Interview with a Teen Muscle Jock


By johnd7102000

As someone recently noted, it's been kind of slow here lately. I've been working on a new story, using a style I've never used before, which I hope you like. I've also got Part 2 written. Please let me know if I should continue to the end.

Is the recorder on? It is? Okay I guess I'll start. Yeah, my name's Mike. My little friend John here asked me to do an interview and he's recording it all on a tape recorder. John's doin' a research project on jocks. He wants me to tell him what its been like to grow up strong and with muscles and everything. Fuck, little John here sure ain't got any muscles. How much do you weigh little man? One ten? One twenty? Oh, so you weigh 115 pounds. Jesus you are so skinny! I guess you couldn't say anything about what it's like to be strong and muscular `cause you're such a little wimp. But that's okay. You've got me to tell you what it's like.

I'm 16 years old. To be exact, I'm 16 years and two months old. John's actually a couple of months older than me, but he looks like a little kid compared to me. We're both almost done with 10th grade. Fuck, I can hardly wait for summer. I'm five foot ten and I weigh 195. That's 195 pounds of shit-kickin' muscle. Fuck John, I'm only three inches taller than you but I weigh 80 pounds more than you do. That's 80 pounds of muscle that you don't have, John. Jeez, you are really skinny. I've been workin' out real hard this winter, gettin' bigger and stronger for football next fall. Shit, I've really been growin'. I've put on ten pounds of muscle in the last four months and gained a half inch in height. At the rate I've been growin', I'm gonna be six feet tall and 230 pounds of solid muscle when football season comes around our Senior year. I've been strong and muscular my whole life. And I just keep getting' bigger and stronger. During the last four months I've put another half inch on these guns John. They're up to 18 inches. Eighteen inches of rock hard muscle. Here check `em out John. Fuck, look how big they get when I flex `em. Yeah, you can feel `em. They feel like solid rock don't they. Yeah. Look at the peak on those biceps. Yeah, feel it. And look at all those fibers and veins. That's all solid muscle, little man. Yeah, run your little fingers over that muscle. Try to squeeze it John. Ha ha, I can't even feel that. You're not makin' even a tiny dent. That's how hard that muscle is John. It's like solid steel.

Okay, enough of the feelin' for now John. John really likes my muscles. He's gay, you know. He just came out last year. Some of the kids gave him shit, but it didn't bother me. Shit, I've known John since we were in grade school and I know he's a good guy even though he's a nerd. Now all the kids know that if they give John any shit, they're gonna get their face and gut bashed in by my big fists. So they don't bother you, do they John. Fuck no! Actually, I kinda like it when John stares at my muscles and feels `em when I flex. He always gets a big hard on. Sometimes I get a hard on too. Hey, I think I'll take off my shirt. That'll keep your attention, won't it John. You take off your shirt too, John. God, this t-shirt is so fucking tight. I can hardly get it off my big chest. Geez your chest is tiny John. It's so skinny and white. All skin and bone. Yeah, check out my big chest, John. It's now 47 inches. Gained another inch in the last four months. Solid muscle of course. And check out those abs. Like a fuckin' washboard, aren't they? Yeah my waist is only 29 inches. And it's all solid muscle. No fat on this body, John. The football coach gave us a test for bodyfat and I had the lowest percentage on the whole team. Only five percent. That's about the least you can have and still be healthy. And I'm sure fucking healthy! Fuck, I got no fuckin fat on my whole body. Pound for pound I'm the most muscular and strongest guy on the whole team. I eat tons of food and supplements but I never put on any fat. Just muscle. Feel the skin covering my abs, John. Yeah, feel how thin it is. It's like fuckin' cellophane, ain't it. Pinch it John. See. When you pinch it it's like pinching two pieces of cellophane. Yeah, and look at that muscle underneath. See how you can see the fibers and veins when I flex? Pretty cool ain't it. Yeah I thought you'd think so. Looks like you already got a boner, John.

I got light brown hair and hazel eyes. I got a golden brown tan. My skin really tans fast and I hardly ever wear a shirt outside, so I always have a great tan. When I was a kid my hair was blond, but now it's light brown. I keep my hair cut short like all the football players. We think it makes us look cool, and we do. We look totally cool. My eyes are half blue and half brown. That's called hazel. Get closer John. Look into my eyes. See the little flecks of blue and light brown? All the girls go crazy over my eyes. They go crazy over my eyes after they've gone crazy over my muscles. Or maybe they go crazy over both my eyes and my muscles at the same time. All I know is that they just go crazy over me. They say I'm the best lookin' guy in the whole school. Hey John, you're still staring into my eyes. I guess you like my eyes too, huh John? You get turned on by my eyes, John? Yeah? You think they're beautiful. Oh and my muscles too. You think my muscles are beautiful. You think I'm beautiful. Wow. John thinks I'm a beautiful dude. Well then, John, do you think I'm the best looking guy in the whole school? I don't know if I believe those girls because they might be saying that just to get laid. They all want to get fucked by my big cock, ya know. Nine inches of thick, rock-hard muscle cock. They all want to look into my eyes, feel my big muscles and get fucked by my big dick. So what do you think, John? Do you think I'm the best lookin' guy in the school? You do? No shit! And I got the best body too? Fuck, you make me feel like such a stud, John. I'm getting' horny just talkin' about it. Yeah, look at my cock. It's getting' hard just by me talkin' about my body and my looks. You just keep gettin' me to talk more about it and I just keep gettin' more and more horny. We're gonna have to take care of my horny cock later, aren't we John. Yeah, we sure are.

But you wanted me to talk about what it was like growing up. So let's start. I don't remember much about when I was a little kid. My mom says I was really active. I was always running and jumping and climbing things. She remembers one time in preschool when I was riding around on a tricycle. I came to a four foot high wall and wanted to ride on the other side of the wall for some reason. So I picked up the tricycle and just threw it over the wall. Then I jumped up and climbed over the wall like it was nothing. My mom says that none of the other kids could lift that tricycle even a couple of inches off the ground. And I just picked it up and threw it. That's when she knew I was gonna be strong, she says.

When I look at pictures of when I was five or six years old, I look like a normal, healthy kid, but I was definitely bigger than the other kids. I was only a little bit taller but I was definitely a lot more muscular than those other kids. I wasn't a giant or anything but I was already very solid. I had a layer of baby fat covering my body just like the other kids, but unlike the other kids there was some real muscle underneath the baby fat. My arms and chest were thick and I even had caps of muscle in my shoulders. There was this one picture where I was holding a ball in my hand and you can see my biceps and triceps bulging in my upper arm. Then there was another picture where I'm standing in front of the camera and my pecs are really popping out in my chest and you can even see some ab muscles under my babyfat. My legs also looked big too. I didn't do anything special to get that muscle. It just seemed to grow naturally from all my running and jumping and climbing.

I was always very athletic. When I was in first grade we played T-Ball and I could hit the ball farther than anyone else. I always hit home runs. And I could throw the ball farther than anyone else too. I never thought much about being stronger than the other kids. It just seemed natural to me. Like the way things were supposed to be. I played AYSO soccer too. I played soccer until a started playing football in third grade when I was nine. Even when I was seven years old my legs were really strong and I was real fast and coordinated compared to the other kids. The coach had me play center forward. Once I got the ball it was easy for me to get around the defenders. Then when I got about 10 yards from the goal I would smash the ball in so hard and fast the poor goalie just stood there frozen. These big legs had a lot of power in `em even when I was seven. Sometimes a kid would run in front of me and try to block my way to the goal, but if I couldn't get around him I'd just run right through him. I'd just knock him over and score. If the Ref called a foul it would usually be on the other kid for jumping in front and trying to block me even though I mowed him down. My legs were really strong even back then. Those other kids didn't stand a chance with their little stick legs tryin' to stop these strong mothers. Yeah, I'll flex `em for you John. See all that muscle? Yeah, you can feel it. Like a big tree trunk, ain't it? Those big mothers measure 26 inches now John. I put on another inch of muscle on my quads in the last four months. They're fuckin' strong, John. Well, they sure weren't this big and strong when I was six and seven, but they were really strong for a kid. But like I said, I didn't think much about it. It just seemed normal to be strong. It felt great being such a good athlete though. I remember the fantastic way I felt when all the other kids came up to me after the game and congratulated me for all the goals I scored. That felt real good. I liked being a great athlete. Ya know, when you're a boy, even a little kid of six or seven years old, when you're the best athlete all the other kids look up to you like you're the top dog. At the very top of the kid pecking order. Like you rule, ya know what I mean? Yeah, I guess I was the top dog of all the kids. I ruled. It seems like I've always been the top dog. It's just natural.

When I was eight years old and in third grade I started losing my baby fat. I don't know why exactly. I guess my body decided it didn't need the baby fat any more, so it just got rid of it. Over the course of about six months the fat just disappeared. And I've never had any fat on my body since then. I didn't lose any weight though. In fact I kept gainin' weight. I guess the fat was being replaced by muscle. By the time I turned nine in March, all my muscles showed real clearly under my skin. I wasn't as shredded and ripped as I am now, but you could definitely see all the muscles. When I took off my shirt the other kids would look at my body. I was definitely more muscular than any other kid in the third grade. And all that muscle was totally natural. Up until then I never did anything to build my muscles except play sports like soccer and baseball and do a lot of running, jumping and climbing. I guess I was just naturally muscular. I had a nice six pack and I even had pecs showin' in my chest, delts covering my shoulders, and biceps and triceps showin' in my arms.

The other guys would pretend that they weren't looking at my muscles but I knew a lot of `em were. Once in awhile I'd flex just to show off. I remember laughing when I saw the looks on their faces when I hit a most muscular pose in front of four or five of `em and they saw my little nine-year old muscles bulging. What did you say, John? You were one of those guys? Oh yeah, I remember, we were in the same third grade class. You were the wimpiest kid in the whole class I think. You were always picked last for any team. I was always the captain, the first one on my team. And my teams usually won, didn't they John? I remember I picked you for my teams because I felt sorry for you. Anyway, I knew we could still win even with you on the team, `cause I was twice as good an athlete as any kid on the other team. So picking you kind of evened things out.

Yeah, now that you mention it I remember you were one of the kids who kept staring at my muscles. I guess you liked my bod even in third grade, huh John? What? You've had a crush on me ever since third grade? Wow, I'm honored. Geez, all these years you've been turned on by my body and I didn't even know it! Well John, you're just gonna have to make up for lost time after we're done with this interview. He he he. Hey, hands off, buddy. I'm not done yet.

I'll never forget that day near the end of third grade when we had a substitute teacher. I'll bet you remember that day too, huh John? Yeah, I thought you would. I was nine years and a couple of months old. By then I had completely lost all my baby fat and had nice defined muscles. I knew I was a good athlete, the best of all the third graders, but I had never done anything special to build my muscles. They were just there. Well, when the substitute teacher walked in the classroom door, every kid stopped talking and just stared at him. He was very young, just out of college, and he had the biggest, buffest muscles I had ever seen. He was wearing a tight Polo shirt that showed off his big chest, shoulders and arms. His waist was small and athletic and I could see his thighs bulging under his pants. This guy was a total stud. He immediately commanded the total respect of every kid in that room.

He introduced himself and said he had just graduated from college as a P.E. major. He wanted to be a high school football coach but until he could get a real job he was working as a substitute. He saw us staring at his muscles and he said he had been lifting weights since he was 13 years old. God he looked fantastic, I thought to myself. What, John? You thought he looked fantastic too. Yeah I bet you did. Well, he announced that instead of having morning classes we were all gonna go out on the playground and test our physical fitness. He said physical fitness was very important for kids, but unfortunately most American kids were just not very fit. So he was going to test us to see how we stacked up.

We went out to the playground and the teacher told us what we were gonna do. First we're gonna do pushups. Then pull-ups. Then situps. And finally we were gonna run twice around our little track, a quarter mile. You know, to that time I hadn't really done any pushups, pull-ups or situps. As an nine year old, I was just interested in running, jumping and climbing and playing sports. So I had never done any of that stuff. Most of the other kids in our class hadn't either, so we had no idea how we were gonna stack up. It was kinda hot outside, so most of the boys took off our shirts. Except for you John, right? You never took off your shirt. Right away I could see the teacher checking out my body.

The teacher got down and showed us how to do pushups. He cranked out 25 like it was nothing. I could see the muscles bulging in his arms as he pushed himself up and down. Then it was our turn. We all got in the pushup position. The teacher said "go." And I started doin' the pushups, just like the teacher had done. To my total surprise, they were easy for me. I was pushin' my body up and down just as fast as the teacher. When I got to 20 I started slowing down. They were getting harder. But I kept going. I wanted to see how many I could do. By 25, I was really straining. I could feel my chest muscles kind of hurting as they strained harder and harder to push my body up. Finally after 28 pushups I just couldn't do another one. I collapsed on the ground. My chest was throbbing. I looked up and saw the teacher and all the other kids staring at me. "Congratulations," said the teacher. "You did 28 pushups and none of your classmates here could do more than seven. A couple of them couldn't do even one." I remember he looked over to you John and you kinda blushed. You couldn't do even one pushup. I jumped up to my feet and rubbed my hands across my chest. The muscles seemed bigger and harder than usual. I looked down and saw that my skin was really red. The teacher walked over and placed his hand on my pec. He rubbed his fingers over my hard muscle. "You got a pump, young man," he said. "You got a good pump from doin' those pushups. You keep doin' pushups every day and your chest muscles will really grow. Then when you get older you can start lifting weights. One day you'll have chest muscles like these." He grabbed my hand and placed it on his own pec. Then he flexed the huge muscle. I couldn't believe how big and hard that muscle was. It was enormous and it felt like solid rock. Wow, I thought to myself, I really want muscles like that. Right then and there I decided I wanted muscles like that. And guess what John? I got `em!

The other kids came over and some of them felt my pumped up pecs. I flexed and made the muscle get real hard. What's that John? Oh you wished you had the nerve then to feel my muscles but you were too shy. You just stood back and stared as I showed off my pumped pecs. Well, you can feel `em now, John. Here, have a feel. Yeah, aren't they big and hard? There's a lot of muscle in those pecs John. Those pecs can bench 400 pounds John. I can do so many pushups it ain't even funny. How many? Oh, at least 300 or 400. They're so easy its no challenge at all to do pushups. I think my pecs are at least as big as that teacher's. Probably bigger. And my pecs are gonna keep getting bigger `cause I'm only 16 years old and I'm still growin'. How many pushups can you do John? Two? Only two? Well, that's two more than you did in third grade, but it's still pathetic. You are a total weakling John. I'm packed with muscle and super strong and you're skinny as a stick and totally weak. That's the way it's always been, hasn't it John? I'm strong and you're weak. Okay, you can stop feeling up my pecs now John. You're starting to pant again and your cock is about ready to ram through your shorts. You're gonna get all you want of this big body in just a few minutes, little guy. But I'm not done yet.

So then it was time for pull-ups. There was only one little chinning bar on the playground. It was too high off the ground for us third graders, so we had never used it before. The teacher showed us how to do pull-ups. He jumped up and grabbed the bar with his palms facing away. His hands were about even with his wide shoulders. Then he started pulling his big body up and down with the power of his lats and his arms. All the kids stared in amazement as his lats flared out like big wings on his back. They stretched the fabric in his shirt so wide I thought it might rip apart. I had never seen muscle like that in my life. His biceps bulged into a big ball of muscle when he got to the top. Then when he lowered himself they looked like steel cords in his arm, steel cords with incredible strength. He did ten easy pull-ups and then dropped to the ground. Then we all stood in a line and he lifted us up to the bar so we could do our pull-ups. I stood at the end of the line. One by one the kids tried to do pull-ups. None of the girls could do any pull- ups. Most of the boys couldn't do any pull-ups either. A couple of them could do one or two. One guy did three.

Then it was my turn. The teacher lifted me up to the bar and I grabbed it just like he had done. Then I started pulling. To my surprise, I lifted my body up easily. I guess all my tree climbing had built my muscles pretty good. I pulled my body up and down several times. Then one of the kids yelled, "Look at that! Mike's got muscle wings on his back just like the teacher!" I guess my lats were flarin' out as they pulled me up and lowered me down. Shit, I didn't even know I had lats until then. I kept doin' the pull-ups. The kids were all yelling and screaming as I did rep after rep. The same thing started happening to my lats and biceps as happened to my pecs when I did the pushups. The muscles started hurting as they strained harder and harder. But it was a good hurt. Not a bad hurt. For some reason that hurt felt kinda good. I really slowed down after 10 reps. My back and arms were really aching. But I kept going. I'm not a quitter. I barely pulled my chin over the bar for the 15th rep and then dropped to the ground, landing solidly on my strong legs. The kids were clapping and yelling. "Mike, you're the man," one of them yelled. "You got wing muscles in your back just like the teacher." I stood proudly in front of the kids and flexed my lats. I had never done that before. Before then I didn't know I had any lats. I looked down and saw the muscle bulging out from under my armpits. The skin covering that muscle was red and I could see some little veins right under the skin. The veins were surging with blood. My lats were pumped! I could see the kids were real impressed with my little nine year old V-shaped lats. I grabbed the muscle of my right lat with my left hand. Wow! The muscle really seemed big and hard. Much bigger and harder than it had ever been. "You got a pump again," said the teacher. "Those lat muscles got a good pump. Now flex your arm. Let's see what kind of pump you got there."

I flexed my right arm. There was a gasp from the kids. Even my own mouth dropped open. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My bicep was bulging in my arm like a golf ball. I could see the fibers of muscle flexing under my skin and there were lots of veins crisscrossing the muscle, feeding it with blood. My bicep had never gotten that pumped before, so it had never looked like that. The muscles in my forearm were also bulging like they had never done before. Even my tricep muscles were bulging underneath my bicep. My whole arm was totally muscular and totally pumped. I reached over with my left hand and put my fingers on my flexed bicep. I pressed in hard, but I couldn't make a dent. The muscle felt like warm rock. Then I squeezed and I still couldn't make a dent in that muscle. My pumped bicep was as hard as steel. The teacher came over and put his own thick fingers around my arm. Then he squeezed. I could feel his fingers trying to push into the top of my bicep muscle, but my muscle was real hard. My muscle was harder than his squeeze. Then he squeezed harder. He squeezed real hard. I could see the big muscles bulging in his forearm like writhing snakes as he forced his fingers harder into my bicep muscle. I flexed my bicep as hard as I could and the solid muscle held like a rock against the strong force of the young teacher's fingers. Finally he squeezed real, real hard. The muscles in his forearm looked like it was gonna pop out of his skin. Finally, his fingers pushed into my bulging muscle about a quarter of an inch. Then he let go. I looked proudly at my flexed nine year old bicep. I had flexed so hard that the muscle was totally pumped and the fibers were twitching under my skin. Veins were everywhere. That muscle was almost hard enough to resist the incredibly powerful squeeze of the muscular young teacher's strong fingers. "You got real hard muscles for a kid," he said. "You got a real nice pump in your bicep. Gettin' pumped like that makes the muscle real big and real hard. You keep doin' those pull-ups and one day your biceps will look and feel like this." He bent down and flexed his huge arm right in front of my face. I couldn't believe how big his bicep was. It was about the size of a softball. His tricep was huge too. It looked like a football of muscle on the bottom of his arm. I reached over and grabbed his arm with both hands. It was too big for me to grab with only one hand. God that felt incredible, feeling all that hard muscle. He had more muscle in that one arm than I had in my whole body.

Right then I thought to myself I wanted arms as big and hard as that. Right then I decided I wanted arms as big as the teacher's. And look John. I got `em! My arms are bigger than the teacher's! Yeah, reach over and feel `em John. You never saw a 10th grader with arms like these, have you John. I got the biggest arms in our whole grade. There are only a couple of seniors --- big fat linemen--- who got arms as big as mine, but my arms are stronger. I can curl 200 pounds and they can only curl 175. By football season my arms will be way bigger than theirs and I'll be curlin' 225 easy. My arms are still growin' real fast. My arms were big in third grade and they're huge today. My arms are already bigger than the teacher's. And they're still growin, just like the rest of me. Since I was 9 years old, my arms have always been at least an inch bigger than my age. After I started liftin' weights they really got big and they've been two inches bigger than my age ever since. Like when I was 12 they grew to 14 inches of solid muscle before I turned 13. When I was still 14 my arms were 16. I've always had big arms for my age. My arms grew so fast during the last year that they got to 17-1/2 inches while I was still 15. So they were two fuckin' inches bigger than my age again. When I graduate in two years at age 18, these big guns are gonna be 20 inches easy. They're gonna be way bigger than that teacher's arms ever were. When I graduate high school these guns are gonna be fuckin' huge.

God John. You're just all over my arms. You like those big guns, don't you? You like the feeling of all that solid muscle. Now you're licking the muscle. Does that muscle taste good to you John? It does? Geez, now you're wrapping your lips around the peak of my bicep. That rock hard muscle is ramming itself into your mouth. Yeah, the muscle's so big you can't get your teeth around it. All you can do is get your teeth around the very tip of the peak. Hey, don't bite. Aw, you can bite if you want. That muscle's so hard it won't care if you bite or not. Ha, I could hardly feel that bite. My muscle's almost as hard as your teeth. Umm, your tongue feels kinda good licking my big bicep. You like the taste of a huge, bulging bicep in your mouth John? You do? Yeah, I thought you would. You just love my body, don't you John. Yeah. Well, enough of the appetizer for now, little dude. You can taste as much of my muscle as you want when I'm done with my story.

Back to the physical fitness test. It was clear after the pushups and pull-ups that I was by far the fittest of all the kids in our class. I was probably one of the fittest third graders in the whole city. The teacher said that in pushups and pull-ups I was in the top one percent of all nine year olds in the country. And this was the first time I had ever done any pushups or pull-ups at all. I guess I was just naturally strong and muscular. The next test was situps. The teacher laid down on his back and started lifting his upper body up and down, showing us how to do situps. He cranked out 25 without slowing down a bit. I was all stoked. I wanted to beat the teacher, that's for sure. I had never really done situps before, at least not all in a row. My six pack abs looked good, but that was from my running, jumping, climbing and playing sports. I never did anything special for my abs. They just naturally looked like a washboard after I shed all my baby fat. We all got on our backs and the teacher said "go." I started lifting my upper body. I was surprised how easy it was. I looked over at some of the other kids and they were really struggling. Some of `em couldn't lift up their bodies even once. You were one of those I bet, right John. Yeah, I figured. You were lying on the ground straining and straining to pull up your body but your little muscles were just too weak. Well, fuck. My muscles weren't too weak. I cranked out those situps real fast. Without even trying hard I did 25, the same as the teacher. I looked around and saw that none of the other kids were still doing situps. They were all standing there looking at me and my abs as I kept crankin' `em out. I got to 30 and then 40. The kids were all yelling again as they watched me do more situps than they could imagine. My abs were really starting to hurt, that good hurt again, and I could see sweat starting form on my skin as I looked down at the rippling muscle when I got to the top. The skin was red again as blood surged through the working muscle. Even though my abs hurt, I forced them to keep going, pulling my body up and down again and again. Finally I got to 50 reps and the teacher said, "Okay you can stop, Mike. That's the maximum. There's only one 9 year old in a hundred that can do 50 situps. You're an incredibly fit young man." I smiled as I looked up at the teacher's big body. Then I cranked out three more situps, just to show off. I was stoked.

I sprang up to my feet and stood in front of the other kids. Sweat was dripping off my abs. The muscles looked like a fucking washboard. And ran my fingers over the muscles and felt how hard they were. They were really pumped. I could feel every crevice of those corrugated muscles and they felt like solid steel. John I can see you're getting' excited. You remember what happened next don't you? What? You've thought about that moment for the rest of your life? Yeah, I'll bet you have. Well, you remember then that I looked over at you, the puniest, wimpiest kid in the class, a kid that could do no pushups, no pull-ups and no situps. But I saw you staring at my abs with your mouth wide open. It was like you couldn't believe what you were seeing. I yelled over at you. "John, you wanna feel these muscles? Come on over here and feel `em." I remember your eyes got so wide. Your eyes looked so excited. Yeah, kinda like they look right now. You raced over and put your little fingers on my abs. I remember the expression on your face when you felt how hard they were. I don't think you were expectin' them to be so hard. You looked so surprised. Then you ran your little wimp hands up and down the rippling muscle. You were feelin' every ridge and crevice, like you had never felt anything like that in your life. You poked your finger into the muscle, but it was so hard it was like you were pokin' into a brick. Then you placed your little hand flat on my abs and just felt the warm washboard of muscle. I flexed the muscle a couple of times under your hand. I said "How's that feel, John?" And I remember you said, "It's the most incredible thing I've ever felt in my life." Yeah, I guess it was, wasn't it John. A nine year old with fuckin' washboard six pack. A rock hard six pack that was so much harder and stronger than your flabby little gut it wasn't even funny. I'll bet you thought a lot about feelin' my abs that day, didn't you John. . What? You thought about it almost every day for years? That was the most incredible experience had ever hard? Geez, John, I never knew I had such a big effect on you. Oh yeah, I guess you're right. When you've got a crush on someone, you think about him all the time. And you especially think about the times you got to touch his muscles. You didn't get to touch my muscles much back then did you John? You were too shy I guess. What? You were afraid of me? You were afraid I'd smash your little body if you tried to touch my muscles. John, you know I'd never hurt you. I was sorry for you `cause you're such a wimp. But I guess you didn't know that. You just watched my muscles grow from a distance. I got to rub my hands up and down those hard abs every day, as much as I wanted. Shit, they were just normal to me. They were part of me. You had to stand back and just watch. Fuck, I guess that's what little wimps have to do.

Well, you don't have to stand at a distance now John. You can feel my muscles all you want. Feel my abs, John. Feel how fucking hard and shredded they are. My waist is only 29 inches and it's all solid muscle. I can do 1,000 situps now John without even trying hard. My abs are so hard and strong that big kids can punch `em as hard as they want and their fists just bounce off like they're hitting a brick wall. My abs are like a fuckin' corrugated sheet of steel armor. Yeah, rub your hands over those muscles just like you did in third grade. They're a lot bigger and harder now, aren't they John. Oh John, you're getting all excited again. You're rubbing your hands all over my abs just like you did in third grade. You're trying to poke your little fingers into the muscle but the muscle's like a fucking brick. Yeah, just like third grade, John, only the muscle's even harder. Yeah, put your hand on top of the muscle and feel it when I flex. Yeah, just like third grade, John. That muscle's flexin' and unflexin' under your little wimp hand. Feels good, doesn't it John. Feels like fuckin' corrugated iron when it flexes. Fuck, it feels like corrugated iron even when it's not flexed. My abs are solid muscle. They're always hard. Oh, John, now you're licking `em. Ooohh, that feels so good. I like the feeling of your tongue licking the hard ridges of my ab muscles. Yeah, the sweat tastes good, doesn't it John. You're cleaning out all that sweat from the crevices of my abs. I didn't take a shower after my workout this morning, so my body's still covered with sweat.

Hey, you're unzipping my shorts and pulling them off. See, my cock's hard too, just like yours. Only my cock's a lot bigger. Like twice as big. Yeah, smell my crotch. Real sweaty and smelly, ain't it. My workout shorts get totally wet when I work out. I work out so hard the sweat just pours off my body. And my crotch gets real sweaty and smelly. What? It smells good to you? Smells like a real muscle jock's sweat, huh. Well, I'm a muscle jock all right and I make a lot of muscle jock sweat when I work out. John, you're panting again. Your hands are all over me. You're squeezing my muscles like crazy while you're breathing in my strong crotch sweat. Your little cock's bulging under your shorts. Hey John. I know what you're up to. I know you wanna suck my big cock. You want this big cock shoved down your throat while you feel my huge muscles. You want me to fuck your face while you breathe in the pungent smell of my muscle jock crotch sweat and rub your little hands all over my big hard body. Yeah, I know what you want. But you gotta wait. I'm not done yet.

There. Good thing I'm strong. I can just lift you up and put you back in your chair. Now where were we? Oh yeah. Back to third grade. Well, the last physical fitness test was the run. We had to run twice around the track, about a quarter mile. I knew this was not gonna be a problem for me, `cause I loved to run. The teacher had a stopwatch. We all bunched up at the starting line. I didn't even try to get to the front. The teacher said "go" and we all took off. I stayed to the back for about 50 yards but then I couldn't believe how slow some of the kids were running. John, you were pathetic. I came up behind you and you were already breathing hard. I guess you never played any sports or did any running so you were totally out of shape. So I blasted by you. I think I hit you in the shoulder with my shoulder, not on purpose, I was just trying to get through. But I remember the force of my hit almost knocked you over. And I remember how bony your shoulder felt when my muscular shoulder hit it. What? You remember that too? You remember feeling the muscles in my shoulder when I almost knocked you over? And feeling the power of my body as it pushed you out of its way like you were a little twig or something? You remember all that like it was yesterday. Another Mike muscle memory, huh. You just love those Mike muscle memories, don't you little guy.

Well, by the time I had run 100 yards I had blasted by most of the other kids. There were about five of us boys in the front who were good runners and we soon were way out in front of the other kids, running in a pack. My legs felt real strong. By the time we finished one lap, the other boys who were running with me started getting tired. I could see they were breathing hard. Shit, I wasn't breathing hard at all. Running one little lap like that was easy for me. When I saw them getting tired and slowing down a little, I decided to speed up. I cranked my strong legs up a couple notches and they pumped like pistons in a race car. During the second lap I was running real fast, faster than any of the kids had run in the first lap. I was way ahead of everybody else. Just before I got to the finish line I saw you John staggering along at the end of your first lap. I don't think you ever made it beyond the first lap. Anyway, I remember when I ran by you I yelled something like "Get in shape, John" and then I ran across the finish line. I was 100 yards ahead of the next kid. The teacher looked at his stopwatch and I could see his mouth drop open. I think I set some kind of record or something. The other kids came up and congratulated me on winning the race and being in such good shape. A lot of them had petered out after one lap just like you John. They couldn't believe how fast I was running during that second lap. I was breathing hard right after I finished the race, but it only took me about 30 seconds to catch my breath and breathe normally again. I recover real fast after I run. All the kids stood around me looking at my sweaty body. I remember you were there John, staring at my pumped up muscles with your eyes as wide as saucers. I pulled up my shorts and flexed my legs. My quads were really bulging, they were so pumped from the hard running. The slabs of quad muscle were clearly visible under my skin. My skin was red from all the blood being pumped into the muscle and it was glistening with sweat. The hard muscle was pushing some veins up under the skin. Blood was surging through all that muscle. My calves were really pumped too. I could see the two heads of muscle bulging and they were crisscrossed with veins. One of the kids said, "Geez Mike, you really got strong legs. Look how much muscle you got." I looked down and flexed again. My big quads bulged at my command. I looked at the bulging muscle and said "Yeah. I got muscle." I knew I was a big strong kid.

Well, John. Check out these quads now. Here, I'll stand up and kick off my shorts. Now watch. BAM. See those monsters flex? One second they're a big mass of muscle and the next second they're solid rock. Yeah, feel `em John. Those big mothers are 26 inches around John. That's as big as your waist, isn't it? Each of my big thighs is as big as your waist and my thighs are solid muscle. Yeah, feel that muscle little man. Those big thighs can squat with 475 pounds. God they're strong. And they keep getting bigger and stronger. I added an inch of muscle and 50 pounds on my squat in the last four months. I got the strongest legs on the whole team. And they're gonna be even stronger by football season. I'll be able to drag those defenders down the field like they're little feathers. Yeah and check out my calves too. They're up to 19-1/2 inches. Yeah, rock hard solid muscle John. Feel it. I can do calf raises with 600 pounds. Those mothers are fuckin' strong! Oh and yeah, I can still run real fast. Even though my legs have gotten so big and strong, they're still really fast. I got the fastest time of all the running backs on the team. Only the receivers and cornerbacks are faster than me. But they're little runts and I'm a big stud. Oh, John, now you're licking my thighs. You like the salty taste of all that sweat? Yeah, I'll bet you do. You like feeling that solid muscle in my legs? Feels like rock, doesn't it. How'd you like to try to tackle those legs when they're charging ahead at full speed like a fuckin' bull? God, John they'd mow you over like you weren't even there. There's more muscle in one of my legs than in your whole body. Yeah, you might be right. There's probably twice as much muscle in one of my legs than in your whole body. My big legs are solid muscle and your little body's just bone and flab. Geez, you're goin' crazy again John. Your hands are goin' crazy feeling my muscles while you're licking `em with your little tongue. And I can see your cock is really pushin' on those shorts. Well, I'm gonna rip off your shorts so you're naked just like me. Whooops. Didn't know my own strength. Sorry I'm ripped them John. I just tore the fuckers off your little body. Well, maybe your mom can sew them back together. What? You wanna keep em ripped? You wanna look at those ripped shorts and think about my big muscles ripping them apart. Well okay. If that's what turns you on. Yeah, I know, my muscles totally turn you on. I think I've figured that out John.

Jesus, look how puny your little cock is compared to mine. It's hard but it looks like its only about four inches long and its real skinny. Look at my cock, John. It's nine inches long and its real thick. Yeah, your cock's small and skinny like your body and my cock's big and muscular like my body. Okay you can touch my cock for a minute John, just to feel how big and hard it is. Yeah its really hard ain't it. Like a steel pipe. A big, thick steel pipe. My big cock really turns you on, doesn't it John? Just like my muscles and my eyes. Seems like everything about me turns you on. Now I'm gonna feel your cock. God, its so thin. And I can squeeze it real easy. It's not nearly as hard as mine. Look, I can bend it with my fingers real easy. Look at my forearm muscles John. Look at the way they bulge when they're twistin' your little cock. Your cock's just so much smaller and softer than mine. My cock's like a battering ram and your cock's like a little twig. Oh John, now your getting all excited again. I can feel your cock get a little harder. You're really getting turned on again. Yeah, you can squeeze my cock as hard as you want but it won't matter. My cock's so hard and strong your little squeezes don't to shit to it. I bet you want that big cock in your mouth, don't you John. I bet you want me to jam that big cock down your throat while you're squeezing my big muscles. Yeah I know you do. But before you go totally wild over my cock and my body I gotta finish my story John. I'm not done yet. •

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