Sons of Hercules, The

The Sons


By John

The time has come for all the muscle that Hercules has spawned to come together as our five paragons of inhuman maleness finally meet up. But this is just the beginning though, for some, it may be the end!

It had been the sounds of the whining horses and cheers that had first caught the discerning ear of Lin. Ursus had been bathing away the dust of several days of travel in a nearby stream when the sounds of the early morning commotion first reached Lin. The naked, brutally muscled form of his lover didn't even bother to redress as he rushed out of the stream at Lin's beckoning. Surely the voices they heard did not sound friendly and Ursus, unconcerned with his nakedness, wanted to see what the disturbance was all about and if it posed a threat to him and his traveling companion.

The two men crept with skillful silence through the brush until they came upon the edge of a large open area. The sight before them was both astonishing and alarming. Remaining hidden, Ursus moved into a position where he could see most of this amazing sight as he signaled for Lin to remain equally silent and hidden. As the growing light of an new day enhanced the clarity of the scene in front of them, they were both hard pressed not to respond at the sheer shock of what they were witnessing.

It was not long before the guards surrounding a chained muscular body that was larger in the stature of every exposed muscle than that of Ursus himself, had retreated leaving this god-like figure trapped and secured between the two golden chariots. In spite of the unknown language, Ursus and Lin discerned from the taunts of his apparent captors, that the name of the naked fantastically muscled behemoth of muscle was Maciste.

As the horses were moved and secured into their positions attached to each chariot for action, the fate of the magnificently muscled form was quickly obvious. Ursus knew immediately that this must be the brother of which his father had spoken. When the inhuman form of a colossal cock anchored onto the impossibly muscled man was rocked into tantalizing readiness, Ursus was sure of the relationship.

The vision of the body of the chained man was undeniably superior in every way to his captors and, even, to that of Ursus himself. Muscle upon muscle cantilevered from every quarter of the form and, yet, pivoted around a waist and girdle as tight and defined as that of Ursus. The proportionate change in girth and breadth down from waist to each columnar leg and up to the preponderance of the pectoral and latissimus protrusions transcended awe.

As they watched the display of dazzling meat manipulate with each simple, small movement on the chained figure, Lin could not help but be aware of the affect that the sight of another unbelievably muscled figure was having on his own lover. As Ursus' own cock began to expand into uncontrollable stiffness at the sight before them,. Lin felt a twinge of jealousy and sorrow over his own smallness moving within him. At the same time, the smaller lover sensed his own erotic response to the visual interconnection between the two muscular forms.

Both men remained in quiet hiding as they watched and as Ursus strove to formulate a methodology to help his obviously doomed brother. To act too quickly would only mean to bring about the demise of both the captive and the hidden spectators. Then the two wonderfully muscled guards came forward. Ursus and Lin both noted the way these wonderfully structured men seemed to delay the assumption of their positions as the drivers selected to brutally destroy the vision of muscle before them.

When the horses were finally beat into action, the awe of the two hidden onlookers grew, along with their cocks. They experienced an inexplicable sadistic sensual reaction as the captive form exploded into unbelievable muscular density and scale.

Lin was hard-pressed to guess which of the two massively muscled men had been the more defined, Ursus when he had fought his successful battle against the forces of their homeland river or the image of the struggling Maciste now before him. Positioned as they were in front and to the right of the chained man, they could see every front muscle clearly and sharply as they all strained their way into rock- solid formations.

As the coarse light reflected off of the sweat-polished image, every distended fiber and each critically huge bundled mass of individual muscle writhed and quivered with inhuman strength. Still, it was obvious that, even this gargantuan collection of astonishingly beautiful massiveness was ultimately doomed to fail against the raw power of the four gruesomely powerful animals and the anchor-thick chains tearing at all that raw muscle mounted on this one courageous human frame.

Soon Lin found his vision drifting back and forth between the tragic, yet magnificent, show in the center of the clearing and the closer muscle show that was erupting right next to him as Ursus became more and more physically aroused by the same images. Unconsciously, Ursus was sharing the struggle of muscle against metal with his brother. As he did so, his own unbelievably massive flesh constricted and pushed itself toward the striated wonder it could become.

Lin watched as the adjacent biceps bouldered themselves into crystal- cut stone monuments. Muscle fibers divided and re-divided themselves into pumped individual clarity and began to ball themselves into their own mountainous accomplishments in partnership with those of the chained struggling creations out in the field. Ursus' pecs pummeled themselves into competing shredded balls of lined muscular precipices immeasurably overhanging the cavernously ridged abdominals below.

Ursus' legs locked into the same crested intersecting moons of corded muscles that now stood transfixed on the legs of his doomed brother out in the field. As each muscle within Maciste fortified itself to achieve a level that would reject any concept of failure, so did those corresponding muscles on his hidden brother, Ursus.

Every muscle on both stupendous body was now equally engaged as if seeking to combine their efforts and, as such, secure that victory that neither one could expect alone. Just as with Maciste, Ursus' cock fought its way to bold and defiant solidification. Soon Ursus' tools bore its trademark forearm-thickness and proudly displayed the array of reinforcing vascularity that defined its sheer power. A crimsoned golden cockhead crowned the forearm-length metal-stiff staff and oozed large globules of clear, inviting pre-cum.

Even from this distance, Lin could tell that the fully aroused member of manhood now carried by Ursus was outmatched by that borne by Maciste. As every muscle of the struggling form absorbed its share of the brutal assault placed upon it, Maciste's body flexed ever larger until the pureness of the muscle turned the skin into nothing more than a tanning sheen, vacuum-stretched over immeasurably large meaty tissue.

With each renewed charge from the horses as they responded to the sting of the whips, the body of Maciste became more and more to resemble a living stone representation cut from the hands of the gods than that of a mortal man. Then, as if defying all belief in his own mortality, Maciste began to curl his multiple-headsized biceps and pecs into dauntingly projected peaks cut from a multitude of fibrous tissue as he forced the opposing forces to move backwards toward his fissuring body of muscle.

With each unforgiving victorious inward pull, the still-expanding muscles seemed to send a message to the throbbing, stiff cock as it responded with its own flexion into unforgiving fullness. Soon the man and the cock veritably groaned with invulnerable rigidity.

As the neatly muscled form of the guard captain moved in toward the challenge of the power-driven pole facing and taunting him, Lin's hands moved down toward that of his own lover. Both of the smaller men, simultaneously, sensed the flood of the uncanny strength within these two living trunk-like vestiges as the heat and pulsing of the hot blood and meat booming under the crystallized skin beat back against their sensual touch. The two cocks pounded and pumped themselves into steely readiness as fists full of hot white creams began the one-way trip from inflamed testicles to the base of the cannonized chutes.

Eros, at first, had moved in on Maciste with one thought in mind. He knew that by pushing the cock of the quivering muscled giant to the point of eruption, he could, potentially, create a break in the concentration and muscular contraction of the colossal form. This, if successful, would give the horses and the chariots the momentary edge that they needed to accomplish their task to separate the man and the mountains of meat that defined his body.

Once upon the astonishing tool, Eros felt himself begin to fall under the power of its glory. Pity, lust and other unexplainable emotions began to consume him as he began to caress the pumping projection of manhood. He glanced up toward the overhanging mountains of muscular pectoral and arm prominence above him. Being as close as he now was, Eros could not believe the dazzling display of sheered muscle working in metal-like solidarity to overpower the inhuman onslaught to which it was being subjected.

Each crisply cut struggling muscle cut and re-cut itself under the non-existent sheen of skin into a visibly linked fibrous membrane of pulsating and hypnotic massive multitude. The image before Eros was not that of a man in possession of monumental muscle, it was one of monumental muscle in possession of a man.

This unbelievable image stirred feelings in Eros that he had never before experienced. The act of witnessing this collection of extraordinary muscle rendered apart disappeared to the opportunity to experience the creamy manhood contained within this vessel of muscle. Now, unthinking of the deadly result awaiting Maciste by the lustful attack on the equally inhuman cock before him, Eros returned his attention to seeking to bring the pulsing giant organ to completed orgasm.

By now, Lin's mouth was heavily engaged in its own endeavor to taste of a similar release from Ursus. His hands fondled Ursus' dangling global sacs and stroked various chiseled muscles knowingly. Ursus responded automatically as increased tension passed through the sharp ballooned meat that consumed his own body. Each strain by Maciste translated into a matched flexed response by Ursus much to the visual and sensual joy of Lin.

A shout erupted from the mouth of the hidden brother when he saw the head of Eros move down toward the waiting end of Maciste's cock. Ursus knew as well as the trapped Maciste that the distractions accompanying muscular convulsions of ejaculation would be all that the horses needed to permit them to overcome their resisting challenger and win.

The shout seemed to echo across and through the opening from all sides.

Dislodging Lin from his own over-stimulated member, Ursus charged forward into the clearing. Before he even knew what was going on, a totally engaged Eros was snapped back to reality at the noise of the huge cry that seemed to fill the valley. Looking up, he could not believe his eyes. A turn of his head only added to his disbelief.

Not one, not two, not three, but four differently shaded but equally defined muscular versions of Maciste were rushing toward them with amazing speed. Honed muscles flared and inflated themselves on the rushing bodies to inhumanly polished proportions as they descended on destructive forces of horses and chariots. The mere site was enough to stymie any man. The unbelievable vision shocked Eros on to the ground out of the sheer fearful reaction.

Almost seeming to know what to do intuitively, each of the colossal figures moved toward the backs of the chariots, two toward each. The two muscular and excited drivers wasted no time in forsaking their posts and vacating the riding areas upon which they stood. While together the two of them would have not feared challenging any one of these charging mountains of muscle, they were smart and swift enough to know the folly of taking on all four at once. The hotly aroused drivers each darted toward an opening in between the rushing piles of muscle and were lost in the surrounding bush in no time.

Two of the mountainously muscled assailants grabbed the back of each chariot and, applying monumental strength, dragged the chariots back in toward the center. The glistening bodies of muscle convulsed into liquid rock formations as various gigantic leg and gluteal muscles locked the chariots into stationary positions. Each voluminously broad back flared into carved fans of impossibly resistive muscle as they took control of the commanding action of the frightened horses.

As the muscular actions of the four God-sons dragged the hoofed creatures and wheeled devices of death back in toward their pumping and pulsing bodies, they heard the scream of Maciste over their formidable massive shoulders. Their respective cocks understood the vocalized noise as one of erotic release and expanded their own hardened magnificence in response. Four colossal cocks froze themselves in anchored arousal as if filled with solidifying molten lava.

Eros' personal attention and the stimulation of the challenge to his body had pushed the trapped, tortured giant past his erotic limit. Maciste's brothers had acted just in the nick of time as his preponderance of cock erupted in torrents of cum. The thick white- hot stream landed heavily on the face and torso of the nude splayed figure of Eros below. Unthinking, Eros automatically shifted his body so that he could catch as much of the dream liquid as possible in his gaping mouth. It was as rich and delicious as he had dreamed it would be.

As his brothers fought in majestically flowing muscularity to gain control over the confused, whinnying horses, the volcanic eruption from within the columnar cock of Maciste continued. His freed muscular body convulsed in dramatically beautiful undulations as each supreme muscle issued wave after wave of joyful response to the core feeling of the explosive orgasm. Eros dreamily lapped and licked the endless barrage of cum with the glee of a new puppy feeding on the milk of its mother.

With the horses under control, the four aroused, hardened, nude muscular giants turned their angered attention to the chains. By working in pairs, it was not long before the metal links began to bend reluctantly to the combined assemblage of assaulting muscle. Link by link, the bemoaning metal sounded its surrender to the brutally bulging muscled forms. Veins larger than the bent metal cords furiously fed the demanding meat as pulsating arms, pecs, shoulders and backs overwhelmed the mere metal. As they did this, the four saviors noted the erupting centerpiece of their muscle sculpture and, ultimately, each other.

An unbelieving Lin moved out of the cover of the bushes. Before him was a vision the likes of which could never before have possibly entered the mind of any man. Four equally monumentally assembled collections of all-consuming muscle formed a heavenly frame around yet a fifth even more stupendous figure. The central form still fountained torrents of creamy man juice from the faucet opening of his own gargantuan hose nozzle.

The cocks of the four framing figures all pointed in boldly fixed prominence toward the giant central figure. Each form cast a different hue over the contained compilation of muscles. Ursus' golden tone carried a twinge of yellow. Another glowed of sun-colored tan. The third was richly olive and the fourth glistened in warm dark brown. At the center was the central larger cream colored fountain still spewing its warm white shower.

Lin was not only caught up in the sight of all of this tremendous muscle in one place, but by the glints of similar bright blue that colored the eyes of each of the men. Step by magnificent step, the four surrounding muscular forms closed in on the splayed body and the quivering central mass of muscle. Soon, only the width of a hand separated the contact of pectoral protrusions and phallic projections of the four from the one.

A pause of disbelief filled the air momentarily as the five historically separated brothers finally came together and formed one conjoined collection of contacting and connected muscle. Eros took advantage of the collective hug and began to move quietly away toward the wooded border of the valley. At first, Lin, entranced by the sight of the five sets of unbelievable muscle in collaborative contact, almost failed to notice the retreat of the man on the ground.

The crouching figure appeared more frozen by the awesome image before him than by fear about what may befall him if captured. What Lin lacked in muscle size was more than made up for by his quick, calm wit and his cat-like speed and sleuth. His taunt, coiled body sprung into instant action. By the time that the five brothers first began to pull away from the joyful union, Lin had caught up to the sneaking form and had pinned Eros' muscular arms behind his back with his face pushed into the dirt.

Lin could feel the trembling rising up from the smooth, strong body below him. Eros mumbled a beg for tolerance and compassion. There were overtures about a new awakening. Lin sensed some level of belief briefly but held his ground over the cowering Eros. Ursus, seeing the trophy his lover had claimed, moved over and swept the military Captain up into his grasp as easily as if he were picking up a small stick.

Lin accompanied his larger lover over to the towering figure of Maciste.

"I believe this one now belongs to you." Lin said as Ursus offered the cum and dirt covered Captain to Maciste.

"Yes, thank you, my brave friend" Maciste responded to Lin and added to Ursus "I wish I was blessed with a companion as brave and quick as your partner here."

Lin blushed briefly as Ursus nodded his support.

"What would you have us do with him?" Argolis asked as he moved to assist Ursus.

"What did you say?" Atlas jumped into the conversation.

"I just want to know what our brother would like us to do with this piece of slime!" Argolis repeated.

"Yes, I understood that." Atlas retorted. "But how is it that I can understand what you have said? We are not of the same tribe or people. Yet, I know your words!"

"As do I!" Goliath spoke up. "This should not be possible."

"You are my son's. It is possible because I wish it to be." Came the startling voice from the sky.

The five muscular forms and the two smaller men recoiled in surprise at the bodiless intrusion of the voice from above.

"I have blended each of your languages within you so that you may share together as brothers should. As long as you are together, you can and will be understood. You will also be understood by those most affected by you." The voice went on. "The words of Argolis from Lapland; Ursus from Asia; Maciste from Tiberia; Atlas from Iberia; and Goliath from Nubia will form your new language and it will be called LATIN in honor of all of you."

"And, my sons, I assure you, I did not bring you all to this point just to free Maciste." The voice of Hercules continued. "No, your task is much bigger, much more dangerous, and much more important than that and much more important than any single one of you. Now that you are finally together, you are destined to help in the very reshaping of the future!" •

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