Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

The third day : Rolla MO to Oklahoma City OK

Today it was six hours of hell from Rolla to Springfield and finally to Oklahoma City where we stopped short of the city for the night at a motel. The road became less and less interesting as the day grew hotter and hotter. Even the slipstream was no longer enough to keep the engine heat off our legs.

By the time we stopped for a burger and beer at a quiet truck-stop our headrags were soaked and we spent a good fifteen minutes getting the bugs off our windshields and lights. I rode the bike around to the back of the building for some comparative shade and privacy.

I pulled my pack off and was about to drop it in the grass when I felt two big hands creep under my arms from behind to grab hold of my meaty great pecs.

"Why don't you drop it and lean back on me, boy?"

I half recognized the sultry voice as I felt a lump dig into my butt and a buzzcut head licking my left delt. Yeah, it was Buzzcut alright. My nips turned into a pair of hard steel dicks as his hands, full of pec meat, started to pinch them between his fingers.

He licked my other ear and whispered:

"I need my lunch, man! Plenty of hot sausage and warm milk! Want you to fuck me, stud - been wanting it all this time. Wanna get that big fuck-rod you've got in there digging into my pussy. No mercy, dude!"

I whizzed around behind him and grabbed his great pecs. The shit-ass was some bigger than me - at least a few inches taller and thicker all round. The idea of fucking this stud was very appealing, even in this tropical heat. Maybe because of it. Nothing like sweat to lube a couple of muscle studs for a good fuck.

I stuck one hand up the wife-beater and dug my fingers into the cobble-stones of his abs while the other grabbed his big package. I knew that thing was struggling to get out. I pulled him hard against me.

"I'm not fucking you with all this leather between us, dude - you'd better get out of it. NOW!"

Buzz laughed, sat on my saddle to pull off his boots while I lit up and blew rings in his face. I unzipped the pouch from my pants and was happy to see that my half-swollen boner was at least as big as his, in spite of his extra height and bulk.

"Shit, man! How'd you get all that muscle? Drives me crazy!"

"You forget I've been where we're going before, so I'm one up on you."

By now he was out of his leathers and was naked except for the wife-beater which I now ripped off him. He looked pretty fantastic, standing there in the sun, dripping with the sun-sweat of his lust. His inked delts looked fucking enormous and his blue-eyed grin and big mouth promised great things.

He stood up and the big gold coin, or whatever it was, clunked against the considerable thickness of his inner pecs. I leaned back against the wall of the building to take in this fuckin' hot dude...

"My guess is that you'll end up a lot bigger'n me when we've finished - you're a lot bigger than I was when I went out there last year."

He advanced on me and I wondered if he'd changed his mind about who was going to top who. I didn't really care; either way was fine by me. But no. He had not changed his mind. That sexy grin got wider and wider as he got closer, his big hard dick already dripping and waving in the wind - what the fuck was in his mind?

If I hadn't forgotten they'd told me this dentist had once been a champion acrobat I wouldn't have been so surprised when he grabbed hold of me with some martial arts move or other and hoisted me into the air with one hand in my groin and the other on my sternum. I was kind of floating above him, desperately flexing my abs to keep steady like some adagio act.

"I always like to have a big dick soft in my mouth and feel it getting harder and thicker as it grows down my throat!"

He got what he wanted. He swallowed me in one gulp and started to milk my ever-hardening dick with his throat muscles, wrapping his tongue around it and sucking hard. Neither he nor I could hold this fucking exciting position for long, and he soon lowered me gently till I was hanging upside down with my face banging against his nuts.

I was supporting myself with my hands against his widespread quads and he was holding me around the waist as his dick found its way into my mouth. With the blood rushing to my head I got kinda spaced out as I sixty-nined with him upside down. I had to admit it was kinda exciting. But there was more to come.

Even as I was appreciating the thick throbbing veins that laced themselves around his juicy boner, and my throat was enjoying having it pumped up and down as he controlled the action with his hands around my waist, he surprised me yet again.

Without letting either dick disengage from either sucking mouth, he did some kind of backward somersault, taking me with him, until our positions were reversed. Now I was pumping him up and down, making sure he got his full ten dollars' worth of hot sausage and the warm milk that threatened to erupt down his throat at any moment.

He must have sensed I was almost there. He pulled his mouth away from my demanding dick and yelled,

"Man - don't cum - you gotta fuck me, you gotta!"

So I let his huge bulk down gently into a kind of handstand on his elbows and moved behind him, holding his ankles. He was some kind of pretty, horny picture! Upside down his big pecs looked even more like the cliffs off Maine, and his giant quads seemed still bigger when seen from the wrong angle, just as his lats spread even wider in the inverse position. As for his butt - his naked, muscled-up, striated, fucking huge butt, it was too great a temptation not to plug it in one immediately. So I did.

My pre-lubed rod was welcomed into his upside-down depths like the Prodigal Son.

"Shit, man! Really let me have it! Deep and fast! Punish my joy button with that huge mushroom of yours! Give me all you got!"

I had visions of me getting out of his dentist's chair, stripping him from his scrubs, pulling those sexy short sleeves off his over-sized biceps, and turning him upside down to fuck him.

When I was plunged "deeper than man has ever gone before" I let his legs fall over my shoulders, reached around the marble pillars of his quads, grabbed his dick with one hand, scooping up the precum that was dripping all the way to the ground, and timed the action of my rough-callused hands milking his dick with my thrusts into his muscle-pussy. Then I turned the drill up to full speed and rammed it to him unmercifully, as requested.

He was a real practiced fuckee and knew just how to deal with the fucker. He squeezed my ramrod with his ass muscles till I thought I could feel every vein and every muscle striation in his ass as they closed round my hot penetrator.

He soon jetted all over his torso. Did being upside down cause extra large deliveries, I wondered? Certainly seemed like it. Anyway, I had not delivered the desired "warm milk" yet, so I let him drop backwards over the saddle of my bike (making a note to ensure he cleaned it up afterwards) and fucked away for as long as I could hold it in, letting my wandering hands appreciate to the full all the great muscle I was fucking over my bike.

I could tell by his groans that he was starting to get hard again, just as mine told him there wasn't much longer to go, so I took mercy on his poor tortured, sun-exposed nakedness, pushed him into the shade and rammed him the right way up against the wall of the building.

Running my greedy hands over his buzzcut and up and down the monster lats, appreciating all that unnaturally big muscle, I launched into the finale.

Huge thrusts were accompanied by great deep satisfied and satisfying groans from him and great lion roars from me as I pumped into his butt a pint of the "warm milk" he so needed for his lunch.

My jet-propelled jizz had almost run out when, sticky with his own second delivery, he lurched around, fell on his knees and greedily vacuumed the rest out of me down his throat.

After a few short minutes, laced in kisses on the grass behind the barn, he grinned at me.

"Dude, you're gonna have to lend me a shirt - can't go back to the boss like this!"

We used the old one to clean him up and I found something similar in my pack for him to wear once he'd got his leathers back on. Our roars and yells can't have fooled anyone and we were both blushing scarlet as we joined the others.

Even so, Buzz made sure that I got to know some of the guys I hadn't met yet. And after all that exercise I needed something to eat and drink. Buzz made sure I was well provided before he went to find Leader and the Shaman.

The others were not universally inclined to welcome me. New kid on the block? Interloper? Anyway, while some went out of their way to be friendly, at least three moved over to where their bikes were parked to drink and glower at me through their cigarette smoke.

Everyone had plenty of muscle - with this gang it seemed to be a necessary qualification - and everyone was hot and handsome in his own way. And I had gathered by now that being a gay biker was also a qualification. So it wasn't that. Two of the three were heavily tattooed and the third was an icy pretty-boy with muscle and a lot of scrappy stubble.

The toughest had his whole back inked with numerous designs carelessly disposed anywhere available on his pecs and arms. Anything that could be studded or ringed was. He sat on the bike, pulled off his headrag and put on a black leather rebel cap. Reaching down in his pack for the familiar square bottle of Jack Daniels "Black", I quickly understood why he got the name, BlackJack.

Now he was staring at me coldly with piggy black eyes as he lit a cigarette and anchored it firmly between his stache and vandyke. He had good hard, cut muscle though, and a big swelling stuffed codpiece sticking out of his chaps. I fancied his butt must have calluses from riding bare-assed all day and night.

His inky mate, groggy from a twelve pack, had one of the hardest sets of muscle of the group. He sprawled on the ground or, to be accurate, on a grungy white rug his "boy" had thoughtfully thrown down for him so he could lean against his bike, trying to avoid getting scorched by the still-hot pipes. His pants were open to his crotch where his pubes were competing for attention with the bizarre tats on his lower abs.

The tats that threatened to obscure it all were much more artfully designed to fit the body - great artistic swirls on the pecs and exotic jungles complete with beasts ran from the delts down both arms. His sneers in my direction enhanced his really handsome face, framed with a full, fair and close-cut beard. "Tats", I decided, was a right and proper name for this chap.

Their "boy" brought them booze on demand and got cursed for his pains. Pretty he may have been but he too had plenty of slender well-cut muscle. Tall, a ring in his nose, well inked arms, ring through his right tit and leathers with a rip-off pouch. He wore a hideous logchain collar that made a ghoulish sound like chunks of lead clunking in a burlap bag. He constantly fiddled with the neckpiece to find fresh patches of skin to cushion the irritating weld burrs left on the links. I could see scabs of dried blood on his collarbone. BlackJack noticed my staring and gloated, "Sometimes I chain 'im in the backyard at night when he disobeys me or he don't do what Tats tells him. But if it's lightnin', I bring him in real quick. Git your fuckin' ass over here and light my cigarette, TeaBoy."

I watched him faithfully attend to the every whim of BlackJack and Tats thinking, "what a waste". Not my type but, damn, was he pretty. Why wasn't he doing twink porn or Soloflex ads or something worthwhile?

"Git me another beer, Boy." "TeaBoy, work my nipples." "TeaBoy, come pull my boots off." "TeaBoy, light me another cigarette."

Trying to focus on something besides the chain, my attention shifted to his tight leathered ass. I was trying to see if there was a zipper right up his glute-crack when he caught me looking... I grinned at him...

He yelled with a hostile glare.

"Looking for something, dude?"

He was about to make something of it when Jungle-man yanked him back down on to the bench, ripped open his pouch and started to maul whatever was inside it. While TeaBoy was being soothed, a smoker's cough behind me cooled me down. A huge and handsome guy with more muscle than most of us, and definitely more leather, sat himself on the other side of the table and winked at me through a nicotine cloud.

"Hi! They call me NicePants on account they all want my jeans!"

His huge paw crushed mine and we both held on longer than customary, tickling each other's palms 'n suchlike. He was the big guy in the lace-ups who had "guarded" me with Buzzcut the day before.

"Don't want to pay them no attention - they's as sulky as hell all day long. So who're you?"

"Hey. My name's Rob - glad to know you!"

"Hope so. Hope you know me much better 'fore long, dude!"

He reminded me for all the world like a grown-up HSMusclBoy Billy. He was outrageous and had an infectious, undeniable personality. After the various traumas I'd been through recently, before the trip and during it, he was a breath of fresh air and I guess I relaxed for the first time.

We were shooting the breeze, me trying to pump him for more information, he laughing me off and not giving an inch, when another big blonde joined us. As he shucked off his LJ, he introduced himself as Rays - " 'Cos I'm always soakin' em up!"

He tugged open the top six inches of his jeans and sat astride the bench beside me.

Apart from his capacious bod - both guys were well over six foot - and the big floral tats on his huge shoulders, his two main points of interest were the strange circular pieces of metal-work that surrounded his big hard nips. They protruded at least half an inch through a hole in the middle where they were spiked with silver nails holding the areola-discs in place.

Couldn't help my dick boning up as I leaned forward for a closer look.

"Hey, go ahead! Pull on those nails - I love it!"

So I did. I flicked the tips of the nips with my own nails a few times, then, as I started to squeeze them, I felt his hand squeezing my fuck-pack through my fucking tight leathers. I looked up. We were staring at each other real close when NicePants leaned over the table and banged our heads together, forcing us into a kiss.

Our tongues started to mash together. My hand slipped in to his open leathers and found his big hard boner without difficulty. He was fucking with my zipper so I half rose to let him pull it down and find mine. His other hand started to maul one of my hard pecs and he hissed into my mouth as I tugged on his even harder.

We didn't let ourselves be distracted by other guys starting to whistle 'cos we both found our fists being lubed with gobs of pre-cum. We were enjoying this double-close contact too much to be distracted by them. But we were suddenly pulled apart by a grinning Buzzcut.

"Leave it till later, guys! We're on our way! Leave it till tonight, OK?"

"Tonight, huh? That a promise? Hey, this guy sure can kiss, Buzz! You should try him sometime!"

The surly trio snorted as they made their way out of the cool. Josh passed us, raising his eyebrows. Buzz gave us both a hearty slap on the rear and said "Who knows? P'raps I will!"

Rays, NicePants and I pulled ourselves and our leathers together and eventually rode off as a threesome. The noonday heat had hardly abated by the time we reached the outskirts of Oklahoma City three hours later. But the company felt real good. •

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