Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

The third night : Oklahoma City OK

I wasn't surprised, and not at all unhappy, to find I was bunking down with NicePants tonight.

We sat side by side on the bed, pretending to watch something on TV. We were teasing each other by touching nothing, even though sexual vibes were flashing between us. Eventually NicePants heaved a raspy theatrical sigh, butted out his cigarette and turned a sad face toward me.

"My, but I'm lonesome tonight! Would you mind pulling my boots off for me?"

"Oh sure, Br'er Wolf, sure!"

I hefted myself off the bed and grabbed one sturdy leg between my quads and tugged. He was no help at all. He just laid there lighting another cigarette. One came off and I flung it in a corner. He shuddered at the noise.

"Now don't you wake Momma, you sassy young thing!"

"Fuck the sassy young thing and give me your other hoof!"

I was in the middle of tugging away when the door flew open and Rays tumbled in looking for action. Wasting no time he stripped down to his handsome, muscular, PA'd self.

Was I annoyed? I guess not - he'd shown such promise at noon, who knows? Perhaps he'd fulfill it at midnight. I guess he'd left his allocated partner for the night to his own (de)vices.

"Aha! You're at the boy already! Shit, look at all that muscle!"

The boot came off but before I could throw it somewhere I was flat on my back on the bed with both guys on top of me. My arms were pinioned over my head, my jeans were ripped off me, my legs were pushed into the air and Rays had his crotch jammed up against mine.

Moments later a mighty leathered butt was sitting on my face and my dick was being jerked by two pairs of hands. Now that my hands were free I used them to push that butt up a couple of inches so I could breathe.

"Could you at least strip off your leathers?" I gasped.

"No. Never come off. Laces take too long to tie up. Mebbe I'll just loosen the butt a bit so you can kiss my ass."

He knelt up to do so and, though I shoved him so hard against the now-sucking Rays that both fell off the bed, his lips never lost touch with his smoldering smoke.

I crouched over them both.

"OK, guys - who do I fuck first?"

They both burst into roars of laughter and thumped each other on the pecs.

"What's so funny?"

"You think you're gonna fuck us?"

"Sure I do, you pair o' jokers!" And I grabbed hold of Pants' harness to haul him back onto the bed.

This was an ill-judged move. He grabbed me by the balls with one hand and put my neck into a half-nelson with the other arm.

"Do your stuff, Rays!"

And Rays proceeded to tie a long thong around the root of my dick, causing my equipment to swell purple-red, and tied it off to the bedrail. Then he leaped on to the bed and pulled my mouth down on to his dick.

"Now be a good boy and do what your daddies tell you! Suck hard! He's all yours, Pants!"

I could hear a well-known rustling and crackling behind me as a condom was prepared. Just wish I could have seen it being rolled on to Pants' huge dick.

Couldn't see it but I could soon feel it as it squirmed its way into my bubble butt and up my fuckchute.

No mercy here - it went straight in, hard to the root.

"Wow, Rays! You should feel this muscle-pussy - wide open and hungry as hell!. Squeeze it shut, bitch!"

I don't like being called that word so I began to buck my rear as hard as my tethered dick would let me, just to show him I was active, not passive.

"Whoa! This is some steer you've given me here, Rays! Better muzzle him with your boner!"

Anticipating his command I started to buck and thresh my whole body around, giving both guys' dicks a real workout. I plunged my butt and my throat on to their huge dicks, squeezing both as best as I could.

"Shit, man!" came his voice as he yanked on my tit rings, "but I'm not gonna be able to hold out much longer with this guy's action! If he's like this when he's being fucked, I almost want to find out how he fucks!"

I roared my promise into his throat and mashed his leaking dick hard with lips, tongue and even teeth.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit, Pants! I'm gonna cu-u-u-u-u-u-m! Aaaargh! Oh fu-u-u-u-ck man, Yeah!

I must have sucked a gallon out of him while Pants was fucking (and smoking) furiously away at the other end. While all this was going on I was managing to get my hands on that thong, loosening it by degrees from the bedrail.

Just as Pants was about to splooge I leaped off the bed and shoved Rays' face on to Pants' dick. He received the full flood all over his face, eyes, mouth, hair, everywhere but up my ass.

Now it was my turn to laugh as I wrestled the weakened, still-cumming Pants on to his back, pinned him with my knees while I suited up with the supplies he had kindly left me, and, with him STILL cumming and Rays still gurgling, I shoved my dick hard up the ass of that macho never-been-fucked top.

Ever been fucked while you're cumming? It's quite an experience as Pants was finding out. For a start you can't help but tighten your sphincter, so providing a nice tight fuckass for your top's fat dick. Wow, it feels good!

Pants groaned as he discovered this unusual pleasure and found himself in a perfect position for Rays to transfer his operation to this new throat, and his slimed-up dick (which had never subsided since its first emission) was already taking full advantage of its new position.

I was ramming hard and contentedly into a happily bemused Pants when I had an idea.

"Hey, Rays! Come over here, will ya? My butt's feelin' kinda lonely and cold."

Pants moaned as Rays pulled his dick out of his deprived mouth and happily pulled on a rubber, lubed it up (already well-lubed inside by Pants' spit) and obligingly stuck it up my chute. Now I was in the happy position, well-known by all condoms, of fucking and being fucked at the same time. All the others had to do was be still and let me do the work. Which I did, with violence.

Both guys started to moan as all three of us approached splurt-time. Rays seized the meat of my USA pecs and squeezed my nips between his fingers. Pants forced himself up on to his elbows and pulled my mouth down to his. Rays was sucking at my ear, so we were all doubly, triply joined in ecstasy.

Fuck, but these dudes were good at their job!

We splooged with only a few nanoseconds between us. Rays was filling my ass with splurts of his warm jizz and Mr. Macho himself was splooging all over his abs and pecs and mine as I emptied my muscle-juice into his hot ass. We kissed each others' souls out of our bodies - and, in Rays' case, my ears.

All three of us laid back on the bed, like sardines in an open tin. Pants was smearing his cum on my chest, I used some of it to anoint Rays' nips.

We'd only been there a few minutes, panting away, when Pants suddenly declared -

"Well fuck it, guys! I gotta fuck someone!"

Rays groaned and turned on his face. I looked at Pants - still half-wearing his lace-ups, his harness, his armbands, his wrist bands - and took pity on him.

"Sit up then and be a good boy!"

He sat up and leaned against the headboard. I took a mouthful of spit and began to massage his still semi-tumescent dick.

"Love it!" he said.

Was this a comment or a command? Anyway, I took him at his word and sucked contentedly on his fat dick. I slobbered my tongue over it, and my lips teased the most sensitive parts of his swollen mushroom till he was real nice and hard and thick and long - and ready.

"Shit man," came the voice who yanked on my tit rings, "but I gotta fuck ya! You know you want it - you know you do!"

Sure I knew I did. "I'm gonna ride you, stud! Gonna ride you all the way there!"

I hoisted up my butt and let it hover over the tower of his dick. Gently let it down so I could feel that hard helmet demanding entrance. He groaned as my muscle-cunt frustrated him by teasing the end of his dick.

"For pete's sake, you two! Get on with it!"

Rays loaded his full weight onto my delts, forcing me with one hefty shove to sink all of Pants's hungry inches into the depths of my fuck-chute. Pants jerked his pelvis up to make sure it went in as far as it could. Felt great up there and I flexed my ass violently from side to side to massage the fucker inside it.

It wasn't long before the horsy was galloping, galloping, and I was being very satisfactorily fucked by something that felt as big as a fist. We both started to groan and utter filthy imprecations at each other. I should have known better than to turn my back on a third party - especially one as crafty and determined as Rays - for soon I felt the back of my head being pushed down towards Pants and another dick forcing its way up my fuckhole beside Pants' large and throbbing fucker.

I breathed hard and let him in. But Pants was experiencing this phenomenon for the first time. He let out a great yell as he got the first shock of the effect. His dick, galvanized by feeling it squeezed into my fuckchute by a second large bone, almost shoved its way as far as my mouth.

"Yeah, Pants! Let's fuck this little hole real hard! Let's show this plebe how the big boys can fuck!"

Pants got the message all too soon and all too soon the two of them had taken over the riding rhythm and both were riding me. In and out together, and in and out alternately. Whichever, it was (painfully) great! The only problem was that they had both cum at least once or twice already and this was sure to take a long time. There was only one solution. I called time out and the train stopped at the station for a short minute. I reached out for my pack, tugged open a strap and produced it.


One hefty sniff all round and we were all at full steam ahead, roaring our three flaked-out heads off. Shit, it felt good! Another sniff and I reared up as my head came off and my whole being became my dick. Pants was jerking at my freely leaking boner, sucking the precum off his fingers and/or sticking them into my mouth, while their two piston rods were digging their way into my heaven.

Didn't take long.

"Shit, Rob! Never done it like that!"

"Me neither!"

"There's a first time for everything, boys."

"Stop being so prissy and let's have a cuddle."

We entwined our muscley limbs around each other and dropped off.


I don't know how long it was before the dreams came again. My head was swimming, the fire was flickering against the wall, the shadows were huge, his black-green-black-again eyes focused on me. My arms went out to him as he reared up above me. He opened his cloak and let it fall, his giant being, his huge muscles glinting in the firelight as if oiled with sweat. He flexed, I yelled at the point of cumming - his whole body pressed on mine and I came and came.

Again I was shaken awake into the dawn.

"What the fuck's the matter, Rob? Nightmare?"

Rays was leaning down to me and I seized him as I had seized the dream-man.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey! Cool it, guy! It's me - Rays!"

I fell back, panting. What the hell was going on? Then I pushed Rays away and sat up on the side of the bed, head in hands.

"What the fuck has Shaman done to mess with my head?"

"Ah, Shaman! Say no more, dude! But don't worry - if it's Shaman, it'll all be OK, you know that."

But did I? I relaxed back again. Became conscious, once more, of the splashing in the shower. I looked around - Rays was reading my mind.

"Yeah, he takes them off sometimes - just for a shower. It'll take him another half hour to get them back on though!

I staggered into the shower and sure enough, the mighty NicePants was toweling off that huge physique. Rays and I showered together - behaved properly, more or less, and got clean in record time.

Pants was getting his muscles laced up again we went off for breakfast. His fucking great quads were the biggest I'd ever seen on a muscle dude - no wonder he needed his lace-up leathers.

"Hey, guys!..." •

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