Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

Second night : Rolla MO

"You get me so hot, man, I'm gonna fuck you right now!"

Buck and I had only just got into our room when he threw down his pack and grabbed me. His beard ground into my face as he kissed me, one arm around my waist, the other groping at my balls. Even without the words his intentions would have been clear. Rape was on his mind. My jacket was ripped off, my pants undone, his hand inside grabbing at my hard dick. Yes. It was hard - he may have been hoping to rape me but I was going to give as good as I got. His sheer masculinity, not to mention the sweat and dust of the journey, turned me right on. Maybe this was what I needed after the romance of last night. Rape.

My face was jammed into his pits.

"Yeah, sniff that! Lick my pits clean, boy. And the other side. How's this for a man's bicep, huh?"

The big-globed, vascular bicep was rammed painfully at my nose with instructions to lick it all over. Then the other side, then his pecs -

"Yeah, clean me up, boy! Suck on those abs!"

By now I was hot to do anything he commanded, biding my time for my turn.

"Pull my pants down with your teeth! Inhale that dick and suck those balls! Uggh! Yeahhhh! That's it - suck on 'em hard!"

The hairy balls found a willing sucker in my mouth while he was whamming his giant dick against my forehead, getting it nice and hard for my throat.

I love a man's good dick down my throat, but I prefer to caress it with my tongue, lips and teeth while it hardens on its way down my gullet. No chance of that tonight.


Just a couple of mouth-watering sucks were allowed before it went all the way down past my tonsils. Whether I could breathe or not seemed not to be part of the Buck's agenda. I thanked the gods for giving me a good pair of lungs.

"Yeah! Swallow it! Swallow it whole! Wanna feel that pretty throat closing around it. Better than pussy this way! Jeez, fuck, yeah! Am I gonna fuck you to death tonight or what, boy? Last night's guy couldn't get it halfway down or halfway in, he was so tight. You're pretty darn good - you know how to treat a man right, doncha? So here it comes, boy!"

He pulled out of my throat, turned me over -

"Jeez, what a great butt! All the better to fuck you with, said the wolf! Here put this on me!"

He threw me a condom which I had the privilege of wrapping around his long, thick, studded and vein-craggy dick while he slathered a mouthful of spit up my ass with a couple of rough-probing fingers. Then, whammo! he was in to the hilt!

That hugely impatient dick ploughed into me as if there was no tomorrow. Shit, I thought, this guy must be really hungry!

Once he was firmly in, he pushed my butt down flat on to the bed and began his pile-driver act on my all-too-willing muscle-cunt. As my leaking dick betrayed, it was already spilling gobs of pre-cum on to the sheets as the steel-studded onslaught of his dick whammed into my joy-button over and over again and propelled me continuously back and forth on the bed, self-lubing on the sheets.

I tried to keep myself open as wide as possible for self-protection but he yelled at me to tighten up.

"Wanna feel that pussy grabbing my dick, bitch!"

The tighter I grabbed his fucker, the closer I got to cumming. I was exerting all the self-control I could to prevent this when his callused fist found its way on to my dick and started to jerk me in time to his mammoth thrusts. I was lost. I squelched my copious jizz into his fist as he yelled his delight in feeling me spasm around his dick.

"Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!"

His jizz-laden fist found its way to my open mouth which was compelled to suck in all my jizz. While I was doing this he slowed his thrusts, pulling his dick right out of me then ramming it all the way back in - over and over again.

He laughed a lot and, once he was satisfied I'd eaten it all, started up the road-rammer again.

I couldn't believe this treatment was going to get me excited again, but it did.

More than excited. I started to buck my butt back against his thrusts as if to pull him in even deeper. He roared with delight as I competed with him for violence on my butt.

He pulled my head around to meet his mouth and started to give me great slobbering kisses. This nearly undid me again but when I started to make near-cumming noises, he grabbed my dick and sixty-nined it into his mouth. He moaned as I jetted and jetted into the depths of his throat. I pulled my self around so I could field all his in my mouth and literally sucked it out of him. It came in great gobs, great jerks of his whole body which transferred themselves in to my gut which jerked back in return.

He rolled his muscles off me and we lay back on the bed, side by side, panting and sweating, sticky with the cum that had escaped our lips as it welled out of our dicks. When we had caught our breath, he got up for a cigarette and threw himself down on an easy-chair by the window as he lit up.

"But shit, man! you're a good fuck! Don't know when I last enjoyed one like that!"

"And what do you do for a living?" I asked, working on his slimed semi-tumescent fuck-pole.

He muttered, "I'm an accountant" and went straight to sleep in his chair, his dick still leaking between his quads.

I couldn't help laughing, but he was already out. I thought this Tom of Finland character must at least be a motor mechanic or construction worker. An accountant!

I soon fell asleep, sore but chuckling.


Then they began. The dreams.

Whirling colors, mostly red and black, which resolve into flames dancing on a wall. Big shadows move between the flames and the wall. A deep voice:

"You will know the time as I will know the time..."

Flashes of blue against the black of the shadows. A chunk of the brightest lapis lazuli nestled in the cleft of almighty pecs resolves into a pair of eyes the same color. The eyes change from blue to black - and back again to blue.

"You come to me at last..."

The voice fades under the sound of galloping buffalo hooves. An enormous shadow grows tall against the wall of fire.

"Now see me for what I am!"

The shadow opens to the light and an unbelievably huge, muscular torso, undreamed of by any Olympian competitor, Is revealed. It swims towards me until my soul is penetrated again by those dark eyes.

A different voice seems to come from my inner being:

"I cannot fear you - I can worship but I cannot fear you..."

I feel enormous muscles pressing against mine until I can hardly breathe -

His voice is now inside my guts:

"Now I shall drink your soul!"

I yell in extreme ecstasy as I start to jet torrents of cum into the fire - the flames resolve into the rising sun...

"Shit, man, you're cumming all over the place! Wet dream?"

Buck is shaking me awake.

I shake my head clear of the dream - my dick is still spewing forth gobs of gism in great spasms that wrack my whole body. Buck grabs my dick and holds me tight against him to help quell the spasms. Eventually they stop and, gasping for air, I fall back into the meat of his powerful arms, grateful they are there.

"Man, what the hell was all that about? Your yells woke me up and then I saw your dick behaving like a cum fountain! Some dream!"

Still panting I flung myself around him, clasping him around the waist and burying my head against his big solid chest.

"Fuck me, man! Fuck me right now! Drive it into me, man!"

"Happy to oblige!"

He lifts me by the waist and rams me down on to his dick. I throw my head back as he starts to nibble at my nips and I bounce maniacally up and down on his thick pole. It's not long before he starts thrusting up with his pelvis. We both try to get him deeper and deeper - he pulls out of me and I seize his dick in my mouth and suck his thick muscle-cum out of it.

"Shit, dude! That was some wake-up call!"

I had an overwhelming desire to clean us both up. I dragged him into the shower and turned it on us at full blast. We wrestled our torsos together, both appreciating each other's thick muscle, until every vestige of cum was down our throats or down the drain.

I needed to clean myself inside as well as out, drank gallons of tap water, relieved myself and went back in the shower to clean up again. All this at a hysterical pace.

"Shit, dude - hope you don't have many dreams like that! You'll be dead before the day is new!"

But he was wrong. The same dreams came every night, with greater and greater intensity as we neared our destination. Somehow I found the growing intensity easier to deal with each time. And I didn't always have to get fucked when I woke up.

I often found Shaman gazing at me, but whenever he caught my eye he would nod slowly and turn away again. •

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