Biker's Rites


By Musclebuff

Second Day : Indianapolis (Terre Haute) IN to Rolla MO

I awoke to an early gray dawn and found myself alone. Then the sound of the shower impinged on my drugged state and I lay there awaiting the return of my new lover, thinking why the hell do we have to change partners every night?

As he came out of the bathroom I opened my arms suggestively - to nothing. The face was as dark as the extra night's stubble. He wouldn't look at me when I spoke, dressed in a hurry, all without a word, picked up his already packed bag and stalked out.

Fuck! Are we both on some crazy guilt trip? What a fucking disappointment!

I showered, shaved, dressed in a hurry and pursued him to the dining room.

All the others were there, chatting away, but Josh was by himself, drinking java and smoking a cigarette. I went over.

"Hey, pal, what's the matter?" As if I didn't know.

"Don't want to talk about it."

"Well, fuck you too!"

I saw red, swallowed some coffee, snatched up a muffin and got out of there without speaking to Josh or anyone else. This was not what I'd traveled west for. They could all stuff it as far as I was concerned. I threw the pack on my bike, laid 30 feet of rubber in the parking lot and rode furiously toward the sunrise.

I had been riding for about an hour in the increasingly hot and humid midwest July heat, when the familiar roar of Harleys approached from the rear. I accelerated hoping to show my lack of interest, but they caught up with me and I was soon imprisoned again inside that phalanx of leather and chrome.

Buzzcut winked. I pretended to ignore it. Josh was no longer up front but well in the rear.

My other guardian, who gave me a I-know-who-you-fucked-last-night look, was a real leather top - streaked, windblown hair held back by the bandana; thickly muscular, real mature muscle, a master's harness, leather-and-chain bicep bands round both biceps, hoops in both nips, wide wrist bands, a big tat on his left forearm - and spectacular leather jeans, laced up the sides. His quads were so enormous that there must have been three inches of flesh showing under the laces. And I never saw him without a Red hanging from his mouth, even when riding.

It wasn't long before we pulled off into a rest area, deserted except for a number of picnic tables and benches. Everyone shut down except me. Leader got off his bike and came over. He took me by both shoulders. I shrugged him off. I was looking for an escape route but the path was clogged with bikes.

"We're sorry for what happened back there, no one more sorry than Josh, believe me. But he's been through a lot ... "

"He's been through a lot!"

"Yes, I guess you have too, and believe me, I know it hurts. Josh wants to apologize and have you stay with us..."

"Then why can't he say so himself?"

"You're still angry, he's not. He feels foolish and guilty, he feels he's betrayed both you and his ex-lover, and I guess you're feeling the same way. We're here to help you both get over it. I hope you'll let us."

I was already feeling childish and ashamed and I didn't need him to spell it out for me. I dropped my gaze from those piercing green eyes, very conscious of how his nearness was affecting my libido. I wished he'd put his hands back on my shoulders. He must have felt this, because he did just that.

"Shaman wants to speak with you for a moment before you talk to Josh, OK? He's pretty enigmatic, but I think you'll be interested in what he tells you. We all want to get big, or bigger, don't we?"

"I guess."

Leaving me to mull over this enigmatic remark Leader signaled to Shaman who beckoned me away from the group. I shut off the bike and followed him several hundred feet.

His back was amazing. I'd never seen such definition, such thick crags in a back. His delts were a mile wide, their three heads sharply defined, and the huge batwing traps and lats swept down his back to disappear inside those painted-on leathers. Strangely, the only ink he had on him was a tribal band around his left bicep.

When he turned to me I got the force of his personality full in the face. Those black eyes bored into my soul, almost, but not quite, eclipsing my amazement at the rest of his hugely muscular torso. I hadn't realized he was so tall until we were standing face to face. For a moment he said nothing and I could feel my heartbeat ratchet up a few extra beats. Not to mention the persistent swelling in my groin.

"Let us sit. You are a very handsome man - magnificent muscle. You will meet many like you in my tribe when we arrive. You are so big and yet you wish to be bigger?"

"Don't we all? I know I'm never satisfied.

"Then my leader will satisfy you, I promise."

"How will he do that?"

"It is a long story - you may find it hard to believe - but he was originally like you, not native. But he was chosen by the Great Spirit of the Mighty Buffalo to be his successor. He was transformed by the experience he was given and has become like us both in the spirit and the body of the Great Spirit.

"Now, because of his origins, he wishes to pass on his gifts to men like you and our other friends here. I am of the Eagle and so he sent me out into your world to find men who were both desirous and worthy of such transformation."

I was speechless. Was this what the gods had been leading me towards? How could I believe it?

"Oh, believe it, my son! Your Shakespeare said 'There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy.' He was very right, as you shall discover. Are you prepared to accept this dream? I sense you are. For you seem to have little other purpose in your life at this moment in time. Am I right?"

His smile lit up his most forbidding face and he looked amazingly human - and amazingly desirable at the same time. I didn't trust my voice, or my demanding dick, so I just nodded.

"Fine. You will learn more from me - much more - before we arrive. These others will reap great benefit from the rite of transformation but, because the gods provided us with the accident of finding you, I believe you are to be the one chosen for our leader."

I opened my mouth to ask more but he silenced me with a gesture and stood, indicating that I should too.

He stood so close I could hear his heartbeat. My nips were reaching out to his as he placed his hands on each side of my head and closed his eyes. So did I.

And at once I received flashes of fleeting visions and colors - huge body parts, giant biceps, pounding buffalo hooves, soaring eagle, - I became so dizzy I thought I must drop through the dream on to the ground but Shaman seemed to be holding me up with the power of his mind.

His hands left my head, I opened my eyes.

"Yes," he said, happily, "I know you are the One. Be sure of it and grow with us."

And he embraced me. I put my arms around his huge hard, living, moving, flexing, breathing bulk and came in my leathers on the spot. I came so powerfully that my legs gave way and Shaman had to hold me up. I could feel the jizz pumping its way down one leg, in spite of the tightness of my leathers.

"A very good sign, my son. It is not my muscle alone that inspired you to pour out your seed, but the spirit of the Mighty Buffalo that comes to you through me. I shall give you of my spirit after your initiation! Go now - see, Joshua is coming for you."

I was still in a daze when Josh reached me. I collapsed heavily on to the bench.

"Hey, man! What's he been doing to you?"

I could only shake my head wordlessly.

"Say, Rob, I just want to say I'm sorry for being such a turd. I thought you'd gotten me over my guilt trip and I had no right to behave the way I did. I'm sorry."

"Josh - I was behaving like a spoiled kid - I should be apologizing to you. All forgotten, OK?"

We hugged - the other guys all cheered - I had to go into the men's room to clean up. I must have reeked to the others of sex after that massive outcumming. So much jizz had forced its way down the whole length of one leg that it took me a while to clean up the inside of my leathers.

When I came back into the open the other guys were all on their bikes, rarin' to go. Leader was making his way over to me and called Josh.

"Hey, Josh - seems he's graduated - wanna put this on him?"

And Josh crowned me with a familiar blue head-rag.

"Hey, wear it like this for today, then you can wear it anyhow, OK?"

We were on our way to Springfield MO and then Oklahoma City. A really hard, boring ride. Once we were out of Missouri it was nothing but heat, bugs, the same grain elevator and/or water tower on the right, the same three gas pumps and same three trees on the left, every twenty-five miles, on and on forever.

This time I was further back in the pack, riding between Josh and an impressively muscular, bearded guy with an elaborate dragon-like tat that coiled from his left delt down to his studded gauntlet, almost, but not quite, hiding the huge arm muscles. Both his nips were studded too - and so, as I was later to find out, was his dick.

Whenever he wasn't riding he wore a white cowboy hat as well as the bandana. Josh informed me, rather grudgingly, that Buck was to be my partner of the night.

So how many more nights did we have to go? Four, I was told, before we arrived at our destination. Maybe our destiny too. •

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