Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

The sixth day : Gallup NM to Flagstaff AZ

I awoke to find my face cushioned on Shaman's thick pecs, my arm stretched across his abs, and both of us with real stiff early morning boners.

"NO," he said, reading my thoughts as usual, "no cumming until tonight! A cold shower, then eat!"

I indulged myself for a long time in the shower which was too small for two large physiques when Shaman impatiently invaded it. Feeling his huge muscle squeezed against mine, lubed by the pouring water, my dick had early-morning hopes, but they were rudely crushed when he pushed me out of the shower.

The morning felt like a celebration. Everyone was well-rested and we only had a three-hour ride in front of us. Leader and Shaman fielded all the questions about tonight, giving away nothing. Joshua, NoChecks and NicePants asked about my shoulders, wanting to know what happened with Shaman, but I wasn't giving much either.

Shaman looked around and said, "Tonight your lives will be changed. Be well."

We set off after a good brunch shortly before noon. Even the bikes seemed to throb with excitement between our legs, and the whole group was happier, lighter for being short of three guys - and decidedly hornier.

The ride was peaceful, uneventful, the weather was fine and the scenery spectacular now that we were in New Mexico. We by-passed the ugly Albuquerque and, shortly before Flagstaff, turned north on to a dirt road and up into the hills.


Two thousand and one hundred and ninety miles and thirty-two riding hours from where we started together:

At the entrance to the Reservation there were a couple of big, long-haired and hunky muscleguys on horses who hailed Shaman and galloped off ahead of us to announce our arrival.

We pulled into the center of the pueblo where a crowd of forty or fifty abnormally tall and handsome guys and beautiful women waited to welcome us. Three much older men, or normal size and shape, took turns to welcome us and Shaman translated.

It was a warm welcome, though pretty formal. When our leader asked after their leader we were told he was preparing himself for the ceremony in prayer and that we would not see him until just before the sun set.

We had a great if unusual "welcome meal" around tables in the plaza. Some of the beautiful women danced for us in a lazy and gentle way, and there were more speeches of welcome and thanks on both sides.

The elders split us up in twos and threes and took us off to different cabins to rest and wash before the evening. We were encouraged to sleep and, though this was difficult in our over-excited state, before long a peaceful silence settled on the whole pueblo.

Once they had made us at home in their cabins, we didn't see the elders, or any of the women for another two days.

In the middle of the afternoon the peace was shattered by the roar of an engine and a lot of excited chatter. One of the hunks appeared at the door of the home where Josh, NoChecks and I were resting.

"Come!" He said, beckoning excitedly to Josh. We all left the cabin. There, in the middle of the pueblo, was the Hummer with James. Leader and Shaman were clearly bothered by what was going on, but Josh suddenly let out a whoop and rushed toward the Hummer and flung his arms around a red-haired guy hauling a backpack out of the back seat.

NoChecks and I looked at each other. Could this be...?

James spoke up, "I found him trying to hitch a ride as I drove back to Tanglewood, He looked pretty desperate so I stopped. He'd flown into Amarillo and had no idea how to find this place. I called the boss on the cell, and here we are!"

Meanwhile Josh was waving his arms about at Leader and Shaman, clearly persuading them to let the red-head stay. Eventually, Leader patted them both on the back and went off with Shaman. James was thanked once again. He accepted a large tip from Redhead before he drove off. Josh brought his prize over to us. He looked at me and blushed.

"It's OK, Josh - I guess we know who this is! Glad to see you..."

"This is my friend Red, he - " He stopped.

"Hey! No need for all that! Let's go back in and you can tell each other what the hell's been going on."

In a way I was sorry, for now Josh was "taken", but at the same time it was a load of difficult decision-making off my shoulders. I gave the surprised NoChecks a slap on the butt and we followed them in.

Some time before sunset we were marshaled into a sweat-lodge and left to drip for some time before the hunks came in to beat us with switches of leafy twigs, and finally to pour cold water ceremonially over us, then to dry us off and rub sweet aromatic oil into our muscles - and, giggling, into our dicks.

A ram horn called us three times and we assembled in the plaza. The sun was still hovering over the mountains when we got there. We were all naked, except the local hunks who wore only a kind of soft, bleached and very brief fundoshi and some blue paint-patterns on their faces and shoulders. Each of us had been led by two of these from the sweat-lodge and now they helped us to wrap the same insufficient garment around the rest of us. They laughed a lot at the unanimous rising of boners, showed their own and slapped ours down. Luckily none of the women were in sight - nor would they be until the next morning.

At a sign from Shaman each of us were led by our pair of hunks to stand in a big semi-circle opposite a traditional kiva. We stood in silence. The sun was setting behind us and Shaman stood gazing into it with his hand above his eyes. We looked over our shoulders to watch it go down, and the instant the rim disappeared behind the mountains everyone turned toward the kiva.

Standing on the "roof" in the last rays of the sun was the magnificent figure of my dream. Long-haired, tall and handsome, he had materialized like a god. He was about seven feet tall and robed in an enormous buffalo hide, streaked with turquoise blue. He made some kind of reverence towards the sun, copied by Shaman and all his men, then climbed down the long staircase. He greeted us in English and asked us to sit down. Our pairs of guardians stood behind us and Shaman stood behind - we didn't even know his name.

"I am known here as Buffalo, but my name is Rod. You have each come here with a purpose or, in one case, by accident."

He knew where to look.

"By now you know my story. I too came here by accident, seeking for something, but more ignorant than you. You know what you want, or at least you think you do, I did not. But I found it here, I was welcomed by these good people and I have stayed among them ever since, helping them to receive the blessing I received.

"For with that Blessing comes a responsibility. It is not only a blessing of the body, that growth you will surely receive - it is also a growth of the mind and spirit. You can't have one without the other. You will find, as I did, that you must pass the blessing of the Spirit on to others, or your souls, and eventually your bodies, will stagnate and perish."

Everyone was listening in a rapt silence. You could almost hear the thousands of questions that were tumbling about in their heads. Yet somehow they didn't need to be asked, so powerful was the spirit of this man.

"You have been told that one among you has been chosen for some kind of special treatment. You must know that this is an accident, something unexpected, ordained by the gods who control our destinies. And he too has been told that this choice will bring him extra responsibility to match the gift he will be given."

I froze and blushed scarlet as everyone turned to look at me. Shee-it! After a long moment a cough from the Shaman brought everyone back again to his leader.

"I won't say much more. You can see how the guys behind you have been changed by the Blessing - everyone of them is bigger than any one of you, and each of them has his own responsibilities to society. We're not talking about clones here; these guys all come from the same background and received similar blessings. You, because you are all of different backgrounds, ethnic, social and otherwise, will benefit in different ways. But I promise, because each of you is pure in heart, each of you - will benefit.

He turned to Shaman.

"Let the Rite begin!"

The visitors were shunted into a big circle and bidden to sit down. We were organized into pairs; Leader with Buzzcut, of course, Josh with Red of course, Rays with Shades, NicePants and the Buck, NoChecks with me. But now our attendants stood in front of us, and the Buffalo in the center of the circle with Shaman behind him.


Somewhere a flute played. A drum. Shaman started to sing and the hunks soon joined in. Rod raised his hands to the sky and prayed unintelligibly.

Then the boys started to dance. Their great muscles moved with extreme grace and their dance became one of the most innocently erotic things I had ever seen. They never touched each other, except for an occasional beat to the hand, and yet you could see from their eyes that this was some kind of love dance.

At one climactic point their breechclouts were torn off and thrown at their audience who scrambled to get a pair. NicePants inhaled his and this got us all going.

The signal for disrobing was Shaman lifting the Buffalo skin off his totally naked Chief. Hearts stopped. Mine certainly did. I had never seen so erotically beautiful a physique in my life, far outshining any Olympian competitor, or any other muscle-god, with his amazing grace and huge slabs of perfectly shaped, non-steroidal muscle. Even Shaman was put to shame by this revelation of muscular perfection.

There can't have been one fuckrod in the pueblo that didn't start leaking at that moment - the same moment as the dancers turned towards their Chief, with their immense boners reaching out to him. This was a dance of love, a dance of lust. A paean of sexual praise for the man who was lover to them all.

I can't have been the only visitor who didn't, at that very moment, begin to understand why we were all there.

The dancers, Shaman with them, fell to their knees, singing as they swayed from side to side. Buffalo leisurely and gently stroked his twenty inches from the root up to the tip. Over and over. again and again, one hand and then the other.

Shaman and the boys began to copy him, only not with anything like his devastating restraint. We of course went bananas and started jacking off like mad. Until a sudden silence in the singing which had risen to an hysterical pitch - then stopped.

And in the silence the Chief came. Roaring out his jizz, he turned a full circle and sprayed his followers with it. Then they all came too, mixing their copious outpourings of muscle-juice on their chests and abs with his.

They scooped it up off their pecs and ran to us, their charges. They flung it on our chests. Then flung themselves on top of us, writhing their muscles against us to impregnate our hides with their most potent cum as we shot our loads, extra-lubing our physiques and theirs.

Rod had fallen against Shaman and now slid down to lie flat on his back on the Buffalo hide. After a few moments Shaman addressed us.

"This is only the first part of the Ceremony. Now you have the Spirit within you and we will bring him through you to begin your transformation."

He had us all lie in a gigantic wheel, arms and legs outstretched, hands clasping our neighbor's. Feet touching his. Heads out of the circle. One hunk stood behind each of our ten heads, the other knelt at our feet.

As one they all started a drone and soon the flute joined them in much more sultry, low-pitched melody. Shaman handed Rod a pipe, helped him to his feet, his giant erection still potent before him. He moved towards NoChecks who lay at my right.

"Shit!" NoChecks whispered, his dick rising into the night air. He grabbed my hand even harder and, I guess did the same to NicePants on the other side of him.

The drone rose higher, matching the ascent of Rod's mammoth dick.

"Smoke this, and don't cum until I say you can!"

He handed NoChecks the pipe and stood over him as he inhaled. It had an instant effect. NoCheck's head drooped forward and he fell back into his attendant's arms, out. Immediately his two hunks picked him up and carried him away into the darkness.

Now it was NicePants's turn. Same thing. Same thing with the Buck. And so on around the circle until they were all gone, along with the music. Except me. Silence again as he stood before me.

"I knew you would be here, I've waited a long time for you. Come with me and don't be afraid."

As the hunks helped me to my feet I felt an incredible calm, like an echo from the past I heard myself say,

"I cannot not fear you - I can worship, but I cannot fear you."

Rod stopped dead in his tracks with his back to me. A moment.

Then he turned slowly to face me.

"I knew. I knew it was you."

And he wept me off my feet and carried my two fifty pounds away with no effort at all. Carried me away. Up into the hills. •

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