Sons of Hercules, The



By John

…and the five men of muscle enter the very heart of the "lion's den" along with their Asian friend, Lin, and the allegedly repentant Eros. What surprises await them inside the dark, brooding corridors.

Eros was astounded as he viewed how the flickering light of the torches inside the dark palace passageways reflected the grandeur and vastness of muscle that composed the five naked demigods. Even though he had cum not less than three times in the past few hours, the images of muscle surrounding him caused Eros to sustain a constant erection as they moved forward in their search forward on their quest to free the captives of Amulius.

The sharp light cast deep, dark shadows carved out unimaginable depth over the expansive muscles carried on each of the five musclemen. The largest and most defined, Maciste, lead the way with the drooling Eros tied behind him. All the striated and fissured muscle was cut sharper and deeper while moving under the flitting flames of the oil burning torches. The brutally muscled back and shoulders filled the full width of the wide corridor. The flame licked skin glowed with magnificent fullness as the voluminous muscles below pushed the stretched the human flesh covering to its limits.

In the darkness of the corridor, the tiny waist became an invisible imagination. Then the marvelousness of the gluteal composites lighted into stiffened mounds of glory. The moving clefts of meat hung thick and solid over the cavernous dimpled sides carved into the center of each ass cheek. A fissured vertical canyon extended downward at the middle into almost irresistibly inviting darkness between the shifting muscled rock formations of ass.

The rear legs biceps flowed in and out of view as the chest-sized upper leg mass shifted to propel the massive collection of flawless meat forward. Calf muscles cut from marbled rock flexed to head- sized proportions as they carried their share of the desirous moving burden.

As the front leg masses moved forward in successive turns, the solidified volumes of muscle contained on them forced the head of the still-hard leg-thick cock to sway into view on alternating sides. The head glowed hard and crisp under the harsh light and seemed to stand out alone separated from the trunk-like cock shaft caused by the dark shadow cast over it by the flared crown.

Speed was now the primary driving force. The goal was to get in and secure the freedom of the captives before the palace breach was discovered. Even if the invading musclemen did not fully understand the importance of their assignment, it seemed to be critical to their father, Hercules.

Finally, they came upon the room at the base of the tower containing the captured king and the lady Rhea that both Maciste and Eros had described. Sure enough, there was the great wooden double wheel from which extended a chain as thick and large as the one used in the failed attempt to destroy the muscular body of Maciste. The chain arced up into the darkness of the high room and the end became visible again as it descended down and anchored into a huge stone slab set into the far wall.

Atlas and Ursus moved over to the wheel and took positions by the thick wooden post that extended out on both sides toward the top of the circle. Argolis and Goliath stood guard at the entrance from the corridor down which they had just traveled and listened for the sounds from any searching soldiers.

Without word, Atlas and Ursus reached up and grasped the protruding post firmly. Slowly they began to force the post forward in a downward motion as the wheel creaked into motion. Usually this endeavor would have involved a score of men. The size and weight had been planned to keep any individuals or small groups from gaining access - but these muscled marvels now assaulting the tower were no ordinary group of men.

The two sets of straining arms anchored to the wheel blossomed into now-familiar arrays of muscled splendor as biceps and triceps of immense proportions assumed the burden meant for many times the manpower. Tendoned masses of meat flaunted their strength at the spinning wheel. Ropes of triceps muscle became etched from shoulder to elbow and split at the midpoint to form bottomless hollows as the fantastic volumes swelled into perfect horseshoe shapes.

The biceps ballooned into rock-formed balls as they worked to pull the wheel toward the bodies at the bottom of the first spin and began to lift the post upward along its circular path. Veins as thick as any of the corded springs of muscle in the triceps wrapped around the glowing biceps as if to keep the impossible amounts of balled muscle fiber in tact.

The wheel spun faster as the rhythmic movements of the muscle gained control over the inanimate resistor. Soon, the prohibiting stone gate began to creep upward as the chain lifted it from the floor. Goliath signaled that he thought he had heard something off in the distance. They stopped momentarily but there were no more discernible sounds. The two sweating piles of glimmering muscle holding the post began again. As soon as the stone was high enough above the floor, Maciste reached under and began to assist by curling the massive monolith.

With his arms locked in against each severely muscled lat and pec, Maciste's triceps and biceps exploded into a visual girth wider than the width of a normal mans chest. The tethered Eros sat in pure awe at the sight of so much crisply cut volume. The muscle fibers soon saturated the translucent skin to the point that all the distended cells closest to the surface of the meaty composition were individually visible. A roadmap of sensual veining beat thickly between the muscle and the flesh with each pounding of the heart to feed the demanding monsters.

The three pulsing marvels of muscle continued their moving sculpture of work, soon Maciste was in the position of holding the rock door pressed completely above his head. He signaled the others to move forward as they had discussed while he would keep the gate aloft. Atlas stayed to guard the passage while Maciste remained in position holding the huge stone aloft.

The three other mountainously muscled men and Lin moved forward, squeezing around the column of muscle holding up the stone door. Not far down the passage they came upon the circular stone stair that had been described to them. Their broadly muscled shoulders rubbed harshly against the rocky side walls as they spun up the staircase ever higher in the tower.

As the last in the line, it was Lin's turn to witness the beauty and magnificence of the flowing naked muscles in front of him. As much as he missed his native oriental homeland and the, now seemingly, easy life he and Ursus had had, he pleasured in the value of being here with his much-loved living muscle spectacle, Ursus. Given the choice of an easy life alone and a short dangerous life with Ursus, Lin would always choose the latter. If only he could offer Ursus all that the muscle creature presented to him.

When they reached the top, the men were faced with a huge wooden door as thick as the span of two hands. Recognizing that those who they sought to help on the other side of this door had no idea of their coming, they knew they had to act swiftly and calmingly. Argolis ran his knowing hands across the breadth of the restricting wooden object. Satisfied with his sensing of the material, he stepped back slightly and concentrated on the goal before him.

Every fiber of muscle within his body seemed to swell into instant fullness as Atlas sent the message of his needs for measured strength coursing through the massive meat. For an instant, he formed the very image of a perfect statue of sheered, godly muscle as he prepared his assault. Fiber upon fiber, cord upon cord, sinew upon sinew, vein upon vein, and striation upon striation defined every part of the image of muscle he became.

He appeared as if spears, arrows, knives and swords would prove useless and futile against such a marvel of muscled density and scale. Even his cock shown with the same amazing strength defying fortitude that Lin had seen for those few moment back when Argolis and Goliath had overwhelmed the mighty cedar tree. The definition assumed such an astounding level that even Argolis' testicles seemed carved of the same stone that had become the body.

The door stood no chance as one massively shouldered swing sent it inward and apart in countless pieces. As discussed, only Lin entered the room at first. Once in, he immediately assured the two, frightened, seated captives that they were there to help and to bring them out from their captivity. Thankfully, the words of Hercules proved true and both of the surprised victims seemed to understand the words spoken by this strange-looking, yellow-skinned young man.

"Please do not harm us!" Cried Rhea the daughter of Amulius.

"Do not fear, my friends and I are here to help. We were sent by Maciste. He is waiting for us at the base of the tower." Lin reassured. "But we must move fast."

"We? Who are - we?" asked the imprisoned King.

"I am here with three of the half-brothers of Maciste." Lin continued. "I must let you know that they are about as large and muscular as your Maciste. They are right outside the door."

With that, Lin waved his compatriots in. One by one they entered through the destroyed opening. Both Rhea and the King were visibly shocked and astounded at the sight of all this impossibly huge and hard muscle but, already being familiar with Maciste, they seemed to accept the possibility of what was now obvious in front of them. Rhea seemed to be more distracted than the King, but that might be explained by the impact of her seeing not only these amazing masses of differently colored meated marvels but by the mere fact that it was all completely naked and sported fully aroused penises several times the overall mass of those of a normal mortal.

Once the initial shock seemed to have subsided, Rhea offered her own surprise to the rescuers. As she rose, it became obvious that she was severely pregnant. As the men reassessed the situation, they finally concluded that they would still need to follow the course that they had already planned.

As all of this transpired up high in the tower, Maciste stood in sweat enhanced muscular splendor awaiting their return to the inhumanly heavy gate that he held over his head. Atlas stood silently staring back down the dark hall and listened intently for any sound. Eros remained seated on the ground tied to and near the muscled colossus of Maciste in silent awe. He ached to reach up and fondle the inhuman display of prodigious cock meat or any part of the carved musculature.

Eros had witnessed what he had considered the epitome of perfected muscular enhancement when he had seen Maciste in his naked struggle against the two chariots and the four horses. The images of the writhing massive form bulging with impossibly beautiful muscular distention chained between the chariots came back into the mind of Eros. Now here was that same mountainous form undaunted by supporting a weight equal to that of a score of men.

Only the flow of the shining sweat and the slight quivering of each massively cut muscle offered any indication of the struggle going on within the sculpted body. Eros focus shifted slowly and longingly over the various gargantuan parts presented to him. The shoulders were locked in bowled formations of such size that the upper reaches rubbed in contact with each side of the thickly chiseled neck.

Above them, to the outside, were two enormous arms with biceps so huge that, even fully stretched, they carried the bowed curvature of their massive bellies of meat. Crisp lines cut the bountiful biceps as if the rock-like mass had been fissured apart at the surface by the sheer forces of the mass within. The triceps were carved into and onto the outside of each arm. Their constricted masses had shaped themselves into two head-sized arcs flaring out a full head width from the locked elbow joint before cutting back into the upper flare of the lats.

Inflated rope after rope of intertwined muscle screamed out and along each forearm as the muscle stood in vertical solidity like ribbed columns supporting the hands that served as column caps to carry the impossible weight. Moving down in the opposite direction from the base of the arms, the lats rolled ever outward until they almost touched each side of the wide stone opening in which the demigod stood. As Maciste breathed, the flaring side meat expanded out further until it pushed against the side walls with, seemingly, enough force to leave indentation marks to announce their presence.

The carved circular forms of the extended back meat dove ever inward, fed by a series of string-like veins snaking through their massiveness, until they invaded the upper obliques almost horizontally. The abs packed themselves into a mounded series of heaving, cut rectangular flat plates stacked one atop another. Each finger of the obliques reached out and pulled the waist ever tighter until it was no wider across than two extended hands just below the navel.

All of this served to surround the quivering masses of the pectorals in a golden frame of serrated flesh. The lengthened mounds of pec meat arced out and were still palm deep at the middle of each of the mooned marvels. Sweat ran sweetly and swiftly down the center valley of deeply etched cleavage and shook itself off at the cantilevered bottoms of the quaking flesh. The aroused nipples gyrated in small, tantalizing circles as the striated surface of the plated breasts quivered as much from their own mass as from the applied weighty burden above.

As much as Eros was content to dwell on all of the beauty of the massive body, the distention of the enormous erection boldly announced itself as the crowning glory to this monument of manhood. Viewed from below, the impossible scale of this astounding tool was fully presented to the viewer. Two fist-sized balls hung in spherical splendor stretched tautly filled with the juice of desire. These global clusters showed no sign of the vulnerability to attack that drove fear into the minds of most men.

Above and from the full sacs extended a shaft as cut and rigid as any of the struggling muscles with which it was associated. The base of the tool was almost as wide as Eros' outstretched hand and invaded the girdle of the body with reinforced stiffness. The pole of polished meat moved outward along a length of shaft equal to the distance from Eros elbow to the end of his fist loosing almost none of its broadness along the way. From experience, Eros knew that his opposing thumbs and middle fingers barely touched tip to tip with his hands wrapped around the substantial shaft.

The cock head was as large as both of Eros' fists placed together face to face. The base of the cock head formed a mighty, deeply ridged crown befitting the king-of-cocks to which it was fitted. It mushroomed down and circled around to the invitingly delicious slit at the endpoint. All of the wondrous meat was vacuum packed in translucent skin and lined with a daunting array of delightful veining. As the mighty body shifted in its weighted struggle, the voluptuous shaft of manhood pounded itself ever harder and more desirous.

However, before Eros could shake himself into any form of action toward the towering phenomenon of muscle the others returned with the rightful King and Rhea. Once all safely back out through the opening, Maciste, with the assistance of two of his muscled brothers, was relieved of his burden and the stone gate was lowered back into place.

Maciste bowed his allegiance to his King, Numitor, and pledged to return him to his rightful throne. He explained to King Numitor how he and his half brothers had been brought together by their father, Hercules to free the two most important people destined to change the future of the world. Though he knew well of the folly of the Gods, the King was astounded to think that, somehow, he and Rhea could be that important.

Maciste explained that it was of foremost urgency that they needed to keep moving as quickly as possible. Lin had gathered up several blankets from which they could fashion a stretcher to carry Rhea. King Numitor had been worn thin by his months of captivity but was sound enough to travel.

The plan was a simple one. The King would go off with Goliath to the nearby hills where they could then reach out to his own loyal guards and scattered soldiers. Atlas and Argolis would lead Rhea back to her rightful kingdom of Alba in the hopes that her presence would give cause for her people to rise up together against the tyranny of Amulius.

In the meantime, Lin and Ursus would go with Maciste to try to find Amulius in the hopes that they could get to him before he could find out what had transpired and send his guards out. Even if Maciste and Ursus were unsuccessful, to chase after them all King Amulius would be forced to split up his guards to pursue both groups. Without much pause, the brothers wished each other the speed and luck of the Gods and set off on their assigned journeys..

Maciste, Ursus, Lin and the still tethered Eros moved silently through the narrow corridor toward the central chambers of the palace. All seemed to be going as well as planned. Suddenly and without warning, the sharply pointing ends of two sets of equally spaced black iron bars crashed downward toward the ground - one set in front of them and the other just behind their backs.

Machiste, Lin and Ursus found themselves completely trapped in a cage of metal and rock. The descent of the forward bars had missed the protruding end of Maciste's magnificent cock by less than the width of a hand. Even with all the internal might of the marvelous member, the result would have been a disaster had the sharply pointed metal crashed down upon the top of the tantalizing tool. Eros had rolled out of the way in front of the muscled giant and was on the outside of the forward bars.

Standing just behind him was none other than King Amulius. He was surrounded by several of his best guards, all of whom were poised and readied with arrows drawn and pulled. Eros was on his feet and over to King Amulius in no time. He quickly and briefly explained how he had been taken captive by this "traitor" and his friends. Amulius cut away the cord that bound Eros to Maciste and welcomed back his lost Captain and then turned to face his prized catch.

It appeared that Amulius had been aware of their presence in the palace for some time but had waited for just the right chance to trap Maciste. He ordered some of the guards to set off after the freed King and Rhea. Amulius laughed at the "folly" of their escape and was certain that Rhea would not get far in her current pregnant condition. As to the true King, Amulius ordered them to kill him and not to waste any more time as he had outlived his usefulness.

With the main force of the guards dispatched, he turned his attention back to the three caged men.

"Well, Maciste, it seems it is finally time for us to put an end to all the difficulty you have caused us." Amulius taunted the still struggling muscle giant.

"I will rot in Hades before I give in to you." Maciste yelled back boldly.

" I believe I can assist you with that request." Laughed Amulius. "Right now, however, I would suggest that, even if you do not care about what happens to you, these poison tipped arrows can bring a great deal of harm to your friends."

"Fear not, you shall, indeed, die." Amulius continued. "But this is not how I want you to die. I seek to destroy this body which you prize so highly and carry the pieces of your crushed and punctured body out to show my public that even flesh like yours is no match for my power."

Turning to Eros, Amulius added. "We shall take them to the lower chambers where Maciste will find out that his strength has its limits. You and I together will show those who may have doubts about my power that even the great Maciste and his friends are subject to my wrath." •

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