Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

The seventh day

In the distance a cock crowed and a beam of early sunlight shot into the cave. We were separate. We were alone. And I was as huge as Rod, Now, in the dawn, we sunk our dicks into each other in every possible way, over and over until we felt our equally giant muscles were consummated in their ecstasy.

Together we climbed the hill to find the old sweat-lodge, to be purified by the new day. When we awoke, there was no sweat-lodge. We dipped ourselves in the little lake and found Shaman waiting for us at the mouth of the cave.

He grinned ruefully as he now had to look up at the both of us. He was carrying the buffalo hide which he now wrapped around our equal shoulders.

"Everything OK below?" asked Rod.

"Sure. Everything according to plan, Everyone very happy, eating enormous breakfast. Only young NoChecks is worrying about you and won't eat."

I was worried too. "You mean…? Didn't…?"

"Yes. No. Everything's fine. They were lying in the wheel as you last saw them, dead to the world. When whatever happened to you happened, it happened to them. Our young men lifted their legs and their heads and entered them as they were imagining the wheel they formed to be turning at great speed through the stars. At the appointed time, when you became one, the Great Spirit entered them too, through our warriors.

"Now, all are satisfied. Even the young redhead who knows nothing."

As we came down the path from the mountain into the pueblo we came across the guys. They were all much bigger - at least as big as the pueblo hunks - and celebrating their new muscle as we appeared. They were dumb-founded. NoChecks told me afterwards that it was like Moses coming down Mount Sinai with the ten commandments; there I was, twice the size of any of them, same size as Rod, and shining like the rising sun, as if there was no tomorrow.

Yeah, all the guys were huge now, but I had eyes only for NoChecks. What had been a godling was now a god, shining in the rays of the rising sun. Impressively tall, his muscle multiplied by at least two, yet still retaining perfect proportions, he took a couple of tentative steps towards me. Stopped as Rod began to speak.

"Friends, I present my brother to you! May you all rejoice as I rejoice in him!"

The day was spent in joy and feasting. People constantly disappeared in twos - I guess to explore their new muscle! We swam naked in the lake, attacking each others bodies in sensuous horseplay. I rejoiced extremely in my new size and shape, but I was too conscious of being so much bigger than them all - especially NoChecks who seemed to regard me with a maddening awe.

I grabbed him in the water and pulled him into me. He clung to my torso, ramming his big muscle into mine, grabbing my dick hard. I rammed his mouth on to mine, then made a promise to myself.

He shoved me away and glowered at me for a moment, his eyes flashing with fire, so I said, "For fuck's sake, stop treating me like some holy cow and fuck me!"

He was dying to fuck this big ass, so he dragged my bulk on to the shore and did just that and - shit! Not that I was ungrateful for what I'd been given, but it felt fantastic to be having some honest-to-goodness, non-supernatural, man-to man muscle sex!. Possessed by some kind of jealous desire he rammed his new sixteen inches into my butt and went at me like a mad sex-fiend, punishing it until he came. Maybe punishing me for still being bigger than he was.

His new size felt wonderful in my butt and I soon sprayed his golden chest with a couple of pints of jizz. I licked it off him, pulled him down on top of me and spat it all into his mouth. We enjoyed exchanging it from one mouth to the other until we both came again and slept, glued together until the sun started to sink.

He turned on to one elbow and gently stroked my still-hard dick. I could tell what he was thinking, "How the fuck do I ever get this huge knob into me?" Big(ger) and beautiful as he was, we were both very conscious of the difference in our size. I knew somehow 500 had to become 1000, so I voiced my promise.

"Listen, darn you! I promise you - I promise you I'll get you as big as me! We can't be - can't be unequal like this! Somehow… somehow, I promise you!" He stopped my mouth with a kiss and we were ready to roll in the hay again.

But NicePants appeared on the horizon, dashing down to where we were about to copulate again, waving his jeans in the air.

"Disaster! Disaster! Can't get into them! None of us can - nor our boots, nothing!"

NoChecks sat up and grabbed one of NicePants's huge quads.

"Flex those fuckin' quads for me, man!"

As NoChecks massaged the mighty muscle, NicePants's dick rose in the air. His quads swelled and split into incredibly hot ropy swathes of cut muscle. Tom Platz and Jay Cutler could both weep! I grabbed the other one and swallowed his dick to the root. There he was, two muscle studs clinging to his swelling quads, one of them sucking the life out of his dick. He fell to his knees. NoChecks scooted himself around behind him, lay on his back and took the heavy ball-sack in his mouth and started to chew his nuts.

NicePants yelled out his usual, in horny ecstasy, "Who'm I gonna fuck first?"

"Me!" I yelled back.

"As long as you don't expect me to sit on yours , let's get on with it!"

I sat on NicePants' hard prong, facing him, my hands wandering over his superb abs and up onto his hard pecs. My leg and butt muscles hoisted my pelvis up and down on that very nice, newly-enlarged instrument which soon began to reciprocate by driving upwards into my butt. This was too much for NoChecks who stood up and stuck his dripping fuckpole into NicePants' mouth.

NicePants reached forward to jack me off and I completed the circle by sticking my tongue up NoChecks' hot ass and it wasn't long before we were spewing hot cum all over the place.

Since last night none of us seemed to feel any debilitation after we'd cum - in fact our sex organs seemed to demand further relief asap. NoChecks pushed me off NicePants' lap and sat heavily on the still gushing dick. So I threw myself flat on the grass and devoured NoChecks' fuckpole. I wrapped my hot tongue around the big, hard cliff-edge of his helmet and slowly sucked him into my throat, down to the root.

Nicepants was fucking away up NoChecks' creek when he gasped, "Shit, NoChecks! How're you ever gonna get that thing of his up you? It'll split you in two!"

NoChecks responded by giving the dick underneath him a few extra hard bounces, squeezing the cum out of it with his ass muscles as he did so, and jetting into my mouth at the same time.

"If - uh! - at first - uh! - you don't - uh! - succeed…[SLURP!!] "

The ram horn was calling us to eat. We cleaned off fast in the lake and walked up the hill arm in arm.

"Meanwhile, " he chuntered on, "what about our leathers? Can't ride home naked…" •

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