Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

The sixth night : North of Flagstaff AZ

The cave was dark when we reached it. The southern moon shone across the valley, beaming straight into the cave. Rod put me down outside it and went in. The moonlight seemed to have painted a Buffalo on the wall, streaked with blue. I turned to look over the valley, trying to make out the lights of the pueblo far below.

There was a crackling sound and I turned to see that Rod had lit a fire in the cave, as well as a few candles.

"Why don't you come in?"

Now it was lit, I could see the cave was exactly as I had known it in my dreams. The same rush mattress, the same flickering lights on the walls.

I still hovered at the entrance,

"You know I've seen this place before, don't you?"

"Yeah, I guessed you had. What else did you see?"

"The same flickering fire, the same shadows on the wall. I even remember some of the same voices and the things they said."

" 'I've been waiting for you so long'?"

"Yeah, and 'I cannot fear you - ' "

" 'I can worship, but I cannot fear you'?"

"Yeah - but it was YOU who said that!"

"I remember."

I had turned to look at him. He'd thrown the buffalo hide on the mattress and now he was as naked as the day he was born. So was I for that matter.

I shook my head, looking at the muscular glory that he was. He glowed, radiated strength and love - or lust or whatever... All I knew was that I wanted him desperately. Desperately wanted to be him.

Judging by the look of his monstrous weapon he wanted me too. He came slowly toward me and drew me into his arms. My six feet reached up for his seven feet. He held me close to him and slid my body up against his until our pecs collided and our lips met. I could actually sit on the steely perch of his twenty inches of meat as it divided my legs.

I squeezed my quads hard around its girth, trying to get him to work it between my legs. He squeezed my hard butt as I wrapped my arms around his torso, clinging to the spread lats. There just weren't enough words in the dictionary to describe the magnitude of this man - huge, immense, vast, towering. Massive, thick. Great, wonderful, glorious, mighty. None of them were enough to paint a true picture of his mind-blowing presence of muscle.

So I'll stop trying to put him into words and give in to the control of his mind.

My dick was racking itself against his abs and I could just about reach my hand to his pecs, longing to be able to suck on the stiff nips. Just as I longed for the dick I was riding on to be riding in me.

With a sigh he parted our lips and gently bore me down on to the mattress, laying me gently down, partly under him, partly beside him. The feeling that we were part of each other already seemed to remove any need for "wild sex". Instead, I felt our spirits growing toward each other, possessing each other; in truth, it felt like an orgasm that would not end.

"Not long, brother," he said, "not long."

"Not long for what?" I panicked.

"Not long until he comes to make us one. He's waited as long as I have for this, and when he comes he'll give us both the double blessing of his body and his spirit. Be patient."

So I lay in his orgasmic embrace, vibrating with delirious expectancy, feeling the tremors through his body echoing mine.

He began to speak, then intone, in a foreign tongue. The candles sputtered and the fire leaped up. He held me even closer to him as his voice rose with its prayer, or incantation, or whatever it was.

There was a sudden crash from the fire, as if a log had fallen. I looked up at him as he crushed me even closer to his body. He was looking over our shoulders at...

And then I saw it too., A vast shadow growing on the wall, as in my dream. A huge pair of horns fell away from the shadow as the hulking shape became a man. Not a man, a giant. The shadow grew enormous as it seemed to come nearer.

"He's here!" whispered Rod.

"Yes I am here, my son. You have kept your word and brought me the man who will make us One. I called him from the East and now he joins us in the West. Joins us all three together in the Blessing that shall be his.

"Now enter him, my son - make him yours and I will make him mine."

Rod turned me to face him. I knew what I had to do. I slightly raised my butt so the tip of his dick could find my opening. I expected excruciating pain from his huge weapon but, after a blinding nanosecond, he slid in to his hilt with no difficulty at all.

I felt myself full with him, full and fulfilled in him as he started to ramp his sex up inside me. My head rolled back ecstatically and I could see the great shadow hovering above us, now a glorious figure of huge, transparent muscle as he leaned over Rod.

Rod reared up for one galvanized moment as he was entered and then the world broke apart as the dual-fuck began. As he was ploughed, so he ploughed me. And as we were ploughed I felt two arms embrace us both, drawing us even closer into each other.

A wonderful fire grew in my guts and spread through my entire frame. I cried out, and he cried out as if he was experiencing the flame himself. My bones and muscle turned to mush as their components were reformed, longer, thicker, harder, bigger.

Suddenly, as Rod was spearing me, I was aware of the huge shape of the MuscleGod hovering above and behind Rod's head. As he penetrated Rod, it seemed he also penetrated me, both of us speared on the same huge fuckpole that was driving through Rod's butt and into his dick as he fucked me.

Somehow they were both fucking me and, as the strokes grew harder, more demanding, I felt my bones begin to lengthen and my muscles begin to swell. Soon my head was not kissing his enormous pecs but his mouth. As our lips joined, a great spasm of orgasmic heaven passed through us both and our dicks at last were allowed release as we poured our muscle-juice into each other. We could both feel it leaving our dicks in jerky torrents, pulsing into our butts, as if our bodies and minds were one and we could experience everything in double. •

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