Interview with a Teen Muscle Jock


By johnd7102000

So after the physical fitness test the big muscular substitute teacher came up to me. He said I was a very special young man and that I had tremendous potential to grow big muscles just like him. He could see I was a fantastic athlete and he said he knew I was gonna be a star football player one day. Shit, I had never played football at all, but he said he knew I was gonna be a star. He said I was gonna be as big and strong as him one day if I worked out and ate lots of good food. I looked at his muscular body and thought to myself, "yeah, I wanna get big and strong like this guy." He told me to do some pushups, pull-ups and situps every day. And keep playin' sports and running. And eat lots of good food. Fuck, I was already doing that. My mom couldn't believe how much I was eating for only being nine years old. The teacher said when I got older and hit puberty I could start lifting weights and then my muscles would really take off and grow. And I'd get so strong I wouldn't believe it. It happened to him and it would happen to me. He flexed his arm one more time for me and said "That's gonna be your arm one day." I looked at that huge muscle and knew I wanted an arm like that. Well, John, it's all come true hasn't it? I wanted big muscles and I got `em. I got `em big time. Look at this arm, John. It's huge. Its's already as big as that teacher's. And its fuckin' strong as shit. Fuck, I've gotten so big and strong sometimes I don't believe it myself.

Well after I completely dominated the other kids in the physical fitness test, I was the total leader of not only my class but my whole grade. All the boys looked up to me and all of the girls had crushes on me. Oh, and I guess you had a crush on me too, didn't you John. Its amazing the amount of respect you get, even in third grade, when you have a great body and a good looking face. And when that body is the strongest and most athletic body in the whole grade, the respect is just overwhelming. I was by far the most popular kid in the whole school. Yeah, you remember don't you John. And I stayed popular `cause I never bullied anyone, even though I could have kicked every kid's ass without breaking a sweat. I was even nice to you John, even though you were such a wimp. It was great being so strong and so popular. All the boys wanted to be my friend. They wanted to play sports with me. I was the captain of every team. I got to choose what games we played. If I wanted to do something, they all wanted to do it too. I felt like a fucking king. I felt like a 9 year old king. And I was. I was the fucking king of all those kids. God it felt great being a strong and muscular kid. You've never known that feeling have you John? You've always been a total wimp all your life. You've never known what it feels like to be strong, muscular and a great athlete Well let me tell you it feels so fuckin' good. It feels fantastic to be big, strong and muscular and have all the other kids lookin' at you like you're a fuckin' god. It feels fantastic to be great at sports, to be the star player on every team. Oh shit, you're attacking me again John. I keep turning you on by talking about my muscles and how great it feels to be a muscle jock. Geez you really crave my body don't you. Well, down boy. I'm not done yet.

Well, I took the substitute teacher's advice and started doing pushups, pull-ups and situps every day. And I did hard running for my legs. What happened was amazing. Every day I could do one or two more pushups and situps and every couple of days I could do another pull-up. I couldn't believe it. My muscles were getting stronger every day! And they were getting bigger too. Once I started doin' the exercises, I started gaining weight. Solid muscle weight. I had been steadily putting on the pounds as I got older and taller, but when I started workin' out my muscles got on a big growth spurt. I guess they liked the challenge of the hard exercise and they wanted to get stronger so they could do more. Right away they grew bigger and stronger so they could do more pushups and stuff. My muscles have always liked to be challenged with hard work. They just get bigger and stronger so they can work even harder. Even though I had been a big eater before, after I started my workouts my appetite got even bigger. My mom said I was eating more food as a nine year old than most teenagers ate. But she fed me all I wanted and she was careful to feed me protein and stuff, not a bunch of junk food. And all that food turned into muscle.

I worked out three times a day. While school was still going I worked out at morning recess, at lunchtime and at afternoon recess. I always stripped off my shirt when I did my workouts. Kids would stand around and watch. I know you were one of those kids, weren't you John. I don't think you ever missed one of my workouts. Well, every workout I did as many pushups as I could do, as many pull-ups as I could do and as many situps as I could do. So I was doin' three sets to failure of each of those exercises every day. And I kept adding reps as I got bigger and stronger. After the exercises, I ran twice around the track as fast as I could. So I was running a quarter mile three times a day too. At the end of those workouts, my muscles were really pumped. My body was covered with sweat and the muscles were hard as rocks. My pecs were pushin' out of my chest, my arms were throbbing with muscle, my lats were flaring out on my back, my delts were bulging in my shoulders, my abs were shredded like corrugated steel and my legs were pumped and rippling with muscle. I felt really good after those workouts. My whole body felt alive and strong. A pump feels fantastic, John. I know you've never got a pump, but believe me it feels fantastic. After I was finished I would flex my muscles for the kids and they couldn't believe what they were seeing. Every day my muscles were getting bigger and stronger. They were big and strong before, but they got a lot bigger and stronger after I started workin' em out real hard. Before school was out, about three weeks after I started, I could do 60 pushups, 25 pull-ups and 125 situps. And I did `em three times a day. During that three weeks, I put on eight pounds of muscle. That's a lot of new muscle on an nine year old kid. Like I said, my muscles just exploded when I started workin' `em out real hard. They got on a real growth spurt with all that hard exercise making `em grow and get stronger. I was eating like a horse and with my hard workouts all that food was turning into solid muscle.

I remember one time during the last week of school I went into the boys' bathroom after my afternoon workout `cause I wanted to see my muscles in the mirror. A whole bunch of guys followed me in to watch. The bathroom was pretty small so only about 10 of `em got in. Were you there John? No? You got muscled out of the way by the bigger kids. You were out in the hall only dreamin' of what they were seeing. Well, now I'm gonna tell you John. You can pretend you were there. Yeah, I'll stand up in front of the mirror in your room here and do exactly what I did then. I stood in front of the mirror in my shorts. I couldn't see my quads because my shorts were too long. So I stripped off my shorts and stood there in just my briefs. Yeah, I know I don't have any briefs on now, John. Just pretend I do. I had just finished my afternoon workout so my muscles were totally pumped. My skin was really tan and it was covered with sweat. I had put on seven pounds of muscle in the last three weeks and had gotten a lot bigger and stronger. First, I just stood there in front of the mirror totally relaxed. Yeah, look at how I'm standing now John. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I had blond hair then, and I wore it in a spiky buzz cut, with the hair standing straight up about an inch. I thought it looked real cool. It did look real cool. Just like now, I had wide cheekbones and my teeth were perfectly straight and bright white. My face was really good lookin'. I looked at my blond hair, my hazel eyes and my face in the mirror and thought to myself that I was one fucking good-lookin' kid. Then I looked at my muscles. Even without flexing, my muscles looked fantastic. They had obviously gotten a lot bigger in the last three weeks. My pecs were bulging out of my chest. Yeah, like this John. Feel `em. Yeah. My pecs were a fraction of the size they are now, but they were definitely bigger than they were three weeks before. My pecs looked really big. And they were real solid. Big, hard and solid from all those pushups. As my arms hung down at my sides I could see that they had gotten a lot bigger. I could see the biceps and triceps bulging slightly in my upper arms, ready to flex at my command. Yeah John. Look at those big guns hangin' on me now. My arms looked just like that John, only smaller. They were really muscular, John. I was just an nine year old kid, but from all those pushups and pull-ups I already had muscular arms. My shoulders had also thickened up with muscle. They looked real wide compared to my waist. I moved my arms back and forth a little, and I could see the fibers flexing in my delts. Yeah, just like this, John. See those big fibers? Yeah, they're really thick aren't they. Probably about two or three inches of thick muscle on my shoulders now. I don't know how much muscle I had in them then, but it looked like a lot as I moved my arms back and forth in front of the mirror. Yeah, feel those delts John. Try to push your fingers into the muscle. I won't even flex. Real thick and solid ain't it? That muscle's real strong. Those delts can press 275 pounds for reps John. I could press your little body up and down with one arm and it wouldn't even be hard for me. That's how strong those delts are.

Back to the boys room. I couldn't believe how muscular I had gotten. The other kids couldn't believe it either. They were staring at my body as I just stood there relaxed in front of the mirror. Then I flexed my lats. BAM! The muscles just popped out under my armpits. The kids in the bathroom gasped as they saw that muscle explode. After all those pull-ups, my lats had gotten real big. And they were real strong too. They were strong before, but after I shocked them with three sets of pull-ups to failure every day they got real strong. They could now do 25 pull-ups, way more than any other kid in the school, even the older kids. And they were a lot bigger too. None of the other kids had any lats at all, and there I was with slabs of muscle flaring out under my armpits on my nine year old body. I actually had a V shape to my upper body, with my wide muscular shoulders and my wings of lat muscle slashing down to my athletic waist. I looked real good standing there in front of that mirror. Yeah, feel how big my lats are now, John. They're huge slabs of muscle now. You can hardly wrap your little fingers around those big muscles can you John? Yeah, my lats are huge.

Then, standing in front of that mirror I looked down at my abs. Even relaxed, they looked like a fuckin' washboard. They had gotten a lot more defined and shredded in the three weeks I had been workin' em. Workin' those babies with situps to failure three times a day made `em grow real hard and real strong. Then I flexed `em and they got so shredded and hard they looked like corrugated steel. The other kids couldn't believe what they were seeing. They started yelling and screaming as they watched my incredible muscle display. BAM! Yeah John I just flexed my abs. Feel `em little guy. Don't they feel like fuckin' bricks? Yeah. Well they felt like bricks when I was only nine years old. I've always had great abs. Since third grade I've never had an ounce of fat on my body. Yeah, feel `em John. Like a fuckin' washboard ain't it. Try to poke your fingers in. Hah! Yeah, you can't make even a tiny dent. Those mothers are like fuckin' rocks. Oh, you like to rub my thin skin over the muscle? You think that looks and feels cool having my paper thin skin roll up and down over the ripples of rock hard muscle. Yeah John. No fat underneath that skin. I got just bone and muscle and skin. I'm rock solid John. God your little cock looks excited. Its starting to twitch around all by itself. You really like my abs don't you John. I know you wanna jump on my big body right now John. I know you wanna jump on my body and run your little hands up and down my shredded abs. But you gotta wait John. I'm not done yet.

So after checking out my abs in the boys bathroom mirror, I looked down at my legs. All that hard running had made my legs get real big and muscular. And they were totally pumped `cause I had just finished running a quarter mile at full speed. My skin was still red and I could see veins criss-crossing over the pumped muscle even though it wasn't flexed. My thighs looked like masses of muscle. Then I flexed `em. In an instant those masses of muscle sprang to attention and became shredded slabs of muscle. All the kids yelled when they saw that. I stood there in front of the mirror looking at my muscles. Even I couldn't believe my legs had gotten so muscular. I couldn't believe my whole body had gotten so muscular. It seemed like a switch had turned on within my body when I started working out. My muscle growth switch. The muscle growth switch was in the "on" position and my muscles were growin' like crazy. I was amazed at the size and hardness of my own muscles as I looked at my buff nine year old body in the mirror.

Then one of the kids yelled, "Flex those guns Mike. Flex those big arms!" I looked at him and smiled. Then, BAM! I hit a double biceps pose. Yeah, I hit a double biceps pose and the kids went wild. My arms were way bigger than they had been three weeks before. I didn't measure `em then, but I bet they were a half-inch bigger than before. My biceps were way bigger than golf balls now. I could see the fibers flexing under my skin. I could see a lot of veins too. Both my biceps and my triceps had gotten a lot bigger in that three week period of working out. While I was flexing my arms, one of the kids stripped off his shirt and flexed his arms next to mine. Jesus, what a difference. His arms looked like little sticks while my arms were bulging with muscle. All the other kids laughed as they saw the difference. The kid turned to me and said "Man, your arm is so big!" I looked at my muscular arm and said "Yeah it is, ain't it. Pretty fuckin' big. But you ain't seen nothin' yet. This gun's gonna get huge!" Then I flexed it again, right in the kid's face. His eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw the bulging muscle. "Squeeze it," I said. The kid wrapped his fingers around my flexed bicep and squeezed. "Jesus Christ!" he yelled. "It feels like a fuckin' rock. I'm squeezin' as hard as I can and I can't make even a tiny dent in that fuckin' big muscle." All the other kids were staring in disbelief. They couldn't believe how big and hard my bicep was. "That mother's just gonna keep getting bigger and stronger," I said to the kid. I wasn't trying to brag. I was just telling the truth. I had total confidence in my body.

Yeah, after just three weeks of workin' out, I knew I was gonna have big muscles. I knew it then and it all came true, didn't it John. Yeah, flex your little arm John. I'll flex in back of you. God, your arm is even smaller than I thought any arm could be. It's like a little straw. Look at how tiny it looks in front of my huge gun. Geez John. I got eighteen inches of solid muscle and you got about 10 inches of skin and bone. Geez. You're like a fuckin' skeleton next to me. Yeah, you can feel it again. You always want to feel my big arms don't you John. Hey that's quite a feel. Now you've grabbed on to the top of my bicep with your two little hands and you're hangin from my big muscle in mid-air. Geez, you're so light. You're like a fuckin' feather. Yeah and even though you're hangin' from my bicep, my peak is still as high as it always is. The weight of your puny body doesn't make any dent in that hard muscle at all, does it John. My bicep was as hard as a rock in third grade and its harder now. God John. You're swingin' around on my muscle like a skinny little Tarzan and your puny cock is rock hard. You look like you're havin' a real good time John. What? You're havin' the best time of your whole life? Yeah, well I can understand that. A gay guy whose had a crush on me since third grade now has my big body flexing for him for his total pleasure. I guess that would qualify as the best time in your life!

Well, after school was out I kept up my training. I went up to the playground three times a day and did my workouts. One day after about a week when I was workin' out I met a high school kid who had a big, muscular body. His body was almost as big as the substitute teacher's. I was really impressed by this kid's body. I wanted to look like him one day. He said he was 16 years old and played football. He was a running back. Yeah, John, he was the same age I am now. He told me how good I looked for a kid. He couldn't believe I was only nine years old. We started talking about my workouts. I told him what I was doing. One set of pushups, pull-ups and situps to exhaustion and running the quarter mile as fast as I could, three times a day. He looked at my body and said I had obviously had great success with that so far. But he said I should do all three of my sets at the same time. The first set should be a warm up. Just enough to get my muscles pumped. Twenty-five pushups. Fifteen pull- ups. Fifty situps. That was all a piece of cake for me. Only rest about a minute between sets, he said. You wanna keep the pump in the muscles. Then the second set should be as many reps as I can do without killing myself. Right then that was 75 pushups, 28 pull-ups and 175 situps. I had gotten so strong I could do that many reps without strainin' too hard. Another minute's rest. And then the third set should be the killer. I should do as many reps as I possibly could, forcing my muscles to squeeze out the last few reps I could possibly do even if my body was wracked with pain. I might not actually do as many reps in the third set as the second set, but my muscles would be burnin' and totally pumped. And those muscles would grow and get stronger `cause they had been worked so hard. That's the way to build big muscles, he said. And those big muscles will grow and get really strong. And you should do the same for your running, he said. Start off with a quarter mile warm-up. Not too fast. Then after a minute's rest---like I said, I need less than a minute to get my breath back---run another quarter mile as fast as you can without killing yourself. Then another minute's rest. Then do your last "set". Run that fuckin' quarter mile as fast as you can. When you're done, you're legs will be so pumped and bulging you won't believe it. And the next day those legs will be bigger and stronger. You're gonna be a total stud, he said. And be sure to rest a couple days a week, he said. Your body's still young, so it doesn't need as much rest as an older guy's. But take a couple of days off each week, he said. You can bet your muscles will be growin' those days.

God, I was stoked. I was getting some great training advice from a kid who obviously knew what he was talking about. I just had to take one look at his buff body to know that. So I did like he said. I did three sets all at once. Wow. I could tell the difference on the first day. My muscles got totally pumped but really sore after those three grueling sets. It was that good hurting feeling. The feeling of my muscles being totally pumped and burnin'. It was like my muscles were popping out of my skin. Even though I was sore, that pump felt great. It was the best pump I had had so far. Ya know John a pump feels great! You never felt a pump before because your little wimp muscles can't work out hard enough to get a good pump. But I tell you a good pump feels almost as good as sex. Your muscles are all flushed with blood and alive. You have hormones surging through your body. You feel like a total stud. You flex your muscles and see them bulge with rock hard muscle. It's almost as good as an orgasm. Yeah, that's how I felt after that first extreme workout. I didn't know then what an orgasm felt like, but my body felt fantastic! That evening I ate more food than ever. When we had chicken, I could usually eat three or four pieces. That night I ate seven pieces. Two drumsticks, two thighs, and three breasts. I ate more than a whole fuckin' chicken in one meal. My mom and dad couldn't believe it. Plus I ate lots of rice and vegetables and three glasses of milk. I was really hungry.

When I got on the scale the next morning, I had gained a pound of muscle. A pound of muscle in one day. And all my soreness had gone away. My muscles felt great. They felt really strong. And they proved it in my workout. In my last "killer" set, I could do two more pushups, one more pull-up and five more situps than the day before. God I felt great. John do you know what it feels like to gain a pound of muscle and see yourself getting stronger in one day? No? You've always been totally weak, so you don't know what its like to gain muscle fast and feel yourself get stronger fast. Well, John let me tell you it feels fantastic. I felt fantastic. I dove into my next workout with the fuckin' fury of a tiger. I tell you John, when you're workin' out and puttin' on muscle every day, you feel like an animal. Like a young tiger. You feel like you could conquer anything in the world. That's the way I felt that summer after third grade. I felt like a young tiger, growin' bigger and gettin' stronger every day. I felt great! I felt like a young stud.

Yeah, John. I still feel that way now. I'm still putting on muscle every day. I'm still getting taller, bigger and stronger. Yeah, I feel like an animal John. I feel like tiger. A strong, muscular tiger. Top of the food chain John. You wanna get crushed by one of this tiger's paws, John? You do? You wanna feel how strong this tiger is? Well, John, this tiger's the strongest of the strong. All the other tigers cringe when they see this tiger come towards them. This tiger's young, but he's already the king of all the tigers. He's the king of the jungle John. Yeah, that's the tiger you're lookin' at. You're just a little pussycat and I'm a big young muscular tiger. John, you're gettin' all excited again. Hey, you're attacking the tiger. You better be careful or the tiger might crush you. You're nothing to the tiger John, you know that don't you. The tiger could crush your wimpy little ribcage without even trying hard. What John? You wanna be crushed by the tiger? You really do? Okay, I'll give you a little sample of what the tiger can do. The tiger's wrapping his arms around your chest John. What's the matter John? You're not breathing anymore. Your face is turning red. Oh, are the tiger's arms so strong they're squeezing all the air out of your lungs? Yeah, they are, aren't they John. Look at the tiger's lats John. They're bulging out because they're helping the tiger's big arms crush your puny body. Your little body's being pulled into the giant pecs of the tiger by the brute force of his big, muscular arms and lats. Do you feel the hard round muscle of the tiger's pecs pushing into your flat little chest? Yeah, the tiger's pec muscles are harder than your chest, aren't they. The tiger's muscle is like rock. Bulging rock. Now the tiger's letting go and putting his big paw on the back of your head. He's rubbing your face across the big hard muscles of his pecs. He knows you love his pecs. He wants you to feel `em up close and personal. Feel how big and hard those pecs are John. Feel how the tiger's big nipples push into your cheeks like iron spikes. Yeah, the tiger's nipples get real hard and erect when the tiger's turned on. Those big nipples get pushed out by his big pecs and they're real big and hard. Hey, John you're going crazy again. You're licking the tiger's big hard nipples. You're suckin' em and rubbing your tongue all over them. Geez, the tiger's gettin' real excited John. But you're even more excited. You're running your hands all over the tiger's muscles, rubbing your face all over his big pecs and sucking his hard nipples.. Your little cock is twitching. You're goin' crazy again John. I guess you really like the tiger even though he can crush you like a grape. Okay, down boy. The tiger will be all yours in a few minutes. But I'm not done yet. •

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