abdominal cavity. The abs of the prone muscled form shone with the same pureness of muscle quality as that of the rest of the body yet was composed in a space no larger than that of Ursus' thin lover, Lin. The implausible smallness of the waist multiplied the effect of the lats spread widely across the full width of the stone slab upon which the rested. The upper portions of the lats grew to such scale as to extend far beyond the limits of the cold stone.

As the fruitless struggle continued, the breasts expanded to the point where they challenged the rise of the stiffly pointing cock anchored at the base of the tight waist girdle. While the other muscles seemed to have lost some coordinating self-control under the influence of the light drugging, the prodigious cock stood bold and proud. It pointed stiffly and stunningly toward the great rock and bladed metal rods that hung over it and the rest of the fantastic body.

The huge flat plate of granite suspended above the prone muscular giant extended above and over the head of the central figure of Maciste and on beyond the outer extended arms of the more seriously poison affected Lin. An array of polished black iron spikes drifted down from the bottom surface of the stone aiming their arm-length sharpened ends at the bodies secured under the weighty rock umbrella. The smaller body of Lin had reacted much more to the poisons and was laying there virtually unconscious and motionless. Ultimately, it was the condition of Lin that had caused Maciste to surrender.

Maciste, though concerned about the conditions of his friends, especially Lin, now stood defiantly in the center, chained by the ankles to the floor and to the bottom of the suspended stone by the wrists. He could not guess at the weight of the element above, but knew that it had to be several times more than the stone gate which he struggled to hold in place for those many minutes while his brothers secured the release of King Numitor and Rhea.

Amulius was anxious and ready. Eros asked for one more indulgence before they began. With the King's permission and the two guards ready with their bows, Eros moved up to the enormous muscle figure of Maciste. While Maciste wanted to reach out and crush the life out of this man who had been the cause of so much discomfort to him, he dared not as long as there might be any glimmer of hope that he could help his trapped friends.

Slowly the excited soldier removed his own garments revealing his own well muscled body and stood muscular flesh to muscular flesh. Then Eros began a gentle stroking over the heaving pecs of the statuesque preponderance of captured muscle. The massive flesh recoiled in response to the first touch as it formed into the rock-like nature that defined its glory. Eros palmed the stiffened flesh and felt the heat emanating from deep within the dense breast.

The plated meat corded itself into a series of further defined striations as the hands tripped forcefully over the various hillocks and ridges running over the veined mooned surfaces. As if to provide a great sense of the reality of the expansive breasts, Eros drove one hand as deeply as possible into the crevassed cleavage. Succumbing to the sensual endeavor, Maciste's meated mounds relaxed enough to permit the groping fingers full penetration to the bottom of the canyoned mountains. Eros fingers were completely swallowed by the invitingly heavy flesh all the way up to and, then, past the knuckles.

Once inside, the lined meat reformed into stony hardness causing a delighted pain to shoot through the imprisoned hand. Reluctantly, Eros withdrew the hand as the pressure and pain began to increase to the point of becoming unendurable. Then the yearning fingers drifted over the great pectoral expanses landing ultimately at each of the now aroused downward nipples. The flexing and pulsating meat seemed to fill the rounded points with their own impossible hardness.

Eros was all too familiar with the sensitivity of these two luscious brown coins. Glancing down as he played, Eros eyes met up with the muscle giant's expanding cock at the same time it announced its presence against Eros' lower abdominals. Leaving one hand to continue the nipple pleasuring, Eros let one hand move slowly over the chiseled stomach muscles. It delighted in the sensations as it moved from plated dome to plated dome crossing valley after valley of definition in between.

Soon the hand came to rest on the bushy base of the rising male member. Like the monstrous body of a recently fed snake, the majestic cock of Maciste coiled upward and pushed ever outward. The flaring head crowned the body with its wide sensitive collar of inflated tissue displaying itself in warning like that of a great cobra. The double fist-sized crown mushroomed in crimsoned hardness as the main body continued its expansion and began to leak the clear drool of the precum of its excitement.

Eros' hand glided slowly outward from the base of the anchoring crotch and marveled as it did on that first fateful night many days ago at the power and scope of the swelling instrument. The tightly packaged tissue flowed outward like a liquid rock filled tube. As the cylinder captured more and more of the reinforcing fluids driving its ascent, the heat softened rock began to settle into solidified splendor.

Soon the marvelous tool had forged itself from a sinuous python to a horizontal stoned column of impenetrable flesh. Eros laid the full length of his forearm and extended hand along the top of the protruding cylinder. With his elbow set firmly against the vertical wall of Maciste's stupendous groin muscles, the tip of Eros' center finger barely tickled the rear side of the base of the flared crowning cap. Spreading his thumb and fingers out in opposite directions, Eros hand reached around the columned meat and firmly grasped about 1/3 of the circumference.

Eros tired in vane to pressure his clutching fingers into the rigidly fibered tool. Then he dragged his clasping hand back toward the groin roughly. The taunt stretched skin felt hot and the visually enhancing network of veining sent shivers of erotic stimulation through the minds of both the admirer and the captive. An energetic application of downward pressure applied by Eros failed to shift the cantilevered position of the iron-hard rod and assured him that the bound marvel was fully aroused.

Leaving the magnificent tool free, Eros moved slowly around to behind the statuesque vision. As he flowed around the phenomenal figure, Eros reveled in the vision of the heaving muscle-beast. By stimulating the gigantic organ, Eros had also ensured that every muscle and every fiber on the colossal body was pumped to excruciatingly voluminous definition. Each heated breath caused the densely inflated body to quiver in an exquisite display of carved muscular grandeur.

An overview of the unbelievably wide and thick upper back completed Eros' own arousal as his ample cock pounded for orgasmic release. The sensual hands of the soldier traced the outer flow of the ridged lats and moved ever inward and down to the smallness of the lower back. Eros could almost bring his thumbs in contact with each other as he reached the narrowest part of the stiffly muscled vertical support system. As astoundingly small as the waistband was, it transmitted the same sense of strength and power as the mighty pecs or the magnificent cock.

Then the hands and eyes settled on the most marvelous elements of the posterior display. Both ass cheeks were clenched and ready for an attempted onslaught and constricted to discourage any internal invasion. If the cock was formed from solidified molten rock, then the gluteal composition was one of pressure fused granite. In many ways, the visual image gave much the same impression as strata upon strata of rocky clefts laid piled and compressed - one on top of another. The outer flanks of each cheek canyoned in at the center creating an ominously strong overhanging cliff of muscle anchored to the upper part of the hip joint above.

Soon the wandering fingers sound their way across the plated masses and congregated at the top of the closed vertical canyon between the marbled muscle mountains. Eros fingers strayed down along the pressure sealed ridge and disappeared from view heading toward the hidden cave opening below.

Tired with the delay, King Amulius moved in toward the aroused marvel. Instantly, the two guards readied their bows and poisoned arrows aiming them at the formidable pectoral targets.

"All of this could have made us the greatest army in world had ever experienced." The King offered as he clutched a small, small part of a ballooned bicep."

"And, this" He continued jeeringly while placing a hand on the upper surface of the columned cock "could have served me as the greatest weapon in my arsenal. If only you would have joined with me instead of with my impressionable and weak brother! This instrument alone could have brought my enemies, female and male, to either allegiance with me or, if they refused that, to their death by impalement!"

" I do not work with or help the concepts of tyranny." Maciste spit back. "You may claim me, but others will follow in my footsteps until the world is rid of you, Amulius!"

"Enough of this!" Amulius shouted back signaling for Eros to rejoin him. It is time for me to claim you, Maciste, and, then, to use your destroyed body to seal my power."

Then, taking his own sword from its sheath and laying it over the flames from the fire of one of the bowled torched, Amulius added. "and when we are done, we shall have your severed cock and testicles cut off and seared shut, aroused as they are, and displayed for all to remember your demise forever."

Eros stepped reluctantly away. As he departed and just before releasing his anal touch, he whispered into the ear of Maciste. "I have often dreamed of your penetration and I still believe in that dream."

On a signal from Amulius, one of the two guards moved off into the shadows. The sound of a lever being pulled could be heard. Then the huge stone and sharp iron spikes began to drift down slowly over the three chained figures. Maciste shifted swiftly so that the spike nearest to his head would miss him. Then he reached up with one mighty chained arm to rip the imposing metal shaft from the descending rock. A slight touch warned him of the impossibility of that attempt as the metal had been polished to blade sharpness and threatened to slice right through his thin sheath of skin.

The crushingly heavy stone cover moved down along with the suspended metal blades. Soon it was within arms reach of the writhing giant. Seeing no other immediate option, Maciste reached up and placed the palms of his hands on the underside of the immense moving slab. Instinctively, his arms began to create a double bicep pose. The immense biceps mounded up demonstrating the awesome size of these flesh monsters. Veins spilled out into the vacuum between meat and skin creating dark, thick, undulating cords that wrapped each mound of iron-like flesh.

Then the extended balls began to form themselves into a variety of separate dense globes. The front masses split sharply from the rounder rear volume. The higher rear mounds of the biceps grew harder and sharper as the flesh took on the tone and texture of the stone which hardness it imitated. The massive arm muscles flushed with striated splendor under the strain and attained their full pump showing themselves to be much larger than the giant's waist and making it, in turn, look even smaller.

The applied dead-weight had no feeling with which to enjoy this amazing human vision and kept slowly drifting downward trying to push the spikes toward and, ultimately, into the prone victims.

Maciste's amazing pectorals and lats joined into the defense. The widest part of the lats flared out past the width of the vibrating triceps and dove sharply into the obliques on each side. Veins separated from within the dense muscle and snaked vividly over and around the thick, thick arc of the expanded crescents of flesh. The unbelievable width across the chest/lat spread increased with each deep gasp of heavy breathing. Each time the volume expanded even more impossibly large than before.

Sweat flowed off of Maciste's face and splashed onto the upper portion of the pecs which, even stretched by the straining, were still thicker than the breasts of a well-endowed woman. These massive muscle monsters, like the arm muscles, split many-fold into solid cords of male breast-meat with deeply striated ribbons pulling back from shoulder to breastplate. They vibrated intensely as they struggled to halt the movement of the crushing rock and dangerous metal descending from above.

The descent seemed to slow. Then, just as Maciste was beginning to feel a sense of building self-confidence, he sense a spasm of movement downward as his upper body moved closer to a true double bicep pose. In response, he heard the first shout from the struggling behemoth, Ursus. Only a head-length separated the pecs of his large organed half-brother from the first of the waiting iron sabers.

Maciste's shoulders and biceps responded immediately in new-found anger. The rock-like meat glowed as each bicep and triceps assumed it's greatest level of peaked volume. Thickened, dark veins pumped and swelled visibly as the blood being demanded was carried into and out of the frenzied feeding gargantuan mounds of meat. Shoulders became boulders that looked uncrushible.

Maciste stood as a stupendous display of raw in-human power. The flickering fire light reflected the perfection of all his muscled splendor. The rock had crushed him down into a shallow squatting position yet he dared not attempt to rest the burden across his back and shoulders without sacrificing one or both of his chained friends. Panic began to seize his thoughts as he recognized a renewed downward shift and struggled to figure out a way to stop it.

Ursus mouthed an unspoken scream as the point of one spike came in contact with his strain-expanded breast meat and dimpled, but did not puncture the rocked delicious pectoral mound at its thickest point about just above his hardened nipple. Ursus' hard, curved muscular chest began to heave up and down as the pecs tensed into wonderfully beautiful mounds of solid, resisting muscle in anticipation of the oncoming onslaught. With each gasping breath, the seemingly impenetrable meat was pushed harder and harder against the needled point of the destructive metal.

Maciste continued his struggle to raise the now halted weight. A thin line of red leaked down the outer curve of Ursus' massive punctured breast and ran around the quivering pointing nipple. The sight drove renewed concentration into the mind of Maciste as the weighty object was pushed slightly upward freeing the gyrating mass of Ursus' man- tit for the moment. Even still, Maciste realized that even he would not be able to support the impossible weight much longer.

At that very moment, two guards rushed in and advised Amulius that King Numitor had connected with his own men in the north and that Rhea and her companions had seemed to have vanished. The angered King lashed out at his messengers and directed them to ready his horse immediately.

Given the choice between his desire to witness the destruction of Maciste and his need to keep his brother and daughter from rousing their people against him, Amulius had to select the latter. He directed Eros and his two guards to see to it that Maciste met the end he deserved and to bring the severed cock and balls of the destroyed muscular annoyance to him as proof. With that, he turned and was off.

Maciste was pleased to have heard of the successes of his brothers and tried to use that to reinforce his own conviction. Still, the weight had no reason to offer relief. Instead, it continued to wear upon the fissuring column of inhuman muscular splendor. Maciste looked up after the King had gone only to see the two guards. At the same time, the rocky burden fought its way back to where the pointy metal spike had re-invaded the twitching mass of Ursus' heaving pec.

Suddenly, without warning came a cry from one of the two guards. Maciste saw the glint of sword shaped red hot metal as it struck the shoulder of the unsuspecting guard with its blunt side. In a smell of burned flesh, bow and arrows fell to the floor with along with the image of the screaming guard clutching his burned arm. Before he could react, the second guard had succumb to the same action.

Then Eros stepped out of the shadows, holding the still glowing sword of Amulius that he had apparently lifted out of the nearby torch bowl, and began to move toward Maciste.

"So, it is to be a short, sweet death by the sword after all!" The splendidly muscled creature laughed out at the approaching aroused naked soldier.

To Maciste's surprise Eros strode silently past the stone-carved muscle figure. Then Maciste heard the sound of the lever that had initialized the crushing stone's descent.

"It's OK, you can let go now. You and your friends are safe." The reappearing Eros called as he discarded the steaming sword and stepped up next to the still struggling Maciste. "If you do not believe me, then let go anyway and take me with you."

Seeing that, either way, they faced the same potential fate, Maciste honored the request. The stone and blades stayed where he left them. Obviously Eros had been telling the truth. Then the naked soldier went back over to one of the now unconscious guards and came back with the key to the metal bracelets and freed Lin, Ursus and, then, Maciste.

Maciste stood as a display of astounding muscular splendor and enormously confused. •

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